His Sexpot S i s Chapter 10

Jodi saw her father staring at Kyla and it flashed through her thoughts that he was
interested in her. And then she remembered all the sex aids they had found in his
room, the books and films, the blow-up doll, and the big wooden cock. Of course he
was interested in Ky la ...
"That's an awful thing to say, John, of your own c***dren," sighed Jill as her eyes
went to Shawn, to his big broad shoulders, noticing that he was all grown-up. It was
strange how she had hardly noticed before.
"Get out of that bed," cried John. "All of you. Jump to it," he snapped.
They got up looking sheepish and hung their heads.
"I ought to thrash the living daylights out of you," he shouted.
"Yes, you should, John," cried Jill with her eyes fixed on Shawn's cock. Even
shriveled up it was still big, she thought, and it sent a thrill through her to look at him.
"You have to be punished," growled John turning to Jodi.
"Yes, Daddy," She stood with her legs slightly apart and her back straight, thrusting
out her small breasts at him.
"You can take Shawn to our room, Jill, and attend to him while I take care of these
two," he said in a strange voice.
"Of course. Come along with me, Shawn," she cried out, "You and I are going to
have a long, long talk." She gently shut the door behind her as she ushered him from
the room.
"I know we've all been very naughty, Daddy, but maybe I can explain," started Jodi
as soon as her mother and Shawn left. She watched him, fascinated, as he started
to unbuckle the heavy leather belt around his waist.
"You can spare me the details, Jodi. I can guess what's been going on. What's your
name?" he fired at Kyla.
"It's Kyla, sir," she gasped.
"Well, Kyla, I don't know what to do with you as you're not my c***d, but you're just as
involved as they are. I could phone your parents and tell them to come over and let
them know what you've been up to."
"Oh, no, sir. Please don't. You can punish me any way you see fit, but don't tell my
parents," she begged.
"Very well." He held his trouser belt loose in his hand and he folded it in two.
"Are you going to thrash us, Daddy?" Jodi blanched.
"I might." He smacked the belt against the palm of his hand. "I think I should. You
can both bend over the bed. Hurry up now."
They started to whimper but did as they were told and bent over the low bed with
their bottoms facing him. Jodi dared to look back over her shoulder and saw an
expression on her father's face that she had never seen before. His eyes were filled
with lust and his thick red lips were tight together as he came toward them, lifting the
arm that was holding the strap.
There was the stinging smack of leather hitting bare flesh and Jodi screamed as the
belt wrapped around her bare buttocks. The belt whistled back and flew through the
air with a rush and wound itself around her smarting ass cheeks.
"Aaaggghhh," she cried out in pain.
"Don't you dare move, Jodi. Stay bent over," he commanded and gave her bottom
another lick of the strap.
She hopped up and down feeling like her ass was on fire as the strap descended
again and again.
"You can get up and stand lover there, Jodi," he ordered, and made her move to the
side of Kyla. "Now it's your turn young lady. Have you ever been thrashed before?"
"No, sir, never," she whimpered.
Jodi saw her father smile and lift his arm and she watched the heavy belt whistle
through the air and come down hard across Kyla's backside.
"Ooohhhh," Kyla moaned.
There was a single red welt across Kyla's bottom. The strap raised and fell and there
was another welt, and then another crisscrossing the others.
"Yeeeooowww," how led Kyla and burst out crying.
Jodi watched the skin of Kyla's ass go scarlet and puffy as her father kept on belting
her like he was never going to stop.
"There, you dirty little bitch. That'll teach you a lesson," he finally snarled and threw
his belt across the room. "Now stand up."
Kyla faced him feeling ashamed. Her bottom throbbed and tingled from the thrashing
he had given her.
"I'm sorry for what we did," Jodi said in a small voice.
"No you're not," he roared at her. "You're a cheap little slut," and he brought back his
hand and struck her hard across her face.
She reeled backward. She had never known him to get this mad before and she was
seeing a side of him that she didn't know existed. He was cruel and sadistic. That
was probably why she had the same streak in her.
"You." He flung his finger imperiously at Kyla. "Tell me exactly what happened, and
I'm warning you, if you tell me a single lie, I'll thrash you till you can't walk." He stood
with his fists on his hips glaring at her.
"Everything?" she asked with a gulp.
"Yes," he bellowed.
"Well, I arrived here at a few minutes past eight tonight because Jodi had asked me
to come and stay as it was Shawn's birthday," she began.
He listened in silence as she told him her story, even about the fact that she had
been a virgin before Shawn took her and how Jodi had helped him get into her. How
Jodi had held her down and said before the night was done she'd have Shawn's
cock up her ass.
"It wasn't like that," Jodi screamed, and then went quiet as his cold eyes looked at
Kyla finished and stood rubbing her smarting bottom.
"And that's all?" he asked.
"Yes, sir. Then you and Mrs. Addison came in and caught us," Kyla tailed off.
"Jodi," he looked daggers at her. "Get back over the bed."
"No, daddy, no," she wailed.
"Do as I say," he roared.
"Yes, daddy." She knew she was in for the beating of a lifetime and smug little Kyla
would watch and drool as her bottom colored up. She reluctantly went and bent over
the bed. She waited and the waiting was a torment.
"Bend with your feet apart with your legs open," he snapped.
