Auntie’s Naughty Boys chapter 6

"There she is! Isn't she something? What did I tell you?" the Boy Scout with a spray
of freckles across, the bridge of his nose whispered to the dozen-or-so Scouts lying
fiat behind a hedge with him, peeping at a beautiful dark-haired woman, elegant, and
carrying her head high, clacking down the sidewalk toward them.
"Wowee! Look at them boobs bounce!" a boy burst out, and then began handling
"Not so loud," another Scout said, this one with a patrol leader's insignia on his
sleeve, warned.
"Hey, if she comes close enough, we'll be able to look up under her dress!" a young
Tenderfoot said in a high-pitched voice. "I wonder if she wears panties?"
"She wears 'em," the boy with the freckles on his nose said. "She's a real lady.
Ladies always wear pants. Only sluts don't."
"How do you know she wears pants, Herbie? Huh? How would you know?"
"Because I know. I've seen 'em."
"You've seen your aunt's panties?" The Tenderfoot was aghast.
"Don't make me laugh," the patrol leader said. "Unless they were hanging out on the
"No, I've seen her in 'em," Herb said, "I've also seen her without 'em."
"You mean you've seen her naked, her bush and ass and everything?" the
Tenderfoot asked in a high voice.
"I sure did," Herb bragged.
"You peeped at her through a keyhole then, didn't you?" the patrol leader said.
"Shh! Here she comes. Shut up you guys and take a good, long look," the boy who
had handled his .prick said.
The Scouts lay stock-still watching the woman's legs. Then she was past, clacking
down the pavement in her high-heeled shoes.
"Wow! Will you look at that ass? Will you look at them cheeks rub against each
other?" the prick-handler said.
"It's even better bare," Herb said. "Take my word for it."
"You've never seen it bare," the patrol leader declared. "I mean your aunt sure as
hell didn't just show you her bare ass, did she?"
"She sure did," Herb couldn't hold it back. "She held it up for me, and-"
"Don't tell us you fucked her hi it?" the patrol leader said.
"I did, I did. I swear it, you guys. Not only her ass, but her cunt too. I fucked her."
"Aw, come on, not again, Herb!" the Tenderfoot scoffed. "Just like you fucked that
sexy blonde chick that was in that store window yesterday!"
"I fucked her too, you guys gotta believe me," Herb pleaded.
"Listen, Herb, seeing is believing," the patrol leader said. "Now John fucked that slutthat
Lisa last night. We all saw that. We saw his dick go in and out of her snatch. But
you, Herbie? All you did was get a feel off a her, and we all got as much."
"Listen," Herb said, "you guys wanna see me fuck my aunt?"
"Aw-come on, stop k**ding', Herbie," the pecker-puller said.
"Naw, I mean it. You guys wanna see me fuck that delicious piece of pussy or don't
"Okay, let's say we do, Herbie," the patrol leader said. "When are you going to show
"Right now," Herb said and got tip from the ground, brushing the grass stalks and
dead leaves off his uniform. "I mean it, guys. You come over with me to my house
right now, and I'll slip some meat to the lady."
"You're on," the pudding-puller said. "I wanna see that lady with no clothes on!"
"Hello, Aunt Dee," Herb said as he came into the house and found his lovely young
aunt busy about the kitchen. "How are you?" He still could not believe that he had
fucked, butt-fucked, sucked, and been sucked off in return, by this beautiful woman.
He gave her a chaste kiss on the cheek and said, "Can you come into the living room
for a moment, Aunt Dee? There's something that I want to talk to you about."
"Oh, all right, Herbie," his aunt said and took off her apron. "Only I don't really have
much time."
"This won't take long, Aunt Dee," Herb said, took her by the hand, and led her to the
riving room sofa. He glanced at the windows, but there was nothing to be seen. The
Scouts crouching outside, just underneath the level of the sills, had strict instructions
not to peep until Herb gave them the signal, which was his undershorts flung against
a window pane. Shrubs fringed the frame house, and Herb knew that they were
dense enough to hide the boys from people in the street as well as from the
occupants of Aunt Dee's place.
"Aunt Dee," Herb said and put his hand out to squeeze her tit.
"Not now, Herbie," the woman said. "I've got to go out"
"I've got a hard-on for you," Herb said bluntly.
"Let's fuck."
"Herbie, Herbie," Aunt Dee said. "A woman needs to be put in the mood, not turned
on like some mechanical toy. You can't expect her to respond to vulgar
"But we've fucked before, Aunt Dee. I want to fuck you again! Look!" Herb opened
his fly and pulled out his half-hard prick. "I want to put this inside of you."
