A Si ster’s Lust chapter 8

Gail felt her warm body start to shake as she stared at her baby s****r and her
boyfriend, Jerry. How in the world had she gotten into a situation like this? What had
started out to be a simple way to help Crystal and Jerry out of their difficulty had
turned into a real mess!
“I . . . I think I’d better get dressed,” Gail stammered, avoiding her s****r’s eyes. “I . . .
I’ll stay at a hotel, Crystal . . . I think it would be best.”
“Hey . . .” Jerry grinned, placing his hands on Gail’s shoulders, suddenly pinning her
to the bed. “Don’t be silly! I had a feeling that Crystal’s s****r couldn’t be all that
straight and it looks like I was right. You just stay here with us. This bed is plenty
large enough for three . . . even four.”
Gail sneaked a quick look at her baby s****r’s face. She saw that Crystal was smiling
in a very lascivious way. “Never knew you had it in you, s*s!” Crystal giggled, giving
Jerry a wicked wink. “Come on, honey and give Gail a real treat. I bet I know what
she’d like. Why don’t you lick her pussy for her just like you lick mine? Gail would
really dig on that!”
“N . . . n . . . no!” Gail gasped, her face turning the color of a ripe tomato. “Crystal!
That . . . that’s awful!”
“No, it’s not!” Crystal said, giggling harder. “It’s not awful at all. It’s great fun and
you’re bound to get off on Jerry’s hot tongue, just the way I do.”
“Oooooooh!” Gail moaned, squirming to get free from Jerry’s grip on her shoulders.
Bursts of shivering heat consumed Gail’s glistening pink cuntal tunnel as she thought
about what Crystal had said. Lick her pussy? That was simply wicked!
Even though Gail was shocked and mortified at Crystal’s suggestion, she couldn’t
help the rush of juice that gathered at the tight nipping mouth of her pussy. The
thought of Jerry’s large hot tongue wiggling across her squirming feminine flesh
made her mind whirl and her breath come in quick gasps. Surely Jerry wasn’t wicked
enough to do something like that! The very thought made her turn crimson with
“Sounds like a hell of a good idea to me,” Frank grinned, lunging for Crystal. “And
while you’re busy with Gail, I’ll get your little lady here nice and hot. How’s that?”
“Fine with me,” Jerry grinned. “Four of us could really have a party.”
Gail shut her eyes in embarrassment after one quick look at Crystal’s face. Her baby
s****r didn’t seem in the least bit shocked. As a matter of fact, Crystal’s eyes were
sparkling and she had an expression on her face that could only be described as
lustful. Was this some kind of nightmare or was she really stuck in this situation?
Never had Gail guessed that her own baby s****r would behave in this wanton way!
“Mmmmmm . . . this is going to be a lot of fun!” Jerry grinned as he stared down at
Gail’s widely spread thighs and the creamy pink expanse between them. Crystal’s
big s****r was really lovely and he could hardly wait to give her a little fun. The
heady, heavenly scent of her aroused pussy floated to his nostrils and Jerry inhaled
deeply, feeling his cock expanding to fill the front of his pants. If Gail tasted as
wonderful as she looked, he’d
really have a blast tonight!
“This is a hell of a lot better than that steak we were going to have tonight,” Jerry
chuckled, enjoying Gail’s blush as he licked his lips lewdly and stared into the
swimming depths of her pussygroove. “Now you wouldn’t want me to go hungry,
would you Gail?”
“I . . . I . . . I don’t know . . .” Gail stammered, feeling both embarrassed and excited
at the same time. Obviously Jerry wasn’t going to take no for an answer and she just
didn’t know what to do. If only there had been some graceful way of squirming away
from Jerry’s tight embrace and fleeing from Crystal’s apartment, the trembling
English teacher would have done so, but her mind was frozen with the thought of
Jerry’s heated tongue sliding into the molten depths of her pussychannel. Sucking
Frank’s huge, throbbing cock had ignited the fires of passion in the lovely brunette
teacher. The reality of this situation was almost too much for her shocked mind to
comprehend. Just thinking about what Jerry intended to do to her, made Gail’s
slender rounded body suddenly tremble like a small leaf in a whirlwind.
