His Sexpot S i s Chapter 5

"I bet you're awfully hot in those heavy overalls, Edward. Why don't you take them off
and make yourself more comfortable," said Jodi as she took him into the lounge.
"While you're doing that I'll get you a drink. How does a cold beer sound?"
"Out of this world," grinned Edward, knowing he had guessed right. The hot little
bitch was going to let him take her and it was just what he needed. He didn't need to
be told twice take his clothes off. She wanted a good screwing, any fool could see
that. It wasn't every day he came across a randy young girl needing cock so bad. All
these things tumbled through his mind as he climbed out of his work clothes.
Shawn peered through the lounge room window and saw the stranger taking off his
clothes. He was big and fat but that wasn't what took his eye. As the man climbed
out of his underwear, his heavy cock sprung up like a pipe wrench. It was enormous
"I'm coming, Edward," called Jodi.
Shawn gulped. She'd never be able to take that. She didn't know what she was
letting herself in for. He should go in and stop it all before it was too late. But he
didn't; he stayed at the window, fascinated.
"Ooohhh, Edward," simpered Jodi coming into the lounge and bringing over a glass
of beer. She set it down on the table.
"You did say undress," said Edward smugly, posing for her to get a good look at him.
"Yes, I did," she gulped. His prick was much longer, much fatter than Shawn's.
Edward had a black mat of hair running down his chest to apex around his huge
urging donger. Shawn had no hair on his chest. Edward's ball bag was like a cow's
udder ...
Shawn gnawed the flesh on the inside of his mouth as he saw Jodi go over to the
man and stand next to him to have her tits squeezed. Then she moved away and
moved toward the window like she knew he was out there watching. Maybe the bitch
was going to draw the curtains so he couldn't see what was going on! No, instead
she partly opened the window and went back to the man. She knew he was there,
watching, and she wanted him to hear what was going on as well, the whore.
Edward lay down on his back on the floor and she stood over him, lowering herself
as his hand came up and his blunt fingers pulled open her cunt lips. Now she was on
her haunches and he was able to suck her heaving cunt.
"Ooohhh, Edward, that's divine," she cried out. "What would your wife say if she
knew?" She faced the window with Edward furiously sucking between her legs.
"Get down here, k**, under me," grunted Edward, pulling her down.
"I don't know, your cock is enormous. I've never seen one that big before," she called
"I won't hurt you. I'll give it to you slowly," he promised.
Jodi fell on her back, her legs climbing as Edward got between her thighs and
fumbled to fit his huge weapon into her. She lay her head on one side and saw
Shawn's nose glued to the window. It'd do him good to watch her being taken, she
told herself. Let him see that other guys wanted her.
"You really want it, baby," mumbled Edward.
"Yes-yes," she wailed so Shawn could hear her. "You have such a big prick, Edward,
and I need so much to be fucked. I want to feel it inch all the way up inside of me."
She lifted her legs up and held them open, ready for his prick.
"And you shall, k**. Here it comes," snorted Edward.
"Aaahhhgggg! Ooohhh, Edward. That's beautiful. I've only had little boys' cocks
before," she screamed out for Shawn's benefit. "Ram it all the way into me. I can
take it," she cried gamely.
Shawn told himself it was all a dream and it wasn't really happening, but there it was
right before his eyes and he wanted to smash through the window to tear the ugly
brute off his s****r. Instead he stood watching his thick fuck stick boring in and out of
her stretched cunt. Her legs were wrapped around the man's back and she was
taking all he gave her.
"Aaaggghhh, Edwaaarrrddd," she screamed, feeling herself cumming and seeing
Shawn's angry face glaring at her, watching her get the fucking of a lifetime.
"There's more yet," shouted Edward, cupping and twisting her tits in his massive
hands. He used them to pull himself into her.
"Beautiful fucker," she cried out as his cock pistoned in and out, her cum pouring
from her cunt in a never-ending tide and running down between her ass cheeks.
Edward pinched her nipples hard with his fingertips till they were bl**d red and
pulsing as he felt his spunk start to climb up his stalk. He rode her like she was a filly
that had to be broken in, and finally his balls were hard up against her asshole.
"It's heavenly, Edward," she panted as she contracted her cunt muscles around his
prick so he wouldn't pull out of her. She wanted him to shoot his whole sticky load
right into her.
"I'm cumming," he croaked wildly and shoved his prick as far as it would go into her.
"Not yet, Edward, hold off, hold off till I'm ready to cum," she begged.
"It's too late. Uuuggghhh, aaaaaagggggghhhhhh!" he roared as his spunk started
shooting from his prick deep inside of her, hissing and spurting as it shooted from his
prick head to gush along her horny cunt walls.
"Yes, now, I'm ready," she wailed as his steaming hot spunk exploded inside her
cunt and his prick jerked backward and forward inside her fur burger.
Edward collapsed on top of her, feeling his shiny length of prick shrinking and finally
plopping out of her hole.
"I've never had it so good before," she gasped as she wriggled from under him. "Can
you come again after you've rested?"
"Sure I can, k**. If you need it again." Suddenly his face froze and his leyes bulged.
