Barely legal!

Before you get too excited, you should realize that this story is just about a strip club experience which I recently had. Unfortunately it did not lead to some fucking which I really would have liked.

A friend and I went to a dive named Pope's Nude Bar in Palm Springs. It is a dark little hole-in-the-wall that costs $20 to get in with no liquor sold or brought in. We were the only guys in there but there were three girls working and they were fine. The club is total nudity and I was entranced by an eighteen year old chick displaying her young pussy and small nubile titties to us.

She was not a good dancer and I could tell from the way she moved around on the stage that she was not completely comfortable with showing off her cunt and tits to horny old perverts like me. In fact she had a kind of corset that she never removed even though the most important parts were completely naked.

I could tell that she was young because she had barely any tits at all and her pussy, though shaved, looked like a young girls - nice and tight not all flapping open like an old whore's. I asked her how old she was and she told me that she was eighteen. I knew right then and there that I had to buy an overpriced lap dance from her to experience more of this pretty young specimen.

What is there about having your face up against the pert teenage nipples of a lovely young girl? Or sniffing the intoxicating aroma of her tight little snatch as she shows off her shaved clam for your inspection? It's like a d**g and I was a crazed a****l.

We went to the back booth and I sat on the bench while she straddled me and began to shake her ass to the music. I ground my cock up against her ass as though I could split open my pants and shove my rod up that fine tight cunt. Every so often she would get up and lift up her leg putting her pussy right up in my face so I could smell it. My nose was almost in her cunt as I inhaled the heady aroma of teen pussy. Damm I wanted to fuck this little bitch.

After putting her leg down she would rub her chest up against my face and I could slide my tongue out and lick those tender little nipples. Her breasts were nothing more than nubs just sprouting and how I wanted to unleash and start sucking on them like a starving puppy. It was all she could do to keep me under control until the song ended.

She was a terrible stripper and I told her that she needed to find another line of work. Nevertheless I thoroughly enjoyed mounting her little ass and licking those perky little nubs and I was satisfied.

I realize, of course, that in a third world country I could have been fucking a young nymph like her but nevertheless, it was nice considering we were in Palm Springs, California. It's not every day that an old pervert like me gets to experience such a beautiful young woman in her prime. Ah to be young again and fuck her like she deserved to be fucked.
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