Auntie Marilyn chapter 5

Peter Goodge had only meant to let his friend Seth Roberts listen to the tape of his
wild session with his aunt, but somehow his big mouth had gotten the better of him
and he had found himself boasting to Josh Harding.
Josh was thirteen and very much Peter's superior and in a way Peter was afraid of
Josh. It was a kind of one-upmanship that caused him to suddenly blurt out his
secret to his older friend and after that, Josh made his life a misery until he had
actually revealed the tape to him.
Now as the three boys sat in the den of Peter's house they were cooking up a
scheme to get them all in on his aunt's lascivious carryings- on ... neither Seth nor
Josh would be satisfied, they told Peter emphatically, until they too had had a piece
of Marilyn Goodge's ass.
Peter knew that it was up to him to forge the way for his friends, it made him feel
very important to have something that Josh Harding wanted ... how could he deny
the older boy when he had allowed him into his small intimate circle of friends ... and
besides which, he himself could hardly wait to have another taste of his delicious
aunt, just the thought of her fabulous body and moist pussy made him shiver all over
... he hoped that the next time he was with her, she would let him fuck her. He hadn't
been able to think of anything else for days!
* * *
Marilyn was disturbed to see her young nephew coming up the pathway to her
house. She had hoped that he would stay away for a few days but she knew in her
heart that she was secretly longing to see him. How would she handle this situation,
she knew that she shouldn't give herself to him again, it was just too dangerous.
"No Peter, I can't, it's just too dangerous," she said firmly to her eleven year old
nephew as he pleaded with her to allow him to fuck her.
"But why, Auntie, why, you loved it the other day you know you did."
"I know, I know Peter, but it's just too dangerous," Marilyn said, a little scared that
she was going to relent herself before too long.
Peter Goodge was depressed, he knew for sure that his aunt wanted him to fuck her
but it seemed now that she wasn't going to allow her true feelings to emerge, she
was scared ... really scared. Then he thought of his friends and how he had
promised ... nay, boasted to them that he would get them a part of the action and he
knew that he would have to succeed, otherwise he would just look like a total
asshole in their eyes.
The young boy sized up the situation, his aunt would never verbally agree to it but if
he made his move swiftly enough, maybe she would get caught up in the ecstasy of
his kiss and his body and not be able to resist. What could he lose, it was his last
chance and he had to do it. Without another thought, the young boy made his move!
Marilyn watched, her eyes widening in amazement as her young nephew stepped
toward her, she tried to move away from him but he was too swift and before she
could do anything about it he had grasped one of her breasts in his hand and was
fondling it gently. A soft whimper arose from her throat as his hand touched her
nervously palpitating breasts, pressing the constricting brassiere cup hard against
the swollen mound, the pressure and friction causing the nipple to prickle to an
instant tingling rigidity.
Marilyn heaved a deep sigh, her legs almost going weak, as Peter moved closer to
her. Then she closed her eyes as he bounced onto his tiptoes and crushed his
mouth eagerly onto her parted lips, his tongue flicking wetly inward as his hand
continued to knead and massage her breasts.
Marilyn fought with all her strength against the electric sensations coursing through
her flesh. She squirmed and writhed as Peter pressed his body more tightly against
hers, the shocking pressure of his thighs and the tender erection already swelling in
his pants and pushing right up against the softness of her loins only further
stimulating the young widow's wantonly growing need, making resistance even more
difficult. She couldn't help herself. She wanted this young boy so badly she thought
she would die if she couldn't have him. Her body cried out in desperation, her will to
resist was failing fast.
Then with a shiver, she squirmed out of Peter's arms. She glared at the panting
youngster in mingled shock and want, her own eyes wild with the fury of her
consuming lust.
Peter gasped to catch his breath, looking back at her pleadingly. "Please, Auntie,
"No, Peter. No! You must stay away from me!"
He hesitated an instant longer, then started forward again. Marilyn took two more
steps backwards, her movements taking on a peculiar trapped a****l quality. She
knew only a few more moments of the stimulating physical contact with her young
nephew would be all she would need to be lost. She wouldn't even want to resist, so
now, at all costs, she had to avoid him until she could begin to regain her selfcontrol.
