A Good Reason To Be Early For Work

I work in very large office and I never like to be late so I sometimes arrive before 7am . There is a young Polish girl who cleans there overnight and some time ago we got chatting over a coffee by the vending machines , it was a nice chat and some heavy flirting she was sweet and sexy looking and i was horny as usual in the morning and i could tell she liked me :-) ,
The next day I arrived early horny and hoping to bump into Eva again and I did which was great so we started chatting again after a while she noticed a lump in my trousers which was a very rigid hot and tingling hard on (god it felt good) from out of the blue with a little giggle she asked if she could touch it , yes I said just about holding my excitement together .
Eva started to stroke my cock through my trousers giving me thrils that nearly made me cum in my pants . I was enjoying the atttention and asked if I could feel hher tit's which she said I could , her nipples were hard and she shuddered as i run my finger around each of them in turn feeling them stiffen even more , This was realy getting to me now and Eva was wriggling with the attention I was paying to her tits .
We were both getting very very hot by then and all I wanted to do was bend her over the seat lift up her skirt pull her panties down and fuck her !
There was no chance we would get away with that without getting caught so we headed for the 3rd floor disabled toilets . my heart was thumping and my cock was acheing i could not wait to cum on in over anywhere just needed to spurt a hot load of creamy spunk for this girl .
We reached the toilet locked the door and kissed she undoing my fly me undoing her blouse to get at her tits . they were lovely and i licked and sucked on her nipples while she toyed with my cock as i run my hand up theinside of her thigh towards her cunt she sighed and i pulled the crotch of her panties to one side and gently started to stroke her soft pubic hair , I could feel the dampness of her cunt juice on the tip of my fingers and pushed a finger inside her it was soft wet and warm and my finger slid in easily ,and I used the juice from her cunt to lubricate her clit gently toying with her to heighten her excitement .
After a while of this I turned her round pulled up her skirt slid her panties down and bent her over the wash basin I sat on the toilet pulled her heeks apart and exposed her arse hole and cunt mmmmmmmm I thought as i started to lick gently at her arse ring making it wet and slippery enough to pushed my tongue just inside her arse hole , i rubbed gently at her clit as i licked and sucked at her tight arse hole the more I licked and the morre I rubbed her clit the wetter she got she smelt musty and slightly sweaty but tasted like heaaven.
after toying with her clit with my fingers for whatv seemed like ages i started to lick up some of her cunt juices she was so wet so ready to fuck I contiued to lick and suck away at her pussy untill she could not hold on and she came on my toungue with a shudder I swear it was almost a mouthful of juice she gave me and I watched as her arsehole contracted and pulsed with orgasam .
Eva turned quickly and sank to her knees took my rigid cock in her hand and slowly started to lick the head of my cock popping it into her hot wet mouth , she sucked gently on the tip of my cock slipping the tip n and out it felt sooooooooo good hot wet just like a cunt she licked up and down my shaft stroking my tight balls and wanking my cock head which was slippery with her spit,
She was teaseing my helmet with her tongue and sucking and rubbing up and down up and down up and down oh it ffelt so good my cock was leaking um and she licked it from the eye of my cock still stroking still sucking ,
I could feel the heat and the tingles start way down in my groin and knew i would cum very soon , I so wanted to turn her round again and slip inside her what i knew was a wet and annd tight cunt hole , to feel her open up as I pushed my cock into her hole as deep as i could go , to pump my dick in and out of her cunt scrapping my helmet on the walls of her pussy untill I spunked way up inside her , But there was no way i would last more than a second or two .
Eva sucked on me with even more effort now her head bobbing up and down sucking and rubbing me gently .
There it was so close so sensitive so nice I couldn't hold out much longer I was going to cum
I told her I was cumming and she sank me deeper into her mouth which was about all I could take , Eva sensed this and worked on the tip of my cock with her fingers and lips , I started to spurt thick hot pulses of cum into her mouth there was loads of it Eva put her lips around the tip of my cock and sucked my cum into her mouth popping the whole of my helmet into her mouth and swallowng nearly every drop apart from a small drip on her soft cheek which I gathered up on my finger and cleaned off myself tasted ok to me and still having the taste of her cunt in my mouth gave me a thrill .
We sat for a while and got our breath back pulled ourselves together left the toilet kissed and went our differnt ways :-(
We do get to fuck each other on a regular basis , but sometimes its just nice to pleasure each other , LONG MAY IT LAST !!!!

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1 year ago
this a true and ongoing story ;-)
1 year ago
1 year ago
1 year ago
true story?