"Not now, Herb. Maybe later on tonight," Aunt Dee said.
"I want to fuck you now," Herb insisted. "I want to stick my prick in between those
great big bottom-cheeks of yours, Aunt Dee."
"Don't be c***dish, Herbie. I said not now. I've got to go and help set up the Ladies'
League Charity Bazaar for tomorrow."
"You don't want to fuck with me any more then, Aunt Dee?" Herb sulked.
She drew him towards herself and kissed him on the forehead, his face pressed into
her boobs. "Of course I do, Herb, and I said, later on tonight, we can make love
again." She kissed him on the forehead once more. "You are a marvelous lover,
Herbie," she said and got up.
Herb sat on the sofa and held back tears of frustration. There were the guys waiting
to watch him slip it to Aunt Dee, and she had to go out and help set up a Charity
Bazaar! Shit!
"Goodbye, Herbie," .Aunt Dee said as she went out the front door. "Be a good boy.
And keep that thing of yours for me later on tonight. Remember, it's mine, and no
one else's." She blew him a kiss and was gone.
Herb stood up. Well, there was nothing else to do but go outside and face the guys.
They couldn't have seen Aunt Dee leave, as they were all hiding at the left side of
the house, and the front door could not be seen from there were voices outside, high
voices. Were some of the damned Tenderfeet coming in to laugh at him?
The front door burst open and two long-legged, skimpily dressed girls came
bouncing in: a blonde and a pretty auburn-haired girl. "Drives like a dream, doesn't
it?" the blonde said. "Hey Herb," she said to him. "Go take a look at my new car."
"Where, Julie?" he asked, and when she indicated the front of the house, Herb
looked out through the window.
"But that's not a new car," Herb said.
"-and then she kept pinching my clit and I kept getting off, oh, Lisa, I tell you, it was
like nothing I've ever felt before. Well it's new to me," Julie said to Herb.
"You mean she pinched it, hard?" Lisa asked her blonde girlfriend.
"She took it between her fingers and squeezed the hell out of the little thing," Julie
said. "It's still all swollen and bruised. But such yummy comes. Wow!"
"We ought to try it, Julie," the auburn-haired girl said.
"That's not a bad car," Herb admitted. "How'd you get it, Julie?"
"I sucked snatch for it," the pretty blonde said.
"Come on," Herb pooh-poohed her. "Tell me, who gave that to you?"
"A dyke, a real honest-to-goodness bulldyke, Herb," Julie said.
"Let's try that clit-pinching," Lisa said.
"Okay," Julie agreed. "But go easy on mine-it's sore and tender as hell."
"How about letting Herb pinch ‘em both of ours at the same time?" Lisa suggested.
"Hmm, sounds good," Julie said. "We can take turns sitting on his face."
"Hey, I don't want no dirty girl bung-holes on my face!" Herb protested.
"They're not dirty, and we'll wash 'em first, anyway," Julie said.
"I think you'll find they taste better if they're a little sweaty," Lisa said and laughed.
"At least I like 'em that way when I give guys a rim job."
"I ain't 'licking no sweaty girl's asshole," Herb said with determination.
"But you'd lick Aunt Dee's, wouldn't you?" Julie asked him. "Sweaty or not, you'd
jump to suck her tight little hole, wouldn't you, Herbie?"
"Fuck you," Herb said.
"Okay," Julie said, "fuck me." She unzipped her shorts and let them down. This time,
she was wearing bikini panties, and she slipped those down her long, bare legs too.
She went over to the hall table and bent over it, sticking her nicely rounded girl-ass
out at Herb. "In the ass, Herb," she said and wriggled her naked hips so that her
hind-cheeks trembled.
Lisa deftly unzipped Herb's fly and took out his swelling prick. "You heard what she
said," the auburn-haired girl told Herb and started frigging his prick.
She frigged good, Herb thought as his cock grew in the girl's hands.
"Wait, let me take my pants all the way off," Herb begged while the girl expertly
milked his pecker with both .soft hands.
"Come on, dick me," Julie demanded from the hall table as she waggled her ass.
Herb's prick jerked another half-inch in length at the sight. He stepped out of uniform
shorts and undershorts.
"Hey how come you're not at that Scout-o-ree?" Lisa asked, her hands stroking Herb
to a full hard-on.