There was no way that Jerry could miss the excitement that shook Gail’s body or the
rush of juicy lubrication, flooding over her pinkly shuddering cuntal tissues. If he had
been blind, he still would have known of the lovely teacher’s arousal. Her shivering
labia made a provocatively lewd sucking noise as they parted and swelled in sexy
excitement and Gail’s breathing was rapid and sharp. She was excited by the
thought of pussy-licking and Jerry knew it. This surprising evening was going to be
great fun and Jerry was bound and determined to give Crystal’s s****r the time of her
life. She wouldn’t be so straight and proper by the time he finished with her. If Jerry
had his way, Gail wouldn’t dare tell Crystal’s parents about anything at all!
Gail squirmed, blushing as Jerry stared at her with hunger in his eyes. There was no
way that the sexy teacher could restrain her excitement any longer. She watched
Jerry lick his lips again and again as her whole body shuddered violently as she
thought of how his tongue would feel licking against her swelling pink feminine
tissues. It was wicked and lewd but she could no longer deny that she wanted him to
do it. Gail’s afternoon had just been too much for her. She wanted Jerry to lick her
pussy and her lips opened to cry out with desire.
“Pleeeeeeease!” the aroused young teacher whimpered, shutting her eyes tightly
and tossing her head from side to side on the pillow. ‘‘I . . . I . . . yesssss!”
Jerry turned to give Crystal a lewd wink. This was turning out perfectly and he didn’t
even mind that Frank was going to enjoy Crystal in the same way. A party was a
party, and Jerry couldn’t very well get jealous when he was enjoying himself with
Crystal’s big s****r.
Jerry moved forward slowly, licking his lips again as Gail’s eyes fluttered open. The
lovely young teacher’s face was a mask of excited lust. A grin instantly spread
across Jerry’s handsome face as he heard Gail moan throatily. He’d take his time
and get her as hot as he could before his tongue dipped into the delightful juices of
her pussy.
“Aaaaaah!” Gail moaned, unable to stop the way her heated cuntal flesh was
quivering. A flood of liquid arousal flowed from her spasming cuntal mouth and she
shook in delicious excitement as Jerry flared his nostrils, drinking in the scent of her
pussy. He was sniffing her like a bitch in heat, but what would have turned Gail livid
with embarrassment earlier, was only adding to her arousal.
Gail forgot all about Crystal and Frank as she whimpered softly, feeling Jerry’s
heated breath puffing out against her swimming cuntal groove. The hot blast of his
nearly touching lips drove her insane with desire. Her fluttering, pink pussymouth
sucked loudly in the quiet room and sweet ripples that deepened into swelling
ecstatic waves tore through her wildly shivering pussytunnel.
“Pleeeeeease!” Gail gasped, her plea turning into a squeal of lust as Jerry moved
back a fraction of an inch and extended his thick heated tongue. He wiggled it
lewdly, deliberately smacking his lips noisily as Gail let out another squeal of passion
as she imagined what it would be like feeling his wet burning tongue sliding over the
crimson slit of her pussy. She couldn’t wait another moment. She had to have Jerry’s
tongue or she’d surely die of the passion mounting in her body.
Time almost seemed to stand still for the insanely passionate schoolteacher as
Jerry’s tongue inched forward slowly. It was almost touching her quivering flesh now
. . . closer . . . closer . . .
“AAAAAAGH!” Gail’s scream of lusty pleasure tore from her throat as Jerry’s blazing
tonguetip touched her quivering pussyflesh. She screamed again in jolting ecstasy
as his burning tongue swept down to lap the length of her quaking cuntal groove. He
was doing it . . . licking her creaming, shivering pussyslit . . . and it wasn’t awful at all!
It was wonderful and Gail almost fainted from the rocketing pleasure of his blazing
oral caresses.
“Oooooh!” Gail gasped, aroused to the point of screaming rapture by Jerry’s probing,
lapping tongue. The lovely young teacher had never dreamed that anything could
feel this wonderful. Jerry’s tongue was everywhere at once, creating delicious jolts of
pleasure that made the formerly shy teacher gasp with newfound pleasure.