"What's wrong, Edward?" She frowned "You look awful. Are you all right?"
"The window," he pointed. "There's someone out there, watching us." He started to
panic. It had all been too easy. Maybe she had set him up. Maybe she was pregnant
and wanted to hook a man to save her skin.
"Oh, that!" She relaxed. "It's nothing. It's only my b*****r, Shawn. He's been there all
the time," she said casually.
"All the time? What's he doing there?"
"Watching us, Edward. It probably turned him on watching us fucking. Shall I get
"No," he cried, catching her arm to stop her and he got up.
"Why not?" she laughed. "It could be fun. I've never been screwed by two guys at
once before." She giggled at his horrified face and jumped up.
"No, don't. I can't stay. I must be going," he called after her as she bounded from the
room. She was a nut and so was her b*****r. What had he got himself into?
"Shawn, where are you? Come on out," yelled Jodi, going around the side of the
house looking for him. The idea had taken hold in her mind. It would be fantastic to
have two cocks surging up and going inside of her ...
"You fucking, dirty slut. You cheap whore," whimpered Shawn coming out of the
bushes behind her, his eyes like chipped ice and his mouth set.
"Oh, there you are," she said spinning around. "I've been looking for you."
"You common whore," he snarled at her through bared teeth.
"Now that's not nice, Shawn. I was going to ask you if you had enjoyed watching us
through the window," she taunted, standing with her hands on her hips. She smirked,
not caring what he thought.
"You let a perfect stranger fuck you, Jodi!"
"Yes, why not?"
"And did he-did he ... "
"Yes, all the way."
"You let him blow in you?" he howled.
"Yes, of course he did," she chortled. "And he had a lot more to give me than you
did. Maybe he doesn't jerk off as much as you do. Anyway, come on in and meet
"No." He took a step backward.
"Don't be silly, Shawn. He's only a man the same as you are. Now if I had a naked
woman in the house you'd come running. You come inside this minute," she said
stamping her foot.
"Why, haven't you had enough, you bitch! Shit, I can see it running down your legs,"
he bellowed.
"So come inside and you'll see a lot more. If you stay outside then you'll see nothing
because I'll draw the curtains. And you do want to see, don't you, darling b*****r?"
"You're going to let him take you again, aren't you?"
"Yes. I'm going in now, Shawn." She moved away. "I'll be locking all the doors and I
won't come back out for hours." She knew that he would follow her; he wouldn't be
able to help himself.
"But this was to be my day, Jodi, just you and me," he yelped and tripped over a
sharp stone as he hurried after her.
"It is your day, Shawn. Just think of all the different things three of us can do
together," she cajoled and then laughed wildly.
Edward was in the lounge sitting in a chair with his underpants on. He looked
uncomfortable and self-conscious when they came in and Shawn was introduced.
Then he grinned because Shawn was naked and he put two and two together and
realized why Jodi had been in the garden without a stitch on. The two had been
making love together. Somehow it made everything all right. It explained why Shawn
had been looking in the window.
Jodi's eyes twinkled as she looked from Edward to Shawn and then went to close the
They've fucked each other lots of times, Edward said to himself, glancing at Shawn's
limp prick. It wasn't a bad weapon and it would have been enough far a small girl like
Shawn didn't know what to do with himself. He felt like he was the intruder, the
outsider now. He sat on the floor, his eyes glued to a bead of spunk dripping from
Edward's prick head. It had been inside his s****r and had shot its load and she
wanted more of it!
"Well," said Jodi. "Shall we get on with it?"
They both looked at her and Shawn understood. She wanted bath of them at once
pumping away inside of her with her cunt hole stretched around their two pricks. The
randy little bitch didn't know what she was asking for. By God, though, if that was
what she wanted then that would be what she got, even if she screamed the house
Edward looked at Shawn as if to say he'd go along with anything she wanted and he
grinned like he too didn't think she'd be able to take it.
"How about down on the floor?" suggested Jodi, breaking the silence. Nimbly she
dropped down on the carpet in front of them, her thoughts racing. She inched her
legs open and dropped her hand deliberately to her slit, feeling their eyes watching
her every move. She parted her slit and lay back waiting for them to join her.
Edward was the first to move. He got up and stripped off his underpants and his bullsized
prick stood out in front of him. He knelt down next to her and fondled her
"Shawn?" She ordered him down with her eyes as she threw her legs open so he
could see Edward's spunk glistening in her cunt. Her dewy honeypot was an open
invitation and she didn't care which of them got in first.
"Who shaved you, Shawn?" Edward asked when they were both around Jodi,
mauling and inspecting her body.
"She did," grinned Shawn.
"Because he told me to," argued Jodi. "He said it would make his cock look longer,
and it does, and it's sexier. I rubbed oil all over it but most of it came off when he
fucked me," she said blatantly like it was natural that her b*****r should have
screwed her.
"It's a good-sized prick and it'll grow much bigger," said Edward admiring it. "Mine
was pretty small when I was about your age but playing with it made it this big," he
said proudly.
"I bet you've fucked lots of women," said Shawn as he pulled his prick to life.