"Scout-O-Rama," Herb said, "and I'd rather be doing this than tying some dumb
knots." He bent down, picked up his underpants and tossed them from the hall
across the living room where they thumped against a window pane and fell to the
"He's ready, Julie!" Lisa shouted triumphantly and pulled Herb by his stiff prick
towards her blonde girlfriend.
"Ever fucked a chick in the ass?" Lisa asked him.
Herb nodded.
"I mean, you, know you can't just ram it up there, Herbie, don't you?"
"Yeah, yeah," Herb said, "Come on, let's get started." He knew that the Scouts were
watching. "Get it a little stiffer for me, will you, Lisa?" he said. Then as the girl's hand
frigged him, he clutched Julie's ass-cheeks. "Put some spit on her asshole," he
ordered Lisa.
The good-looking auburn-haired girl knelt down and passed her tongue up and down
her blonde girlfriend's ass crevice a few times, until her saliva glistened in the buttcrack.
Herb put his hard rod-head against the rim of his girl-cousin's asshole and pressed
"Oww!" Julie howled. "Easy! Easy! You're so big, you'll rip me wide open!"
Herb's prick grew even bigger at feeling how tight the pretty sixteen-year-old
blonde's asshole fitted around his cock.
Lisa, in a flash, stripped off her shorts and bikini briefs and slipped out of her top.
Stark naked, she pressed herself against Herb's back, her cunt-mound rubbing
against the boy's bare ass, and put both hands on his extended prick. Then, slowly,
and ever so gently, she guided the freckle-nosed Boy Scout's erect pecker into her
blonde girlfriend's elastic asshole.
As Herb sank his tool into Julie's butt-hole, he thought his nuts would pop any
moment. The young girl-ass was warm, wet and best of all, tight, so that as he
fucked in and out, the girl's rectum massaged his swollen rod of hard gristle.
"Frig her," Lisa whispered into Herb's ear, and flicked her warm and wet tongue into
his ear-hole.
Herb's prick swelled even bigger in Julie's asshole, and the blonde girl gasped. "My
god, you're so big!" while she lay bent over the hall table, her pale bottom-globes
spread wide, her asshole wrapped around her boy-cousin's solid prick that slid in and
out, hi and out, of the teenage charmer's bowels, "Come on, for godsakes, frig her
and get her off," Lisa repeated into Herb's ear again. She took Herb's hand and
guided it to the blonde's wet quim-pouch. "Rub her clit, but gently," the auburn-haired
teenager said and firmly cupped the boy's balls.
Herb found his cousin Julie's clit, and although she at first flinched as he touched the
raw little nub, pleasure overcame pain, and as Herb rubbed the little, hard nut
between thumb and forefinger, the pretty blonde moaned and ground her naked ass
until Herb was about to flood her insides with sperm.
Lisa, who was squeezing the boy's nuts, sensed that he was about to spill his load,
and grabbed the base of his prick and pressed hard. "Save it, Herbie," she
whispered in his ear, while her belly and cunt-mound rubbed against the boy's bare
But the sight of his pretty, blonde cousin with her ass-cheeks spread wide, the wet,
reddish-pink ring of her asshole running back and forth on his eager prick, drove
Herb wild with lust. Her hairy, wet, split-open quim-pouch against his fingers, further
sharpened his need to shoot spunk.
"Oh, it's so good! So good!" Julie moaned. "It's the best to be fucked in the ass! Don't
stop, Herbie! Don't stop!"
Herb needed no more encouragement to increase the f***e of his thrusts, while Lisa
ringed the base of his cock-stalk, squeezing it expertly so that he was unable to pop
his nuts.
From outside the house, watching the antics of the two uninhibited teenage girls with
the Boy Scout, the members of Herb's troop, beat their meat openly at the sight of
the hallway scene. Every one of the boys watching, imagined himself in Herb's place.
"Look at him corn-holing her, will you look at him?" the Tenderfoot said in his high
voice. "He wasn't lying, was he?" the boy went on. "I mean that's that same girl we
saw showing off her goodies in that store window, and Herb's dicking her, but good!"
Suddenly the pretty, blonde bending over the table to have her ass skewered,
arched her back and opened her mouth in a grimace of pain or pleasure-it was hard
to tell-her feet came off the ground, her legs doubling at the knees, and her naked
ass bucked up and down on the table, while the boy in the Scout uniform shirt kept
feeding the withdrawing meat from her extended bum-hole.
