Lucy Learns

I’d moved back to Central Pennsylvania after the death of my father. He’d left me the house and I had nothing keeping me in Chicago. I was lucky enough to find an IT job in a hospital, similar to what I’d been doing before. The differences were that the hospital was a LOT smaller, and its computers and network were a lot more out-of-date. I and my IT coworkers were always busy making sure the staff had computers that worked, at least most of the time. As a result, I knew quite a few of the staff in a matter of weeks. It made the transition to smaller-town USA fairly smooth.

Lucy was one of the nurses who worked the floors. She was a frequent caller for service. I used to joke with her that she had the Midas touch with computers, but after a few weeks of this ribbing, one of the other nurses confirmed her story that she was the only one willing to call and explain to us what was wrong for the umpteenth time.

Occasionally I’d have lunch with Lucy and I found out that she was getting her Master’s Degree. She didn’t want to work the crazy hours she had, and was hoping that moving up would afford her a more stable (and lucrative) career. On the occasions we spoke I’d try to get updates on her education. I liked Lucy and wanted her to succeed. She was always friendly and she never blamed the computer problems on us. Somewhere as we became friends I asked her out. She declined, telling me that she was married. We’d always had a little banter; I made a joke about what her husband didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. She responded, fairly coldly, that cheating was no laughing matter. I apologized and figured I wouldn’t be getting to know her any better, even if platonically. And I was right; I didn’t see Lucy very often, and she wasn’t so friendly to me on my service calls. I even tried apologizing a few times, with little effect.

About a year and a half after I started there, I was sitting in the cafeteria having lunch when a woman suddenly sat down at my table. It took me a few seconds to realize it was Lucy. Gone were her scrubs; she was in a suit. I was a little perplexed to say the least. Lucy picked up on this.

“I got my Master’s. I got a new job here. I know, it’s been a while since we talked.”

“No k**ding. How do you like your new job?”

“I love it! I’m doing clinical education, my weekends are free, and look,” she said as she stood up, “I get to dress like a girl!”
Surprisingly, she struck a pose that made my heartbeat double. I always thought she was attractive, but now, va-voom! She was a certified hottie. It was truly a shame she was married. I had asked her out before; now I would gladly beg. I was genuinely surprised that she was being so friendly again. I thought I was forever in her doghouse.

A few weeks later we got a call for service. My supervisor gave me the ticket, saying I had been requested specifically to do the call. I took the ticket and headed out. I was surprised to see it was Lucy’s office. Usually the offices had better equipment. I was hoping that whatever was wrong, it wasn’t serious. I walked in and she swiveled her chair around to see me.

“What’s the problem?” I asked.

“No problem. I’ve just been so busy I haven’t seen you. I did want to ask a favor though,” she said.

“Sure, what do you need?”

“I need to get a smartphone. Apparently I have to be more accessible,” she said with her nose slightly wrinkled. “Will you set it up for me? I’m fine with using technology, but I hate setup work.”

“Well, ok, sure. Let me know when you get the phone.” I wrote down my email address. “We can do it over lunch, I’m sure.”

“Thanks, Dave. You’re a lifesaver. Why don’t you make it look like you fixed something on the computer so I don’t have to send you back too quickly?” And with that I sat down at her computer, cleared the cookies from her browser, and checked the cables in back. I wrote down “loose network connector” on my report, said my goodbyes, and went back to the IT department.

A week later, I got an email from Lucy. It said she’d finally gotten her smartphone and wanted to know if I could meet her for lunch that noon to set it up. I replied that I could. I spent a few minutes looking at the protocols for the hospital’s email system.

At lunchtime I headed up to the cafeteria. I sat down and waited for Lucy. She showed up a few minutes later, carrying her tray and with a big smile on her face. I was glad to see her, and gave her a similar smile.

“Ok, Dave, ready to set this thing up?” she asked.

“Yep. Do you want just your work email to come in on this phone, or do you want any personal email accounts added in as well?”

“You can do that?” she asked, genuinely surprised.

“Sure. I mean, you can use the phone’s browser to go to online email accounts as well, but if we set up your phone to receive them regularly you don’t have to go through the whole rigamarole.”

“Sounds good. Where shall we start?”

“Let’s do the work email first, then we’ll do personal accounts. If you write down your email addresses and the corresponding passwords, I’ll put them in.”

“Oh, trying to get my information?”

“It’s the easiest way without saying your passwords aloud. You can rip up the paper afterwards. Trust me, I work with so many codes that I won’t remember a thing.” She started writing down her account information while I looked at the phone. It was a newer model that I’d been curious about, so it was fun to mess with for a minute. Then she slid the paper to me. All the passwords were the same: LucyRN1.

