A Si ster’s Lust chapter 12

It seemed as if Gail’s shocked mind stopped functioning for a time. When she was
aware of what was happening again, the trembling young teacher found herself lifted
in Frank’s strong arms, suspended aloft right over the turgid, slippery head of his
throbbing cock!
“Oooooooh!” Gail moaned, frightened and aroused at the same time. The thrilling
ripples were tearing through her delicate feminine flesh again, this time too
compelling for the frenzied girl to fight the tide of passion that rose within her. It
seemed as if the incident in the shower had only served to arouse her passions to
the boiling point. There was no way that Gail could say no to the two lusty men . . .
no way at all!
As Frank lowered his arms gradually, Gail could feel his huge slippery cockhead
pushing into her fluttering cuntal mouth, splitting her wide open like she was being
f***ed down on a hot, fleshy spear. It was filling her . . . filling her with searing
delicious heat and throbbing powerful masculinity. The lusting young teacher wasn’t
quite sure whether she should beg for Frank to stop or possibly plead for him to
hurry. The sensations in her heatedly juicing cunt were so shudderingly wonderful
that she couldn’t even think as his strong arms brought her down farther and farther
until his huge cock nosed and burrowed into the shuddering, rippling mouth of her
“Awwwwwwwww . . . great!” Frank gulped, his arms suddenly trembling as he
lowered her hot eager body to the rapier of his cock. It felt like his prick was being
gripped in a silken burning vise as her cuntal mouth wildly clutched around his
sensitive cockhead. Her little cuntal chute was twisting and turning inside and she
was a tight, flaming sheath, squeezing and blazing around his huge spear of
cockflesh with a pressure so deliciously intense that his huge, bouncing testicles
quivered and jerked in lusty response.
“Oooooooh, yessssss!” Gail whimpered, her voice becoming husky with lewd desire.
Frank’s huge cock was at the very back of her shuddering pussychute now and it
was jerking in a way that made her whole body shake. The blazing malespear was
deliciously huge, stuffing her so thoroughly that it was almost impossible for the lustfilled
brunette to breathe, much less speak. It felt like her quivering pussychute was
stretched out all the way but still Frank was pressing her down, forcing her to take in
every inch of his fantastically throbbing prick.
“Yessssss!” Gail, panted, thrilling ripples breaking in her shuddering cuntal tunnel as
Frank’s thick cock invaded her tightly trembling feminine chute. She had completely
forgotten about Jerry in the heat of the moment. All that mattered was Frank’s lovely,
huge cock and accommodating it inside her trembling, sucking channel.
The shivering brunette teacher gave a gasp of pure shock as she became aware of
Jerry in a new and thrilling way. He was sucking her nipples, pulling the plump,
shivering nubs of feminine flesh into the heated cavern of his mouth. His tongue
lapped swiftly over the crinkled heated pink bud and Gail felt her mind spin free
under this double stimuli. What could be more wonderful than this?
“Ooooooooh!” Gail moaned, feeling her juicy cuntal passages shiver even more and
squeeze to capture Frank’s huge cock. Jerry was sucking hard and his teeth nipped
at her nearly-bursting nipple. The exciting sensations rippling through Gail’s
shuddering body almost made her dissolve in a burst of insatiable passion. She
wanted more and more of this incredible pleasure!
“Morrrreeeee!” Gail whimpered, wiggling her hips lewdly and sliding down all the way
on Frank’s gigantic cock. “Ooooooh, yesssss! More!”
The trembling teacher felt her body turn into a raging fire, her cuntal tunnel stretching
and shuddering to accommodate Frank’s huge cock. She was lost in, a swimming
maze of swirling desire. Surely this was the closest Gail would come to heavenly
delights! She was nearly out of her mind with joy!
Gail gave a slight shudder when Jerry stopped sucking her nipples. Frank’s cock felt
so wonderfully huge in her juicy cunt that the girl was beside herself with lust. It took
a moment for Gail to realize that Jerry had stopped scr****g her nipples with his lips
and teeth but finally the lust-ridden brunette looked up to see why he had ceased his
delightful stimulation.
“Oooooooh!” Gail gasped, staring straight at Jerry’s long, thick, cock. It was right in
front of her face, almost touching her fiery lips. And it was throbbing and pulsing with
powerful masculine might!
Gail gave another whimper as she stared at the object of her desire. u*********sly,
the lovely young teacher swallowed and her mouth began to water. She wanted to
suck Jerry's huge cock but it was so huge that she was sure she couldn’t stretch her
lips open that wide. She had to do it though. Just looking at his thick spear of
cockflesh brought another creamy gush of juice to the walls of her quivering, quaking
pussy. She would manage somehow. She had to feel the powerful pulsing of Jerry’s
huge erection deep in her squeezing throat.
“Ooooooh!” Gail moaned, quivering in a shudder of passion. Jerry’s long, jerking
cock was at her mouth now, pushing in between her open lips. It was like a glowing
spear and the shivering brunette knew that she had to have it . . . had to suck it right
down her throat.
Gail shivered with delight as the hard, hot length of Jerry’s prick hurtled between the
soft petals of her shaking lips. It was hard and hot, sliding right down her throat in a
blazing thrust. The passion-crazed woman gave a choking sob and swallowed
compulsively at the amazing length of it. Her whole body was responding to this
exciting stimuli and she sighed, tightening her lips around his meaty engorged shaft;
Nothing had ever been this delicious before!
Gail emitted a soft whimper of surrender. It was happening! Both Jerry and Frank
were fucking her and it was incredibly sexy to the wanton brunette. Jerry’s long
probing cock was pushing steadily down her throat as she sighed and fluttered her
tongue in blind, total passion. It was filling her mouth and the salty rich masculine
taste of him made her pussy quiver even harder around the massive width of Frank’s
stiff erection. Sucking Jerry’s cock was making her pussy flame with rippling desire.
