Addicted to Janine

I’d only met her a few times so far, but I was addicted. She was still college age, whereas I was in my early 40s, but that certainly didn’t matter to either of us. Janine is only about 5’1″ and rail-thin, but she still has a commanding presence, one which I noticed almost immediately. I’d booked a hotel room for our next rendezvous, so now it was time to wait. When I heard her knock, I leapt to my feet and quickly opened it. As usual, she didn’t fail to impress. A tight, black catsuit hugged her slender body, the front unzipped low enough to show off plenty of tempting cleavage, looking damn-near flawless. Given that she paid for those D-cup breast implants and one of the best surgeons with her wealthy father’s money, it was no surprise. Even on her skinny frame, they looked amazing, bouncing slightly as she shifted her weight to the other foot. I could picture her casually walking through the hotel lobby like that, daring everyone to check her out; she wasn’t the type to give a damn what others thought of her, quite the contrast to my own personality. Her long, black hair was kept straight as usual, flowing down about halfway to her back, and her blue eyes were framed by a pair of glasses that only made her sexier.

Janine stepped inside before I gathered up my wits enough to invite her in, and when I turned I got a look at her equally incredible (but all natural) ass, hugged by the tight leather of her catsuit. She knew I was staring, of course, so she waited a moment before turning around to face me, a mischievous grin on her face, “So, when did you last cum?”

I couldn’t help blushing. Her voice was so innocent, but she was always blunt and shameless with her questions, “Not…since we last met up. That was three weeks ago?” She shrugged her shoulders as if to say she hadn’t bothered counting the days, deciding to take my word for it, “Ooh, then your poor balls must be so sore and aching. I know you’ve been thinking about me this whole time. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for you to keep from stroking that little cock of yours and making a mess as you fantasize about me.”

I doubted that. I was sure that she could imagine it, and the thought of it got her off. She loved to tease, practically lived for it, even. In another of her very forward actions, she sank to her knees in front of me, breasts wobbling again and threatening to spill from her mostly-unzipped catsuit, her hands reaching up to begin undoing my pants. I fought the reflexive urge to push her hands away, instead letting her do as she pleased, “You have no idea, Janine. It’s all I can th–”

“Excuse me?” She tilted her head and looked up at me, giving me a serious look.

“I’m sorry. Princess Janine, you’re all I can think about.”

She giggled innocently, somehow managing to maintain that innocence even as she fished out my hard cock, stroking it with both hands. I was about 8 inches long, but even that didn’t seem to impress her. Precum was already leaking from the tip as her small hands stroked up and down, “Little cocks like this are so fun to play with! If you were a bit bigger, though, I’d definitely let you cum. Tonight, I’ll have to think about it.” Before I could reply, she wrapped her lips around my cock, smearing dark red lipstick over its surface. I groaned with pleasure as she went to work, licking and sucking eagerly. I could feel her tongue piercing gliding along the underside of my shaft as well, and knew then that I could never enjoy a girl that didn’t have one. I had to fight another urge, to keep from putting my hands on her head, knowing that this wasn’t about my pleasure. That aside, I was already getting close to orgasm, since she’d kept me denied for the past three weeks already. My cock began to twitch in her mouth and I groaned louder, but she kept going, stopping a few moments later, somehow knowing when I was mere seconds from cumming.

Janine looked up at me again and grinned, licking her lips and leaving my hard cock twitching and dripping wet. “I think you could go a while longer, don’t you?” She moved one hand to my balls, which were already tender to the touch and fairly swollen, and she gave them a firm but not agonizing squeeze. I whimpered and nodded instantly, “Yes, Princess Janine, of course.”

“Good! Because I’m going to Mexico for summer break. See you in three months. Oh, and don’t even think about jacking off. I’ll know. I want those balls swollen and aching like never before, until you think they’ll burst. Then I’ll let you cum. Maybe!”

And with that, she wiped her lips with the back of her hand and walked out the door after no more than ten minutes, leaving me with three more months to think about her.
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