My wif intorduces me to anal via strap on

My introduction to the joys of a strap-on dildo came in a roundabout way. My wife and I were attending an outdoor party at our health club in northern California. It was a nice warm evening and a great band was playing.

We were drinking wine and enjoying the music. My wife seemed to be particularly intrigued with the lead singer, a sultry brunette with long curly hair and a husky sensual voice. I had my arms wrapped around her and she was leaning back into me. I casually asked if she was enjoying the music. "You bet I am, that singer is so hot." My wife had never previously expressed any interest in another woman.

"Oh really, I said.

" "She is so sexy, she replied. I am getting all turned on watching her." This was getting interesting and I could feel my length starting to get hard. My wife pressed her soft place back into me. "So, what do you have in mind? I asked. " "I want to play her hard and deep until she comes for me" I nearly fell over.

This was getting me really hot.

My wife turned around and just about buried her tongue in my throat.

She was grinding her pelvis into me and I expected someone to come over and tell us to get a room at any moment. "Let's get out of here, she said.

I want to play you bad!" Little did I realize just what that meant.

I made it home in record time and we hurried in the door and up to our bedroom. We were kissing and fondling each other while we tore off our clothes and threw back the covers on the bed. We landed on the bed with my wife on top of me. I could feel how wet she was as she ground her softness into my rock hard length. She started moving down to toy and suck on my nipples.

I commented that perhaps we should go see this band more often. She got this really lustful look in her eyes and replied, "I am fantasizing that you are that singer right now. These are her nipples that I am sucking on." I groaned in ecstasy as she nibbled and sucked on first one and then the other nipple. "Turn over, she said. I want to toy your softness.

" I was in a daze. I had never seen her like this and I had never been so turned on myself.

She pulled me on all fours and got behind me and spread the cheeks of my soft place and started to toy all around my warmth. She had played around with my soft place before with her finger, but never with her tongue.

I was in heaven. Her tongue was making my sensitive place open up so she inserted first one and then two fingers. All of a sudden she told me to lay flat on the bed and to spread my soft place cheeks. I wasn't sure what she had in mind. She laid down top of me and started to rub herself up and down on my soft place.

She was incredibly wet and her juices were coating my soft place making it slippery and she moved up and down. She stopped for a moment and had me spread my cheeks again. Then she positioned herself so that her personal place was right on my warmth. I couldn't believe how big her personal place was.

It felt like a mini-length.

She started a very rapid in and out movement.

It felt so good. "Now I'm really playing you, she screamed. I am going to play you hard and deep until I come inside you" She was really bouncing up and down on me now and it really felt like her personal place was penetrating me. I could tell she was really close and then all of a sudden she pushed really hard into me and started to shudder and shake. I could feel her juices all over and into my soft place. That did it. I came too all the bed.

Neither one of us could stop shaking for about a minute to two.

"That was incredible, she said. It certainly was, I agreed" She said, "We have to do that again, I have never come so hard in my life." "Sounds like a good idea to me, I said. "But next time I really want to get inside you.

Why don't you go to one of those sex shops and buy me a strap-on dildo so I can really play you good." I couldn't believe it, I was getting hard again listening to this. "I can't wait for you to play me again, I said." A few days later I slipped into a sex shop out near the highway and headed over to the toy section. There certainly were a lot of choices. I ended up with a leather harness and a 7" rubber length.

I couldn't wait to bring home so that we could try it. I arrive home to find some familiar music playing on the CD player. It was the band that we had seen at the party.

The lights were down low and candles were lit. I found my wife lounging in a bubble bath with a glass of wine. She got really excited when I showed her the new toy. She told me to hurry up and shower and wait for her in bed. I showered quickly and grabbed a glass of wine.

My body was tingling and my length was starting to get hard in anticipation of what was coming.

My wife came out of the bathroom with one of her silk robes on. The strap-on was poking through the front. All of a sudden it looked much bigger than it did in the store. I could feel my soft place start to tighten up. I took a big gulp of wine. My wife was really into the role-play. She sat down on the bed and leaned over to give me a deep kiss.

"I really liked your singing, baby" she said. You really turn me on. Look how hard you make my length" I reached for the rubber length and started running my hand up and down it. "Suck it for me baby, " she said.

I put my mouth on it and started to take it into my mouth. It was a lot bigger than I imagined. I started to move up and down on it, taking as much of it into my mouth as I could. "That's it, baby, tickle my length , you love sucking my hard length, don't you? "She said. "Let's 69, I want to toy your sweet softness, she said.

" I was all for that, anything to make it easier for that monster to get inside me.

I really liked the way she toyed my soft place. Once again I could feel my warmth opening up for her.

Then I felt a cool liquid being poured down the crack of my soft place.

With the help of the lubricant and her saliva she soon had three fingers inside of me. It was an incredible sensation but I was still worried. She had me turn over so that I was on my back. She lifted my legs up and knelt in front of me. My soft place was slick with the lube and the dildo was coated with my saliva. She pressed the head against my warmth and started to push slowly. "Breathe, " she told me. I exhaled and the first inch was in me. There was a curious mixture of pain and pleasure.

She started to pull on my nipples, which is something that always turns me on. She also started to talk dirty to me, which really gets me going.

"How does it feel baby to have my hard length in you? I love the way it looks going into your sweet softness. I can't wait to have it all in you" By now she was almost all the way in. It hurt a lot but there was also an incredible feeling of pleasure as she moved it in and out of me.

I was really glad we had used a lot of lubrication. "I'm all the way in you now, baby" she whispered. Now I am really go to play you.

" She started picking up the pace, moving in and out of me while still playing with my nipples.

I could tell that she was really turned on by it as well. Meanwhile I was in another world. Yes, there was pain but there was also intense pleasure. Every time she pulled out I couldn't wait for her to push it back in. So this is what it feels like to be played? I was hooked. She kept it up for about 10 minutes and was really playing me hard and fast when she finally started to shake and scream "I love playing you, it feels so good to have my hard length buried inside you, I am cuuuuuuuummmmmiiiiinnnnggg! We did it a few more times after that before we got divorced. It was never quite as good as that first time. For some reason, I ended up with custody of the strap-on, which turned out to be a good thing sometime later.

But that's another story. Stay tuned.

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Hot, erotic story!!