Can't get no Satisfaction

My wife and I were sitting out on our deck enjoying the remainder of a fabulous summer evening. The high 90’s had dipped into the low 80’s in the shade with a nice slight breeze.
She had recently gotten home from work and changed out of her business attire into something more comfortable. She dawned some cotton light blue gym shorts, which ended about a ½ inch below her butt cheeks and a white tank top without a ‘built in bra.’ Her hanging boobs were noticeable as well as a hint of nipple.

We discussed normal married things checking on each other’s days and such, when she told me she had gotten a text from Mark.
“He wants to come over on Saturday,” She said.
“Ok, do you want to see him? I asked.
“I do,” She replied as she crossed her legs.

I reached out and touched her right leg that was resting on her left knee. They were a shade above the stubble stage. The last time she shaved was by me in the shower, ten days ago before Mark arrived. Regardless of the shadow they felt wonderful. She doesn’t prep for me, shave or dress sexy as she does with Mark. At first it kind of made me jealous, but I accepted the role and find it erotic – now. Dressing her and watching how she picks out something sexy, or seductive, for her lover while I receive the bare minimum in regards to sexual attention or additions.
Gently stroking her leg I asked, “I don’t really satisfy you in bed, do I?”

The question was out of the blue but if you think about it, valid and truthful.

“Yes…, stop it,” She replied with a tone similar to a dismissal.
“I’m serious,” I said, adding, “Honey its ok, I just want you to be honest with me.”

I defined my reasoning more to her in detail. Her sex with Mark is nothing short of hours, up to three, while her ‘quickies’ if you can call them that, are an hour or more. Our sex on the other hand is the exact opposite. 15 to 20 minutes, very routine and at times, unresponsive.

“Yes you satisfy me…,” She reiterated, elaborating nothing further and giving a subliminal hint hoping the topic would vanish in the evening breeze.

It bothers me that she can’t be honest with me. It won’t hurt my feelings, which I’m sure is the reason why she’s cloak and dagger like. Her actions on the other hand scream of boredom and disinterest.
We started kissing slightly when I asked if we could have sex. It has been five days since I was last inside her for only a short time, finishing with my hand which has been the norm for years.
“Yeah we can for a minute,” She replied as if it were her duty. We both walked into the house leaving the summer evening sunset.

Once in the master bedroom the faint sounds of the television filtered throughout the room as Entertainment Tonight was gossiping about Michelle Bachmann. My wife nonchalantly discarded her shorts and climbed on the bed doggie style, looking over at the TV.
I slid down my gym shorts which got caught on my five fully erect inches. Taking myself in my hand I crept closer. My hand at the base I attempted to put myself inside my wife.
She was dry.

I tried again, without avail.

“Here…,” My wife reacted, changing her position from prospering her head up with her hands, and sliding both of them underneath along her stomach, opening her pussy more.
“Alright, stick it in..,” She said in an unemotional voice.

For the third time I tried, but I was losing hardness. I kept thinking about her statement to me not even ten minutes ago about how I satisfied her sexually. Her dry pussy offered a different, more realistic point of view. Soon nothing was left but a three inch soft cock overlooking this wonderful ample ass and shared pussy.

“Why don’t you just jack off, “My wife suggested, rolling over and sitting up in front of me.

She took my softness in her hand while leaning down placing the tip inside her mouth, moving it in and out twice before grabbing my right hand and leading it over. I stood in front of her beating myself back to hardness as my wife kissed my chest and massaged my balls, eyeing the television on occasion.
I’ve said before I think I really am a cuckold. I enjoy it. Sexually, I need it. I enjoy the feelings associated with, like knowing I don’t satisfy my wife, reinf***ed tonight by her dryness. I get off on the fact I haven’t made my wife cum in months, not because I haven’t asked to (or try), but she - hasn’t asked me to. I get off on the question ‘are you hard’ which she’s asked numerous times to me, not in a humiliating fashion, but truthfully innocent in her inquiring. Maybe sometime she’ll tell me the truth verbally, though her body motions have already finished the story.

She cupped her tits as I came. Cum shot between and on her wonderful boobs dripping on to her mommy tummy.
Without hesitation or direction I dropped to my knees between her legs as she sat on the edge of the bed.
“You’re doing good,” She reinf***ed feeding me my cum. I know during this stage I have her full attention. Clean up duties are her favorite and mine too.

Soon we were back into the normal married routine of America after our 10 minute sex session ended.

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1 year ago
that boring lazy dried up bitch would be a memory
or i'd be fucking someone else on the side before i'd
put up with her self absored bullshit
2 years ago
how sad, how hot! wish I could be Mark or just watch you two.
3 years ago
A little foreplay would help a lot, I