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Re-did the Site! Faster and Hotter

Hey we just re-did our site to make it the best possible collection of erotic audio stories. Stop by if you have a second to listen. Oh and it works on your phone or tablet but might want to use headphones. :)
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Everyone has a sexy story to tell.

We updated our website! Stories are easy to listen, easy to browse and download. We also made it easy to submit your own sexy stories so stop by and let us hear your best or worst ;).

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We want your stories!

Chances are that your computer or smart phone can record audio and we want your stories or real sex audio. So fire up your imagination or record your sexiest intimate moments. Authors can get a link to their website when you share stories! Great way to promote yourself. Or you can relish in the cloak of secrecy uploading anonymously and enjoying watching your story get thousands of views. Imagine what people might do when they listen?

So what are you waiting for? Record your story and upload it soon.


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Guided Masturbation Session

When you have 10 minutes to spare, close the blinds, get somewhere comfortable where you can turn the sound up and enjoy this 10 minute guided masturbation story.

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Teen Voyeur Audio Story

A college age teenager notices the college aged teenager next door peaking into her 2nd story window at night. Instead of being outraged she's turned on and starts to give him a little show. What else will she do while he watches? What is her s****r up to ?

Posted by eroticast 3 years ago

My First Time

An audio story about a woman's first time. The video contains the audio story and a slide show to look at while you listen. Turn it up and enjoy!

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The Babysitter

Listen to this woman with a sexy raspy voice tell a story about being a fantasy babysitter. After her boyfriend drops her off at the f****y's house, her fetish for older men can't be contained as she teases, tramps and seduces her way into a climatic ending.

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