Auntie Marilyn chapter 3

"How nice of you to come and see me," Marilyn Goodge said a little nervously to her
nephew Peter. She was still embarrassed from the sexual encounter she had
witnessed with young Jenny Phillips and didn't know quite how to act around her
attractive young nephew. It was almost as if she were seeing him for the first time,
she had only thought of him as a little boy, but now, having seen him suck Jenny's
nipples so expertly she was beginning to see him in another light.
"I brought you a little present too Auntie," Peter smiled, thinking lewdly of all the
things he wanted to do to his aunt once he got her stoned and loosened up. He knew
all about what a guy did to fuck, he had just never done it yet and he was anxious to
try it.
"What do you have Peter," Marilyn asked curiously.
"A few brownies. They're from the Boy Scout bake sale. I thought you might like one
with your tea."
"How thoughtful of you Peter, I'll put the kettle on."
Half an hour later, having consumed at least three brownies and d***k two cups of
tea, Marilyn Goodge was relaxing in the living room of her own house.
"It really was nice of you to come and see me Peter, it's kind of like old times, isn't it."
"Yes Auntie," the young boy said quietly, "only there is something I wanted to talk to
you about."
"Oh really Peter, what is it."
"Well ... I don't know quite how to say it, but not having a mother has made things a
bit difficult for me."
"Oh I know Peter, I know," the older woman said sympathetically, laying her hand on
her young nephew's thigh in a motherly sort of way.
Marilyn wasn't quite sure what was happening to her but for the past few moments
she had begun to feel sort of different, it was almost as if she had had a few drinks
but not quite, it was a different sort of feeling, one that she couldn't quite identify.
Suddenly however, she noticed how everything had taken on a kind of surreal
quality, and young Peter was beginning to blur in her consciousness into pictures of
her dead husband and then his father and then back to his boy-face again. I wonder
what's going on with me, she puzzled. Then she shot her attention back to her
nephew, he seemed to be staring at her intently as if he were expecting something
from her. Then she realized that he was waiting for her to say something.
"Oh, I'm sorry Peter, I don't know what came over me," the older woman confessed,
running her hand over her brow in an effect to calm herself. "What was it you wanted
me to help you with?"
"Well I'm sort of embarrassed, but you know Auntie, I don't know anything about ...
well, you know ... men and woman, sex and all that, how babies are born. I mean I
don't know anything about it," the boy finished lamely.
Marilyn Goodge took a deep breath, she was a little shocked and embarrassed at
her nephew's question but not as much as she thought she would be, after all she
was only doing what his mother would have done if she had been there at that
moment. What she didn't know, however, was how to put it in terms the boy could
understand. She wasn't prepared though for his next remark.
"What I really want to know Auntie, is how men and women do it."
Marilyn Goodge gulped, she could hardly believe that her young nephew was asking
her such an outlandish question, how on earth could she answer him!!!
"What I mean Auntie, is, what is the difference between boys and girls, you know,
down there ..."
The young widow drew in her breath, "Well Peter," she said slowly, "the man has a
penis and the woman has a vagina ... that is an opening. Now in the act of sexual
intercourse the male's penis is inserted into the female's vagina. The male ejaculates
and if the female happens to be ovulating at the time and the sperm unites with one
of the eggs, that will cause ... "
"Oh," the boy said looking very puzzled. "Then what is it when boys and girls play
with each other, you know, play with a girl's tits and all that kind of stuff that the boys
talk about at school."
"Peter, I really don't know how to answer you, this is very difficult for me."
"Well Auntie, what I really want to know is how do people fuck."
Marilyn Goodge was stunned, she could hardly believe her ears, was this her eleven
year old nephew talking to her this way ... it couldn't be ... it just couldn't be. And, she
still felt so strange, what was wrong with her, even Peter's face seemed to be coming
in and out of focus.
Peter Goodge was elated, he knew that his aunt was stoned out of her gourd, even
though she didn't know it, he could tell. He could see that he was really arousing her
also, he could tell by the way her hands were fidgeting up and down her sweater.
She seemed to have a far-away look on her face too, and her lips were moving
almost as if she were talking to herself. He noticed now how her tongue began to
dart nervously out of her mouth and to lap around her lips sensually. Suddenly the
young boy knew that he had to be very daring, his aunt was in an altered state of
consciousness and it was time for him to make his move. With a trembling hand, he
reached up toward one of his aunt's swollen breasts.