"She popped herself off," the patrol leader announced. "Now let's see what they'll
"That little bitch Lisa is doing something to Herb's cock," the Tenderfoot said.
"She's keeping him from shooting his load, stupid," the patrol leader explained. Then
his face fell in disappointment. "Now, what the hell are they doing?" he said.
The two girls and the boy disappeared from view and the Scouts cursed Herb for a
selfish bastard, for not letting them watch him giving dick to those two good-looking
chicks. But their curses were uncalled for, as Herb, still with a beauty of a hard-on,
and then one of the two bare-assed girls, the auburn-haired one, came into the living
room-much closer to the onlookers-this time!
Lisa, patting herself with a towel between her outcurved legs, went after Herb and,
holding his prick with one hand, dried it with the towel. When Julie came in and
borrowed the towel to dry herself between the ass-cheeks, one of the watching
Scouts said, "Looks like they washed their cunts, prick, and assholes. Wonder what
they're going to do now?"
"Some real fancy sucking, I'll bet," the patrol leader said. "Watch! There they go!"
The boy, took off his shirt, and lay down stark naked on the carpet. The younger of
the two girls, the one with dark-reddish-brown hair, Lisa, squatted above his head
and slowly lowered her ass and cunt on his face. The boy's prick lay half-hard across
his left thigh. The blonde teenage girl crouched on her knees, her upraised ass
pointed towards the windows with their peeping Scouts, and gently picked up the
boy's dick with her teeth. She nipped the stiffening male gristle back, so that it lay on
the boy's belly, its sensitive underside exposed. The blonde ran her tongue along the
lower side of the boy's prick, and it jumped more erect, glistening with the girl's
The peeping Scouts had a full view of the good-looking, blonde teenage girl's gaping
cunt and asshole, and, as they stroked themselves, their spunk spattered against the
wooden siding of Aunt Dee's house. More Scout's pricks spat when Herb shoved his
hand into the blonde girl's cunt-pouch and started fondling her elusive clit. He finally
found it and pinched it rhythmically, while the pretty blonde girl put the swelling knob
of his cock into her warm, moist mouth. Holding the straining prick with tender,
caressing lips, the blonde teenager ran her tongue at the sensitive underside, about
an inch from the small slit on the tip, and flicking her tongue at the sensitive
underside, about an inch down from the tip, until Herb's bare hips rose and lowered,
shoving the rigid cock hi and pulling out of the sucking teenager's mouth.
Herb, his face smothered by Lisa's ass and cunt, smelled the full-strength vaginal
aroma of a sexually aroused teenage girl, while his tongue licked in and out of the
attractive auburn-haired girl's tender asshole.
Lisa was frigging her clit with firm, rapid strokes. Unlike Julie, she found that pinching
the little hard noodle just plain hurt and did not give her the stimulation she needed
to get herself off.
To the watching Scouts, the sight of a masturbating fifteen-year-old girl, and a goodlooking
one at that, made their fists stroke their cocks harder and harder.
"Jeez, I want to fuck those two sluts so bad, I can taste cunt," the patrol leader said.
"How would know what cunt tastes like," a Scout peering in at the two naked girls
and the boy, said and rubbed his prick rapidly with both palms.
"Why don't we just go in and fuck 'em?" the Tenderfoot asked. "That blonde, at least,
has her snatch wide open and just begging for a stiff rod." He pointed at Julie's rear
exposure where her pouched, hairy quim gaped, revealing the moist pink inner
lining, a couple of niches below her sucked-in, rosy asshole. Her two body openings
were hairy, raw, and furrowed, in sharp contrast to the pale, smooth-skinned curves
of her girlish hind-cheeks.
Outside of the house, by the windows, boyish palms smacked against stiff meat at
the thought of sinking that same aching flesh into, the pretty blonde's sex-slit.
"Look at her go, will ya?" the patrol leader exclaimed as Julie started giving her male
cousin head in earnest.
The blonde girl's head bobbed up and down as her lips caressed the boy's rod. The
sixteen-year-old girl was an accomplished cocksucker. She knew how to use her
mouth on a hunk of male gristle to keep it stiff and get it even stiffer. Her cheeks
were sucked in as she worked on her cousin's prick, her tongue never still, but
caressing the veined, male meat up and down its impressive length.
