His Sexpot S i s Chapter 13

"Kyla, you have a magnificent body," whispered Jill, as she held the young girl's
thighs wide open and poised ready to climb between them to suck the gold-fringed
gash that was heaving expectantly.
"Leave the fucking slut alone," bellowed John. "If you want to slobber over a female
body then take your daughter, Jodi," he laughed hoarsely. "She'll let you and it's
something I wouldn't mind watching, a mother and daughter having it off together."
Jill's eyes were locked on Kyla's succulent pussy. The girl's sex hole was begging for
the spearing tongue of a woman. She could see that and much more as John's voice
came through the fog of her thoughts.
"Jodi, go and lay next to your mother," ordered John. "Move out of the way, Shawn,
and make room for her. You'd like to watch your mother eat your s****r's cunt,
wouldn't you?"
"Yes, dad, I would," he said with a stirring of excitement in his stomach. Again his
youthful cock started to harden at the prospect of seeing his mother go down on
Jodi. He grinned at Jodi as she came and lay on her back next to him. She stared at
the ceiling with a blank look on her face.
"But John," Jill started to complain and stopped when she saw his angry face. "Yes,
John," she said obediently. She gave a reluctant sigh and moved away from Kyla
toward Jodi.
"Mummy," smiled Jodi, tingling with a mounting sense of surrender. She half-closed
her eyes and moaned softly, her lips pursed, and said, "Fuck me, mummy, fuck me,"
again and again as wave after wave of sensual realization broke over her.
Jill lowered her head and kissed her daughter's breasts, her tongue trailing across
the small mounds, then stopping and taking a nipple between her teeth and sucking
the breast back into her mouth.
Jodi started to tremble. This was the ultimate, to have her own mother make love to
her while her horny father and b*****r looked on. Her trembling increased until she
was shaking visibly.
"There, darling," whispered Jill as she nestled against Jodi's body, clutching her
tightly, fingering her cunt and moving her hand around to cup one of her yielding
buttocks. Her fingers hooked and bit into the soft flesh as she hugged Jodi right up
against her.
"Hush, darling," smiled Jill, bending and kissing her softly. She let go of the buttock
and her fingers glided between Jodi's ass cheeks to explore her yielding holes.
"Get between the girl's legs and suck her cunt," boomed John, getting off the bed
and moving around the side to be able to see better. He flung Kyla a taunting glance
as his turgid cock flailed the air. She was half-sitting, propped up by pillows with a
numb look on her face.
Jill pulled herself out of Jodi's arms and wriggled down so her head was between her
daughter's legs.
"Now start sucking her," hissed John. He knelt at the side of the bed, watching the
wet jism seeping from Jodi's twitching pussy.
Jill lowered her head until her mouth was less than an inch away from Jodi's cunt
and then her tongue snaked out and parted the puffy sex lips and dove inside. She
deliberately held her head to one side so both John and Shawn could see exactly
what she was doing.
"Fantastic," breathed Shawn as his mother's mouth opened and moved closer to
oval around Jodi's bloated cunt lips. He saw the red flesh sucked up into his mother's
mouth as Jodi started to writhe and spasm in her first orgasm. Everyone of a
thousand tiny hairs stood up on end around her cunt as her mother buried her face
into the wet, quivering flesh.
Shawn started to stroke his burgeoning cock as Jodi let out a shriek of pure a****l
pleasure and her legs thrashed around to close in a vise around her mother's neck.
Jodi's eyes were wide open and brimming with tears of unrestrained pleasure as she
felt her mother's mouth and tongue expertly bringing down the cum to her quim. Her
hips gyrated, pressing her sticky quim hard against her mother's mouth.
"Ungh!" moaned Shawn, as he squeezed his swollen member to draw up the spunk
from his bloated balls. He lay gasping, knowing he soon would have to come and
shoot his load into the air.
"That's enough," John said suddenly. "Enough I said." He stood up and folded his
arms across his chest and waited for Jill's head to come up from between Jodi's legs
before he went on. "It's late and before we retire we'll all get together as a f****y and
have one last big fuck," he said coarsely.
All eyes were on him. Jill shuffled back and sat on her legs, her eyes questioning
"And of course, Kyla," he boomed. "After an, you're more or less f****y now, my girl.
I want to see the c***dren fuck, mother," he said to Jill. "Shawn and Jodi."
"Very well," said Jill quietly. "But what about you and me, and Kyla? Are we just to
stand by and watch?"
"No," he answered thickly. "I want you to go and get the toys, Jill," his eyes twinkled.
"The toys?" Jodi sat up and brushed a lock of hair out of her eyes. "What toys?"
"Go and get them, Jill," hissed John. "Now, everyone down on the floor," he
commanded the others and watched sternly until they obeyed.
"Do you think we ought to, John?" asked Jill nervously.
"Yes, get them," he shouted at her.
"I've had enough. You can count me out," cried Kyla, afraid of what was to happen.
She didn't understand but she was sure the toys meant something especially
unpleasant and she felt John had her specifically in mind for some barbaric
"You're included," he snapped at her.
"You're crazy. You can't make me stay if I don't want to," she fired back at him and
jumped from the bed and ran from the room to find her clothes.
"Come back here," he roared after her.