Marilyn Goodge wasn't aware of her nephew's movement until his hand was actually
in startling contact with her voluptuously molded mound ... then she started so
violently that Peter drew back his hand rapidly.
The young widow stared down in mute shock at her young nephew, she was
stunned by his action and couldn't do anything but stare at him. She didn't know how
to re-act ... everything seemed so unreal to her!
"I'm sorry Auntie, I'm really sorry," the boy sobbed.
Marilyn was suddenly aware of the tiny tingling shivers of excitement that were
beginning to course up and down her spine as she looked at her handsome young
nephew. There was a fluttering in her stomach and a pounding in her heart and her
breath was coming in short rasps. She knew that she should have been angry and
shocked at her eleven year old nephew's outrageous behavior and yet she couldn't
help but admit to herself that she wasn't!
She was well aware that the young boy was profoundly upset at his action however,
and she reached out her hand and gently touched his face, his hands running
through his hair. "Peter dear, what on earth is wrong with you, you've never done
anything like this before."
Then almost as if it were someone else and not herself that was acting, the beautiful
widow drew her young nephew close to her, flicking her tongue out to moisten her
voluptuous lips.
Peter Goodge was amazed, his aunt was looking at him so seductively this moment,
an entire change had come over her. It was almost as if his touch had awoken
something deep inside her ... it looked to him almost as if she were going to kiss him,
or something!
With a soft moan, Marilyn turned the nervously trembling boy's face up toward hers.
She caught just a glimpse of the surprise in his eyes before she covered his lips with
her own mouth, breathing softly into his and parting her own lips wide to thrust her
tongue in between his teeth.
Peter stiffened in shock as his aunt kissed him lightly on the lips. He could feel her
full breasts, pressed hard against his chest and she was breathing heavily, her body
trembling. His aunt wasn't kissing him in a motherly way, though, this was a woman's
kiss he was getting he realized as she sucked on his tongue.
Another soft tremor of excitement coursed through Marilyn's wanton body as she felt
her nephew's hands move cautiously back up to touch her waist, then trailed slowly
up her sides beneath her arms, lightly brushing the heaving swells of her breasts.
She could feel the electric excitement exuding from Peter's trembling body, and she
knew what she was doing was insane. She was leading him on, and Peter's
response to her embrace could only be sexual arousal. But she couldn't stop. Her
breasts were bursting with all the love and emotion that welled up in them for her
beautiful young nephew and her flesh quivered with her own forbidden craving. She
knew that she was doing something very dangerous, but somehow she couldn't stop
Another distant puff rising in her throat, Marilyn removed her lips from Peter's,
snuggling her face against his cheek and blowing softly into his ear. Now she didn't
resist as one of Peter's hands slipped between their bodies to eagerly cup and
massage the ripely rounded firmness of her breasts, hardly protected by her flimsy
"Auntie, please show me ... will you show me how to do it?"
Marilyn could hardly believe her ears. Yet now the blunt request, which ordinarily
would have shocked and angered her, prompted a much different reaction. Her lust
and her compassion for her nephew were becoming confused and it was difficult for
her to separate one from the other.
"Auntie, please, please will you do it with me?"
"Oh no, Peter, I can't ... I can't ..." the older woman whispered into her young
nephew's ear, "I just can't."
Marilyn was hardly aware as Peter took one of her hands and pulled it gently
downward. Only when it was placed right down on the lewdly throbbing erection that
tented the crotch of his pants did she realize what he was doing. Then another shock
coursed through her loins as Peter's other hand dropped from her breasts to seize
the hem of her skirt and begin to work it slowly up to reveal her soft-skinned thighs
and the nearly transparent bikini panties, which hardly protected her already
obscenely moistening pussy.
Peter was so excited he could hardly stand it. He could hardly believe that this was
happening with his aunt but he couldn't think about anything at this moment but
playing with her gorgeous breasts, and having her hand resting on the pulsating
hardness of his penis, and the sheer thrill of pulling her dress up and revealing her
tantalizingly rounded thighs and buttocks was almost more than he could bear. His
cock was so hard he thought it was going to burst out of his pants, and if he didn't
get to fuck his aunt pretty soon, he thought he would go out of his mind.
