Miss Marvel vs Dr. Evil

Previously, on “The Amazing Miss Marvel”: After pursuing Dr. Evil around the Universe and defeating his goons trying to defuse his plan to destroy the fabric of reality, Miss Marvel uses the powers of her Tattoo of Knowledge to discover the Doctor’s secret lair and pays him a visit.

“Freeze, Dr. Evil! Your plan is over. Surrender or face the consequences!”. Stated Miss Marvel after entering the Doctor’s Lab.

“You are a fool, Miss Marvel! Don’t you understand I needed you to come to my lab so I can harvest your powers and feed my machine! You are the last piece of my plan!”. Said the Doctor waving his Rod of Control over his head. “Now you are under my control!”.

Miss Marvel dropped to the ground in front of the Doctor feeling dizzy. She tried to rise up again but the Rod of Control was forcing her to stay on her knees.

“Now you are powerless and indefensible. What are you going to do? Are you ready to give up and let me power my machine?”. The Doctor approached her and pressed a button on his rod. She felt an electricity charge go through her body.

“I’ll never surrender, Doctor Evil! I prefer to die than to be used to your goals!”.

“But you don’t have a say on this matter, Miss Marvel. My Rod of Control will make you obey all my orders!” He laughed at her.

“Don’t… you… dare!!!”.

“Don’t believe me? Let me show it to you”. He paused to think what to do to her and waved his rod again at her. “Now you take off your clothes”.

Miss Marvel tried to resist the command, but felt f***ed to do as he said and took off her super-suit.

“Well, you see. Now that you’re naked you look like any other pity human. You’ll shut up and do everything I command you”.

Miss Marvel was unable to reply, she just could stand up there and watch the Doctor approach her. He was so close she can smell his bad coffee breath and cheap deodorant.

“Now, on your knees! Doctor’s orders!”.

She felt on her knees, naked and vulnerable. The Doctor unbuttoned his pants and take out his cock.

“And now… you’ll give me a blowjob!”.

Again, Miss Marvel tried to resist the command with all her will, but was unable to. She approached the Doctor and opened her mouth to start blowing his dick. It wasn’t a big dick, so she didn’t have any problem fitting it all in her mouth.

“I suppose you are thinking my dick isn’t big enough… but you’ll see!!”. He pressed a button on his rod and his dick started to get bigger in Miss Marvel mouth, until it got the size and thickness of a stud’s one. Miss Marvel felt it filling her mouth and gagging her.

Miss Marvel felt compelled to give him a blowjob, and although her mind was trying to break the spell, she began to give him the best one she could. After finally accommodating his enormous cock in her mouth, she started to move her tongue along it. He took it out of her mouth and pushed her head down so she can lick his balls.

“I can’t believe it! I’m going to facefuck Miss Marvel!”. He was confident, brutal and annoying. He put his dick again into her mouth and, holding Miss Marvel lovely blue hair, started to throttle her until some tears draw lines of mascara over her onyx face.

He kept pushing and pushing, forcing her to pray for air to breathe, until it wasn’t fun for him to keep doing it anymore. It never wasn’t fun for her, but she stood there like the heroine she was.

“And now I’m going to enjoy that little asshole!”. He put down his Rod of Control and f***ed her to turn around and lay on her knees. He separate her buttocks and take a look to her beautiful asshole, a black star in the center of a dark universe. His cock was heavily salivated, so he didn’t feel the need to spit on it and Instead hurry to bury his meat rocket into her.

She screamed in pain. It wasn’t the first time, and she may have enjoyed it in the past, but it wasn’t physical pain. It was her mind shouting as his cock moved inside her like a piston on an engine. He was ruthless, merciless, implacable. But she soon felt something was changing and felt the pain going away.

“Do you feel it, Miss Marvel? Do you feel ME?”. Sure, the Doctor was in serious need of establish himself as worthy of the treasure he was unfairly enjoying. He was going in and out of that beautiful woman asshole, looking at the gorgeous body he was controlling.

His eyes wandered around her body. He could see the Tattoo of Knowledge in her forearm, the one that allow her to find the answer to what she was in need to know. The Tattoo of b**sts on her biceps, that gives her control over the a****ls. On her shoulder, the Tattoo of Confusion, to cloud the mind of her enemies. And finally, on her ankle, the Tattoo of Nature, that grants her power over the flora.

The Doctor kept pushing inside her until something caught his eye. The Tattoo of her shoulder was starting to glow. He was trying to think about it but his mind was feeling cloudy. Something was happening. He didn’t know what he was doing anymore. And his dick wasn’t so big as it was minutes ago.

“Do you feel it, Doctor?”, said Miss Marvel. “Do you feel ME?”.

The Doctor took out his penis from her and started to walk back. She was holding the Rod of Control, and he didn’t know what to do without his weapon. She rose up, with her ebony body glowing on beauty, and waved the Rod to the Doctor.

“Now, you’re going to finish what you started! Don’t you dare to left a woman unsatisfied!”. She was fierce, and the Doctor felt his body wasn’t any more on his command.

“You’re going to give me now all your power, Doctor”. He was standing up, unable to move, his dick pointing up like a flagpole and his balls getting bigger and bigger.

“YOU. GIVE IT. TO ME. NOW!!!!”. She shouted, waved the Rod, and the most shocking thing happened. The Doctor’s pleasure cannon started to throw broadside, shot after shot of sperm, aiming to Miss Marvel and all over the lab. Her black face turned white and, she opened her mouth to catch some and felt how it rained over her body like a shower of manhood. She even caught some with her hand and d***k it like the liquor of victory.

Finally, when the last drop felt to the ground, all the lab was a sticky puddle of sperm. She waved again the rod and the Doctor felt to the pond of semen. He was defeated.

“Well, Doctor. I think we are on a sticky situation. But don’t worry, I’m not going to let you die here. This Rod, you, and me, are going to spend some time together”.

The Doctor looked up, and fear was on his eyes.

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10 months ago
10 months ago
"...a black star in the center of a dark universe. " sweet line :)
10 months ago
Thank you for being such great inspiration :D
10 months ago
Thank you Thank You Thank you erossade, kisses. Great Story, I Love it :)