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So I’m going through the craigslist ads again and I see one titles ‘sl**py sex’ I click on it and it says that she wants a guy to come over in the morning, wake her up and have his way with her. I email her with a pict of me in my underwear and she emails back. She’s cute with green eyes, brown hair, big tits and a bit of a tummy.

We agree to me showing up Saturday morning before I go to work.

I get to her apt and hope like hell she doesn’t have nosy neighbors and thinks a **** is about to occur. She told me 4b and I hope that I have the right place. I turn the door knob and it opens. I let myself in and the place is like she described it. I go down the hallway to the door on the left and open it. She is laying there on her stomach. Her tits are squeezing out from under her chest. The sheet is up to the middle of her back. I step closer and can tell she is sl**ping by her breathing.

I pull the sheet down and expose her round ass. It’s white like a ghost with no tan line. I put my hand across her cheeks and she stirred but closed her eyes even tighter. My hand went from the small of her back to her legs, just softly rubbing her butt. I stood up and began to strip. I took off my t-shirt and saw her eyes open a bit. I could see she was watching as I undid my belt and dropped my pants. My hard cock in my white bikini briefs was popping out. I sat down next her body, stuck my middle finger in my mouth to wet it and slid it between her ass cheeks down to her pussy. She was already wet.

I reached to her clit and she and humped up to allow my hand and finger some room. I didn’t know whether to finger more, fuck her ass, fuck her pussy or bury my face in there. I chose the latter.
My tongue slid from her butt hole to the bottom of her vagina. My finger was still teasing the erect part of her clit. I could hear her breathing go more shallow as she enjoyed it. I licked her pussy and got as far as I could with her on her stomach. I stopped, stood up and pulled of my bikinis. My cock was throbbing hard.

I grabbed her left ankle and rolled her over on her back. She looked at me from head to toe and I looked at her eyes, her hard nipples with big areoles and her bald slit that when between her legs. I slid a finger across her slit and she spread her legs. My finger went around her hood and I could feel it was hard. I got on the bed, between her legs and got to work licking her clit and teasing he vagina. She had the most wonderful pussy lips, the outside lips that made you want bite. I licked and sucked until she bucked and got my face wet.

I knew she got hers, now it was time for mine. I stuck my tongue in her belly button and teased that for a moment. I got up on my knees and made my way up so my balls were in her face. She licked them then took my whole sack in her mouth and began to suck. She reached up with a hand and began to stroke my cock. I so wanted to fuck her face. The clock on her dresser said 7:04 am. I pulled my balls out of her mouth and stuck my hard dick in. She grabbed the base and guided it in, she sucked on my c head then slowly pulled more into her mouth. She started a push and pull that went from the head of my penis to the base of my shaft. I moaned and wasn’t sure I was I was gonna last long enough to fuck her pussy. I didn’t

She pulled my cock out of her mouth and I exploded on her face. She held my hard crock and aimed my cum on her mouth and nose. She reached up with a hand and grabbed my left ass cheek and squeezed. I cam and cam. While squirting, she pushed on my spot behind my balls. More of my cum came out. I didn’t know that I had that much in me.

She had white and clear streaks on her face. I moved down and slid my sore head into her wet pussy and did a one two pump and finished inside of her. As I laid on top of her, in her, my dick started to go soft, like most guys do.

We looked into each other’s eyes, and I licked my cum from her left eye so she could open it better .
‘can we do this again’ she asked.
‘I hope so’ I replied.
It was 7:21 I had to leave for work.

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very good