Marilyn gathered all her strength together now and pulled back from her young
nephew. She stared down at her own body, completely exposed from the waist down
except for the thinly revealing panties that didn't even conceal the soft black hair of
her pussy nestled so invitingly between her thighs. Then her eyes rested on her
nephew's bulging pants, his lewdly aroused cock causing her to suck in her breath
sharply. It didn't seem quite real though, nothing seemed quite real.
"Please Auntie, you've got to do it to me, I want it so badly, I can hardly stand it."
Marilyn watched her nephew in desperation. She knew he was right, for it had been
she who had begun this! How could she leave him hanging this way ... how could
she ... it would probably harm him for life!
"Promise you'll never tell anyone Peter," urged Marilyn.
"I promise," the young boy said excitedly.
"I can't make love to you though, Peter, I just can't."
"B-but ..."
"It's just that I feel badly leaving you hanging this way, really I do."
Marilyn slid her own hand slowly down her body, brushing at the bunched up skirt
around her waist, she tried to smooth it down but she didn't quite manage it. She
knew what she was about to do was sheer madness and yet she couldn't stop
herself ... she couldn't leave her young nephew in this state.
"Do you have a handkerchief," she asked in a soft., lusty voice.
"Yes Auntie."
"Give it to me then," she purred softly.
The boy gave his aunt his handkerchief, still not quite understanding what she was
going to do with it.
Marilyn spread it over his stomach, then she unzipped his pants and, trying to stifle
the urgent moan rising in her own throat, reached her fingers inside the fly of his
pants. She felt his hips jerk in sudden excitement as she closed her hand around the
already eagerly throbbing shaft of his penis, looming up with a twitch in warmly
pulsing erection as she worked the jockey shorts aside to expose the resilient flesh
to his touch and free it to protrude upward in lewd invitation from his fly.
Marilyn moistened her lips, gazing hungrily down at her nephew's nakedly throbbing
little cock-shaft. "I'm going to jack you off, Peter."
Peter frowned in disappointment as his aunt lightly touched the sensitive skin of his
cock, beginning to draw it slowly up and down from the naked head along the
smoothly pulsating shaft. Though the caress of her fingers on his penis felt better
than anything he'd ever experienced in his life and was beyond even comparing with
the way it felt when he did it to himself, he still wasn't going to be satisfied just to
have her jack him off. Though he was tempted. The prospect of actually fucking his
aunt still scared Peter, no matter how much he wanted it!
"But Auntie ..." pleaded Peter, his voice strained.
"Doesn't this feel good darling," Marilyn asked, watching the expression on her
nephew's lust-contorted face as she increased the up- and-down motions of her
hand on the erect little cock-shaft.
"It feels good Auntie, but I want to fuck you."
A lustful shiver ran swiftly through Marilyn's body at hearing that blunt word, but no
matter how much she might want to give in to the boy's lewd demands, she knew
she had to control herself.
Peter continued to tremble and jerk on the couch as his aunt increased the smoothly
skinning up and down motions of her hand on his bl**d- filled cock, feeling it surge
even harder in her fingers with the young boy's wildly spiraling desire. Again she
licked her voluptuously full lips and even more urgent cravings shot through her own
hashish- d**gged body as she saw the little glistening seminal droplet that appeared
in the glans-slit at the tip of Peter's cock. Then slowly she decreased the movements
of her hand, softly squeezing the lust-inflamed hardness and gazing down in
completely wanton anticipation as an even more insane, more intriguing idea
invaded her consciousness.
She'd never felt this way in her life, and she knew what she was thinking of doing
now could have an even more disastrous consequences than the relatively minor act
of jacking her young nephew off. But once the idea had entered her mind, she
couldn't get rid of it. The prospect was so warped, so perverted, so fascinating ...
Now Peter was groaning and tossing in youthful frenzy between the delicate
manipulations of her fingers on his sex-crazed cock. She knew he was enjoying what
she was doing to him, but she could see the shame and disappointment that lingered
in his face even beyond his rising excitement. And she knew that even by giving him
a climax in this manner, she would in a sense be humiliating him. There was an
inherent degradation in what she was doing to him now. She was the aggressor, he
the passive receiver. And that wasn't what she'd intended. For no matter how
stimulating it might be physically for her nephew, the act of ejaculating into a
handkerchief as she, his aunt, watched and assisted, would inevitably be humiliating
for him.