“You know, you should choose a password that’s more difficult to guess,” I said. “I mean, someone could hack your email pretty easily with that password.”

“I know. Set up the accounts, and show me how to change the passwords, and I’ll do it later.” I knew she wouldn’t, but I agreed. A few minutes later her email was up and running. I showed her a few other things on the phone as well, figuring that knowing a trick or two always made the learning curve easier. Lucy was definitely more at ease with her new phone, and thanked me profusely for helping her. I suggested that I enjoyed a bottle of port at Christmas. She chuckled at that, and left for the next part of her day.

The rest of the day went normally with the typical computer and network crashes. I went about it all as usual. At the end of the day I sent her an email asking how the phone was working. I went home and went about my evening as usual.

The next day she replied that she really liked the new phone, it was easy to use, and that I was a lifesaver for helping her with it. I always liked following up on my “tech consults” and seeing that any problems or concerns hadn’t popped up. I was pleased that Lucy’s new phone was working well for her.

A few weeks passed, and on a Friday night I went out and had a few drinks with some of the other guys from work. We talked our usual smack about the worst of the technophobes in the hospital and their “eye dee ten tee” problems (that’s id10t, or idiot, for the uninitiated) and other ridiculous things people did with computers when I started wondering if Lucy ever changed her email address passwords. When I got home, I did what for me had previously been unthinkable. I tried to access her email accounts. She hadn’t changed the password. There was everything, available for me to read. I felt like a complete ass for even logging on. I logged out and shut down my computer.
The next day the whole email thing nagged at me. It wasn’t as bad as if I had actually read her emails, but I still should never have logged on. I found myself wondering, however, if there was anything interesting going on in her email. After a few minutes I told myself to stop, just don’t go there again, and I vowed not to log in again.

Over the next few weeks I saw Lucy a few more times than usual; I had a few random sightings in the halls of the hospital. She always had a smile and a few words for me; I appreciated that. I also appreciated her new appearance. The sight of her in skirts and heels always made my heart jump. I started thinking of her a lot. And yes, that meant sexually. I imagined almost every scenario possible that we would have sex. None of it was happening, of course, but that didn’t mean my mind didn’t work overtime figuring out how to get her out of those sexy suits.

The following weekend, after another night out with the guys, I found myself at home, somewhat d***k, and feeling devilish. Despite my previous vows not to log into her email again, I did just that. I went through the accounts one by one. Her work email was no big deal; details of meetings and projects and other uninteresting subjects. Her personal email accounts were similarly uninteresting. Then I found one email with the subject line FUCK WEEKEND. At first, I figured it was only some ridiculous anti-work joke email, but then I opened it. It was addressed to Lucy and two other women. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read it, and in fact I read it twice before I decided it could be for real. I was still convinced that nobody sent emails like this, and thought perhaps it was a joke. I reread it for the third time and decided it was for real. It read:
Just a reminder that our girls’ weekend out is in two weeks! Time to go to Pittsburgh and do things our husbands would NOT approve of! Pack accordingly!
I was stunned. I checked Lucy’s reply. It read:
I’m totally in. I just ordered some totally sexy heels and lingerie. I’m going to leave at two on Friday to get in to Pittsburgh with plenty of time to rest up for the fun!

This from the woman who said cheating was no laughing matter. I was truly pissed off. How sanctimonious she’d been when I asked her out! She actually lectured me, and yet, here she was, talking about fucking complete strangers for a weekend! Suddenly I had a plan. A stupid and desperate plan, but a plan nonetheless. I was going to get mine. On Monday I told my supervisor that I was going to have to leave early a week from Friday for a dentist’s appointment. There was no problem with that. I spent a lot of time over the next two weeks figuring out exactly what I was going to do.

The Friday arrived. When I got to work that morning, I was fortunate enough to see Lucy getting out of her SUV in the parking lot. I knew where she was parked. I parked my car relatively close to hers. The day went by painfully slowly. I did my work as best I could. When it was time to leave I left quickly. I tried to make sure I was out in the parking lot before her. I figured if nothing else, I had a speed advantage over a woman in heels. I also hoped that nobody else would be in the parking lot. If I saw anything that I didn’t like, I’d just get in my car and go. No real loss.

