His Sexpot S i s Chapter 2

Shawn leaped up on the bed and straddled Jodi, ready to fulfill three years of longing
for her wanton body. He bent his head and kissed her mouth as a prelude to taking
her forbidden fruit and wondered if it was safe to go the whole way with her for it
would be a disaster if he made her pregnant.
"I'm on the pill, Shawn," she said as if she had read his thoughts, and she drew her
legs from between his so he could lay between them and get at her more readily.
His fingers trembled as they went down awkwardly and pulled open her cunt lips,
revealing the pink inner lips and a white button clitoris. Drawing himself back ready
with his huge fuck stick in line with her moist quim, he suddenly drove forward with
the f***e of a battering ram, sinking his cock into her hungry twat.
"Yeeeooooow, aaaahhhh, nooooooo," Jodi screamed and her eyes flew wide open
as she writhed beneath him, trying to get away from his ramming, red-hot prick. A
shudder coursed right through her body and she was afraid. The last time they had
played around he had been so small and it hadn't hurt her, not like this. But then he
had been much younger and her steaming cunt had gobbled up his pencil-thin cock.
Now he was almost a man and she felt like his tool could easily split her fuck hole
wide open.
Her long, lingering scream was music to his ears as he watched his prick relentlessly
disappearing into her juicy quim, inch by inch up to his velvet-soft balls. He drew it
back an inch, waited, then drove it forward as hard as he could.
"Aaaaggghhh! Stop! No more, no more. I can't take it. Pull it out, Shawn, please,
please, Shawn," she wept and the tears ran down her face to the corners of her
Like a train at full speed his cock continued to drive into her and her face was a
mask of pain and fear. Her hands flew between their legs to tear the cruel prick from
her ravaged cunt. She felt her own juices smeared over his lower belly and his balls
and by then it was too late for she had his full length fixed inside of her.
He drew back slowly, his cock slurping beautifully as it drew her cum in torrents to
her cunt entrance where it stayed in rings of cream around her red cunt lips. His ironhard
prick finally came out like a cork from a vintage wine bottle with a dull plop.
"Oh my God!" She couldn't take her eyes off his tool. It seemed to her to be twice its
size and it was hard to believe it had been fully inside of her.
"You told me to fuck you," he grinned.
"You b**st. You wanted to hurt me and you enjoyed it," she wailed and caught her
breath seeing the strange look in his eye.
"All that did was grease my pole," he said casually. "I haven't started on you yet." He
looked at her wet, ovalled mouth. It wouldn't be as tight as her cunt but it'd be just as
juicy and she had promised to be his slave unconditionally for the whole day.
"Shawn-why are you looking at me like that? Shawn, answer me."
He ignored her and inched up over her body, knowing it wouldn't take her long to
realize what he intended to do with her. Her skin was soft and his balls rubbed
against it as he climbed toward her mouth. Now he could feel her short bursts of
breath blowing along his swollen cock.
"No, Shawn," she cried out with an awareness of what he was up to, but it was too
He caught hold of her hair in his fists holding her head down as his buttocks climbed
up over her tits. Lifting himself on his knees, he yanked her hair, and the second she
opened her mouth to scream with pain he drove his prick down, surging along her
thick, wagging tongue as she spluttered and gasped.
"Dirty bastard, ugh, aaaggghhhh!" she gasped.
He stared fascinated at his thick red pole stuffed in his s****r's mouth with the rim of
cunt cream around her lips from her twat. He eased his buttocks back and slowly
rode her like he was in her cunt giving her three Or four inches of cock, knowing she
couldn't take any more but wishing badly he could drive his whole length down her
throat and blow himself off.
"Filthy pig," she screeched, rolling from under him and spitting her own cunt cream
from her mouth that had oozed from his fuck stick. It tasted salty and she wondered
vaguely if his spunk would taste the same ...
"Slave for the day," he reminded her and laughed as he saw her cum dribbling from
the corners of her mouth. "You have to let me do anything I want with you. Now take
it back in your mouth."
