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The Mechanic

A couple of months ago my husband and I were feeling really naughty. It was a Saturday morning and we were wanting to go to the mall. Hubby had recently bought me a modest (so we thought) full length summer dress. (Pictures of dress posted) It was mostly black with orange from the waist down. Hubby really liked it becaise it was made of a nylon and it really showcased my huge tits. i threw it on with no bra or panties and started doing my hair. I noticed that while the dress was black, my huge tits were stretching the material and if you looked hard enough you could see thru the material and a... Continue»
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Top Vids 2!

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[Story] My First Hotwife Experiance

I’ve always been a very sexual person. My husband realized this and since then has encouraged me to continue to have fun as along as I let him know what I’m doing and even let him watch (smile) if he’s around. I was very reluctant at first because I felt I was happy with my sex life.

One day when we were coming home from a friends wedding and staying over night in a hotel, we struck up a conversation in the hotel bar with a salesman, who happened to sell wine, yum. The guy seemed nice enough and was very funny. He was a much older man though, probably in his early 50s, a bit over weight and... Continue»
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[Story] My Wife Makes Me Her Cuckold ch 1

My wife has instructed that I write about how I became her cuckolded husband. Janet and I met through her deceased husband Thomas who passed away six years ago from leukemia. Thomas was an architect and he and I met on a building project. I am a professional contractor.

My first wife Jennifer and I had one c***d after marrying right out of college. Not long after our first c***d, she filed for divorce when she found evidence I had strayed outside of our marriage. It was a nasty divorce, requiring me to sell my business, and leaving me with a hefty alimony and c***d support payments. I went ... Continue»
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[Story] My Friends Daughter Chapter 1

I had just quit my job three weeks before I was due to start my new one. I had plenty of money to carry me over, and just felt like taking a break from working for a while. I was sitting at my computer surfing thru erotic story sites looking for some stuff to read when my phone rang.

“Hello” I said into the phone.

“Hey Hun. What are you doing?” A female voice said.

“Sitting here reading some stories. What are you up too?” I said back recognizing the voice on the other end of the phone as that of my friend and playmate Karri. (Not her real name)
“Oh not much just driving around with L... Continue»
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[Story] Oh, No! Oh, Yes!

I was away on business for 3 days a while back and when this happens, my wife and I will occasionally send each other some naughty pics of each other. On this one night, I was in my hotel room lying naked on my bed, with my hard cock in my hand when I snapped a picture of cock and prepared to send it to my wife. I attached the picture to my email and lazily began to type in her address. The auto-fill function on my email completed her address for me after typing in the first few letters and I clicked send. That’s when my heart sank. I realized I was looking at an email that was just sent to my... Continue»
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Date night with Mr 9inch - December 21st 2014

Here is a brief description of our date night with Mr 9inch on December 21.

First of all, I feel bad calling him Mr. 9inch. This reduced him to a piece of meat, a big cock. While he does have a big cock, he is certainly more to my wife than just a piece of meat. I don’t want to use his whole name for discretion purposes. The initial of his name is “M” but as my wife’s fans will recall, she has already had a lover “M”. There are several photo sets and video clips of my wife making love with the first “M” – a young man who also had a very nice cock. He was my wife’s lover from 2010-2012 and o... Continue»
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[Story] Making of a Cuckold: Unintended Consequences

The story of a couple experimenting with a threesome
and how that experiment played out over the course of
thirty years. (MMF, d/s, reluc, bi, anal, swinger,
voy, cuck, d**gs, alcohol)


It was 1979 and we doing more d**gs than would be
considered appropriate in these more conservative
times. Cindi, my wife of two years, and I had a friend
that became a major cocaine importer and he was always
handing out little bindles of fun to everyone in our
group. We were already pot smokers, so the addition of
an upper also required the introduction of something
that would le... Continue»
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[Story] Wife Takes a Lover, Hubby gets nothing

Patty has a New Friend Hubby gets no Sex Not even a Ball Job

Patty tells Jimmy she met a guy at work and has been fucking him. Jimmy has not fucked Patty in almost a month. She told Jimmy his little dick never makes her cum, but her new boyfriend makes her cum over and over. She wants Jimmy to meet her boyfriend so they can all be friends; Jimmy is turned on at the idea. He always wanted Patty to cuckold him. So he is getting what he wants. And Patty is getting what she needs a big dick.
Patty told Jimmy he could take a blue pill and he will get to fuck her when they get home toni... Continue»
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[Story] Vegas

My wife and I celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary recently and yesterday we boarded a plane for Vegas. Last night began with the plan to have a lovely dinner at a nice restaurant and now a mere 24 hours later I am on my knees with a large cock only centimeters from my mouth. This cock is covered with my wife's pussy juices combined with the cum of my wife's new lover. His voice is casually commanding as he instructs me to clean him.