Then a little scream of surprise issued from her throat as she backed against the end
of the couch, the armrest catching her just at the back of her knees. She swayed,
trying to regain her balance, for a moment, then with another soft moan fell
backwards onto the couch, landing in a reclining position, her knees still hooked over
the armrest, her thighs invitingly parted.
Peter saw his opportunity, and the whole mad scheme flashed clearly in his mind, as
if during that brief instant it had all played out in slow motion. It was the craziest idea
he'd ever had in his life, but now he knew he had to do something far out.
The young boy had heard his friends talking about eating pussy, but he'd never
believed anyone could seriously think of doing such a thing. And by the same token,
until the other day he'd never believed women sucked men off. But his aunt had
done it for him, and he had really liked it. And it only stood to reason she'd like
having her pussy licked just as much.
His own excitement and curiosity rising by leaps and bounds, the eager boy moved
without further contemplation.
Marilyn could hardly believe her eyes as Peter suddenly dropped to his knees at the
end of the couch. She was in an awkward position with her thighs resting on the
armrest and her legs dangling off at the knees, and she wasn't able to move to
protect herself in time. The boy's hands caught her inner thighs just above the knees,
holding her legs wide apart in spite of her attempts to close them. Then, as Marilyn
stared down in helpless shock, the young boy leaned forward, sticking his head right
up under her skirt between the warmth of her straining thighs. She gave out with a
soft whimper, ceasing her struggles from the sheer paralyzing shock, as she felt her
nephew's nose nudging her panties right over the already softly pulsing mound of her
Peter had never felt so strange in his life. His head and face were completely buried
up under his aunt's skirt, right between her softly perspiring thighs, which he still had
to hold firmly apart with both hands. It was dark and warm, there was not too much
air, and he could smell the strangest, yet somehow most tempting aroma he'd ever
encountered in his life. And even in the dim light, he could just distinguish the
shadowy looking black hair of her cunt, peeking out on either side of her panty
crotchband, right before his face.
"Peter," Marilyn gasped, again beginning to twist and struggle as she realized the
young boy's truly lewd and shocking intentions. "Peter, please! Let me go!"
Peter knew he had no choice but to go through with his desperate scheme. His aunt
was right at the turning point now, and if just for one minute he could get his lips on
her pussy, he knew he would be assured of success. In spite of his own keenly rising
excitement at the prospect of the perverted act he was about to perform, there was a
part of his young mind that continued to function lucidly. And he realized, with a
curiously titillating sense of self-sacrifice, that the idea was even better than he'd
originally thought. If he ate his aunt without actually bringing her to a climax, without
going ahead and fucking her as he'd originally intended, then she would never be
able to refuse Seth and Josh when they arrived. She would be too far gone to resist,
or even to protest. His friends would get what they wanted, it was all too perfect!
And maybe, just maybe, after they were through she would still let me fuck her.
Even more determined, Peter shoved his face farther up between his aunt's urgently
scissoring thighs. There was only one thing standing in his way of success right now,
his aunt's flimsily clinging panties, and as Peter's hands were still occupied in holding
her struggling thighs apart, he could think of only one way to get them off.
Marilyn gasped, her buttocks trembling from the sheer excitement and tantalizing
frustration of having Peter's head completely buried up under her skirt between her
quivering thighs. Then a little shiver passed through her wantonly moistening loins as
she lifted her head up off the couch pillow to stare down the length of her body with
even greater incredulity as she felt her nephew's tongue flick in a searing path up the
tautly straining tendon of one of her inner thighs. She gasped then as his teeth took
hold of the tight elastic legband of her panties and with a dog-like motion of his head
he began to jerk and pull them downwards.
Peter could hardly get his breath. His head and face were completely shrouded by
his aunt's skirt, and now in spite of his manual resistance, her thighs were clamped
tightly about his ears. And taking off her panties with his mouth was like trying to
thread a needle in the dark.
With a final effort, the excited boy managed to lower his aunt's panties several
inches farther. Then he ducked his head under them, running his nose right along
the crack between her defenselessly clenching buttocks, and again bobbed his face
up into the fragrant smelling softness of her loins. Now completely pinned there
between her thighs, with the panties that were stretched tight above her knees pulled
taut across the back of his neck to hold his face in position, Peter began.