"I won't," she flared.
"You will," he snapped, "or I'll make you."
She saw he meant it and it scared her. He was quite capable of forcing himself on
her and if he did he would have no mercy. "I don't think I can, Shawn." His prick
bobbed inches away from her face and she eyed it balefully.
"Open your mouth," he shouted. "You're going to take it whether you want to or not."
She swallowed hard and leaned and pressed her lips against his hot cock, feeling a
fine stubble of hair around its stem. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if she took it ever so
slowly ...
Shawn closed his eyes as she started kissing his fuck stick and nibbling around his
ball bag. She licked along his iron-hard length, her tongue making little lapping
sounds as it sucked to the cock head and pried open the blow slit.
"Get it into your mouth, you bitch," he hollered with his eyes half-closed. It was
heaven, it was all his wet dreams come true, it was his whore of a s****r gobbling off
his prick like a cheap prostitute.
Nervously Jodi took it between her lips, her teeth brushing along it.
She was a cock-sucking slut and when she had a mouthful of his tool he was going
to blow his load and make her swallow it, drop by drop ...
She felt his prick jerk impatiently and slide into her mouth and she had to keep wide
open to take its thickness. She felt him riding her mouth like it was a cunt with his
cock going deeper and deeper. How long could he go before he blew off and could
she take it?
He pulled his prick back almost out of her mouth and stuffed it forward, his balls
bouncing against her face as he screwed her lips.
I can take it, she told herself and almost wanted him to drive forward to see if she
He groaned as he held back the hot tide, not wanting to shoot his surging spunk till
he had to, and slowly he withdrew it from her mouth, feeling as if every nerve in his
cock was on fire.
A thin, silver trickle of spunk hung from his cock to her sensuous lips and it broke as
he sat back on his haunches; it snaked down her chin, marking her initiation into
cock sucking.
"I can take it, Shawn," she said eagerly now.
"Later. There are so many things to do, to your body," he growled as he caught his
"But!" The tip of her tongue sneaked out and caught the silver thread of spunk and
sucked it into her mouth and she pouted.
"I'm nearly ready to come and I think I'll jerk off all over you," he said thickly.
She nodded and lay back on the bed and squeezed her small titties together. The
thought of him blowing over her excited her. She'd be able to see close up the spunk
shooting from the eye of his cock. In the past she had only had rare glimpses of him
manipulating his tool and she had often wanted to go to him to say she wanted to
watch him go all the way.
It was a fantastic sensation kneeling above Jodi and slowly stropping his prick with
his hand. Her eyes were like magnets fastened to his huge cock, not wanting to miss
a thing. He stropped upward so she could see the whole glistening length pistoning
through his hand with his balls jerking and bouncing wildly.
"Come now, Shawn," she urged, her voice husky as sensations new to her swept
through her body. His mighty cock head was aimed directly at her face and she halfopened
her mouth, providing him with a target to aim for.
He squirmed as he built up to a frenzy, wanting to see his spunk explode all over
Jodi's face. He had a feeling of tremendous power and utter contempt for her, as if
she were a lowly slut wanting to be abused.
"Quick now, Shawn, into my mouth," she begged, and her fingers flew down to her
cunt to stroke her screaming clit as her mouth opened wider.
"Dirty slut," he gasped his hand, pistoning faster.
She licked her lips greedily, her eyes locked on his purple cock ramming in and out
of his closed hand. The eye of his cock opened and closed and his mushroomshaped
fuck head turned beet red. He couldn't hold back much longer. He'd have to
let it go.
Vainly he tried to hold off to prolong the delicious ache as long as possible. His
bucking hips heaved backward and forward as he flogged his prick till his arm ached.
His tight buttocks jerked. Faster, faster, and half-lifting himself over her, closer to the
wet, red pit of her mouth.
"Shoot, you bastard," she swore in an agony of fingering her flooding twat.