I got out to my car. Lucy’s car was still there. I put my stuff in my car and looked around. No other people or Public Safety officers. I crouched down behind my car and waited. A few minutes later, I heard the click-click-click of high heels. I peered around the car and saw Lucy. She was carrying her purse and a briefcase and was fumbling for her keys. Now was the time.
When she approached her SUV, her back was to me. I quietly stood up and walked toward her as she opened up the hatch. She put the briefcase in back. As she reached up to pull the hatch down, I reached up with an open handcuff and clicked it into place and started pulling the wrist down. It took her a moment to realize what I was doing. Before she could start resisting, I had her arm behind her close enough to the other one that I could click the other handcuff in place. Her keys fell from her hand. She was off-balance enough from the surprise handcuffing that it was fairly easy to push her into the back of the SUV. She tried to kick at me but because she was on her stomach, it was a weak kick. I took the pair of leg cuffs I had and was able to cuff her ankles together as she tried to roll on to her back. I grabbed her legs, turned her in sideways, and closed the hatch. I picked up the keys and got in the SUV. I looked around and still saw nobody. I started the car, turned up the radio to cover her screams, and tried to drive away as calmly as possible.

I drove to my house and parked in the garage. It was once a farm, but a good deal of the land had been sold to another farm years ago. The nearest neighbor was about a quarter-mile down the road. The seclusion worked in my favor. Of course my heart was still going about ten times faster than normal; I’d already committed at least one crime and had at least one more in mind. I took a few deep breaths and tried to calm down as best I could.

I went around to the back of the SUV. I opened the hatch to find Lucy glaring at me. She was a little hoarse from screaming all the way to my house, but that didn’t stop her from starting up again. I let her go for a few seconds, then held up a hand and said, “Lucy, stop. It’s the middle of the afternoon, the neighbors are FAR away, and we weren’t seen leaving. You might as well work with me. If you do anything stupid, I’m going to make this a lot more uncomfortable than it is.” With that, she stopped screaming at me. I then said, “I’m going to help you get to your feet. If you try to run, you’ll fall down and it’ll hurt. I would recommend you not try to bite me either, or you’ll have a gag in your mouth and it will be uncomfortable. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” she said, her voice dripping with infuriation.

“Good.” I grabbed her ankles and turned her so she could sit up, then helped her get on her feet. “I will guide you inside,” I told her. “Again, don’t try to run.” She understood she was in no position to escape, so we walked slowly from the car into the house. I took her to the stairs to the basement. Once we got downstairs, I guided her to a sawhorse that I’d wrapped with foam padding and a blanket to make it rounder and easier to place her into a proper position. The legs were bolted into the floor. I grabbed a collar that was sitting on top of the sawhorse and put it around Lucy’s neck. It had a chain attached to it. I attached the chain to an old steamer trunk that was full of old plates from a weight bench. She wouldn’t be able to move her head much. The legs of the sawhorse had leg cuffs attached to them. I cuffed her left ankle to the left-hand leg and unlocked the cuffs that connected her ankles. I grabbed the right ankle and slid her leg over to the right-hand leg of the sawhorse and cuffed her ankle. She was helpless. I was almost ready.
I left her to stew for a while. I took out her phone and sent an email to the other women going on the weekend and said how her husband had suddenly become ill and that she couldn’t make it. I left it short and simple and sent the email. I walked back into the room where I had her.

She looked up at me, giving me a very dirty look, but she didn’t say a thing. I walked around her a few times, admiring how genuinely gorgeous she looked. Black business suit with a jacket. White blouse. Black hosiery. Black 4” slingbacks. I was getting hard just looking at her. But it was time to have a conversation first.

“Lucy, remember when I asked you out?”

“Yes.” Her voice was still dripping with anger.

“Remember how you lectured me when I suggested we go out despite the fact that you’re married?”

“Yes. What’s your point?”

“You never changed your email password. Imagine how surprised I was to find details of your fuck weekend. There you were, Miss High and Mighty, but planning a weekend to fuck whoever came along. Imagine my chagrin. Imagine what your husband might think.”

Suddenly Lucy turned pale. “You can’t tell him. Please.” She said what I’d hoped.

“Well, we can make a deal. I won’t send him the email I have ready to go that includes all your correspondence about your ‘fuck weekend,’ but you’re going to have your fuck weekend with me. We’re going to make sure all your new sexy lingerie and heels are put to use. And that will buy my silence. What do you say?” I sounded more confident than I was.

“Fuck you!” she yelled, and she didn’t mean in the way that I wanted. I picked up my phone and showed her the email I had prepared to send to her husband.

“This is the actual email, attachments and everything. I can send it right now,” I said. I hovered a finger over the SEND button. Her breath hitched.

“No, ok, I’ll do it. Please don’t send it.” I had her. I put my phone on a table across the room.