The very thought of satisfying two men at once was enough to send Gail into a
crazed frenzy of desire.
“Mmmmm!” the trembling teacher gasped, her tongue darting eagerly and her head
spinning in lusty, passionate circles. Her lips smacked in an explosion of lewd
sucking noises and she gloried in the heavy, male taste of Jerry’s slippery juices.
The creamy juice rolled off the aroused woman’s tongue and lubricated the inside of
her burning mouth. Jerry’s prickhead was slippery and blazing and the feel of such
power made her whole body ignite in lewd passion.
By now Gail’s resolve to set a sterling example for her s****r had all but disappeared.
The wanton young teacher reached out to let her fingers run over the quivering
tightness of Jerry’s heavy testicles, squeezing and tickling as her tongue slipped up
and down his stiff, heated cockshaft. She wanted to lick every inch of his throbbing
stiffness, to consume the throbbing rod of power that was pressing in between her
lips. Gail wanted to suck Jerry’s lovely thick cock until the cream gushed down her
throat in a torrent of blazing liquid fire and warmed her whole body with lust.
“Awwwwww! Yeah!” Jerry couldn’t help his exclamation of delight as Gail’s
squeezing throat surrounded his turgid prick. He shoved his spear-like erection
deeply into her throat and groaned again. The heat of her throat made his face turn
red and the sweat stand out on his forehead in beads. She was even more wanton
than she’d been last night.
Jerry’s passions grew as he shoved his big cock into Gail’s mouth again and again.
Now he could understand why Frank had been eager to join in on this party tonight.
Gail had sucked his cock last night and if he had gotten anything like this, it was a
wonder Frank had ever recovered enough to come to work today.
Another half-anguished cry escaped Jerry’s lips as he balled his hands into fists and
tried to stay calm. It was all the young man could do not to give way to his nearlyoverwhelming
urge to shoot his blazing sperm right down Gail’s throat. She was the
hottest cocksucker he’d ever encountered.
“That’s it, all, honey!” Jerry yelped, gritting his teeth to hold back his burst of sperm.
She was absolutely fantastic, trying to devour his cock whole with her squeezing
throat and blazingly soft lips. Crystal’s s****r had natural talent. You couldn’t learn
how to suck cocks this way unless you had a little natural talent and Gail sure had
more than her share. She was almost as good as Crystal and she hadn’t been
practicing nearly as long. The two s****rs were simply incredible!
Gail’s lips were sliding up and down the throbbing surface of Jerry’s cock and he
gave a groan of approval as she fucked his prick with her throat and lips. Her slim
fingers streaked on his quivering testicles and his cock jerked wildly as the aroused
brunette became more and more wild in her lust. If this didn’t change Gail’s mind
about fucking, nothing would!
Frank scarcely heard Jerry’s howls of lust as he drove his cock up mightily and thrust
it into the depths of Gail’s fiery cuntal tunnel. There was only one thing in his mind
and that was enjoying Gail to the fullest. Her pussy was hot and moist and Frank’s
full concentration was on how her squirming cunt was clutching and squeezing his
turgid erection. Even though they’d just started to fuck, the sperm was already
boiling and churning in his balls, begging for release. Gail was enough to drive any
man to the brink of sexy pleasure and Frank certainly wasn’t any exception.
“Awwwwww! You’re really hot, baby!” Frank grunted, driving his cock upward into
Gail’s blazing cuntal tunnel. His cock was coated with the juicy, burning cream that
flooded her clutching channel and each time he drove upward, Gail gave a muffled
squeal of joy. Frank could feel her juicy cuntal walls clutching, and squeezing the
heated length of his turgid prick and the car dealer knew that he couldn’t hold out
much longer. His balls felt like balloons filled too full with heated air and his cock
jerked mightily in the searing sheath of her pussy. He had to hold out just a little
longer. The best was yet to come. Frank could hardly wait to see Gail’s face when
Herb walked into the bedroom and surprised her in the way they’d planned!
Frank managed to keep his excitement under control as he heard Jerry give a loud
groan. That was the signal to Herb. Any moment now Herb would come through the
door and add his cock to the party.
At first Gail wasn’t aware that there was another man in the room. Then Jerry moved
slightly and the trembling teacher froze with shock as she caught sight of Herb. Her
heart hammered loudly in her chest and for a moment, Gail thought she was going to
faint. Herb was headed toward her and there was a determined expression on his
“H . . . H . . . Herb!” Gail squealed, letting Jerry’s cock slide from her mouth with a
gasp of shock. “Wh . . . wh. . . what are you doing here?”
“I’m here for the teacher’s conference, remember, Gail?” Herb said smoothly,
grinning at her. “Except I think this teacher’s conference is much more important
than the one going on downtown. Tonight’s the time to teach the teacher something
and I aim to do it!’’
Gail gasped again as Jerry took the opportunity to shove his huge cock back in her
mouth. Now that she could do nothing except tremble and squirm, Gail felt like a
prisoner in Frank’s strong arms. What was Herb going to do? Was he going to
rescue her from this dreadful situation like a true gentleman?
A low moan escaped Gail’s stuffed mouth as she saw Herb move around behind her.
She couldn’t see what he was doing but an icy cold stab of fear ran through her body
as she felt something blazing and slippery nudge right up against her trembling
asscheeks. Herb was shoving his huge throbbing prick right between the molten
globes of her beautiful shaking buttocks and there wasn’t a thing she could do to
stop him!
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