She did as she was told and felt the skin of her bottom tighten like a drum and knew
his belt was going to hurt like hell now.
The leather belt hummed through the air gathering speed and came thrashing down.
Again and again and again.
"Oooooaaaagggghhhh!" she bellowed and her tears ran down her face. She heard
Kyla giggle and she gritted her teeth knowing she was having a good look at her
thrashed bottom.
The belt snaked through the air whistling all the way to smack and curl harder than
ever and Jodi let out a long piercing scream and to her shame she found her cunt
was opening up and a thin stream of golden piss streamed out of her.
"You dirty, good for nothing, cock-sucking little whore," he shouted as his arm went
up and down with his belt drubbing her crimson buttocks.
"She's pissing herself," Kyla chortled.
Jodi heard her and hated her. It was all her fault she was getting another thrashing
and, try as she did, she couldn't stop the golden waterfall until there was no more left
in her to come.
"Now get up, you slut," he shouted at her.
She staggered to her feet and glared at him.
"If you want more, then I can give it to you," he snorted and shook the strap in her
face ...
"I don't care if you do," she hollered. "I saw the way you looked at Kyla and I've seen
all the things in your room like the wooden cock you use on mummy," she burst out.
He looked at her without saying a word.
"You're a pervert," .she yelled. "You've enjoyed humiliating us, thrashing us." She
stuck her chin out cheekily, determined to have her say. "And I wonder what mummy
is doing in her room with Shawn who's got nothing on and is still as randy as hell. I
wouldn't be a bit surprised if he wasn't fucking her," she garbled and stopped. She
hadn't realized what she was saying.
"You're quite right," he said after a few seconds of silence. "I have enjoyed thrashing
you two girls but what you don't realize is that I could have the both of you put in an
institution if I wanted to. Yes, locked away for your own good. I still might do that if
you give me any more trouble."
"Oh, no, please don't," wailed Kyla.
He looked at her, at her jutting tits and her blonde-framed slit, then back to Jodi with
her miniscule tits and her shaven cunt. They had no choice but to do as he told
them, whatever he wanted, they couldn't say no.
"He won't put us in an institution, Kyla. Can't you see the way he's looking us over,"
sniggered Jodi. "He's going to fuck us. Oh yes, he is, and probably lots more than
that." She rubbed her stinging bottom. "He can hardly take his eyes off you, Kyla.
He'll be up your hole like a rat up a drainpipe," she said, giving her father a long,
searching look.
"No," Kyla whispered.
"Oh yes," Jodi sniggered. "Don't you think he had a nice long look at your goodies
while you were bent over tasting his strap. He looked right into you."
"I don't care," Kyla said hotly. "At least I didn't piss myself with fright like you did.
You're disgusting, Jodi."
"Quiet the both of you," he roared.
"What Jodi said isn't true, is it?" Kyla asked in a shaking voice.
"What do you mean?" He turned his head and looked at her.
"That-that you are going to-"
"Going to what, girl?" he pressed.
"Going to fuck us," she came out with it.
"Fuck you both? And one of you my very own daughter!" he said in a low voice
without any expression on his face.
Kyla let out a sigh of relief and gave Jodi a look of scorn. Of course he wouldn't
touch them. He had a right to punish them, and he had, and it was all over and done
with now. They could go back to bed and tomorrow she would go home and the
incident would be forgotten.
"Jodi is a guttersnipe," he said slowly. "She's always been a problem and one day
she'll probably end up in a bawdy house or selling herself on some street corner
because she is no good," he said to Kyla. "She's a bad seed and nothing I can do
will change that. She has seduced her own b*****r and she is trying to seduce me.
Look at her."
Jodi stood tall with her back like a ramrod. Her mound of Venus was puffy from being
fucked and her tits were hard with their nipples standing erect and excited. Her red
mouth was wet and her pink tongue stabbed in and out between her lips, constantly
moistening them.
"She is already a whore and the only difference between her and a hooker is that
she doesn't charge for the use of her body, but one day she'll get around to it," he
said, stripping bare her soul.
"And you, father, are a bastard," she said in return. "You are a middle-aged voyeur
with a predilection for young girls. Kyla will find out that what I said is true, when you
have your bloated cock rammed deep inside her fuck hole."
"Don't talk to your father like that," cried Kyla horrified. "You're wicked, Jodi. I can
see that now."
"Am I? Then look at the bulge in daddy's pants. Already he's got a hard-on," Jodi
"I see you haven't been punished enough," he rasped. "Now both of you can get
along to my room."
"Your room, daddy? Where all your sex aides are?" Jodi trilled.
He gave her a stinging slap across her ass with his hand and his face darkened.
"It's no use, daddy. I know you for what you are. I can read you like a book," she
cried. "You're not the first grown man I've tangled with. There's been plenty of them.
I've had more men fuck me than you've had hot dinners," she flung at him.
"Get to my room," he boomed and descended on her and she turned and ran. "And
you, Kyla," he caught hold of her arm and his knuckles dug hard into her breast.
"Yes, sir, I'm going," she wailed.
He slapped Kyla's ass all along the hall until she turned into his bedroom and stood
frozen in the door, not believing her eyes.
"Get in," he snarled, then grinned, as he saw what she was looking at.
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