The best part of sharing my wife..

There are lots of things I enjoy about sharing my wife with other men. The prepping, shaving and lotion applied to her feminine body before her date arrives. The mental anticipation I experience leading up to her fucking. The numerous images I jack off too of hotwives being fucked and satisfied by their strong virile alpha lovers. Their facial and bodily expressions and pure euphoria they feel while being penetrated by a satisfying cock.
You can’t forget the initial deep breath when she first allows his entry into her either. That’s cock hardening within itself.
But I have to say the most sexual and erotic moment of sharing my wife, for me, is when she takes his powerful cock in her hands. The way she delicately feels his full length, his girth, his curve that makes her cum, and his man balls that fill her.
I stand watching, rubbing myself some ten feet away as my wife of fifteen years buries her head at the base of his shaft, while holding the tip gently with her hand. The smile she gives him, watching his expression(s) as she licks and worships the cock that satisfies her most.
If you are astute at reading people she doesn’t have to say a word. Her emotions (and actions) are never revealed verbally to me as I fuck her sloppy seconds afterwards. But you know. You know she really enjoys his cock (more).
I have never received that kind of attention to my cock from her. Her blowjobs, to me, are quick and ‘matter of fact,’ never longer than a few minutes. That’s fine, and humiliating. She doesn’t touch my short cock like his. I love it. I love the second side of my wife. The side that enjoys sex with someone who can satisfy her.

I think I really am a cuckold. I would much rather watch, jack off, and clean cum, than fuck her.

This time in particular, as I stood there rubbing myself like a bookstore troll, she sucked on his cock for ten minutes. I watched and listened to her sucking and licking him. The sounds of air mixed saliva while she worshiped and jacked his throbber. I watched him fuck her face sensually.
That distance of ten feet could have been ten inches. They wouldn’t have noticed me. They are always in tune to each other.

Now, she stands in front of him, flush, and lifts up her jean skirt. No panties.
His cock – hard, his head red with the pressure she built from her hands and mouth. He settles back into the couch and welcomes her.
Her knees placed on both sides of him; her right hand still wrapped tightly around his cock. Back and forth she rubs it across her awaiting pussy as they passionately kiss. She stops, slides the head inside, her hand guided all the way down as he leans up, and she fully sits.
I so much want to smell her hand. Smell her juices, maybe taste them. But I stand there, like pervert and beat my meat.
Her hand reappears around his shoulders after a long absence.
“Ohhh…,” She moans, as his eight full inches are inside.

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10 months ago
So beautifully and acurately described,,,I've been there a couple of times but never had such wonderful words to say like this
2 years ago
Great description
2 years ago
Nice story Interesting
3 years ago
She also has the power over him. She blows and jacks him. She is the one putting his aching cock inside her pussy when and how she likes it. In a way he is cockold too. From being and alpha male fucking his woman to a stud used by her. What an erotic dominating woman controlling the sex of two men.
3 years ago
Great eating lover's cum from her used pussy!
3 years ago
That was a beautiful description. Awesome.
3 years ago
After reading this blog-post, I suspect that I am a cuckold-wannabe. Your description of the joy you feel when seeing your beautiful wife's facial expressions as she is in the act of having sex with another man while you watch is EXACTLY why I would LOVE to come home one night and see MY wife in bed with another man. I think it'd be pretty special to be fortunate enough to be able to simply observe my wife while she is in the act: watching her facial reactions especially, but also just watching the way her body moves under or above a new/different lover would give me a thrill. Watching her eyes, her mouth, her hands and fingers would be special. And for me, the thrill would be to be able to observe as an un-involved party would be perfect because then I could actually just watch, rather than dealing with the complications that cone with being involved as well. If I'm actually involved with the sex, then I'm distracted by my own wants, needs, and desires. If I'm just watching without participating, I can really see her eyes roll back into her head as she takes his hard cock into her mouth, or as he slowly builds her orgasm. If I'm not "burdened" with participation, I'll be better able to listen for her breathing to change, become shorter and raspier as she approaches and ultimately acheives climax. I'd be better able to notice the goosebumps raise up on her arms and/or legs during the act of sex. I'd LOVE to have that happen.

Cheers, and thanks for the posting. Just awesome.
3 years ago
Thanks for posting. I, too, enjoyed your great descriptions. I'm still awaiting that time when I watch and hear "the initial deep breath when she first allows another man's entry into her". Can't wait!!!!! Thanks again.
3 years ago
Love you description, and thats the way I see it when my wife is fucking another man.
3 years ago
The More that I read, the Longer, Stiffer and Harder My Fat 7-1/2" Cock became!
Wraping my slender Fingers around Thick Ftrm Throbbing & Pulsating Shaft... I Jacked Off, faster and FASTER til the Sticking SPUNK Spurted Up, Out and down the Side of my Rigid Dick and we bit more just continued Oooozing out as laid back in my chair watching and Licking the Salty Jizm from my trembling fingers...
Thank you for the story and Getting Me Off!
Johnny in Los Angeles...
3 years ago
Very HOT story! So damn sexy.