a young girls adventure with her best friend

my friend lana and i were having a sl**pover. we'd been talking about boys all night and she had just told me about how she lost her virginity. we had both been getting hot to this story and i had stripped off to my bra and panties. lana stood up and came over to me. not a word was uttered as she lifted my hand and put it under her shirt to her bare breast. i didnt have to be told and began to play around. with her now free hands, she undone my bra and i pulled my arm out in order to be free of it. as i removed it, lana removed her shirt too. we were both now in our panties. i tweaked her nipples, pulling, biting and sucking on them. i was the smaller friend and lana was quite strong so she lifted me onto her knee and i turned around. she spread my legs and ran a finger along my dampening panties. she pressed in harder, still running her finger along. with her other hand she gently twisted my nipple. my panties were getting wetter and wetter. eventually i took them off and lana continued as before only this time, licking her finger in between the hard glides. she stood me up and so did she. lana lay me down onto the bed and grabbed my ankles and put them on the bed. she knelt and carresed my clit for a fleeting moment. she asked me if i was a virgin and i honestly answered yes. she went to her bedside drawer and pulled out a large pink glittery plastic ribbed dildo. she gave a sly giggle and spread the lips of my pussy. she placed the tip at the opening and with one mighty thrust, lana shoved it up inside me. i let out a small cry of pain and lana said she would punish me for that later and i was to be quiet until spoken to. she thrust it in and out of my dripping pussy and began to finger my clit. she told me to lift my bottom and she withdrew the dildo and re-inserted it to my anus. with the same f***e as before she was thrusting it in and out if me within seconds. she began to rub my still wet pussy and i let out a moan in pleasure. minutes later she withdrew it and told me to roll over. as i did so, lana began to finger herself furiously and continued to do so one handed. with the other hand she spanked me until my ass was red and sore and raw. she then said
"dont think this is over yet, hun, this is just the beginning" spanking me harder "im never gonna let you go now. you can be my little lesbian sex slave. would you like that? if you would like that, get up, remove my panties and pleasure my pussy, you will continue not to talk until spoken to, make your decision,". TO BE CONTINUED...
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3 years ago
another good start
3 years ago
a damn good start but stoped WAY to soon
4 years ago
hot start from cold part of the globe ! ? ;)
but, you got me curious for more ...
did she offer her butt?