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Our story - Chapter 1 High and Low Tides

I recently got an e-mail from a member commenting on my stories, but more so, inquiring on how my wife and I became involved with other men. Here’s a portion of the e-mail:

“I have been following your stories for months and wanted
to comment on how real they are. I’ve spent lots of time reading
cuckold and wife sharing stories and yours are right up there with
the best I’ve read… What I like best is the realism compared to others
that reek of mere fantasy…. My question is this, how did you and your wife start?
And what transitions did you encounter along the way?
I am married and would love for my wife to fuck other men!
I envy you and others like you”

Oddly enough, I thought it was a great question, and one that I’ve been asked about for a while now. So, I felt this arena would be ideal to blog about how we got here.

This recount contains ups and downs, and real life experiences from our beginning and the journey that eliminated the sexual fears to us truly enjoy cuckolding our way. These series of posts aren’t stories but a real reflection on our adventures.


The year was winter 2005. Thanks to the development of the net, I had spent the first eight years of our married life browsing the web, fascinated by wives who had extramarital affairs – with their husbands blessing. I read blogs, stories, amateur picture posts sites, the whole nine yards. Actually, at times I thought I reached the end of the internet when it came to wife sharing.
I had literally spent years on how to broach the topic with my wife. We started watching threesome videos. Through our own fantasy play my wife told me she wanted to see me with another man while we all played together, if we were in that sort of scenario. I was having bisexual tendencies at the time, so I was all for it. That way, I got to see her having sex with another man, and I got to explore and play around too; all the while fulfilling my wife’s fantasy. So it was cool the videos we watched contained bisexual men.

But sexual fantasy is where it stayed, for awhile.

A few months later I brought up the topic of taking pictures of her; nude pictures, discrete, without her face showing. She was very hesitant, but went along with my kink, establishing quite a library after a few months. I posted her shots on an amateur web site to overzealous guys who showed their appreciation and approval by flooding our mail box with e-mails.
That part my wife liked. Reading mails from anonymous guys who thought she was the hottest model on the net. Truth be told, she was, and is.
I continued to plant the seed, as they say, by introducing different adult movies during our sex; guy on guy, transsexual, two guys and girl.
I would inquire more seriously about living what we were watching on TV. There were times when my wife was game, especially when it came to the guy on guy scenes when an ass was being fucked. But, there were times after sex was complete, the feelings gone and subsided, when she felt uncomfortable about having sex with another man, my permission or not.
It was those feelings, very real feelings that she, and we, had to overcome. That cheating or unfaithful issue is huge, no matter what various sites have to say about the subject. This after all is real life with real people.

We spent the latter part of 2005 talking about taking this step. We both told each other what we wanted, and the boundaries us as a couple would take throughout the process. After overcoming all the above, we decided to test the waters and place an ad on the internet. I was still unsure if my wife really wanted to do this. I felt secure by the numerous years of reading and research.
We both wanted someone around our age, mostly because older guys seem to be more reliable and understand the role they play within a couple adding.
I remembered our mail box had gotten some 40 something e-mails. Most contained pictures of cocks in all sizes, while others had face photos as well as body shots.
This was the first time I felt insecure about sharing her. These cocks looked bigger than mine. And we just started. I never had an issue with my size, mostly because there was no competition. But looking at some of these cocks, for the first time in my adult life, I wondered if my size was big enough.
My wife enjoyed looking at the pictures, as did I. I would gently touch and pet her as she gawked reading mail. Most times our activity leading into the bedroom and raw sex.

We started e-mail correspondence with a few guys. Most were seeking the one time, while others, the kind we sought, were seeking a long term affair.
There was this one gentleman Robert, who really caught our eye. His e-mails were letters about him and his past adventures with couples. He was experienced, and that was both comforting and a turn on. The pictures he sent wasn’t of his cock, but were tasteful and yet discrete. They did show however, without revealing, a complete package.

My wife seemed to really like that.

