A Si ster’s Lust chapter 7

“It’s not like Gail to oversl**p,” Crystal said, squeezing Jerry’s hand. “She must
have been tired after her plane trip here.”
“I . . . don’t . . . think . . . so,” Jerry grinned, tiptoeing into the apartment, placing his
finger to his lips in a gesture for silence. He grinned at Crystal and winked
conspiratorally as he pointed toward the bedroom. “Let’s take a look,” he whispered.
“I don’t think your s****r’s as tired or as straight as you thought.”
Color flooded Crystal’s cheeks as she heard the sounds coming from the partially
opened bedroom door. Surely Gail couldn’t be . . . it was unbelievable!
One peek and she knew it was indeed believable. Her older s****r was kneeling on
the double bed and there was no mistaking what she was doing!
Gail moved slightly and Crystal caught a glimpse of the man on the bed with her. Her
hand flew to her mouth in shock. It was Frank Harris and Gail . . . her straight,
prudish s****r . . . was actually sucking on Frank’s huge cock!
“Shhhhh!” Jerry whispered. “Don’t make a sound. Let’s watch for awhile, honey.”
She was too shocked to do anything except stare at her s****r with astonished eyes.
She’d never dreamed, never even imagined, that Gail would do something like this!
Jerry slipped his arm around Crystal’s quivering shoulders and grinned a pleased
grin. This was absolutely fantastic! From everything Crystal had said about her older
s****r, Jerry had figured that Gail was as straight as a ruler. His mind was changing
in a hurry though. Gail looked as if she were having the time of her life and there was
no mistaking the grin on Frank’s florid face. Gail must be one hell of a cocksucker to
make Frank grin like that.
Jerry pulled her a little closer as he felt her tremble. He glanced over at his sexy
girlfriend and noticed that her face was a mask of lust. Watching Gail suck Frank’s
cock was turning Crystal on just as much as it was turning him on.
This might prove to be a good visit from home, after all!
As Gail sucked with increasing abandon, she felt her cuntal mouth nip and quiver
desperately, pleading for something hard and hot to fill it. The thought of Frank’s
delicious cock sliding into her tightly quivering pussymouth was almost driving the
young English teacher wild with lusty desire. She was trembling from head to toe in a
frenzy of frustration and she swallowed greedily as Frank shoved his huge cock
forward, hurtling the full length of his erection into her squeezing, blazing throat. She
wanted him to fuck her too and it was impossible for one man to do both delightful
things at once.
“Mmmmmph!” Gail moaned, rubbing her face up against Frank’s shaking testicles.
His prick was all the way in her mouth now, hurtling down the squeezing blazing
tunnel of her slippery throat and yet Gail wanted more. The trembling young teacher
swallowed again and took a deep breath of his exciting masculine scent, her mind
whirling in new excitement. This was wonderful and only one thing could make it
better. If only she had two cocks to fuck her, she knew she would be breathless with
Just thinking about being fucked made Gail open her mouth wider in anticipation.
She was trying to stroke Frank’s heavy quivering testicles with her tongue. His cock
was all the way in the lovely brunette’s throat and still she wanted more. The
pungently thick fluid leaking from the head of his slippery prick tasted wonderful, like
a strong, musky wine and Gail sucked harder and harder, fast becoming addicted to
the taste of his cream. The more tasty cream that leaked down Gail’s throat, the
more she wanted, and the breathless woman sucked for all she was worth,
ballooning in her cheeks in a frenzy of passion. She wanted every delicious drop of
cream to hurtle down her throat, to fill her hungry belly with rushing streams of
“Suck it all out, baby!” Frank yelped, his face turning red in the face of Gail’s
voracious sucking. “Suck me hard . . . suck the cum right out of my prick!”
That was exactly what Gail was trying to do. She worked her tongue and lips
desperately, doing as Frank asked without a second thought. The young
schoolteacher was completely addicted to the taste of his wonderful prickcream and
she sucked at his thick meatiness as if he were a giant straw. Gail was ready for
whatever Frank could give her and then some.
“AWWWWWWW!” Frank shouted, his testicles tensing in an agony of anticipation.
The fiery squeezing of her lips and throat were too much for the experienced
businessman. Gail was the hottest cocksucker he’d ever had.
He gave a lusty shout of delight as there was a moment of breathless rapture and
then his balls began to pump at last, hurtling thick burning cream out of the winking
eye at the head of his slippery prick to blast down Gail’s eager throat with geyser-like
intensity. He was coming at last and it was great! He’d fill her hot little belly with
sperm until she couldn’t take any more. Crystal’s big s****r was superb, the way her
throat was rippling and squeezing, emptying the sperm from his cock!
“MMMMMPH!” Gail gasped. The inexperienced schoolteacher was shocked, startled
at the heavy infusion of his wonderfully thick cream. There was no alternative but to
swallow as fast as she could. Gail would surely have drowned in a torrent of sperm
had she not swallowed frantically. Rushing streams of cum were splattering down
her throat like a delicious spring rain.
As the wonderful spurts of sperm hurtled down her throat faster and faster, Gail felt
Frank’s cock lengthen, pulsing with power. He pumped hurtling infusions of fiery
cream into her throat that slid down into her hungry belly. Without even thinking, Gail
opened her throat up widely and let the heavy hot cream pour down, filling her with a
heated glow that made her mind whirl and her body tremble with delight. This was
the most wonderful moment of her life! Why had she waited so long to try something
so delicious, so satisfying?
“Yeah! That’s right, baby!” Frank yelped, sighing with intense pleasure. He wiped his
steamy face with his hand and sighed again as Gail used her soft, trembling lips to
strip the last drop of sperm from his cock. Crystal’s s****r was a natural cocksucker
and Frank could hardly wait to find out what else she was a natural at. He’d promise
anything if he could experiment a little more and see what other talents Gail had
hidden under that prim, proper exterior.
“Wow!” Frank sighed, pulling his cock from Gail’s squeezing lips with some
reluctance. “You’re the hottest little doll I ever ran into, baby! I wish I had two cocks
so I could fuck you with the other one!”
“Looks like you could use a little help, boss,” Jerry grinned, suddenly stepping
through the doorway. “Crystal and I’ve had enough watching. Mind if we join the
“Hey . . . that’s a hell of a good idea, Jerry!” Frank grinned. “You just stand in for me
while I catch my breath. Then we’ll see how much Crystal takes after her big s****r.”
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2 years ago
Man, that Biiig cream cone was the best, most delicious thing to ever cross her sweet lips, cross her tongue and slither deep down her throat and sate her belly!! Jeeeezz, oh jeeeezz, she has never tasted or felt anything so delightful in her life! Ever!