Slowly Marilyn ceased the movements of her hand. She couldn't do it to him. She
couldn't shame and humiliate him this way. And short of indulging her own perverted
lust, of using his innocent body for the satiation of her own warped desire, Marilyn
could think of only one other way to give her nephew satisfaction, the satisfaction his
young body demanded and let him retain his dignity at the same time. Then her hand
dropped slowly away from his erectly throbbing cock.
"Auntie ... w-what ... Peter gasped, his body twitching and jerking in frustration, his
rigidly pulsating cock shaft visibly flexing as the contact was completely ceased.
"I know this isn't fair to you," she said softly. "So I'm going to do something else. I
know a better way to make you cum."
"Are you going to let me screw you?"
Marilyn couldn't help the light, playful giggle that sprang to her lips. Then she shook
her head. "No, Peter, I told you I wouldn't do that ... but I am going to suck your
She hesitated, relishing the look of shock and anticipation on the boy's face. Then,
her own desire surging almost as wildly as his at the thought of offering her mouth
and lips for his lewd pleasure, she leaned slowly downward. Again she seized the
thickly swollen shaft of his cock and bent it backwards until it was pointed directly up
at her face. Inches away she paused and opened her mouth to breathe softly over
the glistening little glans, her fingers resuming the obscene up- and-down skinning to
prompt further excited grunts and groans from the astonished boy.
Then Marilyn flicked her tongue gingerly from her lips, the saliva- wetted tip coming
into wantonly shocking contact right upon the throbbing head of Peter's engorged
cock. She circled it slowly about the rubbery flesh, listening with keenly rising
passion to his excited moans, feeling his hips twitch spontaneously from the
arousing sensation. The tip of her tongue found the little opening of the glans at the
end and greedily lapped up the little shining droplet of eager pre-cum, the sharply
pleasing taste only further increasing her own hotly building hunger and want. Then
her hands slipped softly to the base of the pulsing shaft as her lips parted to take just
the bl**d- swollen head up into the warmth and moisture of her mouth.
A low sigh escaped from Peter's lips as his aunt's mouth planted moist kisses around
the jerking cock-head, continuing to play and tease him, yet still refusing to actually
take the tingling shaft between her lips. She trailed her tongue teasingly down the
straining rod of flesh, then again flicked it back all the way up the slender moistened
shaft. Then with a sudden deep groan, Peter reached down into his aunt's long black
hair, holding her face against his loins as he thrust his hips eagerly upward, shoving
the full-length of his hotly twitching cock between her lips and ramming it all the way
down her tongue to the back of her throat.
Marilyn gulped, giving out with a muffled whimper of mixed delight and protest at the
sudden shocking invasion. It almost choked her, but she took a wanton masochistic
pleasure in her nephew's sudden display of aggression, surrendering her lips
willingly as she felt the wildly palpitating head of his penis crush relentlessly into the
moist tenderness of her mouth.
Peter trembled as he felt his aunt's lips warmly close around the hard- fleshed shaft
of his cock, now taking almost the whole length into her mouth. As the young boy
began to hunch up and down on the couch, Marilyn surrendered her lips even more
willingly to the satisfaction of his obscene lust. Again and again she felt the hotly
swelling hardness shoving into her yielding mouth, the massively throbbing head
plunging down the full length of her tongue to embed itself far into the back of her
throat as Peter squirmed his loins even harder into her face. With a wanton whimper
she closed her eyes and began to work her head up and down in a bobbing
movement over his loins, swishing her tongue wildly around the sensitively pulsing
head as she started to suck in earnest.
Marilyn was losing her inhibitions, throwing herself body and soul into the task of
sucking her nephew's cock. She wanted him to cum in her mouth. She now longed
for the lewd ejaculation and was determined not to waste a single drop of the
precious life-giving fluid. She concentrated all her efforts toward that end, making
gurgling sounds deep in her throat, yielding up her softly willing mouth totally for
Peter's pleasure. Her lips were stretched tightly by the violating rod of flesh, and her
bent-over position beside the couch made the strain on her neck and shoulders
almost unbearable. But she didn't care. She sucked ravenously, further intensifying
the frenzied bobbing of her head over his loins.
"Oh wow, Auntie, that feels so good, I can hardly stand it."
