boarding school detention

"girls, you have been sent to my classroom as you obviously have no regard for the rules, i mean look at the way you are dressed? do you like looking like prostitutes? do you like arousing the other pupils? do you?" snapped miss woode. the three girls hung their heads in shame. they were all wearing tartain miniskirts and white see through blouses with no bras, stockings held up with garters (which were on full display) and lacy underwear.
"if youlike looking like prostitutes so much, then i am going to treat you like them," she said. there was a knock at the door and miss woode let them in. it was two older pupils, dressed almost exactly as the others, only more.
"ah girls you are right on time to help me teach these girls a lesson," she said locking the door.
"Missy? Crystal? please take Hollie to the front. Morgan? Donna? please take seats on the front row," everyone does as they are told.
"Missy? Crystal? put Hollie into the position and hold her," she says. the two older girls push hollie down onto the desk so she is bent over on her front. they fold her arms under her head and spread her legs. each girl holds a leg and an arm into position. miss woode walks down to the front and lifts Hollies skirt onto her back.
"My, my, no underwear hollie? this just will not do,". she quickly throws out a hand to her pussy, seperating the lips with her fingers, hollie flinches. miss woode runs a finger along her pussy twice. she spreads the cheeks of her bottom and licks all around her hole. she goes to the drawers of her desk and pulls out a large dildo. she lubes it and inserts it quickly into her ass. hollie flinches again and begs her to stop. it falls on deaf ears. she summons morgan up to the front of the class and lifts up her own floor length skirt, she too has no underwear on.
"lick me," she commands and holds morgans head to her wet pussy. as she begins to lick she drops her skirt and morgan is almost hidden from sight. she continues to finger fuck hollie.
"Missy?" she asks, orgasming at morgans toungue inside her.
"Turn her around and hold her and Crystal you unbutton her shirt," they do as they are told again. miss woode twists hollies nipples and pulls them out, she begins to bite her nipples.
"Crystal, insert this dildo into her pussy and dont be gentle," she says. Crystal complies with what she has been told. miss woode goes back to kissing hollies breasts.
"Morgan wet your fingers with your own juices and insert them into my anus, keep licking," she commands and orgasms again.
"Donna, you will be next," she says, finishing kissing and biting hollies breats.
"You will recieve half a dozen spanks and another special punishment then you may be seated hollie but you must remove all clothes," Missy and Crystal bend her back over the desk and miss woode spanks her six times with a metal ruler. with each thwack hollie lets out a scream.
"is she wet, Missy?" asks miss woode. Missy puts her hand on hollies pussy and nods.
"Good, now for the special punishment," she pulls out a butt plug and has Donna insert it.
"now remove your clothes," miss woode commands and hollie does so. there is another knock at the door, and Missy answers it and another girl comes in now.
"Hello, lynda," says miss woode
"what i want you to do is dry hollies pussy and then keep your fingers there to see if she gets wet, if she does push this button on the remote and the butt plug will administer an electric shock, okay?" lynda nods and dries hollies pussy and puts two fingers on the surface of her pussy, snugly inside the lips. Donna receives a pussy check first and because she is wet receives a dozen hard spanks.
"Crystal, you may pleasure her vagina however you wish, Missy insert the dildo into her ass," the two girls nod and miss woode begins biting and sucking her nipples. Crystal licks her wet pussy and inserts her fist. miss woode takes her own shirt off and her bra and rubs breasts with donna. she puts her nipples into donnas mouth. just then, hollie lets out a scream, miss woode turns around.
"she was wet misse woode," says lynda. miss woode nods.
"for doing as you were told lynda you may pleasure her however you want for a few minutes but then you must go back to monitering her vagina for wetness," lynda makes hollie lick her pussy and bites hollies pussy. she inserts two fingers into hollies ass as far as she can go.

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3 years ago
goddamn it was just going good where is part two
4 years ago
hierarchy in the world of pussy and ass - interesting indeed ;)P
4 years ago