The other girl's head was thrown back in ecstasy, her teeth bared, eyes closed, as
she ground her naked ass in circles on the boy's face. His tongue, caressing her
clenching and unclenching asshole, complemented her own finger that was frigging
her hard and highly sensitive clit. The fifteen-year-old girl's cunt-juice coated the
fifteen-year-old Boy Scout's entire face. Her intimate girl-smell made his mouth
water, and he sucked in mouthfuls of her cunt-meat, caressing the tender petal-like
inner twat-lips with teeth and tongue. Pretty, auburn-haired Lisa gasped, then came
with a cry of relief. The boy felt her cunt pulsate, and at the same time, his pretty,
blonde cousin's mouth on his cock expertly triggered his climax. He shot spurt after
spurt of hot spunk into the sixteen-year-old girl's mouth, emptying his-nuts into her,
while she sucked every last drop from his erupting prick. Before his shaft began to
shrink in her mouth, Herb brought Julie to the brink of her climax through his
rhythmic pinching of her raw clit. The taste of hot cum in her mouth-and she
swallowed the thick, white stuff-and the idea that she had sucked it out of a hard
prick against the male's will, got Julie off. She spread her thighs wider, aired her
asshole and twitching cunt even more by raising her ass higher, and rubbed her clit
against Herb's fingers until she had gotten herself off completely.
"Whew!" Lisa said, "that was good!" She lifted her bare ass off Herb's face, revealing
the boyish features glistening with her cunt-juice. "Time to change places!" the
auburn-haired girl told her girlfriend.
Julie got to her feet and stretched herself. The sight of the lithe, smooth-skinned,
sixteen-year-old blonde's naked body straining sensuously right after a satisfying
sexual release kept the peeping Scouts by the windows hard and horny.
"Let's go on in and give those two bitches some dick," the patrol leader said. "Shit!
There they are fighting over one limp cock, when there's enough hard prick here to
keep their cunts filled with meat for a couple of hours."
The blonde girl walked over to the naked boy's head, twitching her tail as she moved,
and straddled his head. Then she lowered herself into a deep squat, so that her cunt
and asshole pressed against her cousin's face. Lisa, meanwhile unabashedly started
playing with the boy's limber dick, stroking it with her soft palms until she saw the
veins swelling again. "I think I'll have him fuck me in the cunt," she said to the
blonde, who was rubbing her crotch back and forth on the boy's face.
Lisa's expert fingers teased the boy's prick until it grew hard. She knew that girlhands
stroking a cock-even one that has just spurted cum-could work wonders, and
the fifteen-year-old girl had handled enough pricks to know where the most sensitive
spots were. The Scouts outside of the house could testify to that. When she had
stroked the boy's pecker fully erect, the teenage girl, simply straddled his hips, and
started sliding the stiff, male gristle in between the pink flesh petals of her cunt.
She fed herself meat slowly, lowering her naked hips until she could feel her asshole
against the boy's balls. She raised herself slightly and sank down again. There were
two cunts working on Herb now. His blonde cousin's was coating his nose, mouth,
and chin with fresh quim-juice, while Lisa's tight, elastic cunt-sheath was massaging
his erect prick.
Outside, the Scouts were about to go up to the front door, when they heard the clickclack
of high heeled shoes.
"It's the aunt!" the patrol leader whispered, and the boys scurried for cover.
By the time Aunt Dee opened the gate of the low, white picket fence, the Boy Scouts
were once more hiding in the shrubs, looking in through the windows, hoping that the
luscious, big-assed, twenty-nine-year-old woman would strip and join in the
teenagers' sex bout.
Aunt Dee suspected nothing as she opened the front door. Then, seeing her
nephew-the boy to whom she had given her cherry-sucking off her pretty, blonde
niece, while that girl's friend was getting herself off on the helpless boy's prick, Aunt
Dee felt a pang of jealousy in her breast. By the time she had reached the naked,
teenage trio, the woman's jealousy had turned to fury. She pulled Julie off Herb's
face, grabbing the kicking teenager by her blonde hair, and then taking a handful of
Lisa's auburn hair, pulled the fifteen-year-old girl off the horrified boy's cock.
"You go to your room," Aunt Dee told Herb. "I'll deal with you later."
Holding the struggling, kicking, teenage girls by then* hair, the dark-haired woman
dragged them to the phone and, taking both girls* hair into one hand, called the
sheriff. "I have two juveniles here, girls," she reported, "escapees from reform
school. Send someone to pick them up, please." She listened to the official voice on
the other end of the line, then said, "I'll have no trouble holding them here for you,"
and tightened her grip on the girls' hair. She hung up. "I've a good mind to let them
come and take you away just as you are," she said to the two naked teenage girls.
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