Playthings, a fantasy: by Erotic7

This story has been a fantasy of mine for a good few years,I still lay in bed imagining all the possible senario's. My idea would be that I and a few others of both sexes would be employed to be servants,e****ts,or even ornaments,call us what you will, for wealthy clients at their cocktail parties or culinary events in their homes.

We would all be briefed about behaviour and not to engage in to much conversation with the guests. Our job would be to stand ready and be completely naked,wearing only a studded collar and a name badge stuck on our chests. We would be serving drinks on silver trays,and snacks as well. Before we move amongst them,we are informed that the guests will be allowed to touch and fondle us in any way shape or form.

So that is what we would do,walk about with champagne glasses on trays smilling while the guests chatted to each other,background music playing softly. As we walked around we would be touched by wandering hands,by both men and women,our naked bodies exposed and used by the wealthy clientele.

Then an anouncement is made,a surprise auction is to be held with us to be sold to the highest bidder for the rest of the evening. The successful bidder would be alowed to use us for any non violent sexual pleasure they choose. Spanked,sucked and fucked whatever they desired,a fact we new from the very begining,which makes it more exciting. All this would take place later in the evening,in the meantime we would carry on getting touched up as we did our job.

Some of us would be sitting on laps and even lying on low tables amongst the snacks being groped as they chatted. I can just imagine lying on one of those tables fully aroused,my hard cock twitching as wandering hands explored my willing body.

A bell sounds ,its time for the auction to start. So we all line up naked but for our collars and name tags. Will it be man or woman who will get me,we all wonder. The bidding starts vigorously and we are sold one by one,led away by the successful client to be used weather in private or in the main room so everybody could watch.

By the time we are all sold,the house is a den of lust. All of us endulging in sexual acts,fucking and getting fucked,sucking and getting sucked,anything you can imagine. When its all over and everyone is satisfied,its the early hours. We have done our job,we are thanked and praised by our employer,and paid very well indeed. When asked will we be available again?.....Well? What would YOU! say? What would you REALLY SAY?..........Thankyou for reading this story, all comments would be very welcome.
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1 year ago
What a brilliant fantasy. Very sexy.
3 years ago
That fantasy stimulated me! YES YES YES
3 years ago
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . May I start the bidding?
3 years ago
What would I "really say"? Well, with stringent rules and protections, both physical and medical, I think I'd honestly have to say (for at least one time)...HELL YEAH!!