Come swing with me?

I got a call from Mark asking if I would be alright with him seeing my wife tonight.
“Of course not,” I replied.
He told me of the new sex swing he bought and just installed.
“When I was putting the thing together I couldn’t stop thinking about ‘XXXX’ inside it, spread eagle, and totally open,’ Mark stated with enthusiasm.
I couldn’t blame him; I’d love the sight too, not of her spread eagle for me, but rather Mark or some other well gifted man.
“Have you called her?” I asked.
“Yeah, but I got her voice mail,” He replied.

Mark and I shared some casual conversation and hung up shortly after I would relay the message to call him. I of course, was on the one track, if you will. First off, she has never been to Mark’s house, which was a complete and utter turn on within itself. What would they do? Would she be more uninhabited? Open more? What would happen?
Then I thought about the swing itself. What would she look like tied in and open to his cock?
As thoughts played out inside my perverted head, they were interrupted by the phone, yet again. This time it was my wife.
She had gotten Mark’s message and was thinking about seeing him tonight. It’s been about two weeks since their last romp.
As far as my wife and I’s sexual activity, it has been a few days for that as well. Our last encounter was close to ten minutes as she lay on her side during the ‘Today Show,’ watching television as I pump away on her emotionless body. She was wet, though it was strictly routine.
“So, did you get Mark’s message?” I asked.
“Yeah I did,” She replied, adding, “Well, what do you think.”
‘What do I think?’ I think she knows the answer. Dam, if I had my way she fuck someone (new) every night. I totally get off on it. I’d love to have her seduced, or take on another lover, but those are theories and hopes for another time.

“I’m ok with it if you are,” I replied.

My wife expressed some nervousness about seeing him at his house, which we quickly worked though.
“Do you want to see him?” I asked.
“Kind of, it’s been awhile,” She replied.

After a short conversation it was agreed upon she would see her lover tonight, alone, without me. Of course my mental images took off. She wasn’t ‘coming home’ to me, but rather Mark, who will thoroughly service her while I sit in front of the computer surfing porn and jacking off. Truth is, I’d much rather jack off than have sex with my wife. Though she is the most attractive woman I have ever seen, the truth is, I simply don’t satisfy her sexually. But again, more on that later.

I settled into my normal spot at the computer and checked my x-hamster profile, messages and invites, responding to those who matched. My cock was limp, though I prepped it by jacking the tip while browsing.
At 5:50PM the phone rang. It was my wife again telling me she’d made it.
“Alright I’m here,” She said with a familiar enthusiasm.
We spoke briefly as Mark greeted her outside.
“I love you,” She said, ending with, “I’ll call you when I leave.”
Just like that she was gone. Off to get fucked. There was a small part of me that felt this rush of jealously, briefly. The fear of the unknown, which I haven’t felt in a long while, mostly because she’s always fucked Mark here, at home, with me around, either peeking through a door crack, or listening from an enclosed room. Regardless, I was in the know. Now, however, I wasn’t. I had no idea how he’d fuck her, she’d fuck him, how many times he would make her cum with his cock. No idea. I was incredibly turned on, and scared, all in the same breath and thought.
As I continued surfing porn and lightly stroking, my eyes were fixed on the computer clock on the right side of the screen.
Are they fucking yet? Naked yet? Kissing? Is he touching her? Feeling her up? I would guess on what they were doing based off their dates here. Like how soon after Mark arrived at our house would they be consumed with each other.

I started watching some cuckold videos (in particular “Cuckold Femdom”) and imagined myself there, watching Mark and my wife. I would imagine the blond Mistress in the video was my wife, telling me how much fun she was having. Ridiculing me. For instance, reminding me of our last time together, how she was more in tuned with the television show she was watching more than my pumping, and how when Mark fucks her he has all of her attention.
I watched in detail how actress rode her bull, the way she bucked her hips forward and back, with both passion and enthusiasm. I related it to the same way my wife fucks Mark when she’s on top. How when she’s on top of Mark her hanging tits find their way into his mouth. Compared to the same with me, she’s matter of fact, up and down, without a sound. It’s me reaching forward placing her luscious breasts inside my mouth, not her.

Another glance at clock. 6:30PM. Are they perhaps in the same position as the movie I’m watching? I don’t know.

I spent the next two hours beating my cock like a pathetic junkie. The still pictures and videos, mixed with my perverted thoughts of my wife and Mark. The high.
8:34PM, the phone rings. I don’t have any special powers or anything like that, but I knew who it was.
“Hi honey,” a familiar voice said, sounding winded and very content. “Are you playing with yourself?” She added.
“Yes,” I immediately replied, but asked a more obvious question, “Did you have fun?”
A sigh initially, “Yeah, I had a lot of sex, he fucked me good,” She said.
Those words were like an adrenaline shot to the arm. My heart jumped and my hands began to perspire.
“Did you like the swing?” I asked, all the while my right hand on my dick rubbing it begging for details of her encounter.
“I did actually, that’s how he made me cum,” She replied.
“He ate you out?” I asked.
“No, I came with his dick,” She said, adding, “The swing itself was hip high so he just stood there in front of me, kind of like a missionary style, but he was standing up and his dick was inside me.”
‘What a sight,’ I thought to myself, as she continued with her details.
“My legs and arms were tied in these holder type things, almost like stirrups, but it was the position and the way he fucked me, which made me cum.”
“Did he cum inside you?” I asked.
“Of course, “She said, continuing, “Afterwards Mark took my underwear and slid them on making sure it (cum) didn’t leak out.”
We talked briefly about how she felt and if she enjoyed herself, which she did, then we parted.
I was overcome with excitement and arousal. More so than before. I couldn’t wait to clean her pussy when she got home.