Jerry grinned as he heard Gail’s squeal of delight. His cock throbbed eagerly as he
continued to prove that Crystal’s prudish appearing s****r was just as lusty and sexy
as Crystal was. It didn’t bother Jerry at all that he’d taken Gail by surprise. The lovely
brunette teacher would never have gotten into this situation if Jerry had tried to
seduce her in the ordinary manner and Jerry knew it. Now things would be different
though, Jerry was sure of that. There was no way that Gail could go back to her
parents with the news that Crystal and he were living together after something like
Gail didn’t even try to hold back her cries of wonder as the thrilling laps of Jerry’s
blazing tongue went on and on. He was lapping at her hot cuntal slit like he was a
starving man and liquid shivers of rapture ran up and down Gail’s heat-inflamed body
as she writhed in delicious abandon.
“Mmmmmm . . . good!” Jerry grunted, his voice muffled by the heated quivering
tissues of Gail’s trembling feminine flesh. His cock stiffened in his pants, aching to
get in on the action. He was ready to fuck her and his heart raced like a trip hammer
as he imagined driving his swollen cock into the depths of her shaking cunt. If he
could just hold on long enough, he’d bring her to the passionate peak of ecstasy with
his tongue and then he would really give it to her.
Gail moaned and writhed as the thrills grew stronger, ever stronger. There wasn’t a
shivering pink inch of her cuntal groove that Jerry hadn’t touched with his blazing
tongue. Every nerve ending in the lovely teacher’s body was begging for the ecstatic
rapture of release. She wanted his cock to drive into her greedy, unfilled pussy but
her cries of lust only seemed to make him more determined to lap and wiggle his
tongue over her burning pink tissues.
Jerry couldn’t hold in his slight groan as his rigidly turgid prick gave a mighty throb. It
was difficult to wait with his cock throbbing and pulsing like this. Jerry hadn’t really
expected Gail to respond with such delicious abandon to his snaking tongue but he
had to admit that it was a pleasant surprise. Gail was responding to pussy-licking like
she had been wishing for it all her life!
“Aaaaaah!” Gail gasped, giving a wailing cry of delirium as her whole body burst into
lusty flames. Her passions had been kindled by Jerry’s expert lingual caresses and
her cuntal groove was a swirling inferno of steaming wetness as his merciless
wiggling tongue slipped over her flooding feminine tissues.
“More!” Gail pleaded, shaking with delight. “Oooooh, yessss! Give me more!”
The shaking young teacher was spreading her thighs widely to receive the insistent
caresses of Jerry’s tongue. Her mind was whirling with passion, her fingers reaching
out to press down on his head. His mustache was tickling her . . . rubbing and
brushing against her shivering pinkness until the passion-ridden young woman had
the urge to laugh and squeal at the same time. This was a corner of lusty heaven
she had never experienced before and Gail knew that she loved it again and again.
She might have been shy and prudish until only yesterday but that was all changed
now. Between Herb and Frank and Jerry, Gail was convinced that she was a lusty
wanton for life!
The quivering petals of Gail’s cuntal lips opened widely and she moaned, her body in
flames. There was no way that the young teacher could control her wildly uninhibited
response to the sweet lungings of Jerry’s fiery tongue. He was feasting on her cunt,
consuming her very sexuality and she shivered helplessly as the blazing caresses
drove her upward, toward the peak of her lusty passion.
“Pleeeeease!” Gail moaned helplessly. Her voice had a note of desperation in it and
her breathing was quick and rapid. Her lovely white body was flushed with heat and
her feminine tissues rippled and trembled with passion. She had to have it now!
Even though Jerry’s cock gave a sudden urgent throb, he pushed his own greed
aside for the present. He was going to drive Crystal’s lovely s****r out of her mind
with his tongue. Then she’d be ready for anything. How could she resist any kind of
lusty sexual pleasure after a few more well-placed thrusts of his tongue?
“Mmmmm!” Jerry grinned, groaning in satisfaction as his heated, sucking lips
surrounded her throbbing clitoris. The beautiful brunette was jerking and shivering
ecstatically, her body was raising to meet the blazing wiggling of his torrid tongue.
Her lovely fragrant cunt was trembling like a rolling pink wave and a steady stream of
creamy heated juice rushed from her fluttering pussymouth.