The young boy had never experienced anything like this before in his life, and it was
everything he could do to keep from shooting off right this minute into his aunt's
obscenely ovalled mouth. The feel of her tongue and lips on the sensitive flesh of his
cock was too much, and he knew very soon he was going to lose control.
Then as his aunt began to sway and undulate her body with her own frenziedly
building passion, Peter became suddenly aware that on one side her skirt was still
pulled all the way up to her panties, and through the near-transparent fabric he could
just glimpse the shadowy black curls of the hair of her cunt. Staring hungrily at her
wantonly writhing buttocks, he thrust his cock even harder into the warmth and
softness of her mouth. Then, unable to resist the temptation he reached out toward
her with a trembling hand.
A shiver ran through Marilyn's body as she felt Peter's hand move up to touch her
full-fleshed buttocks, again working her skirt completely up above her thighs and off
her seething panty-clad loins. She gasped around the hotly plunging cock as she felt
his fingers begin to dig and prod gently into the firmness of her ripely quivering asscheeks.
She sobbed in abandon, her own body beginning to come savagely to life as
Peter's hands moved eagerly up between her thighs.
Marilyn further intensified her cock-sucking, the lewd submission tapping a
masochistic course in her she hadn't even known existed. Now every inch of her
voluptuous love-denied flesh was demanding contact, sensation, a physical reward
in exchange for the offering of her mouth up for Peter's obscene exploitation, and
already she was beginning to waiver in her resolution to make this act a sacrifice on
her part. She needed her own release also. Her whole body was crying out with
obscenely welling lust.
Then she purred even more urgently around the boyish cock-shaft that violated her
mouth as she felt Peter's hands begin to stroke softly up the straining tendon of one
of her inner thighs. She was almost completely naked below the waist, with only the
sheer panties to conceal the squirming half-moons of her buttocks and the already
lewdly moistened flesh of her cunt, but her complete vulnerability to her young
nephew's hands only further stimulated her now almost uncontrollable passion. Her
submissive mewling around the hotly thrusting shaft of Peter's cock intensified, and
she continued her fervent sucking as his fingers flicked shockingly up inside the tight
elastic legband of her panties and teased into the soft curly hair that fringed her
urgently pulsating little cunt- lips.
Then a muffled moan issued from deeper in her throat as she felt the first shattering
contact of Peter's middle finger stroking right up along the slickly moistened slit of
her cunt and coming into savage contact with the rigidly throbbing little bud of her
As her buttocks writhed eagerly in lewd gyrating motions, Marilyn felt her nephew's
other hand seize the waistband at the top of her panties and pull them slowly down
off the flexing ripeness of her buttocks. Then an even more violent shiver darted
through her loins as his middle finger stroked softly down the forbidden crack
between her ass-cheeks running right over the sensitive little opening of her anus.
The exciting contact made her intensify her hungry sucking of Peter's cock, and her
head bobbed in an even more wildly frenzied rhythm over his bucking loins, her teeth
scratching lightly up and down his resilient flesh and her tongue still swiping over the
palpitating head.
Peter groaned at the lewd sight of his aunt's face bobbing in obscene submission
over his loins, sucking his cock right up between her sensuously rounded lips. Then
once more he turned his attention to her near-naked buttocks and the softly haired
flesh of her pussy, his fingers moving down from her hot little anus to stroke
teasingly into the parted lips of her cunt from behind and up over the little bud
nestled so tenderly at the top of the slit.
Then Marilyn's buttocks twitched even more wildly as his middle finger slipped right
up in between her flanged pussy-lips, worming slowly and deliberately into the warm
wet flesh of her vagina, and Peter's own body stiffened an even louder groan coming
to his lips.
"Uh-oh," he gasped, his buttocks sinking down into the couch as he tried to gain
control over his maddening need, but the thought of playing with his aunt's pussy
even as she lewdly sucked his cock was more than the young boy could stand. He'd
never had the slightest sexual contact and the sensation was just too much for him.
He could feel the cum welling up excitedly in his balls, and he knew there wasn't a
way in the world he was going to stop. He was going to shoot off whether he wanted
to or not ... and if his aunt didn't move fast, he was going to do it right in her mouth.
