His Sexpot S i s Chapter 9

"Don't blow your spunk inside of me, Shawn," Kyla smiled up at him. His prick felt
good gliding in and out of her cunt and now she realized what it was that had been
missing in her life.
"Do you forgive me for before," he asked quietly and bent his head and kissed her,
not missing a stroke as his cock went a little deeper.
"I forgive you, Shawn. Of course I do. You've woken up feelings inside of me that I
didn't even know were there."
He drew out of her and wriggled backward so he could go down on her cunt like Jodi
had. She had a young, unspoiled slit with silver cum dribbling out of it and he closed
his mouth over it so as not to lose a single drop. Now his tongue went to work, licking
up and down her fuck lips and sucking them into his mouth.
"It's nice having a man do it, isn't it, Kyla?" laughed Jodi. "And I'll tell you something
else. It's nice having a man's cock in your mouth. You must try it tonight. You can't
go home until you've tasted spunk shooting from an iron-hard prick," she cried
"I-I don't know," Kyla wilted and then her body convulsed as Shawn sucked her clit
into his mouth and started to gently gnaw at it.
"There's so much a man can do, Kyla. You've got such a sweet, tender little tail.
Don't think Shawn hasn't noticed it, and he loves tight little bottoms," she giggled.
Kyla blanched. Did men really do that? It wasn't possible. How could such a big prick
fit into such a ridiculously tight little hole? It simply wasn't possible. Still, there was a
nagging fear. Shawn might just try it ...
Shawn humped her hard and felt her cunt sucking his fuck stick like a mouth. This
time he would pull out of her in plenty of time and maybe he'd milk his prick off all
over her huge tits so he could watch his juice running into the dark chasm between
them. He looked into her green eyes wanting to tell her that's what he'd like to do but
he couldn't come out and say it.
"Save some for me, Shawn," Jodi cried impatiently. "You can finish off in my cunt if
you like."
He wasn't listening to her. He was watching Kyla's mouth slowly opening, saying she
would let him finish off between her wet lips. He knew instinctively that was what she
wanted even though she didn't say a word. He pulled his prick out of her and inched
up over her body.
"What are you doing, Shawn?" howled Jodi.
He took his prick in his hand and bent it down and layover her face with her nose
squeezed into his navel. Her mouth closed around his prick and started nibbling and
"What about me?" Jodi wailed and rubbed her cunt with her fingers as she watched
Kyla sucking her b*****r off.
"I'm cuming, Kyla. I'm cuuummmiiinnngg," he tried to warn her as his spunk flooded
from his prick into her mouth. He heard her gasp as his hand shot down to milk his
prick dry, and as he pulled at his cock his spunk spilled from the corners of her
mouth and down her neck.
"Ugh," she spat and tried to push his prick from her mouth with her tongue as his
claggy spunk ran down the back of her throat, choking her.
He sat back on her tits and his prick sprang from her mouth. He couldn't believe that
such a divine creature had just completely sucked him off but the evidence was all
around her face.
"Did I do it right, Shawn?" she managed to say at last.
"You did it just fine," he said, proud of her, and felt her nipple tickling his asshole like
it was trying to get up into him.
"It isn't fair," Jodi grumbled as she looked at them both. "You're having all the fun.
What about me?"
"But you can have him any time, darling," Kyla said in a cold voice. "After all, he is
your b*****r." She smiled warmly at Shawn as she wiped her mouth with her fingers.
"I can only have him when his prick is hard," snapped Jodi. "It's useless now that
you've emptied it."
"But I thought you said I should try sucking him off tonight," Kyla said innocently.
"Yes," Jodi snapped. "I also said he liked nice tight little asses. You do, don't you
Shawn? She has such a cute ass, and don't pretend you haven't noticed."
"I wouldn't do it to her. You said yourself that she had had enough, Jodi." He frowned
at her. She had a sadistic streak in her that he didn't like.
"But you did it to me, both you and Edward," she smarted.
"That was different. You asked for it."
"I don't know what all the fuss is about but don't you think you should ask me?" Kyla
sat up on the bed, swishing her long hair around her shoulders.
"No," Shawn said resolutely.
"Oh, go on, Shawn. She might even like it," Jodi urged. "It's a beautiful shit hole right
in the middle of her ass crack. "I know I licked it," she laughed.