I open my mouth and lean forward and am rewarded as he lifts his large cock and insets his ball into my mouth. I suck his balls because he has just provide... Continue»
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[Story] Racist wife loves bbc

My wife and I were married very young. After only a few months of marriage I started bringing up swinging. The first few time we talked about it she did not want to have anything to do with swinging. I was the only man she had been with before we married. After a while she started to warm up to the deal of swinging, but she did set some limits on what she would be willing to do. She did not want us having sex in our home town with anybody we knew. We would only swing together, in the same room. She did not want to swing with any blacks. My wife was from the deep south and was raised in a very ... Continue»
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[Story] Racist wife's Life after gangbang

The events of that day set the stage for our current life as a cuckold couple. My wife was too sore to have sex for about a week. I did not bring up swing for about two months after that day. When I asked my wife about what see would like to try, she said she really enjoyed the threesome with the other couple. I think out of guilt, I encourage to seek out some other couples to have sex with. She took me up on the offer, going to a swinger's social club in a new by town and finding couples for threesomes. I think when I first told her it was OK to swing with out me, I did not really expect s... Continue»
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[Story] tricked into bbc gangbang

It’s great to be gangbanged by several black cocks! This guy I was seeing called Marco asked me over one night to “watch a movie” the night after I let him fuck me in his car! He said my pussy was the best he had had in a while! So he picked me up and we went to his apartment which I knew he was sharing with his two friends Rider and Slim Jim. We went to his room and pretended to start to watch this movie. He took off all the lights in his room and it was pitch black when he took off the TV and started sucking my breasts and fingering my pussy. I was really enjoying it when I felt another mout... Continue»
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[Story] Party girls own story

This happened a few months ago and I haven't told anyone about it, but I can't stop thinking about it.

I'm a white women in my early 30s, and I've been with my share of guys, but never more than one at a time, and over the past few years not so much as I have been focusing more on work and been in some steady relationships. So anyway, I had been seeing this (white) guy for about 6 months and it was going okay, but we had a fight and split up so I went out with a girl friend of mine to a club. I hadn't been out clubbing in years.

Anyway, I drove and she ended up hooking up with some g... Continue»
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[Story] "accidental" cuckold


my name is mark and this is a brief account of my first long awaited cuckold experience. it all started with a chance meeting in town with an old friend from college namely Simon. i knew Simon from about 4 years ago when we both attended the same college and had a shared interest in football and this is where the story begins to unfold. Simon was 6'1 built for athletics and black as coal and had returned back to London from university. he was looking for a local team to get a game with on a regular basis, with my team struggling for players and me knowing he use to be a handy player i t... Continue»
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[Story] Watching My Girlfriend Get Filled With BBC

This story is for guy on here who sent me some pics of his girlfriend and asked me to write a story for him. I hope you all enjoy. Check his profile out if you want

I met my girlfriend Elvira a couple years ago at a friends party and as soon as we locked eyes it was one of those spontaneous things where it was almost meant to be. She was there with some of her girlfriends talking and laughing as I admired her body from across the ... Continue»
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[Story] The Vacation Getaway

his was not how I planned to spend our vacation in the islands, sitting here handcuffed to a chair just inches from my wife in our hotel room as she is being rammed over and over from behind. This guy must be the head of the police department in this town judging by his clothes by the bed. It was just yesterday we were sitting in a jail cell surrounded by huge police officers with one of the guys holding a bag of what I guess were d**gs, he kept saying we should make ourselves comfortable, we were going to be here for a while, as all the men kept staring at my handcuffed wife wearing only the ... Continue»
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[Story] What happens in vegas...

This is my first story so go easy on me!

My wife Ellen and I decided to take a weekend trip for our 20th anniversary. With us being a little short on cash we decided to grab the cheapest flight we could, which was Vegas. Neither of us are gambler's but we thought it would be fun just to check out the sights. We figured we would not make any hotel plans and just find the best last minute prices once we got there. We just needed a bed to screw on!
Before I get to far I need describe us. We are both chubby people but not bad looking in our early 40's. We are still madly in love and have nev... Continue»
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How To View A Private Profile's: Videos/Pictu

Note: Favorite videos/pictures now only works if the profile hasn't set faves to private, so some faves work, but uploaded videos/pictures still work.