Marilyn felt the sudden increase of the tension in Peter's body. She sensed the even
greater urgency of the obscenely thrusting cock between her lips, and she knew it
wasn't going to be long until he ejaculated. Frantically she began to hunch and
undulate her own hips, squirming the softness of her lustfully tingling pussy flesh
back and forth on the finger that still remained embedded far up inside the sensitive
softness, now straining to obtain her own desperately needed release in spite of her
previous vow.
"Uh-oh," Peter gasped again. "I'm gonna cum, Auntie. I can't help it. I just can't hold it
any longer."
Again his hips retreated downward and suddenly Marilyn realized what he was trying
to do. Due to Peter's inexperience, it must have never occurred to him that when she
said she wanted to suck his cock, she intended to go all the way with her
masochistic surrender. She'd intended to let him cum in her mouth. Now the young
boy's display of naivete sent an even more wanton thrill darting through her wildly
pulsing loins, and she followed his retreating cock with her lips, clinging to it
desperately, again sucking the full length of it almost to the back of her throat. She'd
never let a man cum in her mouth before. But she was determined to do it for Peter.
She wanted him to cum there. She wanted his triumph and her subjugation to be
But as Peter continued to squirm away from her, it became apparent Marilyn was
going to have to communicate her wish verbally. The idea that she might want him to
shoot off in her mouth must be completely beyond the realm of his innocently-rooted
imagination, and she had to let him know so he could enjoy his ejaculation to the
With a distant sounding whimper Marilyn let the hotly twitching shaft of Peter's cock
slip from her lips and raised her head, gazing hungrily up the length of his body at his
lust-strained face.
"I want you to cum in my mouth, Peter, I want you to cum in my mouth."
That did it. Peter could hardly believe his ears, but the prospect of actually coming in
his aunt's mouth was more than he could resist. With a loud gasp he thrust the
throbbing rigidity of his cock violently back up between her full red lips, groaning and
grunting in complete abandon, as he released his restraints, further increasing the
lewd fucking movements of his fingers into her moistly seeping pussy as he felt the
dam give way in his throbbing testicles.
An instant later Marilyn felt the first warm drop of Peter's fresh- tasting sperm come
spewing obscenely into her mouth. She gulped, her Adam's apple bobbing in rapid
rhythm as she swallowed to keep from choking.
At almost the same instant the first distant waves began far up inside her own loins
and sensing what was happening, Peter thrust his middle finger even more swiftly in
and out of her pulsating cuntal depths as the shocking waves of orgasm began to
pour through her body. His own buttocks continued their wild lunging as her tongue
twirled maddeningly around his twitching young cock-head, gurgling sounds
continued to pour wantonly from her throat as she swallowed the ceaselessly
spurting droplets.
At last, with an exhausted sigh, Peter sank his buttocks down onto the couch. His
aunt closed her eyes, her body squirming for a few moments longer as her orgasm
played itself through her satiated body.
The young widow was slowly beginning to come to her senses, it was almost as if
the exhaustion of the sexual endeavor had torn the last remnants of the hashish from
her body and everything was beginning to come back to it's former sharp reality.
"I liked it, I really liked it," gasped Peter excitedly, looking down at his deflating penis,
its glistening shaft still seeping cum from it's throbbing head.
"I know darling, but we must never do it again," said Marilyn seriously, realizing now
fully the enormous responsibility she had taken on, showing this kind of release to
her nephew. What if he should tell his friends, or worse than that, her b*****r-in-law.
How could she ever explain her outrageous behavior.
Peter was silent, he knew that his aunt meant what she was saying now but he knew
that it wouldn't be the last time for either of them. Unbeknown to her he had a little
tape-recorder stashed in his pocket and if all had gone according to plan he had
recorded their entire fucking session, it would prove to be a good piece of blackmail
for future sessions, besides he wanted to let Seth Roberts hear it, he would never
believe him that he had had his cock sucked by his aunt unless he heard the tape.
"I promise I won't tell anyone Auntie," the boy said innocently, knowing full well that
the tape would do the talking for him.
"Good darling, it's better this way, believe me. I'm glad I helped you out, though. Now
you'd better run along before your father wonders where you are ... and Peter ...
thank you for the brownies!"
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2 years ago
Wanton little bastard! Do a bastard-kid a favor and he "fucks" you--liteallt and figuratively.

The story: Great job.
2 years ago
Wanton little bastard! Do a bastard-kid a favor and he "fucks" you, literally and figuratively.

The story: Good stff.
2 years ago