The thought of driving his aching prick into the deepest shivering recesses of Gail’s
wonderfully responsive cuntal tunnel was enough to drive Jerry completely wild with
desperation. The urge was almost unbearable, but Jerry knew that he had to control
his own passions. There was plenty of time to fuck her. Jerry knew that he could wait
as long as he had a damn good reason. It was all a part of his lusty plan to see how
wild he could make Crystal’s older s****r. Jerry was going to win Gail over to his side
by the sheer f***e of her own lust. She’d never report back to her parents if he drove
her insane with lust.
Gail squealed in desperation as Jerry’s tongue began to twirl inside her cunt faster
and faster. She was wild with ecstatic delight and her hands pressed hungrily against
the back of his head, grinding his face to the violently spasming slit of her pussy. Gail
knew that she was behaving more wantonly than she ever had before, but she didn’t
seem to be able to stop, nor did the lovely young woman want to. All her energies
were concentrated to drive Jerry’s blazing, wiggling tongue into the deepest
recesses of her greedily, spasming cuntal chute. She wanted to be fucked to
distraction by his heated probing oral digit and nothing else would do. Gail was riding
the roller coaster of passion and there was only one way this sexy encounter could
The young brunette gasped, her mind whirling in circles of lust. Jerry’s expertly
probing tongue was slithering inside the tightly clenched ring of her cuntal mouth,
digging deeper and deeper as if he were drilling for oil. She could feel the walls of
her crimson-hued pussy tremble and grasp around his swirling tonguetip. Her entire
body seemed to be shaking with a mounting need. He was probing her innermost
depths now, hurtling his thick, deliciously hot tongue to the very back of her
shuddering cuntal channel, bringing her closer, ever closer to the screaming edge of
“Mmmmm!” Jerry grunted as his cock gave another urgent throb. A rippling quake
was beginning in the delightfully liquid depths of Gail’s inflamed cuntal tunnel. The
trembling brunette was so hot that the walls of her fluttering cuntal sheath almost
seared his tongue. Just imagining what it would be like to fuck her now . . . to drive
his urgently throbbing cock into her molten depths, was enough to tear a groan of
agony from Jerry’s throat. It was going to be wild and after he’d brought her to
orgasm once with his tongue, Jerry knew that Gail would be ready for everything and
“AAAAAAAAAA!” Gail gave a lusty squeal as Jerry’s probing tongue drove to the
back of her writhing cuntal chute. Her velvety pussy clung to the sides of his heated
oral digit as if she were trying to keep him a prisoner in her quaking feminine depths.
The smoothness of her thighs tightened to surround his head as she lifted her legs
up high and wrapped them wantonly around his neck. Jerry had driven her to
madness with his fast flipping tongue. There was nothing the desperate young
teacher would not do to satisfy the lusty passions he had awakened in her trembling
Just as Gail thought she couldn’t stand another moment of this blinding rapture,
brilliant flashes of light began to throb behind her closed eyelids. Streaks of rapture
hurtled her higher, ever higher toward a breathless plateau of passion and the young
teacher’s breath caught in her throat as she gave a throaty squeal of delight. Jerry’s
tongue was stabbing into her molten depths like a rapier . . . stabbing and probing
deeply until she was suspended between agony and ecstasy. There was a moment
when Gail could do nothing but scream in mindless anticipation and then the wanton
brunette felt her body explode into a million facets of sparkling electric sensation,
each gathering spasm suddenly breaking into ripples growing wider, ever wider like a
stone suddenly dropped into a pool of clear water. The ripples grew larger and larger
until, with a sobbing scream of fulfillment, Gail felt them spread out to consume her
whole trembling body in a tide or bursting orgiastic joy.
“AAAAAAAAGH!” Gail screamed, a joyful tide of rapture crashing and receding again
and again as Jerry plunged his tongue into the center of Gail’s blazing pleasure. The
lovely teacher was completely insane with ecstasy. It seemed as if her wildly
spasming cunt would never stop creaming and shaking and her moans of delight
melted into one continuous wail of joyful rapture.
Jerry grinned in triumph as he went on thrusting into the wildly orgasming woman’s
pussychute. He had completely devastated her with the burning heat of his oral
caresses. Yet there was even more fun to come. By the time Frank and he were
through with Crystal’s s****r, Gail, the lovely brunette wouldn’t have the slightest
inclination to object to their living arrangements. He had won Gail to their side by the
power of his sex and triumph was very sweet indeed!
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