The Card Game

It was one summer holiday, myself, my s****r Gemma and her two friends Rachel and Holly, were hanging around at home rather bored. Someone suggested playing cards. One of the girls I think. We played a few hands, when Rachel and Holly whispered to each other and then whispered to Gemma.
gemma then said that we should play strip-jack-naked, I was a bit suprised but I had a three to one chance of seeing one of the girls naked I was definatly up for it. I fancied both Rachel and Holly, so to see them naked was gonna be some fun, even my s****r had a great body, so I was in a win-win situation.
As it was summer we all were wearing t-shirts and short so it was gonna be a pretty short game anyway.
After about ten minutes, I was still almost fully clothed, Gemma was down to her bra and shorts, but both Holly and Rachel were down to there bra and panties, geving me a great eyefull.
Then almost inevitably I went on the most unlucky losing streak and was down to my boxers, which barley consealed my erection.
The next hand was lost by Rachel, she took off her top revealing her small breasts, but she had the most enormous nipples, I couldn't take my eyes off them,
The next hand was played, yes you guessed it, I lost.
I stood up and just yanked down my boxers and my hard cock bounced up in mid air, the girls giggled.
I felt humiliated not only by showing it to some girls but knowing one was my own s****r.
The girls the discussed what to do next, they decided to play on, if I lost I had to wank off in front of them, or the next girl naked had to suck my cock until I spunked.
Wow this was hot and we played on, chances were that it would be Rachel, but Rachel was up on her luck and suddenly both Gemma and Holly were also down to their knickers, I had was getting an eyefull of three topless girls.
The next hand was crucial for everyone.
The was a bit of shocker at Gemma lost, both Holly and Rachel giggled as Gemma stood up and slowly pulled her knickers down. Holly and Rachel made Gemma stand in front of me so I could see her pussy. Reluctantly she knelt down before me as the girls watched on. She slowly took hold of my cock, which made me quiver in excitement, then I felt her breath on my swollen cock as she brought her mouth towards my throbbing cock.
She licked with her tongue on the tip of my cock before taking me into her mouth. She started to suck, it felt great. The girls were enjoying their porn show. Suddenly I felt my balls tighten and I started to buck and I exploded into Gemma's mouth.
She gagged and some of my spunk drippled down her chin on to her tits.
The girls were hysterical, even Gemma saw the funny side.
I found out later that Rachel and Holly had fixed the game.
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3 years ago
ha funny ending
3 years ago
Got into some of those card games with my brother and a few of his friends.
4 years ago
I hope you got to fuck that slut sister of yours! Give her your brotherly cum!
4 years ago
Great. Hope it was part 1.
4 years ago
4 years ago
Sweet story
4 years ago
excellent hope more happened with you & the 3 of them
4 years ago
i enjoyed that it got me rock hard in seconds