“Now, I’m going to recommend that you don’t argue with me anymore. I can always send that email to your husband… and several other people.” With that I walked up to her again. I put my hand on her behind to start. She recoiled a little. That didn’t bother me. I didn’t expect her to love it. I stood behind her, pushing against her behind while I reached around and cupped her breasts. They felt good to the touch. Again, she recoiled a little, but less than the first time. I thought I even felt her nipples harden.

I walked around to her front and said, “there’s something missing here.” I went to the table and grabbed a big red ballgag. “You need this in your mouth. Please, don’t make me pinch your nose shut to f***e your mouth open.” I offered the gag and she opened her mouth. I shoved the ball deep into her mouth and buckled the buckle tightly. She moaned at how tight it was. I loved it.

I walked behind her again. I crouched down and put my hand on her calf and ran it up slowly, under her skirt, up the inside of her thigh. She shivered a little. I went up higher and stopped. She was wearing pantyhose. I’d hoped she was wearing stockings, but I would make do. I pulled my hand out from her skirt, grabbed the hem, and pulled the skirt up and bunched it around her waist. I grabbed her ass. She wasn’t wearing any underwear under her pantyhose. I pressed my fingers to her pussy lips. They were wet! This slut was ready to fuck! I was suddenly rock hard. I grabbed he crotch of her pantyhose and tore them apart. She tried to protest, but I knew better. I slid my cock into her pussy and started fucking. I went all-out, as hard as I could. I grabbed her tits as I fucked her. I slid my hands up and down her shredded hose. When I got close, I grabbed her hips and thrust as hard as I could. I wasn’t planning on cumming inside her, but I did. It felt incredible. I pulled out and looked at her dripping cunt. I listened to hear her breathing hard around the ballgag.

“Lucy, I’m going to leave you here for a little bit. When I’m ready, you’re going to put on some of your slut gear you ordered for this weekend. Got it?”
“Uh-huh,” she said through the gag. I walked upstairs and had a beer. I figured leaving her in that uncomfortable position would tire her our enough that she wouldn’t get any bad ideas.

About an hour later I came downstairs again. She heard me and started pleading for me to get her off the sawhorse. I thought it was time too. But first I needed to make sure she had a little briefing.

“Lucy, I’m going to free you, but you’re not doing anything stupid. Try anything and I press SEND.” She nodded yes. I unclipped her collar and helped her stand up straight. I released her ankles from the cuffs and proceeded to take off her heels and her pantyhose, followed by her skirt. I unbuttoned her blouse. I then took another pair of handcuffs and cuffed her left wrist to the leg of the sawhorse. I removed the cuffs between her wrists, and slid her right arm out of the sleeve of her jacket and blouse. I unclasped her bra as well and slid it off her right arm. I cuffed her right arm and finished taking off her jacket, blouse, and bra. I recuffed her wrists and took her to another room in the basement.

This room had a bed with a pair of stirrups at the end. I sat her on the bed and got out her suitcase. I opened it up, inspecting the contents. Immediately I fell in love with a pair of six-inch clear stripper heels with a one-inch platform. They were exceptionally slutty – the straps were clear too. I always loved strappy heels. I looked around the suitcase and found some nude stockings and a white garterbelt. I stood her up. I put the garterbelt on her waist; I gathered up the stockings, slid them on her legs, and clasped the garters. I sat her down again and put the slut heels on her. She didn’t make a sound – she had resigned herself to my version of her fuck weekend. I pushed her onto her back and put her legs in the stirrups. I tightened the restraints on the stirrups. My cock was hard again but I wasn’t quite ready to fuck her yet. I went to a cupboard in the room and picked out an anal vibrator. I turned it on and slid it into her pussy to lubricate it, and then I slid it into her ass. She wiggled and bucked. She couldn’t hide her pleasure. My cock got even harder watching her.

After about five minutes of watching her, I had to fuck her again. He head was rolled back, so she didn’t see me coming up to her. I rammed my cock into that wet cunt again. “MMMMPH!” she screamed against the gag, although it didn’t sound like a protest. Again, I went all-out, fucking her as hard and as fast as I could. This time, however, she worked with me, bucking her hips against me. She was panting hard, trying to get as much out of this fucking as she could. I unbuckled the restraints, grabbed her ankles and leaned forward, shoving my cock as far in as it would go. She was moaning her pleasure through the gag. Suddenly her hips started bucking wildly; she couldn’t resist the combination of my cock and the anal vibe. Her orgasm shuddered through her; I came like a tsunami into her cunt. We both were frozen for a moment, panting. I pulled out of her and put her legs back in the stirrups. She looked good as a slut in captivity.

“Would you like that gag out of your mouth?” I asked.