After a series of exchanges we decided to meet. A boundary my wife expressed, and one that paved the way long before I actually knew the meaning of cuckold, was she wanted to meet him alone. Her reasoning was she wanted to be attracted to him and not feel pressure from me being there.
I was incredibly aroused by the suggestion, but the fear of the unknown was at times, sickening. After all, she’s sizing another guy up for sex.
Yet, I went along with her suggestion. I jacked off while she met with Robert for coffee; using the fantasy, the reality and various wife fucking sites as fuel. I was eagerly awaiting her return so we could have sex, where she would tell me about her date. I remember time literally stood still. The only comforting factor, for me, was she wanted to wait to have sex with whomever she chose. In other words, she wouldn’t be hoping into bed – right away. Touch, kiss, pet and flirt. Yes, but sex, no, for now.


It’s that moment. That moment we all anticipate but are deathly afraid of. That moment when your wife touches another man; not in a meet and greet sort of way, but a more intimate touch; the touch and moment that lays her foundation for extramarital sex. It’s that moment when you’re not surfing some site, watching another ‘man’s wife’ with her lover, it’s that moment for yours.
That moment became reality at the sound of her phone call. I don’t remember the call verbatim. She told me they had a great time, sat next to each other at the table. They laughed and flirted, touched, etc.
Of course I being a guy, perverted and driven by selfish arousal asked if she touched his cock.
I didn’t ask “If he was cute? “Was he serious about something long term?” Nope, none of those questions; straight to point; the insecurities about my size creeping in.
“Yes,” She replied.
I immediately countered, “Was it big?”

What followed were two words I will never forget.
A simple;
“Oh yes..”

I remember a rush of feelings I had. Jealously, scared, inferior. My head became overwhelmed with thoughts. What if he’s a lot bigger? Better? What if she likes having sex with him more than me?
All these feelings were new, but one’s I’ve read about previously. I tried to fuel that into sexual arousal, which some of it did, but there was also a small spot it settled into, a small spot in the back of my mind that took me years to shake and come to grips with.

My wife came home and told me about her date with Robert while we had the best sex in some time. She told me about how he walked her to her car afterwards and they started kissing. He felt her up through her clothes, over top of them, as did she; placing her hand on his erect cock through his trousers.
I remember her being very wet, something that’s still apparent today after she’s with someone.

She told me she liked Robert and suggested I come along on their next date to meet him.

The day we were supposed to meet Robert I got hung up at work and was going to be late. I told my wife I would meet her there.
She chose this trendy coffee house downtown. I was about 30 minutes late as I hurried to make our appointment.
The spot was located inside a mall which had various eateries and small shops. I hurried to make my engagement weaving in and out the people window shopping and seemingly wasting time.
I finally reached my destination. Instead of going in, I watched. This would become a trait later in our swinging and eventually cuckolding, that I enjoyed more than the (sexual) act itself.
I stood there staring through a glass window. I watched as my wife of eight years sat next to man that I had never met. I watched as they laughed, held hands at times, ‘bumped’ knees and upper thighs. It seemed as if they knew each other for years. I could feel my cock getting hard. However, feelings of being replaced soon re-surfaced. I struggled to focus on the kink, which drove me to enter the coffee house.

My wife smiled and we all exchanged handshakes and pleasantries. Robert was a nerdy looking guy, a computer geek sort of speak, and about five foot eight, with dark colored hair. He wore wire rimed glass, tan slacks and a dress shirt.
He was very well spoken, well traveled, polite, and respectful. He talked often about my wife’s beauty and irresistibility. There were times throughout their date where I felt like the third wheel. A position I would later enjoy and accept.
But now, I felt hurt, left out and insecure.
They were locked in their own little world. Sitting at a wooden table, chairs cocked half facing each other.
My wife would try to include me in their conversation. But it was obvious; it was just he and her.

