Auntie Marilyn chapter 6

Marilyn Goodge could hardly believe the turn her life had taken since she had
opened herself sexually. At times she felt she was running a den of inequity as she
shuffled her time between the three boys and Ronnie Goodge. She found now that
she could deny herself nothing, she wanted Ronnie, yet she still wanted the boys
and she realized, much to her surprise, that she had enough energy for all four of
The boys had been sworn to secrecy, of course they knew nothing of her affair with
Peter's father and she had no intention of telling them.
She looked at her watch, it was almost four o'clock. Peter was due to stop by to see
her on his way home from school. He was begging her to let him see her alone and
she had readily agreed -- he was her favorite, really, although she couldn't say that,
she didn't want to hurt Seth and Josh's feelings. Nonetheless she knew that Peter
ranked highest in their little foursome.
She could hardly believe her own salaciousness, actually, she was seeing Peter at
four o'clock and his father at eight!
A little thrill ran through her now as she watched Peter coming up the garden path,
she ran her hands down over her voluptuous body causing lascivious pangs of
passion to erupt in her wanton form. She ran into her bedroom now and quickly
stripped off her clothes, turning to look at her curvaceously naked body in the mirror,
cupping her breasts in her hands, waiting, patiently, hungrily for her boy-lover.
She heard him come through the back door, "I'm in the bedroom darling," she sang
Peter could hardly believe his eyes when he walked into his aunt's bedroom and she
was already ready and waiting for him, he felt his cock begin to pound furiously in his
pants as she ran her hands up and down her body lasciviously, watching her tiny
tongue darting out to moisten her ovalled red lips. He could hardly wait, and without
a moment's waste he began to strip off his clothes until his own lewdly throbbing
cock was exposed to her hungry gaze.
Marilyn whimpered softly at the now familiar but nonetheless thrilling sight, dropping
down onto the bed and reclining slowly onto her back, gazing up at the young boy
with an almost desperate desire in her eyes.
Peter sat down on the edge of the bed, his eyes moving wildly over his aunt's
nakedly surrendered body. He felt the words in his throat that he wanted to say to his
aunt but he couldn't quite bring them to the surface and yet he knew he wouldn't be
satisfied until he had performed the vile act that had been haunting him for days
"What is it darling," Marilyn asked, aware that her young nephew was struggling with
"I want to fuck you in the ass," he said directly, hardly able to believe his own voice.
"No," Marilyn gasped, her eyes widening suddenly in shock and horror. She couldn't
imagine she'd even heard him correctly, but she knew she had. And the lewd act he
was proposing was beyond anything she'd even dreamed of in her most perverted
fantasies. It was sodomy! Pure and simple sodomy, the most warped and sadistic
act of sex possible. And innocent little Peter, her darling little nephew was proposing
that she, his aunt, submit to that perverted act.
"No," she repeated again, "I'll do anything else Peter darling, but not that, please not
"That's what I thought Auntie, I didn't think you'd let me do it."
Marilyn didn't know what to say as she looked at the dejected form of her young
nephew, oh God! she felt so terrible, why was she denying him his pleasure again,
and yet the act he'd asked her to perform was vile, was unthinkable! She started to
caress his youthful body but he pulled away from her and somehow or other she felt
that she had lost him forever, she just couldn't bear it, why did he have to ask her for
this, the most lewd and vile of all the sexual acts. Suddenly though, she knew that
she would never be able to deny him anything, he was far too precious to her and if
this was what he wanted, she would give herself to him, she would surrender to him
as he wished, she couldn't resist him, couldn't refuse him anything he wanted.
"You can fuck me in the ass, if you want to darling, I can't deny you anything," she
said quickly, hardly able to look at her young nephew fully in the face.
Almost instantly, Marilyn saw the boy's deflated cock begin to grow, brushing back
toward its throbbing erection against her thighs, and she pushed the boy upward to
allow her to roll over on her belly. Then she lay motionless, waiting, her eyes tightly
closed to hold back the tears, her naked ass-cheeks clenching in fear as she awaited
the lewdest and most obscene ravishment she would ever be subjected to in her life.
Peter trembled in anticipation, propping himself up on his elbow to gaze hungrily
down the length of his aunt's prone body, his attention finally focusing on the
forbidden dark crack of her defensively clenched ass-cheeks. His hand moved
hesitantly to her thighs just below the clefts of her buttocks, and he began to stroke
softly up between them, running his middle finger up the already lewdly moistened
slit of her cunt to spread the flowing cuntal juices back over the forbidden little nether
Marilyn's body jerked with a soft spasm as she felt Peter's finger move across the
sensitive membrane, coming into sudden obscene contact with the tightly contracted
little circle. In spite of her shock and fear, her body responded spontaneously with a
little undulating quiver, and a soft noise that could have been mistaken for a mewl of
pleasure issued from deep in her throat. Then a wilder shudder passed through her
body as she felt the pressure increase. Her eyes opened wide and she raised her
head, staring straight ahead at the wall of her bedroom as she felt Peter's finger slip
right down into the little hole, burrowing slowly forward into her rectum in spite of all
her attempts to clench her buttocks and contract her anus in resistance. It sank
inward to the first knuckle, then continued the lewd intrusion until it was buried all the
way up in her helpless rectal flesh.