“Yuh-uh,” she said as best she could. I removed the ball from her mouth. She worked her jaw a little, trying to work out the soreness
“I’m going to get you a little something to eat and drink,” I said. “You’re not done fucking, but you need some food and rest.” With that, I left the room.
I brought her some food and water. I cuffed her hands in front of her so she could eat. I kept her ankles cuffed as well. She ate hungrily. I then showed her to a shower. I took off her heels for her, but left her garterbelt and stockings on. She started to ask, but then thought better of it. She showered while I watched. I’m not much for the wet nylon look but it did look good on her.

After she had showered and toweled off, I took her back to the bed and laid her down. “I suggest you get a little sl**p,” I said. “You never know when I’m going to fuck you again.” I picked up her suitcase, walked towards the door, turned off the light, and closed the door, locking in behind me. I opened up the suitcase again. She had four other pairs of heels, all six inches high. She had stockings in white, black, tan, beige, and red. She had garterbelts in a rainbow of colors, crotchless panties, quarter-cup bras, and even a corset. I decided we’d make sure all the heels and stockings would be worn at least once. Then, after digging around a bit more, I found a package with black fully fashioned nylons inside. Now she was talking. I was going to make sure I saved a big load for her when she was wearing these. I decided to get some sl**p myself. It was only Friday and there was more time for fucking this weekend.

I woke her up early the next morning. I’d already picked out heels, stockings, a garterbelt, and a bra for her to wear. I decided she didn’t need to wear panties this weekend. She dressed and I knelt her down. I unzipped my pants and showed her my cock. I knew I was taking a chance, but given that orgasm last night, I thought I was safe.

She leaned in and took my cock into her mouth. She knew how to work a cock like a slut. She used her tongue and even her teeth. Then I decided it was time to remind her I was in charge. I clamped her head in my hands and started fucking her mouth. She was gagging on my cock as it got to the back of her mouth. I started fucking faster and she realized I was about to cum. She tried to pull back a bit, but I grabbed her head even tighter and slammed my cock into her throat. I came down her throat as she struggled, gagging.
“Remember who’s in charge,” I said as I pulled my cock out of her mouth. I smeared my cock across her face. “You’re doing what I want, when I want.”

“Yes,” was all she said.

I fucked her a few more times that day, with wardrobe changes. We went back and forth between the sawhorse and the stirrups. I let her have a few orgasms as well. She was enjoying this now; she showed no sign of resistance.

On Sunday morning I took her to the shower and completely uncuffed her. I told her to wash up thoroughly, which she did. I brought her out to her suitcase and told her to put on her makeup in true slut fashion. She didn’t disappoint. When she was done, I showed her to the bed. I had laid out her corset, the black fully fashioned nylons, and the only heels she hadn’t fucked me in -- a pair of black six-inch pumps. She dressed quickly. I put her ballgag back in her mouth and cinched it tightly. She smiled as best she could around the gag. I then took out a roll of duct tape. I laid her on the bed and taped her right wrist to her right ankle and her left wrist to her left ankle. I put a pillow under her lower back and spread her legs apart. My cock was rock hard again. I slid it into her cunt again. She was warm and wet and ready for me. I fucked her slowly; I wanted this one to last. I savored the feeling of her nylons against my chest. I grabbed her heels and pushed her legs toward her head. Again I was thrusting deep into her cunt. Then I pulled out and slid my cock into her ass. It was wonderfully tight. Her pussy juice offered just the right amount of lubrication. She was breathing heavily; I hadn’t fucked her in the ass all weekend. I pounded her ass and she took it and took it. I pulled out and stepped over her legs, into the spaces between her arms and legs. I pushed her tits together and started fucking them too. She was definitely surprised by this move as well. Her tits were perfect for fucking. I started getting close one last time. She realized I wasn’t moving from her tits. I came as hard as I had all weekend, shooting my load up to her chin and face, covering her with my cum. She looked beautiful, a slut in bondage, with my cum dripping all over her face.

I got off her and wiped my cock all over her body. I took off her gag and made her clean my cock. I left her there on the bed, taped and dripping. About an hour later I freed her and let her clean up again. I had her repack her suitcase. She put on some normal clothes, much to my chagrin. It was time to let her go.

“Lucy, remember, you’re not saying a word of this to anyone. I can hit SEND anytime I want.”

“I know. I won’t say a word.”

“I think you should be prepared to fuck me at work whenever I want.”

“Okay. I will.”

“And, Lucy,” I said.


“Your husband already knows. He gave me his blessing to do this. Sorry to have deceived you, but you did get your fuck weekend anyway.”

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