Marilyn's whole anxiously quivering body tensed at the first titillating contact of
Peter's lips and tongue darting down onto the tingling bud of her clitoris.
"Ooooooooooh!" she gasped from the sudden electric contact, a shudder darting out
from her moistening loins, strained and desperate moans pouring from her throat as
she ceased her struggles. Between her thighs, Peter licked his own lips and groaned
inwardly as he whipped his tongue cautiously from his mouth, then trailed it in a
slowly licking wipe down the full length of his aunt's wildly throbbing cuntal slit.
"Oh, yes! Yes!" she moaned, hardly able to believe the lust-inciting sensations that
were surging out from her naked loins to every part of her helplessly tormented body.
Peter's tongue, probing gently now up into the softness of her cunt, felt like nothing
she'd ever experienced in her life, and the limber wetness of it was a direct contrast
to everything she was accustomed to feeling when she was touched by a man. She
held her nephew's head tightly between her warmly clasping inner thighs, then, a
more distant-sounding moan rising in her throat, she jerked her skirt up and began to
push the young boy back from between her thighs.
"Yes Peter darling, you can fuck me, you can fuck me now ... I want you to fuck me
darling, please," she groaned, and then her mouth dropped wide open as the sounds
of footsteps reached her ears and she looked directly into the faces of her nephew's
friends Seth Roberts and Josh Harding, realizing immediately that she had been set
up for something far beyond anything she had control of. How long had the boys
been watching her, how long ... but then what did it matter, obviously they were here
for one thing and one thing only ... a piece of the action ... a piece of her ass!
* * *
Marilyn Goodge was in a state of shock, she was now embroiled in something far
beyond her understanding, far beyond the limits of her mind. Had her first lewd
encounter with her nephew brought all this upon her, how had she allowed herself to
sink so far down in to the mire ... and how was she going to extract herself ... and for
that matter, did she want to.
She was more than aware of the fact that from the first moment she had seen the
two boys stealthily creeping into her living room, obscene thrilling sensations of lust
had begun to erupt in her body. In the most secret depths of herself she had always
wanted to be part of an orgy, to be fucked by several men at once ... now it seemed
she was on the verge of giving herself to three boys at once, boys or men, what did it
matter, her body was crying out to be fucked, to be sucked and to be taken by f***e
if necessary, so great was her need for satisfaction and. stimulation ... so long had
she gone without love ... without the feel of a man's cock inside her body ... so very
"My God! just look at her," gasped Seth Roberts, his eyes almost popping out of his
head with lust and desire.
"I'm looking man, I'm looking," moaned Josh Harding, his cock already throbbing
insistently in his jeans. "Come on man, she's hot, let's both fuck her at once."
A quiver went through Marilyn's prone body. She shook her head feebly from side to
side, trying to mouth an objection, but the words wouldn't come to her lips. She
waited, silent, watching with wildly lustful eyes as the two youngsters began hurriedly
to strip. Then when they were both standing completely naked, she had what must
have been her last rational thought of the entire obscene ordeal, "Lock the door," she
urged in a quivering voice.
The wanton woman had made a fast decision, they were there, she knew what they
wanted, and she was prepared to give it to them, she might never have such an
opportunity again the rest of her life and she couldn't turn it down.
"Come on baby, get undressed," Josh Harding said to her in an alarmingly mature
"How are we going to fuck her at once," young Seth asked in a quavering voice.
Marilyn quickly stripped off her clothes as if she were hypnotized, nothing seemed
quite real to her.
"Get down on the floor Mrs. Goodge," urged Josh.
Suddenly she glanced at her nephew Peter and she saw a disappointed look on his
face, of course, he was upset he had been in the middle of sucking her pussy when
the boys had walked in, she would have to make it up to him in some way, after the
boys had gone she would make it up to him.
Trembling all over her lascivious body, the older woman got down on the floor, her
whole voluptuously naked body trembling with the soft spasms of excitement
coursing through her wantonly lust-tortured loins.
"Let's fuck her dog fashion," urged Josh. "Seth you get behind her, I'll be in front
doing it in her mouth."