"Does it hurt very much, Shawn?" asked Kyla in almost a whisper.
"Yes, it hurts a lot," he told her.
"Not if you rub lots of Vaseline or grease around your cock and her asshole first" Jodi
butted in. "Do that and your prick will glide up her as easily as if it were her hot little
"You want to see me hurt her again and I won't," snarled Shawn and he caught hold
of her and bent her over the bed. "I'll show you how it's done and when Jodi screams
you'll know how much it hurts, Kyla," he cried out
"No, don't," shouted Jodi. "I was only k**ding. It does hurt, Kyla, it hurts like hell. Let
me go Shawn."
He didn't. He held her down with her bottom up in the air and his stiffening prick
opened up her ass crack.
"Don't you dare," Jodi bawled.
His prick was as hard as a length of steel pipe and he didn't waste time easing it into
her puckering shit hole. He half-leaned back and then drove forward and the
mushroom head of his dick stabbed into her asshole and kept on going in as he
gripped her waist, pulling her back against him.
"Yeeeooowww. Nnnoooooo. Aaaaaagggggghhhhh. I can't take any more of it,
Kyla's eyes were laughing and she jumped from the bed and went to have a closer
look at Jodi getting her asshole fucked. She watched fascinated as Shawn's bulging
prick slowly disappeared into the girl's shit hole.
"Oooooohhhhhh, you'll split it, you pig," she cursed.
"But you said it wouldn't hurt, Jodi," laughed Kyla as she saw Shawn's balls flattened
up against Jodi's cunt arid rubbing around in the cum oozing out of her.
He started to ride her asshole, hoping he could get up enough spunk to blow into
her, and he moved his belly back so Kyla could see his chocolate-coated prick
gliding in and out.
"I'm sorry, Shawn. Please stop. I'm begging you," Jodi howled.
He felt sorry for her and let his prick slurp out of her, but he still held her bent over so
Kyla could get a good hard look at her stretched shit hole before he let her go.
She straightened up and turned around and gave Kyla a thunderous look like it was
all her fault. It was the second time her ass had received such treatment and she felt
like howling.
"I only let you go because you begged me," he said rubbing salt into the wound.
"Next time I'll go all the way."
"Pig," she hissed under her breath.
Kyla giggled. "Don't you think it's time we all went to bed and got some sl**p. It's
after midnight you know."
It was a sobering thought and they quieted down.
"Us two in here and you in your room, Shawn. Your birthday is officially over," said
Jodi, looking at her watch. She kissed him on the cheek.
"No, let him stay," Kyla said impulsively. "We can all cuddle up together. Please,
Jodi. I've never slept with a man before."
"But the bed isn't big enough," Jodi snapped.
"Then why not pull the bedding on the floor?" Kyla went over to Jodi and put her arm
around her waist.
"Oh, I suppose so," Jodi gave in. "I know what's going to happen, though, none of us
is going to get any sl**p. He's as randy as a ram."
They dragged the covers from the bed and spread them into a heap and put out the
"Shawn, you sl**p in the middle," ordered Jodi. "Between us, and if you give her a
poke, then you give me one as well."
They climbed into the shambles, touching each other and fooling around.
"I ache all over but in the most delicious way," Kyla said in the darkness and felt
Shawn's fingers fumbling between her legs. She opened them just wide enough for
him to feel her cunt.
"I just ache," grumbled Jodi and put her hand out to hold on to Shawn's limp prick.
Shawn sank his fingers into Kyla's honeypot, wishing she had been on the pill so he
could have spunked inside of her. It would have felt good seeing it run down the
insides of her legs. Try as he would he couldn't stop thinking about her and worst of
all, he'd never be able to boast that he had torn her virginity away. It wouldn't be fair
to tell anyone about that.
"What are you thinking?" asked Jodi to no one in particular ...
"Fucking," grinned Shawn.
"Having been fucked," sighed Kyla.
"Me, I'm thinking of how I never got fucked," grumbled Jodi. "Just my rotten luck."
They laughed. It was the way she said it, as if fucking was the same as eating and if
you didn't you went hungry.