She darted into Jodi's room and found her underwear strewn across the floor and
she pulled on her panties in feverish haste with his voice still hammering in her ears.
She grabbed up her bra and quickly strapped it around her, bobbing her breasts into
the cups as she hooked it up. The man was mad! They were all mad. She looked
around for the rest of her clothes and stopped as he marched into the room.
"Kyla, you have three choices," said John blocking the door. He saw her scared and
beautiful and his cock bounced up and down of its own volition.
"Three choices?" she asked through dry lips, telling herself the only way she would
get out of the house would be by humoring him.
"I can take you home and report in detail what has gone on here tonight and the part
you played in the activities," he said slowly.
"You wouldn't dare," she exploded. "You're too involved. I'm u******e. I was a virgin
before I came here," she said all in one breath.
"Or I can give you another thrashing to bring you to your senses and make you take
part in our final sex act. And I can make you," he said very deliberately.
"My father would kill you if you hurt one hair on my head," she shouted bravely but
with very little conviction in her voice.
"The third choice-"
"I don't care. I don't want to know," she screamed.
"Very well, then I'll thrash you, Kyla. I've a heavy hand and your little bottom will feel
like it's on fire and you'll beg me to stop, but I won't."
"The third choice," she asked, shivering with fear because she knew he was capable
of anything now.
"You'll follow me back into the bedroom and you'll willingly submit to a little sex game
we are going to play called pass around the wooden cock."
Her legs trembled so much she felt that at any moment they would collapse from
under her.
"Come along, Kyla," he stood to one side from the door, his eyes running up and
down her little tight panties and her bulging bra. Partly dressed she looked even
more inviting and the fun would be stripping off the wisps of material to get to that
olive flesh that he desired so much.
"I'm scared," she howled.
The sperm boiled in his ball bag. There wasn't a man alive that didn't yearn to hear a
young girl beg, and that was what she was doing with her imploring eyes and husky
moans. Her sulking, wanton mouth was pursed into a plea that he ignored.
"Don't hurt me, please," she gulped and moved toward him and sidled around him to
go through the door.
He could see the twin globes of her ass through her silk panties and he wanted to
caress them, wanted to tear at the sheath of material to get at them in his lust for
"You won't hurt me, will you?" she whimpered all the way back to the bedroom. She
hurried because she imagined she felt his hot breath on the back of her neck and it
wouldn't be beyond him to push her to the floor to perform some depraved act on
her. At least in the bedroom with the others there would be some safety. She almost
ran into the big room and stopped dead when she saw what was going on.
"Go right on in," cried John behind her, prodding her with his thick fingers in the
small of her back.
"No--oh my God, no," she wailed, feeling the longest, hardest thrashing in the world
couldn't be half as bad as what was about to happen to her.
"The toys, Kyla," crooned Jill beckoning her in. She sat on the floor surrounded by
sex aids and in her hand was a long, thick wooden cock that she waved at the girl
"The toys," chortled Shawn, lying outstretched on top of a rubber doll inflated with
air. His grinding cock was sliding in and out of a hairy muff between the doll's legs.
His hands cupped the doll's big breasts, thumbing the dainty crinkled nipples. Now
the trunk of his swollen prick drew out of the synthetic cunt to bob up and down like a
"Look, Kyla. I've grown a cock," yelled Jodi, coming around the bed. She stood in the
middle of the room, proudly sporting a rubber penis that was strapped around her
Kyla's eyes fastened on the huge wooden cock still in Jill's hand and she knew that
toy was being reserved for her. She made to step back and came up hard against
John and she felt his hard cock jam up against her ass crack. She leaped forward,
afraid he would insert it again into her muck hole and found herself in the room.
"One big, happy f****y," chortled John, following Kyla in and dropping his hand on
her shoulder. He squeezed the soft flesh around her shoulder blade.
"I want you to thrash me," she whispered, hardly knowing what she was saying.
"Thrash you? Who's going to thrash you?" asked Shawn, climbing up off the rubber
"Take off your bra, girl," boomed John.
"And why on earth have you got your panties on?" asked Jill, coming to her feet.
Kyla felt them closing in on her. A few feet away was Jodi stropping away on her
false cock like it was a real one. Behind her was John tugging at the hooks of her
bra. Jill loomed the largest, coming ever so slowly toward her with her small hand
grasping the great big wooden cock like it was a truncheon to batter her to death
"Noooooo-nnnoooooo!" she wailed.
"I gave her three choices," John said tonelessly. "She came in here of her own
They all glared at her hard and angry because she was spoiling their fun. She even
dared to wear a bra and panties in an effort to make them feel guilty about their own
nakedness. She was the outsider. She wasn't f****y. She was an intruder and she
richly deserved to be punished.
"Then thrash her and be done with it," snapped Shawn, eager to see her tight
buttocks quiver and color under his father's belt.
"Send the little bitch home," Jodi said tartly. "She doesn't belong here with us."
"No-let her stay but give her to me," urged Jill and the tip of her tongue washed
around her lips like it was licking cream out of the young girl's twat.
"Quiet all of you. She stays," said John. "She stays, but, first we'll break her in." His
eyes dilated and his mouth went slack. "Give me that wooden cunt-prodder, Jill. I'll
give her a length she'll remember for a lifetime," he said in a broken whisper.
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