As closing time approached my wife had to use the bathroom before leaving. By this time it was just us left sipping joe as 9PM was on the dial.
Robert and I had some small talk and he expressed great interest in this soon to be relationship; in particular, fucking my wife. Something I enjoyed hearing.
I think Robert sensed that. I think he sensed I enjoyed playing a more discrete role within her sharing. I think he sensed my submissive and cuckold attributes as the evening progressed with him and her touching and flirting, leaving me with the occasional hand assurance from my wife.
I wish I had sensed my own submissions.

We moved from the table to just outside the bathroom door preparing to leave, as running water could be heard from the enclosed room.
Robert stuck his head inside the door, horsing around, asking if she was alright. That small crack in the door soon turned bigger, as he entered inside the ladies room.

I was memorized. I followed him in.

This is the time when crossing over doesn’t come back. The instance you’ve both talked about; rehearsed thousands of times in your head. The moment when another man touches your wife; when words are replaced by live action. Touching by someone else in places you’ve only touched. And it was happening just inches from me.
Robert kissed my wife and she kissed him back. I was completely speechless, almost numb. I stood there, frozen in time, as if I was watching a replay on television. What Robert sensed was right, and he knew it.
His hands moved ever so slow across my wife’s body, and crept underneath her shirt.
He knew how to touch a woman, it showed, and he was showing my wife. Deeply kissing him she reached for me. I took her hand as she pulled me in closer to the twosome.
“Are you ok with this?” She whispered into my ear.
“Yeah,” I barley muttered, completely overtook by the action.

I took a small step back. My heart raced. I thought it was going to leap out of me. Robert was kissing her neck; his hand up her shirt. She showed no resistance to his gropes inside a very public bathroom.
What soon followed would be something I didn’t understand at the time. It was something that defined the early stages of our sharing adventures.
My wife’s behavior was different. She moaned; her breath was heavy and passionate. That was something that wasn’t shown to me if I touched her like that.
I felt so out of place, confused, hurt and yet, extremely aroused, by watching this alpha man do things to my wife I couldn’t; getting her to react in a different, more satisfied tone. She truly felt like a desired woman.
What seemed like an eternity was a matter of mere minutes, as Robert suggested we vacate in fear of the clerk walking in on us.
By this time my wife’s bra was undone as she reached underneath her shirt to reattach it. I was so out of it. I never noticed Robert’s quick hands.

We discretely exited the restroom. My wife was visibly aroused, flush, sexually powerful and goddess-like. She had a glow about her.

We shared goodbyes as Robert volunteered to walk my wife to her car. She agreed, shared a kiss with me, them him in the foyer, as they walked out of the coffee shop. I left in the opposite direction. Her kiss told me she was horny.
“What would they do alone?” I wondered, thinking about what happened on their last date.

I remembered walking out trying to define what I was feeling. I wanted to know why she was different with him than me.
Your mind is the worst enemy in times of fear and insecurities. This was one of those times.

The drive home was tough and about to get worse. I was dealing with these feelings I couldn’t communicate or really define, and after talking to my wife on the phone she told me she touched Roberts cock underneath his slacks.
I felt betrayed. It wasn’t something we talked about beforehand. But, neither was the bathroom incident, which I really got off on.
On the other hand I was fucking horny to the point of my balls hurting.
“How big is he?” I asked regretfully.

My wife was coy, never fully answering the question, other than saying he was big. I believe she knew he was bigger, but felt acknowledging that would create discontent with us. So coy, changing the topic, it was.

Once we got home we had passionate sex. Her pussy was wet and gooey from what I remember. Back in those days I actually finished sexually with her. And I did that night, cumming inside her pussy as she told me how hot for Robert she was.

I loved sharing and watching her. The act was everything I ever thought and fantasized about. I loved the way Robert touched her and felt her up. I loved knowing she was enjoying herself.
I didn’t love the feelings after the dust settled; the feelings of being subpar and the inability to pleasure my wife like this man did.

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excellent! hard as a rock now, wish I was??