"A few, but none as pretty or as randy as your s****r. She's a lulu."
They both laughed and their pricks formed an arch over her belly, the two prick
heads touching like dueling pistols.
"Fantastic," shuddered Jodi, taking both their cocks in her hands and rubbing the
bulbous heads together. She drew them toward her mouth to let them know what
she wanted.
"Let her, Shawn," said Edward, reading her thoughts and wanting to see her pretty
sulking lips stretched around their cocks. Someone had taught her well. She looked
far too young for such experienced sex, but she seemed to know what she was
Jodi opened her mouth as wide as she could, and her tongue lapped first around
Shawn's prick, and then around Edward's before she squeezed them into her mouth
and down her throat. She gagged for a second, then took more.
Shawn stared amazed at their pricks stuffed in her mouth. Jodi's wet red lips were
closed about them and she was taking their full lengths down her throat without any
trouble. Now his balls were against her chin but still Edward had a couple of inches
to go. Her teeth nibbled like she wanted them to blow but nervously like she wasn't
sure if she could swallow all the spunk they'd have to give her.
"I don't believe it," hissed Edward, plunging the rest of his cock into Jodi's mouth.
Jodi spat their cocks out of her mouth and grinned willfully at both of them. "I'm
ready," she said quietly. "But I want you to **** me," she said and started to struggle
furiously like she was being taken against her will.
"You bitch, if that's how you want it then that's how you'll get it." Shawn rolled her on
top of him so he could fuck her from underneath and he shouted at Edward to climb
up on her buttocks to give it to her from behind.
"Yes, yes, yes-you bastards, **** me," she hollered again and again.
"Get up on top of her, Edward, you bastard," snarled Shawn. "And stuff that dirty
great prick of yours into her cunt with mine. Afterward you can have a chance at her
asshole and we'll see how she likes it, the bitch." His own cock glided inside of her,
hardly touching the sides, and she laughed harshly and raked at his face with her
arched fingers.
Edward laughed and mounted her with his huge dick thrusting at her slack cunt. He
bent back so he could watch Shawn's prick going in and out of her, then both of their
cocks formed a wedge and drove in f***efully.
She stopped laughing and her mouth fell open in disbelief. It felt like a pole was
driving up between her legs and she started to fight in earnest because now she
really was being ****d. It wasn't a game anymore. They rammed deeper and deeper
and she let out a long cry, knowing it was useless to beg them to stop.
Edward wrapped his arms around her and humped furiously with his balls rubbing
against Shawn's pistoning stalk. He knew that Jodi wasn't pretending anymore
because no girl could take that much prick and like it. She was howling and her tears
were running down her face as he caught hold of her tits and squeezed them
Jodi turned her head, her eyes pleadingly aghast, but Edward only grinned at her
and thrust in deeper as if her widening eyes urged him on.
"All you've got, Edward," shouted Shawn and cruelly he put both hands around their
cocks as they slid into her to wipe any lubrication away so she'd get their pricks raw.
He wanted to hear her beg and it would be music to his ears.
"Shawn, noooooooo," she gave in as the twin fuck sticks ripped and drove right up
into her belly. She bit her lower lip till it bled knowing it was a waste of time trying to
stop them. She wept knowing they were taking her at her word like wild stallions that
wouldn't stop until they were finished.
"You cock-hungry little bitch. I'll teach you," roared Shawn. "You always were a slut.
Take this," and he f***ed another inch of cock into her.
"Aiiiyeeeeee! Damn you, damn you," she cursed.
"And this," hollered Edward, ramming his telegraph pole forward.
Her cunt hole was no longer slack and moist. It was as tight as a drum and dry as
sandpaper and she felt shooting pains through her groin and started to understand
just what it felt like to be ****d. But there wasn't a thing she could do about it.
Balls of sweat rolled down Edward's face as he worked hard, for there wasn't much
further to go, and once his balls were hard up against her he'd be able to shoot.
That'd be the only way he'd be able to get his prick out of her, after it went limp. Then
it happened as he bucked forward again with the silken skin stretched to the limit.
She let out a bl**d curdling scream and his prick surged forward. They had done it.
They had split her cunt wide open.
"Aaaaaagggggghhhhhh!" Her head flung backward and tossed from side to side as a
slicing pain shot through her. Her scream rattled through her half-open lips as the
two pricks sank right up to their balls in her.
"Hurrah," cried Shawn, drawing out of her and wriggling from under her he went
around to see Edward's prick being pulled out of her.
"You've split my cunt open," wailed Jodi. "You b**sts, b**sts," she sobbed and sank
down on her stomach.
"We're not done with you yet," cried Shawn. "Help me get her up, Edward, and we'll
finish with her.
She was hardly listening to them, but then the very worst thing that she could have
imagined happened to her as they dragged her back onto her knees and parted her
ass cheeks.
"You take it because you're the biggest," said Shawn gleefully.
"Do you think we ought to? She looks like she's had enough, Shawn."
"What are you doing," she cried out.
"You'll find out soon enough. You promised we could do anything, anything at all,"
reminded Shawn. "And we're going to."
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