Deep Crotch Mother Chapter 17 & 18

Thad went to the local hospital. And from there, he went to jail. His plans to open a
church in Jasper Junction were destroyed, and his existing religious empire began to
Marcella didn’t care. She was too concerned for the welfare of her young daughter.
Rest and attentive mothering cured the c***d’s physical hurt, but her psychological
wound would take longer to heal.
On top of this problem, Marcella had to think about supporting her f****y. She had
ripped up her roots in Centerville. There was no going back. Since she didn’t have
money to travel on, she seemed to be stuck in Jasper Junction.
She discussed this with Edna. The two had become friends.
“There’s an opportunity in this town for an ambitious female,” Edna said, “but I don’t
know if I have the business sense to take advantage of it. Hey, you used to run a
little business back in Centerville, didn’t you?”
“Yes,” Marcella replied. “A dry cleaning shop. But this town is so small, I don’t think it
could support one. Anyway, there are mostly farmers around here, and they don’t
wear business suits ... ”
“Yeah, mostly farmers with frumpy wives!” Edna said. “And horny young farmhands
who’ve got no place to go to get their rocks off!”
“What have you got in mind?” Marcella asked.
“What this town needs is a whorehouse! Think you could run one?”
“Oooh shit, Edna!” Marcella said, and laughed.
“I’m serious. There’s a lot of money in that line. Look, I’ll help you. I’ll be one of your
girls. But I don’t have a business head-just a head for head, and things like that.”
She giggled.
“What a switch!” Marcella mused. “I came to town thinking Thad and I were going to
open a church. And you want me to end up with a ... a whorehouse?”
“There isn’t all that much difference between the two,” her friend said wryly, “at least,
as far as Thad ran his religion. You’re fucking the public one way or the other.”
“I guess you’re right. You know, religion used to mean a lot to me, but it all vanished
one day, like a bubble bursting. I just don’t care any more.”
“Honey, you never knew real religion. What Thad practiced was phony!”
“I realize that now.”
“So, what do you say?” Edna asked brightly. “Are you game to go into the girl
“Well, maybe. But what’ll we use for money? We’d have to rent a location and get it
fitted up.”
“I’ve still got old Harvey on the string,” Edna said, her eyes twinkling wisely.
“You mean, he’s not going back to his wife?”
“Are you k**ding? After a week with me, he’d never settle for Hazel again! And you
know something? The old fox is pretty well off.”
“Do you think he would lend us enough to get started?” Marcella asked, picking up
on the idea by that time.
“He will, after I work him over a bit. Ill tell him that after we open up shop, he can
hang around and be our bouncer.” She laughed. “Of course, what hell really be is a
pimp. He can work the truck stops and the farmers’ hangouts and send the trade to
“You know, you’ve got some brains in that dizzy red head of yours!”
“And you thought I was good for only one thing!” Edna said, giving the other woman
a quick kiss.
“Hey, look out or you’ll get me hot!”
“That’s not a bad idea. But let’s lay our plans first.”
“Listen, you’ve just proved to me that you are a businesswoman, after all. How come
you don’t want to run the house, hm?”
“Because I’ve got to be footloose. I’ll hang in with you for a while. But I don’t want
anything tying me down. When I’ve had enough of this town-and of Harvey-I want to
be free to split.”
“I don’t like the sound of that,” Marcella said seriously.
“Honey, after you get that house going, and start hiring gorgeous young chicks to
take care of the customers, you’re going to be having eyes for them yourself. I got
you started on a whole new kick, and it’ll take you as far as you want to go.”
“Hmmmm.” Marcella’s brown eyes brightened.
“So let’s plan, shall we?” Edna asked.
“Right on!” her friend replied ... and winked.
The plans worked out better than either woman had hoped. Not only was Jasper
Junction a fertile field for sexual exploitation, but the local powers seemed to have
nothing against it ... so long as Marcella and Edna dispensed a few favors to them
on the side.
For instance, the mayor was the town’s only banker, and he held mortgages on most
everything in sight. Nobody dared oppose him.
He had a fondness for big asses. For screwing big, soft, bouncy, feminine asses.
Marcella was made to order for him.
“Ooooh, honey, do you really want to give it to me thaaaat way?” she asked on their
second bed-date, as he rolled her onto her belly.
“I’d like nothing better!” he replied lustfully as he gazed at her rounded, shapely
“Well ... go easy,” she murmured, looking at him over her shoulder.
The banker hopped around and knelt behind her, boosting her bottom into the air. He
was a thick-set man, but still agile ... and, though fifty, he had young ideas.
He spread Marcella’s buttocks with his hands and watched her asshole contract and
expand playfully. He chuckled and bowed his head.
It was intensely pleasurable to the liberated woman as she felt his damp tongue
stroke, then circle in her anal dimple. She relaxed her muscle and let his tongue
break through her rubbery ring.
It isn’t every woman who advances far enough in life to get her asshole licked by a
banker! she thought whimsically.
But rather than think about it, she preferred just to enjoy the slithery sensation as he
pumped his tongue in and out of her spasming, warmly clasping shit-chute. He was
getting her all ready for the sodomistic thrust of his horny cock, and the more she
thought about it, the better the whole idea seemed.
By the time he had gotten his fill of licking and sucking at her ass, she was
palpitating with fuck-hungry excitement.
“Hurry up!” she smoldered, weaving her big bottom at him.
He moved to her, his gun at the ready, and he nuzzled its muzzle against her
tingling, wet anal opening. She helped. With a push, he sank several inches of hard,
throbbing cock up her rear, and Marcella moaned with delight.