Marilyn let her body go limp now in submission, she heard the boys' heavy breathing,
felt them take their positions, Josh in front to fuck her in the mouth, Seth behind to
take her in the humiliating "dog fashion" position. Another little spasm shot through
her sensuously prostrated body as she felt Josh place his hands on either side of her
face, pulling her forward toward his loins as he knelt in front of her.
"Open your mouth," he whispered, squirming his loins forward to press the hotly
swollen head of his rigid cock right up against Marilyn's sensuous red lips.
Once more, just as if she was so lost in her frenzy and excitement that she had no
mind or will of her own, Marilyn complied, opening her mouth wide, taking the
lustfully twitching young cock-head without protest between her lips. Then her body
tensed, as, at almost the same time, Seth leaned forward from behind, thrusting his
palpitating penis right up between her trembling thighs to find heated contact with her
already lewdly moistened cunt lips. Quivering in excited anticipation, Marilyn sucked
her breath in deeply as the eager youngster lunged forward, his boyish member
burrowing its way easily up into the defenseless softness of her wantonly yielding
pussy flesh, slipping deeper and deeper into her cunt until his loins smacked up
against her ripely proffered buttocks.
From in front of her, Josh shoved eagerly forward, a lusty groan rising in his throat as
he pushed his pulsating cock-shaft deeper between her obscenely ovalled lips, all
the way up along the length of her tongue until it was embedded in full erection far in
the back of her throat.
Marilyn's body shivered from the shattering dual penetration. Her mouth was
completely filled by the lewdly throbbing rod of Josh's cock, and from behind Seth's
pulsing shaft of flesh was buried to the hilt in her already wantonly flowering loins.
She'd never felt so ashamed and humiliated in her life. Kneeling between the two
boys who were obscenely and thoughtlessly violating her defenseless flesh, she felt
herself a picture of depravity, and she was helpless to resist, even if she had wanted
Then Marilyn moaned as the two boys simultaneously began to move, and almost
instantly she forgot her shame and responded with a sensuous writhing of her own
body. Wilder spasms of lust and passion darted out over her naked flesh as Seth
slipped his hands around her waist, pulling her upthrust ass-cheeks even tighter
against his squirming loins, and Josh began to fuck with an even in-and-out sawing
motion between her lewdly rounded lips.
Marilyn squirmed and twisted on the floor of her living-room, groaning around the
teenage cock-shaft that filled her mouth, grinding her milk- white buttocks back in a
wild screwing motion against the lust- inflamed hardness ramming into her from
behind. The long drawn-out oral assault young Peter had inflicted on her loins had
built her to a state of intense sensitivity, and already she was beginning to lose
control of herself. She was quivering and twisting between the two young boys in
insane and nymphomaniacal abandon.
The boys had never seen anything like it in their lives. From behind, Seth was
ramming furiously into the exquisite tightness of Peter's aunt's cunt, his loins making
loud smacking sounds each time they struck her upthrust buttocks. He got a terrific
feeling of power from fucking her in the "dog fashion" position, from having her bent
over on her hands and knees before him, from being able to watch leisurely every
salacious movement of her trembling body. On the backstroke, he drew his cock
almost all the way out of her black-rimmed pussy lips. He could see the slickly
coated shaft going in and out of the glistening pinkness, the clasping cunt lips
clinging in protest, flowering open eagerly to receive him as he thrust forward again.
And each backstroke afforded him one view he'd never seen in his life-just a glimpse
of the hairlessly puckered little opening of Peter's aunt's anus, that seemed to quiver
and purse as if begging to be ****d.
Josh on the floor in front of the beautiful widow, could hardly keep from cumming at
once from the lewd spectacle of this voluptuous woman on her knees before him, her
face buried in his loins, her lips circling tightly about his rigid cock-shaft. He'd never
been sucked off before in his life, but the minute he'd heard the tape of Peter's aunt
doing it to him, he knew he had to have some of the same for himself. And it felt
better than Josh could have ever imagined.