As a soft moan of pain rose to the older woman's lips, Peter flicked his thumb down
into the moistly splayed flesh of her cunt, the striking contrast of sensations silencing
her protest. Then her buttocks resumed their sensuous undulation as Peter began to
stroke up and down her tingling cunt-lips with his thumb, at the same time probing
deep in her rectum with his obscenely piercing middle finger.
As the pain-pleasure sensations increased, Marilyn felt fresh tears rush to her eyes,
but at the same time she was unable to stop the soft gyrations of her hips squirming
up and down in a lewdly hunching motion on the bed. It wasn't the pain that made
her want to cry, but the sudden shocking and devastating realization that in spite of
all the perversion, in spite even of the pain, the idea of being fucked in the rectum,
debased and humiliated to the limits of warped sex, was beginning to appeal to her.
Even as she sobbed, little tremors of masochistic pleasure started to course out over
every tingling inch of her goose-bumped flesh, and she could feel the fluttering
excitement growing in her stomach.
Then she gasped as Peter began to withdraw his finger, and in spite of the relief, the
tight rubbery walls of her inner rectal flesh seemed to cling to it protestingly. Her
body jerked from the sharp pop as his finger left her completely, then lurched forward
as Peter rolled back on top of her and his finger was suddenly replaced by the bl**dfilled
tip of his cock, prodding right up against the tightness of her helpless anal
"Aaaaaaagggghhhhh" she moaned thrashing her head from side to side as her
nephew lunged ruthlessly forward, his cock-head pressing right against the tightly
resisting little rectal opening and beginning to worm itself slowly up inside. The
sudden white-hot pain caused new tears to rush to the older woman's eyes as she
shivered and trembled beneath her nephew from the raw sensation of the slender
shaft of boyish flesh surging hungrily upward into her tight-fitting rectum.
Sobbing from her pain and humiliation, Marilyn dropped back onto the bed, her
buttocks still jerking in involuntary spasm from the shattering violation of her most
sensitive orifice. She was hopelessly impaled now. Her body was pinned down to the
mattress beneath her nephew and she'd taken his surging rod of flesh to the hilt
between her reluctantly upthrust ass-cheeks.
Then another cry rose to her lips as Peter began to move. But miraculously, it wasn't
really as bad as she had feared. The pain was tempered by an even more vivid
sensation of pleasure, however masochistic. Her loins were on fire from the lewd
skewering of her rectum and she could feel the tight sac that held the boy's cumfilled
testicles slap teasingly against the sensitive little slit of her cunt, sending
undeniable ripples of pleasure darting out through her squirming body in delicious
contrast to the pain. And as Peter continued to drive smoothly into the rubbery tight
rectal flesh, her cries of agony and protest gradually began to change, becoming
finally mewls of forbidden pleasure as the young boy began to fuck even harder.
"God, it's tight," he gasped, grunting and groaning and laboring above her. "I'm not
gonna be able to take much more. The friction is just too intense."
For a moment longer Marilyn hung in limbo, a part of her longing for Peter to achieve
his early climax and end the merciless assault, another part of her beginning to cry
out for more and more of the depraved sensation. Then it was Peter who turned the
tide. In a sudden movement he slipped his hand in between Marilyn's belly and the
mattress, thrusting his finger up between her thighs to stroke in swift little
movements right over the hotly pulsing bud of her clitoris, further increasing the
confusing contrast of sensation for the older woman. Marilyn sobbed softly, then
moaned even louder, suddenly rocking her buttocks back and pulling her knees up
beneath her body, lifting Peter into the standard "dog fashion" position. The shift in
position better exposed her rectum so Peter could thrust his cock even deeper into
the sensitive tightness, and at the same time made it easier for him to reach her
clitoris and the pulsating slit of her moistened cunt.
Peter grunted even more excitedly from his aunt's unexpected response, increasing
the length of his own piercing lunges until he was unleashing the full fury of his lust
with a series of mighty thrusts deep into her still wildly contracting anus. At the same
time, he shoved his middle finger deep into the quivering softness of her cunt and
increasing the friction of his thumb's rapid stroking over her little twitching clitoral
bud. Already he could feel the cum begin to well up in his balls and he knew it
wouldn't be long now until he lost all control. But his aunt was really beginning to
respond and he was determined to hold off as long as he possibly could.
