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Well there are many details of this fun period but I will try to keep it short and sweet. Back in my younger days (12-14) I had a cousin by marriage that was attracted to me. She was always trying to find ways to come over and hang out. I never paid much attention to her back than. If I would have probably could have gotten her to do anything I wanted. Last year we ran in to each other and no longer are related by marriage anymore but parts of the f****y still consider her f****y cause she has a s****r that is my cousin by bl**d before the divorce. We ran into each other and we were both married. But both were unhappy. So we started talking and thought it would be fun to hang out some time. I could tell she still had a crush on me. So after talking for a while we found time to hang out and watch a movie one night. As we were sitting there watching the movie we got closer and closer to each other till she was laying in my arms. As we each got more comfortable I decided to work my hand down her pants. I was sitting on the couch with my legs open and she was sitting between them with her back on my chest so it was easy to slip my hand between her legs. As I rubbed her clit I could tell she was really liking it as she was really wet. I than used my other hand to lift her shirt and pinch her hard nipples. As we layed like that and did that for a bit she could feel my cock getting very hard. So she turned her body around and started rubbing my dick through my pants. As I continued to get harder and really excited I removed her pants and panties to see that clit waiting for what she had been wanting for years and pulled my pants and boxers down enough to show her how hard she had made me I laid her on her back and climbed on top and slide my cock in her tight pussy. She moaned slightly as she grabed my back and pushed me deeper and deeper into her. After a few moments went by she looked at me and said I cant believe we are doing this. I cant believe your fucking me right now. Ive always wondered what your cock felt like. I just smiled as I kept thrusting in and out. I know she really wanted it from me and even though she was very sexy I was just enjoying the pleasure of fucking her tight pussy, cousin or not. Although it didnt hurt with that thought in my mind. ( Take my cock cousin, take that hard cock youve wanted for years. Hows it feel.) Just kept going through my mind. And after we fucked for a while and she came all over me I couldnt hold back any longer and as I rammed in and out I finally shot a big load deep in her pussy and filled it up quick as for the thought of what we were doing made me super horny. We cleaned up and both got dressed we talked alittle about how much fun it was and we would have to meet up again. Which we did many times again for awhile. One being at her work in the back room where we fucked on the meeting table. We went back quick cause there were no customers in the store and I convinced her to come back with me and pulled her slacks and panties down quick and fucked her till I filled her pussy again. It was exciting cause right as I came a customer came in as we heard the door beeper go off and she had to pull up her panties and slacks quick with my cum in her and Im sure dripping out as she walked out there. It was a fun day as well. We dont talk much as we both got busy with our lives but sure we both would enjoy meeting up if the chance ever comes up. Hope you all enjoyed.
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