A Si ster’s Lust chapter 9 & 10

“I know what happened last night,” Gail said, her face red with embarrassment. She
was sitting at the breakfast nook in Crystal’s tiny apartment and the trembling young
teacher slowly took another sip of coffee to try to steady her nerves. “I’m sorry, s*s,
but you’ve got to remember that I was d***k last night. I feel entirely different about
the whole thing this morning.”
“You mean after all that you’re going to tell on me, anyway?” Crystal gasped,
squeezing Jerry’s hand tightly. “How can you be so mean?”
“I’m not being mean,” Gail sighed, brushing her hair away from her forehead. “I
realize that anyone can be carried away in a moment of passion. If you and Jerry
were just dating each other and sl**ping together occasionally, I would never say a
word. But Crystal! Living together is entirely different! Frank said the promotion
won’t come through for another month yet, and I can’t just go back and tell Mom and
Dad that everything is fine when it’s not! That’s a lie and you know how I feel about
telling lies!”
“Damnit.” Jerry groaned, thumping his fist on the table. “I just don’t understand you,
Gail. I thought everything was going to be fine after last night.”
“Well!” Gail breathed, her face turning even redder. “Last night was nothing but an
accident. I had a little too much to drink and I did some things I’m not very proud of,
but that doesn’t change the fact that you and Crystal are living together without the
benefit of marriage. As long as Mom and Dad are paying the bills, I have to give
them an honest report of what’s happening here. I just can’t do it any other way.”
“Won’t anything change your mind?” Crystal asked, looking at her grim-faced s****r,
“Nothing!” Gail said emphatically. “Of course I’ll be as tactful as possible, but Mom
and Dad have to hear the truth. There’s no way around it that I can see. Now I’d
better hurry and get dressed or I’ll miss the first
meeting of the conference.”
“How about if Jerry moves out and I really get a girl roommate?” Crystal asked
quickly as Gail made a move to leave the table. “Would you tell then?”
“Well, I’d have to think about that,” Gail sighed, frowning thoughtfully. “That might be
acceptable, Crystal . . . I just don’t know. Let’s talk about it again tonight, after my
meetings are over.”
As soon as Gail closed the bedroom door behind her, she sank wearily down on the
bed. It had been very difficult facing Crystal and Jerry but she had handled it rather
well. Of course the scene last night had complicated everything terribly, but that sort
of thing would never happen again. She’d thought it all out this morning and decided
that the liquor was to blame for her uncharacteristic behavior. She’d been drinking
the night Herb had fucked her and yesterday’s dire disaster had started only after
she’d had a couple of drinks. Alcohol was bad for her, that was all! It clouded her
mind and made her do things she wouldn’t normally do. One thing was for certain . . .
she’d never take another drink! Not if things like that happened to her when she was
“Damn!” Gail muttered, pulling some clothes out of her suitcase and beginning to
dress. She really felt sorry for Crystal and Jerry but she couldn’t let sympathy change
her concept of right and wrong. If Crystal didn’t get a female roommate, she had no
choice but to tell her parents. That was all there was to it! Living in sin was wrong
and she had to teach Crystal that. From now on, she would be a sterling example for
her errant little s****r. Everyone made mistakes and she was no exception but
Crystal had to learn that she should stick to the right way of living and give up sex
until she was married. That was the correct way of doing things and the sooner
Crystal learned it, the better!
Herb felt somewhat strange as he knocked on Crystal’s apartment door. He wasn’t
certain Gail would be glad to see him. She had acted a little cold when he took her
home the other night but perhaps that was just due to nervousness about her trip. He
knew damn well that she had enjoyed fucking with him. She ought to enjoy it even
more in a nice, warm hotel room and that was exactly what Herb was planning for
“Yes?” the lovely blonde answered the door with a puzzled expression forming on
her face. “Gail? Oh . . . she left already. Are you a friend of hers?”
Ten minutes later Herb was sitting in the chair Gail had recently vacated and Jerry
and Crystal were telling him the whole story.
“At first I thought she was k**ding, but now I’m not so sure,” Crystal sighed. “Gail’s
always been pretty straight and I think she really would tell Mom and Dad on us.”
“But you said she was partying right along with you!” Herb gasped, raising his
eyebrows. “How can she tell on you after a party like that?”
“She said something about giving up drinking for life,” Jerry explained. “Gail thinks
that the only reason she joined in the party was because she was d***k.”
“The whole thing’s simple then,” Herb said, a grin sliding across his handsome face.
“We’ll just have to repeat the entire performance tonight minus the booze. That ought
to convince Gail that there’s nothing wrong with fucking and the liquor had nothing to
do with it.”
Both Crystal and Jerry looked dumbfounded as Herb got up from the table and
poured himself another cup of coffee. “Now let’s get down to the planning,” he
grinned. “Do you think you could get Frank over here again tonight? I think it’s going
to take quite a bit to convince Gail that she was wrong about the whole thing. But we
ought to be able to manage it with three horny guys. How about it, Crystal? Do you
mind if Jerry gets in on the action again tonight?”
“I don’t mind at all,” Crystal breathed, giggling a little. “Just as long as I get in on the
party after Gail’s converted. “Do you really think we can do it, Herb?”
Herb took another swallow of coffee and reached out to pat Crystal’s hand. “I’m sure
we can,” he reassured her. “By the time Frank, Jerry and I are through with your big
s****r tonight, she’s going to change her opinions on a lot of things. She might even
change so much that she’ll agree to move in with me when we get back home.”
“I don’t know about that. . .“ Crystal sighed, grinning even though she doubted that
the three men could accomplish something like that. “I sure hope so. Gail can’t very
well tell Mom and Dad about us if she’s doing the very same thing.”
“Exactly!” Jerry laughed. “Come on, Herb. Let’s go down and talk to Frank. I think
you’ve got a real winner of an idea!”
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2 years ago
And the wheels start spinning, round and round and round and...and where it stops no oe knows!
Will the total conversion to wanton slut come to fruition? Tune in tomorrow, same time, same channel...!