Can you finish without me?

I was sitting on the edge of our California queen watching the Today show, enjoying a cup of morning Joe, when my wife appeared from the master bathroom. There she stood, in the doorway, my lovely bride of fifteen years wrapped with only a towel, a pink cotton towel.
My eyes immediately switched from Matt talking about opening day at Lambeau Field, to this lovely naked woman, who just dropped that cotton wrap, now unveiling her perfect curvaceously shaped body.
“Do you want to have sex?” She asked, my eyes glued to her ample natural breasts, size 36D.
I think my wife has the most amazing breasts. Of course I’m bias. I have done just about everything to those hangers; licked them, sucked them, fucked them – (only a couple times, but she tends to get more into it when Mark fucks her tits,) and of course my favorite, cleaning them. Seeing those cups creamed with glaze is amazing, regardless of whose it is.
I didn’t have time to answer as she walked towards me eventually standing between my legs, lifting her above mentioned breast, the left one, into my mouth. Her quarter sized areola bumpy, with a nice supporting cast, a brown nipple, close to ½ inch.
“Stand up,” She suggested, pulling my arms.
Sliding down my undies past my flaccid cock, she dropped to her knees cupping my three soft inches in her hands, and eventually inside her mouth.
She sucked it a hand full of times bringing about a semi-erection.
“Can you get it hard?” She asked, standing up and moving to the bed. She got on top, on her back, with her legs spread.
“Stick it in,” She said.

I stood there for a second looking at her open pussy. She hasn’t came in close to three weeks, other than her own fingers during sex a week ago – (I asked to lick her to orgasm, but she declined, volunteering her own services instead). Her clit was hard, protruding slightly, but enough to know she was aroused. Her clam was hairy. I haven’t shaved her since her last fucking with Mark.
“How does my pussy look?” My wife asked.
“Amazing,” I answered, almost memorized by her slit.
“Maybe you should share it with Mark?” She suggested, hinting the camera.

I picked up on her osmosis, quickly grabbing the Canon. I snapped a couple shots of her open shared pussy, which I posted on our profile, and sent to Mark via e-mail with a simple note from her, “I’m waiting for you.”
My cock was hard for a change, usually having to stroke myself to arousal.
I climbed between her invitation and slide inside her missionary style. It was a major improvement from the last time I wrote about, when she wasn’t wet and I couldn’t maintain my hardness.
She was tight, of course, and I started pumping away like a teenage fool. Still, regardless of her arousal, she lay motionless, eyes closed, stroking my lower back. I could only imagine what’s she’s thinking about. I looked down at each pump and watched with great arousal as her tits giggled slightly as they hung to the side.

That image quickly disappeared, or was interrupted, by the sound of the ringing phone at 7:30AM in the morning no less.
“Can you see who that is, I don’t want it to be work or anything,” She asked.
I climbed off my wife and reached for the cordless that was on our cherry oak night stand. It was work, based off the caller ID, but Jenny, my wife’s best girlfriend.

“Oooh,” My wife said after hearing who was ringing so early in the morning.
“She was supposed to have called me last night about her date,” She said getting up from her sex position and asking for the phone.

Needless to say, my erection slipped as I watched my beautiful naked wife engaged in a conversation while I stood there in front of her with my limp cock just inches from her face. She paid no attention to it, or me, as she laughed, talked, and inquired about Jenny’s first date with some guy she’s never met. I felt kind of upset and turned on, all at the same time. It makes me think, or rather justify, my feelings of not satisfying her sexually.
She stood up with the phone in her hand as I could tell this wasn’t going to be a ‘can I call you back’ conversation.
“Can you finish without me?” My wife whispered in my ear.
“Yeah,” I replied, as she kissed my cheek and walked off with her naked body into the f****y room sitting on the couch reengaging in her conversation; our sex the furthest thing from her mind.
So there I was, sitting my leather office chair, a place I have become very accustomed to, watching porn and beating off, while my wife is off doing something else. Usually fucking Mark. Today however, I have been replaced by a plutonic girlfriend.
It took a little while to get myself hard again because it was kind of humiliating, but that later turned into arousal with my numerous mental thoughts and visual stimuli of both my computer screen and my wife, paying no attention to me.
Soon I squirted on my chest. Nobody was there to see it or encourage me to clean it. I was there alone; in another world totally different from my wife’s.
I turned down the computer and got cleaned up. She never missed a beat with her conversation with Jenny.
After cleaning up I walked by her on my way to refill my coffee cup. She blew me a kiss as I pasted. I refilled my cup and sat down next to her on the couch as she gently stroked my leg, still engaged with the life of another.

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3 years ago
nice and sad for us to say that some tomes happens
reminded me of when I first started dating my wife we were going at it on a sunday evening when her mother called , as she started talking to her mother with her back turned to me and slightly bent over I droped to my knees behind her spread her ass cheeks and started eating her asshole till she was done talking to her mother