"Yes, dear s****r, oh yes. I'm coming, cuuuummmmiiiin, now." And his spunk
exploded from his fuck stick in a gushing torrent straight into her slobbering mouth.
Great white gobs of cream plastered her face and still it came as he kept on milking
his stiff prick down now over her titties, spitting over her neck, jerking over her chin.
"More, more," she cried.
He sat back on her belly, watching his spunk dribble from her lips with her long,
pointed tongue rolling out to gather up the thick blobs. The spunk still spurted from
his now-limpening cock, splashing down to run into the well of her navel. He shuffled
forward over her and stuffed his prick head into her mouth for her to suck the last of
his spunk down her gurgling throat until there wasn't a single drop left in his stalk.
Jodi gulped and swallowed the thick hot spunk and let it run down her tongue and
down her throat before closing her mouth tightly around his prick.
"Aaaggghhh!" he cried out as a last blob was drawn up from his ball bag and sucked
into her red tunnel of a mouth. He felt her lips tighten and her teeth close around his
stalk and they were sharp and he winced with pain. Looking down at her with his
balls hard up against her lips, he knew he was now at her mercy and he sighed with
relief when her teeth parted and let him go. He fell sideways, utterly exhausted
alongside her.
"Was that good, Shawn?"
"The best," he panted.
She rolled over on her stomach and leaned over him and her mouth came down over
his and opened and a thin stream of spunk oozed from her mouth into his as she
kissed him long and hard. Her spunky tongue drove between his lips to explore the
soft dark inside of his mouth.
"I'm drained," he groaned and watched fascinated as his white spunk running down
her tits turned transparent.
"Rest a while and get your strength back, darling. We've only just started and you
haven't even fucked me yet. My cunt is aching for it," she laughed.
"You're a regular nymphomaniac," he whispered.
"And you, dear b*****r, are a man." She smiled as she squeezed his balls that were
the size of walnuts. Her finger slid along his crack and circled around his tight
asshole, probing and trying to get in.
"You fucking slut, Jodi."
"Yes, I know-I've been told that before." She let out a tinkling laugh and kissed him
"I've never pulled myself off in front of a girl before," he said, half-ashamed as he
thought about it.
"Or wore a pair of girl's panties," she chuckled.
"That's right. And I think I liked it," he said truthfully. He didn't want to move because
her searching finger around his bum hole felt delicious, and he knew it would excite
him before long and he would get another hard-on. Only one thing could be nicer, he
thought, and that would be her long, red snaking tongue washing down his ass crack
probing to get into his tight shit hole. But would she do that? It was a lot to ask and
most likely she would say no.
"Have you had many experiences with girls, Shawn?" she asked suddenly and took
her hand away from his bum crack.
"Some," he said wishing her fingers would go back. "But not as many as you," he
"How do you know'?" She lay her head in the crook of his arm.
"I know lots of things," he sniggered. "Things you'd never dream I know about."
"You're just saying that. What could you know?" she puzzled. He tousled her hair
and dropped his hand on her breast and squeezed the yielding flesh. It wouldn't be
wise to tell her what he knew because she would accuse him of spying on her, which
he had.
"Tell me, Shawn," she insisted.
"No, I won't."
"Then I'll get up and get dressed and I won't let you touch me again," she flared in a
burst of temper.
"I'll tell you about the girls I've played around with," he said to change the subject.
"Later. First I want you to tell me what you think I've done. Why won't you tell me?"
"Because I'll embarrass you," he mumbled, searching for a way out.
"Embarrass me after what you've just done, the things you called me? You're making
excuses." She began to get up from the bed.
"No, wait, Jodi."
"Well!" She sat up and tossed her head. "Tell me."
"I don't know where to start," he grinned. "You always were a randy bitch and I could
go back three or four years, but I won't. Let me think."
"Hah, I thought so. It was only talk and you don't really know anything at all."
"Don't I?" He looked straight into her eyes and had the satisfaction of seeing her
blush and look away.
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