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[Story] Watching her do it

My wife, Estelle, and I had been swapping with another couple, Ron and Megan, but we had never been in the same house together while doing so. So even though we knew that each was fucking the other's spouse, I had never actually witnessed it myself. My wife and Megan and I had had a threesome together in which my wife had not only seen me fucking Megan, she had held my cock while I spurted my seed up into another woman's pussy. I wasn't sure that I could handle seeing Estelle get fucked by Ron but I figured fair was fair. This was the test. Would I pass?

We went over to their house and had... Continue»
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[Story] First time cuckold

This is the story of the first time that my wife and I swapped with another couple.

Both wives had gone to the other houses where the husbands awaited them. My wife, Estelle, had gone on dates with the other husband, Ron, but he had been reluctant to pull the trigger and they had done no more than heavy petting and Frenching. Tonight, we were going to swap but I still had my doubts that Ron was going to go through with it. I mentioned this to his wife, Megan, when she arrived but she said, no, when she left she was convinced that he was determined to fuck my wife. Megan and I talked and fu... Continue»
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[Story] Every man's fantasy

Almost every man on earth has to have thought about having two women at one time. I know that I had fantasized about it many times but unlike many fantasies, the actual experience far surpassed the fantasy. After my wife, Estelle, and I had started swapping with another couple, Ron and Megan, Megan came over one day to see us on a special mission. I had playfully suggested a threesome and she and my wife had agreed to try it one day. That day was today. We all went upstairs to our bedroom where we promptly took off our clothes. Once we were naked, the women both turned to me and asked what we ... Continue»
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[Story] Barely legal!

Before you get too excited, you should realize that this story is just about a strip club experience which I recently had. Unfortunately it did not lead to some fucking which I really would have liked.

A friend and I went to a dive named Pope's Nude Bar in Palm Springs. It is a dark little hole-in-the-wall that costs $20 to get in with no liquor sold or brought in. We were the only guys in there but there were three girls working and they were fine. The club is total nudity and I was entranced by an eighteen year old chick displaying her young pussy and small nubile titties to us.

She w... Continue»
Posted by esclaro 3 years ago