Various Things I've Masturbated with... (Indi

I have been very naughty since c***dhood. The various things i have used and masturbated with are :

When around 10 years - I used to use a pencil with erasers on their top(back) and I used to insert the rubber end inside till I dint feel ticklish. It would sometimes get very painful to walk after doing this.

With age I started using 2 pencils and further later on with candles.

Once when i was in standard 3 my friend Sneha used to insert pencil inside my in the classroom itself.

When I used to play hide and seek with my friends, I used to hide in garages like open parking without shutters and then we used to sit on the bonut of car, and it used be dark . And then while hiding Aksha (a female friend) used to squeeze my under developed breasts. We used to smooch by putting nice lip gloss and after eating Cadbury chocolate. And my God she knew the art of smooching really well.

When we used to play Holi ( A festival of colors - check on google ) Aksha used to put the balloons in my breasts and used to burst them.

When my mother used to go out I and another friend of mine used to play doctor doctor and barbie barbie, where she used to lick my boobs and we used to rub our nude bodies against eachother.

Also when my mother was not at home i used to lie naked on my servants back , where he used to be naked as well. But we did not have sexx. And he had a dark brown penis.

Rest of the details later. Sorry for not writing it in an erotic manner but these are true incidents and i have just wrotten them as they used to occur.

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2 years ago
hmm kinky from an early stage.. similarly in the ages of 12-13 i too use to lie naked on the floor and use to rub my penis there... felt nice he he
2 years ago
3 years ago
i think i'm in love with you.... :)
3 years ago
haha !! no i wasn't
3 years ago
very interesting.....
3 years ago
You were dropped on your head werent you?