As a long time member of Xhamster, I've seen many hot videos and pictures, and uploaded my fair share of videos that I feel others will enjoy in return as I have enjoyed theirs. There is not such a good side to Xhamster though, in my time here I've come across at this point too many private profiles. Not only do I find this frustrating when you already have a video publicly viewable but I'm not able to see your other uploaded content, it'... Continue»
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Date night report

Here is a brief description of our date night with lover U.

After he entered the hotel room, he and my wife began to kiss and make out. This is often nearly as erotic for me as the sex itself. I think it is because they really take their time and savor their long, unhurried delicious kisses. Watching my wife enjoy such intimacy with another man is very pecial. Seeing her hungrily open her mouth so their tongues can dance together…mmm. Watching her tenderly take his face in her hands for a long, drawn out kiss is heavenly. Soon he had her shirt and bra off and was cupping her breasts in his ... Continue»
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[Story] Jennifer and my roommates At the Fraternity.

Hi I am Jennifer, Catherine's daughter. Mom thought I should write you guys a story about my time after Hedo 2. As mom stated I had only had sex with my boyfriend Rick a white guy with a 6" cock. all that changed at Hedo 2 when I discovered the wonders and excitement of BBC. I came home after that week with my head spinning about what had happened in Jamaica. 1) I found out that my mom had been a BBC cum slut for many years. @) That I too had become a BBC cum slut and loved it. Mom had told dad all about our trip and he seemed fine with it. He said the apple didn't fall from the tree and that... Continue»
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Hotwife symbols in cuckolding/wifesharing

Over the last 15 years I have done a lot of research and exploring of the hotwife/cuckold lifestyle. Thankfully, a lot of this exploration has been done together with my wife in the form of her taking lovers to have joyful passionate, intimate sex with me watching and joining in!
I’ve corresponded and exchanged a lot with husbands similar to me who share their wives. I am also the first filter with potential lovers who want to fuck my wife. Through this, I’ve noticed a lot of “symbols” or symbolic acts that come up over and over again as part of the lifestyle and I’d like to share my perspec... Continue»
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[Story] AN INTERVIEW with

1. Have you ever included a white guy in your sex games BEFORE you became turned on to black?
Yes, I have done 3-somes with white guys, as well as 4-somes with other white couples. Both before and after I became turned on to black cock, and I would do it again - race is not the issue with me - though it does seem to be easier finding well hung black men (no offense to any white guys - I do enjoy your attentions as well. But I’ve found that I really enjoy having my pussy stretched to its limits and plunged deeper and deeper)! Quite simply put “I am a Slut and I like nothing better tha... Continue»
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[Story] My introduction to BBC

My name is Helen, I am twenty-eight years old, American Citizen living in London, England, I have a honors Degree. I have long blonde hair, blue eyes and a good figure. I am US size eight dress size and have 34 inch C/D cup breasts. This is my story and I hope that you enjoy it.

Andy and I [we are both white] met at school when we were both only eleven years old, we fell in love or as close as you can get at that age to a relationship. Our parents knew each other well and consequently there were no objections to Andy and me being sweethearts. Since our grades were consistently high and we w... Continue»
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[Story] my introduction to black

Hi my name is kelly and i am a married woen of 25,I have been married for 4 years and until recently had never cheated on my husband.That all changed when we went to a xmas party and i met a black guy who taught me the pleasure of black sex and turned me into a whore.
At the party my husbnad made a fool of himself and got rather d***k ,he then tried it on with a few of the women there and upset me .
This black guy darly saw what was happening and got talking to me and at the end of the night gave me a kiss as we were leaving ,my husband too d***k to notice.
I didnt think anything of it unti... Continue»
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[Story] Angela First Big Black Cock.

Last winter, my wife and I took a vacation to the Bahamas for two weeks. We stayed in a large high-class and expensive resort, to escape the winter weather. We had planned the trip for a long time and knew it was going to be special, just didn't know how special we were to find out.

Angela is thirty-three, five foot seven, with short, straight dirty- blonde hair. Her f****y is naturally thin and she is as well. Her breasts are small, which is just the way I like them. We've been married for ten years and while I would consider our sex life exciting and satisfying, we've never ... Continue»
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[Story] Baby can I have a BBC

I'm a southern girl; I grew up around blacks all my
life, and even though there's always been a barrier
between the races I've had a secret desire to fuck some
of the black studs I knew in school and around our neck
of the woods.

So at the age of 29 after seven years of marriage, when
my husband and I felt it was time to add some spice to
our lives and it wasn't a huge jump for me to think
about making my secret fantasy a reality. My husband,
Larry, after looking at all the stuff I'd downloaded for
the past year or so seemed very aroused by interracial
sex, and wife shar... Continue»
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