I love sucking cock...

I love sucking cock.

I’ve wanted to suck cock for years.

Years ago I used to troll the bookstores, along with the rest of the perverts looking for their particular kink. I was always scared though. Bookstore guys tend to creep me out. They are scary.
Although they never turned me off, I was still fascinated with giving a blow job. As my times at the bookstores became more I would enter the gloryhole rooms out of curiosity, only to leave when the booth became occupied.
I got a bit bolder, entering a booth a leaving the book unlocked for the cruisers, but when they opened it, in mid stroke, I always said, “no thanks.”

But when those times of no denial happen, I overstepped my fears and accepted an invitation into a booth. A transgendered lady offered me her cock to suck while she fucked herself with a dildo. She was memorizing. Bleach blond hair, amazingly large breasts (forms) and a short, inviting skirt, with the smoothest legs, and to this day they are the smoothest, I have ever felt.
Once I got the taste, and it was a nice mouthful, there was no turning back.

I love sucking cock.

Sharing my wife has allowed me to suck cock. Over the last five years I have sucked her lovers cock(s) regularly. In fact I would much rather suck cock than have normal sex. I surf videos and pictures of large cocks only to be consumed by my vivid imagination of servicing them, alone, or as they firmly fuck my wife. White, black or Hispanic, it doesn’t matter.

I awoke after my wife had gone to work. I was in the mood. I jumped on the computer and placed my normal ad on craigslist. The title was simple. “Sucking cock this morning.”
As I sipped my coffee I awaited my responses. Most are flakey, stupid and time wasters, looking for a lead on or a quick picture of your cock. But you do on occasion get a real reply.
Glenn was older, early 50’s, professional and clean cut. Not hairy, which is a major turn off. Just not my thing. He was suit and tie guy, an accountant. He’s more of top, but very discrete and closeted, which I get.
Our e-mails were good. We both exchanged pictures. His cock was nice, by computer standards.
He was 6 inches, nice defined head, trimmed and shaved. He and his cock are very appealing. There was a connection. We set up a meeting place at the Starbucks in Downtown.
Our meeting went well and we decided I would host. He asked if I had any porn. I replied yes. “Are you looking for actual movies or pictures?” I continued, “I have pictures of my wife,” as I explained our bedroom lifestyle of her having an extramarital lover.
He seemed intrigued by the idea. I verbally described her to him and he was very interested of us being naked with images of her as our entertainment.

We both arrived at my house and settled in comfortably in the computer room. Glenn started to disrobe. His body was nice. He’s toned, in shape, tan and about 6 feet tall. His dark hair shortly cropped. Glenn’s body hair was trimmed nicely which blended into his tan skin.
He slid his tan slacks off, revealing his nicely, semi aroused cock. I wasn’t too far behind as I started up the computer and opened the files which contained nude pictures of my wife, both solo and her fucking her lovers.
“She’s a really attractive lady,” Glenn said, gently playing with the tip of cock as he took his seat in front of the computer.
I was focused of his cock. Glenn was focused on my wife. I watched as he played and teased the tip, all the while touching his balls.
It was long before I asked. “Can I suck you?”
A simple, “Yeah,” was replied, as Glenn moved his chair slightly back.
Down to my knees I went. I love being on my knees. I would much rather be on my knees than between my wife, which is probably why we don’t have a lot of sex, and if we do it’s usually ‘matter of fact,’ or clean up duties after she’s been fucked by Mark.

Both of my eyes focused of Glenn’s cock. It was inches from my mouth. His head was extremely defined, as in the photo. That’s something I find hot. His shaft was hard, redness noticeable just below his mushroom.
Finally, I open, and inside he went. I sucked his cock. I love sucking cock and it showed. I jacked the bottom and shaft, while my lips, mouth and tongue twirled around his head and below.
“Her tits are awesome,” Glenn mentioned, adding, “How big is she?”
“36D,” I said in between breaths.
“She fucks other men?” Glenn asked, clearing his throat.
“Ahhh, hmm,” I replied, muffled, not leaving his cock.
“And you like it?” Glenn asked.
The familiar, “Ahhh-hmmm.”
“Ohhh…., I want to fuck her too,” Glenn said with a sigh.

Glenn moved his ass gently in the chair. I played with his balls. They were shaved, smooth and soft; and at this moment –hard!
Glenn began to moan and breathe quicker as I sucked. Moving his hips slightly I could feel my mouth slowly began to fill. His cock pulsated as it gently shot.
I have sucked cock many times before, but there have been only a hand full of occasions when I have done it to completion, which in itself, is indescribable.
As his balls and cock emptied I swallowed his load (I love cum too).

I finished sucking his cock as it began to deflate and become sensitive to my lips.

As the moment faded Glenn enjoying hearing a quick story or two behind some of the pictures he used while having his cock sucked. He was intrigued that a ‘normal’ couple participated in this sort of lifestyle.
“Yeah we do, and have been for the last five years or so,” I told him as his zipped his flaccid cock away.

“Are you looking for something regular?” He inquired. I was hoping he would ask.
“I am,” I said eagerly.
“I’d love to fuck your wife sometime,” He reiterated, smiling. “Are you guys looking?”
“No,” not at the moment I replied disappointed.

But I am.

90% (26/3)
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11 months ago
1 year ago
Very hot loved to have been there and played with you both
1 year ago
See, everyone wants your wife first, your mouth is second best.
2 years ago
cock is tasty! ;)
2 years ago
Almost came to that one!! Well done.....
3 years ago
Wow. I want to suck your cock while you suck his cock.
3 years ago
my cock is so fucking hard thinking about thrusting
3 years ago
Many others like cock and cum, too!! YUMMY!!
3 years ago
Good story, I give it a good stiffy,
3 years ago
awsome experience.....
3 years ago
Another terrific blog entry... very hot. Wish I was on your side of the mountains.
3 years ago
Terrible story.