Sons Girlfriend

My son had been with this girl Lucy since school, but having joined the Navy, was away from her for long periods of time. Lucy a stunning girl, very beautiful and had an awesome body, Could remember him ringing her home when they were still at school, I could remember having all kinds of rude thoughts about her.
Anyway I was out driving one night and saw her by the road coming home from a night out, when I looked again I noticed she was walking hand in hand with this bloke. I pulled over ahead of her and got out the car. When she saw me she went red with embarrasment, she let go of he bloke she was with.
'Want a lift' I asked I gave her an evil look and she realised she had been caught out. She walked over and opened the passenger door and got it. As I drove off she burst into tears and begged me not to tell my son. I kept looking down at her long legs, up to her short black dress.
I told her I wasn't happy about it but we could sort out something. I drove back to my flat and told her to go on up, I followed her up, looking at her sexy ass as she walked up the staircause.
As we got inside I asked if she had been shagging this bloke? she denied it, so I told her I would have to check her out! she didn't know what to say.
'Take your dress off!' I ordered. She hesitated until I shouted out the order again. She took off her dress and stood infront of me in her bra and thong and high heels. I felt my cock twitch as I looked at her awsome body.
'now take your knickers off' I was enjoying this she was doing everything I said. She slowly pulled them down, exposing her shaven slit. I told her to get on the kitchen table, this she did lying on her back.
I put a thumb each side of her pussy and pulled her pussy open and looked into her pink cunt hole, looking for traces of spunk, the smell filling my nostrils of her gorgous sex. I probes around her clit and prodded her pee hole. I also touched around her arsehole.
'ok I can't see any spunk, but you are going to have to let me fuck you' She pleaded with me not too, she told me that she was not on the pill or anything! I laughed 'It's ok your pussy is for my son, you won't get pregnant from where I am going to fuck you, your arsehole!'
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2 years ago
Need to know what happened next
3 years ago
more please
3 years ago
you have to tell us more there must be part 2