Marilyn's body was really coming to life now. The contrasting sensations in her two
simultaneously ravished cunt and asshole had begun to merge. She could no longer
clearly distinguish between the pain and the pleasure, and. her nakedly squirming
body shuddered as the waves of delight began to course in swift overwhelming
tingles out over her lust- contorted flesh. In spite of all the inherent humiliation in the
"dog fashion" posture and the sheer degradation of the depraved act of sodomy, she
was responding! She didn't have to fake it -- she wanted it! Peter's throbbing young
penis ramming up into her sensitively pulsing depths of her rectum was breaking
down her will to resist and she screwed her buttocks back hungrily against the
surging shaft of flesh that invaded her, longing for more and more of the lewdly
masochistic titillation.
Behind her, Peter groaned as he felt her anus contract even tighter around the
lunging shaft of his cock. He knew he was hurting his aunt, and he was trying to hold
himself back, but the obscene triumph of watching her wallow in masochistic bliss
before him, not to mention the sheer intensity of sensation, were more than he could
stand. Trying to compensate for the pain with an even more frenzied stroking of his
finger over the little quivering bud of her clitoris, Peter began to ram into her clasping
rectum with even more violent f***e.
"Oooooohoooooh! Agggggghhhhhhhh!" Marilyn moaned before the frenzied assault,
her body thrashing beyond control from the obscene sensation coursing through her
loins and rectum.
Gasping, Peter slacked off, reclining his weight heavily against his aunt's upthrust
buttocks, his cock buried to the hilt in the rubbery tightness of her rectum. He flexed,
sending another wanton shiver coursing the length of her softly perspiring body.
"I'm sorry," he groaned, "I'm hurting you."
"No," Marilyn gasped, trembling beneath the boy's sagging weight. She grunted as
he flexed again, then turned her head to look back over her shoulder, and the lustcontorted
expression on her face was like nothing Peter had ever seen in his life.
"No," she whimpered again. "I like it. I like it. I want you to fuck me."
Peter could hardly believe his ears. He remembered all the time he'd spent dreaming
of doing this to his aunt, trying to work up the courage to ask her and now she was
telling him that she loved it, she wanted more of it, she loved it.
"Yes," Marilyn groaned as Peter began to move again. "Fuck me, fuck me harder,
fuck me harder!"
Again Marilyn dropped her face down onto the pillow, her buttocks jerking and
waving in complete submission as Peter resumed his youth- driven fucking, his cock
swelling even larger in her burning rectum as the cum surged in his balls and began
its mad dash up the bl**d- stiffened rod.
Again she rocked backwards, taking the lust-inflamed hardness even deeper,
screwing her buttocks in a passionate rotating motion. She knew she was going to
cum any minute now, and she strained and fought desperately for her own release.
She hovered on the brink for what seemed like an unbearable eternity; yet still it
eluded her, and now Peter was running out of time.
"Finger-fuck me harder," Marilyn gasped in sheer desperation. "Fuck your middle
finger harder into my pussy. Make me cum too."
As Peter slammed down on his aunt's helplessly writhing body with an even mightier
racking stroke, he slipped his middle finger eagerly into the softly parting lips of her
already lewdly moistened flesh, worming it up into the unresisting softness until it
was buried to the knuckle in her vagina. Wiggling it deep inside her, he began to
finger-fuck swiftly in and out as he felt the last of his own control fading and the cum
surged up hotly from his balls and began to splatter in thick squirting droplets deep
up in the clasping tightness of her rectum.
"Yes," Marilyn purred as she felt the boy's shattering lunges becoming even more
intense, the obscenely shooting sperm that filled her rectum further lubricating the
tight orifice until the pain faded almost entirely, replaced by the sheer pleasure
stimulation of the shocking sensation that was now completely meshed with the
wanton tingling in her cunt.
"Yes, yes," she moaned deliriously as she felt the waves begin to build in her own
body. "Yes, and do my clitoris too. Do my clitoris with your thumb."
Peter willingly complied, and moments later the devastating contortions began to
flow at swift relentless intervals through Marilyn's ravished body. She sobbed without
restraint from the shattering waves of ecstasy coursing through her rectum and loins,
bucking wildly beneath Peter's final racking lunges.
With a last grunt Peter sagged back tiredly on his aunt's still trembling buttocks,
feeling the little spasms continue to shake her body for several moments longer.
Then his lust-spent penis began to deflate up in her cum-filled rectum and he
withdrew softly and rolled over tiredly on his back.
Slowly Marilyn turned to look at her nephew, gently caressing his young face as she
gazed into his dark brown eyes. "You satisfy me so Peter," she purred, "you seem so
much older than eleven."
"You bring out the best in me, you really do," he said quietly, feeling suddenly very
grown up.
"I liked it Peter, I thought I would hate it, but I liked it, but I want this to be our secret,
just you and me, I don't want the other boys knowing about this."
The young boy readily agreed, happy to have something special to share with his
aunt, something that none of the other boys had.
The satiated couple lay staring at the ceiling for a long, long time, finally drifting into
a light sl**p, locked in each other's arms, safe within the confines of their secret
special love.
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2 years ago
The nephew at his age is "experienced" beyond his years. Or else his Aunt is very easy to satisfy. Wonder which?

The story-line keeps going apace. Great!
2 years ago
making me leak joices mmm