Soon headlights from her car lite up the dark room I was beating off in. Anticipation of this moment was finally here. I would be able to slide inside her loose pussy. Enjoy her sloppy seconds, which for the record I would much rather have than normal sex. I can’t wait to feel Marks cum as it sloshes against my cock base and all around her hole when I initially put it inside her.
Sounds of the front door opened and soon my wife was standing in the computer room doorway. Light from the computer showed her hair was ruffled, face still flush and she was braless.
She kissed me. She tasted like sex. Like cock. I’m sure she sucked his cock, she always does.
“Were you ok with going to his house?” I asked in between kisses.
“Yes,” She replied. “We’re going to do it again.”
My left hand clawed her tits under her shirt, while I jacked myself.
“Can I go in you now? I asked – or begged.
“I don’t think so, “She replied. “I had a lot of sex and I’m kind of sore.” She continued, “You can stick your tongue inside me – but stay away from clit,” She suggested and reiterated.
I really wanted to be inside her. It’s powerful watching, though in this case I didn’t, her have passionate and fulfilling sex, then when I get my turn she’s tired and disinterested, almost like it’s her duty. It’s very humiliating, yet a driving f***e.
She took me by the hand and we walked into our master bedroom. She slid down her black slacks and matching black boycut panties and removed her white and black nylon button up top. Down on the bed she sat, leaning back, opening her legs
I dropped to me knees and she scooted to the end of the bed. The smell of sex was without question, and without the light, was all I had.
“Come up her for a second,” My wife said.
I did, and was met with her worn panties.
“Put your nose in the crotch,” She directed.
I did. I felt some wetness around my mouth and nose as she pushed them into my face.
“Can you taste it?” She asked.
I could, though most had dried up into the fabric and was crusty. Her panties were musky, mixed with various scents after a day’s use and about two hours of sex.
She fully placed her (used) panties on my head with the crotch directly over my mouth and nose.
“Do you like it?” She asked.
I loved it! How humiliating is this? Having your wife’s panties over your head with her lovers cum stained on the inside. Secretly, in the past, I have sniffed her used panties while jacking off. It was nice to share this (dominate) moment with her.
She grabbed both sides of her panties and wedged them up my nose and mouth, similar to a “weggie.”
I never felt so small and inadequate. I loved it.

Off came the panties and I resumed my position on my knees. I nudged closer following the smell of sex, and soon I was between her legs.
My wife placed her hands behind my head guiding me in, her open pussy a-waiting.
“Can you taste him?” She asked.
“Ahh-hum,” I said, stuffing my tongue as far inside as I could inside her.
I could feel her muscle contracting as she pushed.
“Can you go deeper?” She asked, knowing the effect of verbal direction and humiliation has on me.
I didn’t answer. I couldn’t answer. I just tried to go deeper. I could feel wetness all around me. My chin, nose, mouth and lower jaw, all wet from her fucking adventures.
“Ok, I’m ready for you to cum, “She said, as she invited me on the bed with her.

On my back, with her directly above me and kneeing, with a cum covered face, I jacked myself as my wife told me details about her evening with Mark. His cock size; how he fucked her, reiterating her soreness and how much fun she had in his sex swing. She stroked my balls and I beat my meat listening to every word attaching imagines to her wording.
“I want you to cum on my boobs then clean them…. Ok?” My wife directed.
“Ahhh-hum…..,” I struggled to whimper as my cock was filling.
My wife delicately hung her boob overtop and at the height of my strokes hit her brown nipple. It was time, the night’s imagines and wording too much to stand.

“Cum on my nipple, “My wife suggested.
Before she finished her command I glazed her D cups. Cum shot out while she, like an artist, moved her breast about offering the ideal canvas for my jizz. I shot all around her right nipple, around the side into her arm pit, and finally nestled between her wonderful cleavage.
“Ohhh…, you came a ton, “My wife said smiling, leaning her wet melons into my face.
“Clean my boobs, “She said, adding, “You’ve had Mark’s cum tonight and yours, you’re getting really good,” She boasted as I licked with her help.
“You missed here,” My wife added, shoving her cleavage in my face as I got the leftovers. My face was wet, it was now me that smelled of sex, or should I say, cum. It was fun!

Did I mention how much I love it when my wife fucks Mark?

80% (8/2)
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3 years ago
awsome i think you enjoyed what was brought home to you as much as she did getting it
3 years ago
OMG. That is so ducking hot. Whether deliberate or not, I liked how the wife had her kinkiness ( panty crotch) and slight domination revealed and that it was kept at a believable level. That polished it off very nicely! Now I'm going to see if you've written more.
3 years ago
You lucky guy, I really do envy you those delights.