As for Peter, he was almost out of his mind with jealousy and excitement. He still
hadn't even had his first real piece of ass, and watching his two friends fucking the
older woman in the cunt and the mouth at the same time was almost more than he
could stand. In spite of his initial hesitation, kissing and licking her pussy had really
turned him on. And now he couldn't bear being f***ed to stand and watch instead of
fucking her too. He only hoped that his scheme would work and that he would get to
fuck his aunt too.
The wanton buffeting of Marilyn's body between the two boys on the floor had
completely destroyed her resistance. She could feel the relentless currents of desire
flowing out of control through her burning flesh and she knew it wouldn't be long now
until she got the satisfaction she so desperately needed. She sucked ravenously,
swiping her tongue around and around the pulsing head of Josh's lust-swollen cock.
Already she'd begun to hunger for the fresh-tasting cum she knew would come
spurting any minute into her mouth. At the same time she drove her buttocks even
more furiously back against Seth's loins, taking the throbbing rigidity deeper and
deeper into the tenderly exposed flesh of her cunt, relishing the stinging slaps of his
loins against her soft uptilted buttocks, longing for his equally obscene ejaculation
into the trembling vaginal depths.
Moments later an even more obscene tremor shot through Marilyn's frantically
squirming body as she felt Seth stiffen behind her. His loins quivered and jerked
against her nakedly clenching ass-cheeks and far up inside her cunt she felt his
young penis begin to twitch and throb, seeming to grow even larger with the hot
semen welling up from his balls.
"Uh-oh," he grunted, "I think I'm going to do it."
Even as he spoke, a deeper masochistic groan issued from Marilyn's lips around tile
lustfully pulsing shaft of Josh's cock, which lunged even deeper into her mouth. He
grabbed her black hair and pulled her face ruthlessly against his naked loins, the
little curls of pubic hair tickling her nose and face.
Marilyn threw her arms up around the boy's waist, clinging to him as she squirmed
and writhed her own body, straining for her own desperately needed release. She
dropped her hands lower, her fingernails digging eagerly into the smooth flesh of
Josh's naked buttocks and prompting him to thrust his cock even deeper and more
brutally into her willing mouth.
"I'm going to cum," Josh gasped again in a quivering voice.
"Me too," Seth grunted, tugging so hard at Marilyn's hair that she wanted to scream.
An instant later it began. From behind, Seth slammed into her helplessly bucking
body with a powerful lunge that shoved the older woman forward until her face was
buried even deeper into Josh's loins. At that same instant the first sweet-tasting
droplets of cum came rushing up the length of his palpitating cock and spewing into
her mouth.
Marilyn sobbed and whimpered around the boy's surging hardness, making gurgling
sounds in her throat as she swallowed the thickly splattering droplets to keep from
choking. Behind her, Seth groaned as he completely lost control and began to shoot
his own lust-heated load of sperm into the warmly pulsing inner flesh of her pussy.
The lewd ejaculation seemed to temporarily endow him with an even greater energy,
as his increasingly violent lunges racked her helpless body. Now the obscene young
cum was shooting simultaneously into Marilyn's mouth and cunt from two opposite
directions; she was like a conduit between two energy sources, and the spasm of
lust darting through her own body were elevating her rapidly to a plane of wanton
delirium. She had never felt so soiled and degraded in her life, but the sheer
masochistic bliss of being ejaculated into by two boys at the same time was
completely breaking down her mental resistance, shattering the barriers of reality as
she drifted to the very brink of ecstatic madness. Then, as the eager fucking lunges
of the two boys reached a peak of frenzy, Marilyn felt the even more violent spasms
begin far up inside her own helplessly quivering belly.
She screwed her buttocks around in a wild rotating motion, altering the angle of
Seth's continued racking strokes into the quivering inner flesh of her cunt. She
sucked hungrily at Josh's relentlessly driving cock, milking it of the sweet-tasting
semen that still welled up and spurted in a seemingly endless stream against the
back of her throat. Her Adam's apple bobbed as she swallowed, determined not to
lose a single drop of the precious life-giving fluid. And as her own violent orgasm
built to a climax, the burning electric sensations flowed in sweeping waves out from
her trembling loins, pouring up through her breasts to the tingling tips of her nipples,
surging wildly down her thighs, pouring over every tender inch of her nakedly
glistening flesh.