Shawn's probing fingers sent shivers through Kyla, and she thought of Jodi bent over
and getting it in the ass, and it made her want Shawn on top of her. It was incredible
how much Jodi's shit hole had stretched. It had grown nearly as big as her cunt and
she wondered how it felt to have a huge prick like that. It had to hurt! Even so, it had
to be tried to find out, she shivered.
"I can't sl**p," groaned Shawn.
"Then have a cold shower and go to your own room," said Jodi promptly.
"I don't want to."
"Then close your eyes. You're not going to fuck either of us if that's what you're
thinking," sniffed Jodi, knowing he wanted Kyla again.
"Spoil sport," he said knowing what she was thinking.
"I can't sl**p either," gurgled Kyla.
"Hell." Jodi flung the covers off her and saw Shawn's fingers snatch away from
Kyla's cunt. The lousy bastard had been touching her up. Small wonder the bitch still
wanted it.
"Are we going to have another fucking session?" grinned Shawn. "I'm ready." He
displayed his cock.
"Shawn, if you haven't had enough sex, then there must be something wrong with
you. You've been at it all day and your prick must be raw. It's a wonder there's any
meat left on it," Jodi said dryly.
She was right. He still felt unfulfilled and the novelty of straight fucking no longer
excited him. It was like a hypnotic f***e was keeping him going bringing up his prick
whenever it was needed. Even now he lusted for cunt, though he had taken both
Jodi and Kyla in every possible way.
"Enough is enough," she scolded, "and you must go to sl**p," Jodi insisted and
ordered them to get down the bed and cover themselves up. She saw an impish
twinkle in Kyla's eyes and knew they had started a sexual drive in her that was
Shawn curled up his legs with Kyla's ass in his lap and his prick hardened enough to
prod into her ass crack. He put his arm around her and tweaked her nipples as his
prick glided into the crack of her ass to touch her quivering bum hole.
"Leave her alone," Jodi warned, feeling him wriggling around.
"I wasn't doing a thing," he mumbled, and bit the lobe of Kyla's ear.
"Ouch," she cried.
"What's that?" cried Jodi, sitting bolt upright.
"Only me. I said ouch," giggled Kyla.
"No, I didn't mean that. I heard something else like the sound of muffled voices."
"I didn't hear a thing," said Shawn playing with Kyla's clit. He knew if he massaged it
long enough she would need to have him again.
Jodi fell back and folded her arms under her head.
"I want you, Kyla," Shawn whispered into her ear. "Do you want me?"
"No." Her voice trembled.
"Liar, you know you do. Lie on your back or I'll take you from behind."
"Don't you dare."
"Oh shut up," exploded Jodi. "I'm trying to listen. I know I heard voices."
"It's a guilty conscience," said Shawn smugly. "Or maybe it's a burglar. Go and have
a look."
Somewhere in the house a door slammed and a voice cursed.
"Maybe it's Edward," said Shawn, starting to shake.
"He wouldn't break in. I locked all the doors," Jodi mumbled.
The sound of heavy footsteps made them hold their breaths and then the bedroom
door swung in and the light blazed on.
"Daddy!" The color drained from Jodi's face as she blinked her eyes against the
harsh light.
"Shit, no," said Shawn without thinking. He stared at his father standing grim-faced in
the doorway.
"What's going on here?" he shouted at them.
Kyla's eyes were as big as saucers and she didn't even think to cover her bare,
pendulous breasts as she sat up.
"I thought I could at least trust you, Jodi, while I was away." He stamped into the
He was tall and very distinguished-looking with grey hair at the temples. His eyes
were blue and he had a long straight nose that flared around the nostrils. His mouth
was unsmiling.
"Is anything wrong?" asked a woman coming in behind him.
"Mother," Jodi howled and wanted to hide herself.
"Look at them, Jill. All together on the floor with not a stitch on. It's obvious what they
were doing."
"Now, John, calm down. There's probably some good reason for this," she tried to
sooth him. "There is, isn't there, Jodi?" she asked hopefully.
She was slim and young-looking. Her hair was long and curled around her oval face.
There was a glint in her grey eyes and laugh lines around her mouth.
"Good reason you say! I know the reason," he blasted. "They are all down there in
the sheets having one hell of a fuck session. That's what they're doing." He looked at
Kyla and his stern face relaxed and his mouth twitched into a smile as his eyes ran
over her.
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