Then as the crescendo passed, the young widow felt the boys' slender penis begin to
deflate within her two ravaged orifices.
Peter sat in a corner of the room, his own painfully erect cock almost bursting the
crotch of his pants as he waited eagerly to see what would happen next. He could
hardly wait to sink his cock into her delicious pussy and he hoped and prayed that
she wasn't too exhausted to let him fuck her.
"Want to switch around now," young Seth said eagerly, anxious to know what it felt
like to have his cock inside a woman's mouth.
"Peter's turn, remember, we'll get her again another time," Josh said firmly.
Suddenly at the sound of her nephew's name, Marilyn started, she had almost
forgotten him, oh boy baby, where was he?
Peter smiled shyly and began to rise from his corner in the room, elated that his aunt
still seemed to want him.
"Shall we watch," Seth said eagerly.
"I think we should let Peter have time alone with his aunt," Josh said. "Come on, we
can always come back tomorrow."
Marilyn knew now that she had gone, without a shadow of a doubt, beyond the point
of no return as she heard herself agreeing to see the boys again, she knew now
there was no turning back. Sooner or later, she knew she would be found out, but
that all seemed rather unreal to her at this moment, she looked at the boys anxiously
though. "You promise not to tell a soul boys, otherwise we can't continue this way,"
she said firmly.
"Sure we promise, we know a good thing when we see it," Josh said, smiling
obscenely at the nakedly glistening body of the wanton woman spread-eagled on the
Both she and her nephew waited for the boys to dress and leave the house, then
without a moment's waste her young nephew dropped forward on top of her until she
could feel the teasing prickle of her hard pointed nipples brushing against his chest.
He twitched at the first contact of his throbbing cock-head against her warm inner
thighs, then in a reflexive motion lunged forward, grunting in surprise as he felt the
even warmer and deliciously moistened lips of her cunt right against the nub-end of
his throbbing little penis. With another instinctive movement, the excited boy shoved
forward again, gasping with surprise as he felt his bl**d- engorged cock-head slip
into the wetly enveloping flesh of his aunt's hair-lined pussy.
"Oooooooooh!" Marilyn gasped as she felt the boy's naked penis slip easily up into
the warm elastic-like sheath of her vagina, felt it prod slowly and smoothly up into the
moistened tightness of her most sensitive inner flesh, seeming to swell even harder
as she began a gentle undulation of her hips.
Peter groaned, hardly able to believe the warmth and softness of a woman's cunt,
his body jerking as his aunt flexed her inner muscles, squeezing the clasping flesh
even tighter around his rigidly twitching cock. Then suddenly her hands moved
down, her fingers digging into the flaccid flesh of his buttocks as she pulled him even
deeper into her, beginning to churn and squirm her loins in wild contortions up
against him, writhing the nakedness of her breasts against his chest.
"Yes, Peter," she moaned in a trembling voice. "Fuck me, don't hold back! Fuck me!"
The hopelessly aroused boy needed no further encouragement with excitement, he
began a series of short sharp lunges, slamming his body down in racking fury
against the voluptuously squirming flesh beneath him, ramming his cock all the way
into the clasping tightness of his aunt's pussy. He groaned again, already feeling the
tingling sensations that were a prelude to his swift and obscene ejaculation
beginning to run up and down the throbbing shaft of his cock.
"Yes, come on," Marilyn pleaded, responding wantonly to the frenzied assault. He
was going to cum very soon. She could sense that in the increased tension of his
body, the more violent fury of his shattering lunges. But she didn't care. She didn't
even mind if it happened before she was ready for another orgasm. She could fake it
if she had to keep Peter from feeling bad, because after what he'd been through
today, she could hardly expect a display of control the first time he actually fucked a
Marilyn was ecstatic at the thought of teaching her nephew the ways of a woman, of
initiating him into all she knew. She was his first woman and somehow the thought of
that made her feel very powerful, all pervasive, all knowing, this was her glorious
opportunity to truly become the goddess!
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2 years ago
Little nimrod imp finally dipped his "willy", but didn't seem to "cum" up to his Aunt's expectations. I suppose it's the thought that counts.

The story is highly erotic though wantonly overboard. Very good stuff though.
2 years ago