“Ooooh, fuck my asshole, baby!” she purred hotly. “Really burn it! Churn up all the
shit in my bowels!”
“You dirty whore!” the banker said, and began to stroke, gliding his rod in and out of
the elastically tight brown hole between her buttocks.
Falling forward atop her, the banker reached underneath and plucked at her nipples.
He rolled her big boobs as he fucked her hot asshole with glee.
“Finger my ... clitty ... !” she whimpered between passionate gasps.
He glided a hand down her belly, found the slit in her curly fur, and teased the bump
at the top of it until it was sticking out. He rolled it firmly with the tip of his finger while
he pumped more vigorously in her warm, man-pleasing ass.
Glancing in the dresser mirror across the room, he watched his prick spear
rhythmically into the cleft between her shivering buttocks.
“I haven’t gotten a good ass-fuck in this town in years!”
“Well, baby, you’ve got one now!” Marcella replied. “Oooooo, I feel as if I’ve got a
fencepost ramming up my rear!”
He pinched her clit and fucked her asshole faster. His belly slapped noisily against
her buttocks. Her hips bobbed. She moaned.
“AAAAAHHHHHGH!” he rasped, and his prick twitched in the grip of her anal
muscle, which rippled around him.
She came, spasming and groaning, as he emptied the product of his overheated
balls into her rectum.
She knew she could stay in that town as long as she wanted-and she might want to
stay for a long time, indeed!
Chapter s*******n
The police chief was a string-bean type who ran a gas station on the side. It was that
kind of town. Chief Slagg took his orders from the mayor, but Marcella and Edna
knew they had to keep him happy, as well.
Homer Slagg had an oral fixation, which his wife had steadfastly refused to gratify.
Edna had no such compunction. In fact, if there was anything she enjoyed more than
sucking cocks, she hadn’t discovered it yet.
Homer had a beauty. It was almost as long as Thad’s, before he’d gotten his ruined.
Edna had first become interested in him when she had stopped at his station one
day for a tank of gas and had found the place deserted. Spying a door ajar at the
side of the building, she had boldly pushed it open without bothering to notice the
word painted on it: MEN.
Her green eyes widened as she watched Homer hold his long, limber penis while it
drilled a hard stream of piss into a urinal.
She didn’t suck him off right then, of course. But she made a mental note about what
a well-hung stud he was as she beat a silent retreat, not letting him know she had
peeped at him.
When she found out later that he was The Law in Jasper Junction, she returned to
his station with lascivious intent. This time she found him greasing a car. After a few
minutes of banter, accompanied by the batting of her eyes, she led him behind a
stack of oil cases and unzipped his pants.
“Holy Christ!” he exclaimed. “What if a customer should come?”
“I’ll see if I can’t make you come first,” Edna said, and dropped to her knees.
She didn’t waste time licking his cock, but just took the wiggly soft thing into her
mouth. His stem stiffened between her sucking lips, and his glans ballooned against
her lapping tongue.
She bobbed her red head as she sucked his lengthy cock, her lips sk**ding silkily
around his iron-hard shaft.
“Sweet mother of pearl!” he groaned, and petted her busy head.
A customer drove in. Homer could see the fellow over the oil cartons, and the man
saw him.
“Hey, you old pirate!” the man, who knew him well, yelled. “Are you gonna come out
here and give me some service or not?”
“Why don’t ... you come back here, Harry ... ?” was Homer’s panting reply. “Maybe
you can get ... some service that you’ll like better.”
Edna didn’t mind.
As Harry moved up next to Homer and eagerly unlimbered his rod, she turned to him
and licked his cock to rigid hardness. Then she returned to Homer for a few gliding
sucks. She turned and sucked Harry heatedly until he was writhing with joy.
She made the men shove their cocks together, and she mouthed both organs at the
same time. It was amazing how she could stretch her lips around both pulsating
prickheads, pumping them to the point of eruption.
But she was afraid that if she took both bursts in her mouth at once, she might
choke. So she let Harry’s pecker ooze out and concentrated on Homer with her lips
while she jacked the other man off by hand.
At the moment that Homer spurted into her throat, coating her tonsils with his rich,
tasty cream, Harry blasted into her face. His sperm splashed against her cute nose
and smooth cheeks, dribbling down while she gulped and gurgled.
It was good fun!
After that, Edna wasted no opportunity to keep Homer feeling good, and Harry
became one of her regular customers at The House. Being something of a
businesswoman, despite what she had said to Marcella, she didn’t believe in giving
away too many free samples.
Even what she gave to Homer wasn’t free. In return, she got all the high-test
gasoline that she could burn up.
She sucked him at the station or at her place of business, whenever he happened
by. Once she spied him in a local bar and sneaked into the men’s room with him,
where she sucked him off while sitting on the John. Then she held his hose while he
Was it any wonder that The House wasn’t busted?
Marcella tried to shield her k**s from the business as much as she could, instructing
them to remain in the upstairs apartment.
Now that Beth had learned what a pee-pee was for, she was curious to see whether
Timmy’s small one worked like the huge, cunt-stuffing rod that Pastor Polk had
rammed painfully into her. She had the feeling that her b*****r’s little gadget wouldn’t
cause pain. It might even give her some pleasure, she dared to hope.
Timmy was hurting for action, since his mother had been holding him at arm’s length
lately. So when his twin s****r made her move, the lad eagerly accepted.
They both took their clothes off, and she lay on the bed. He had sprouted a few little
hairs around the base of his pecker, and his adolescent pride stood at rigid attention
as Beth eyed it.
“Well, it’s kind of small,” she said, “but maybe it will be all right.”
“What the heck do you want,” Timmy retorted, “a big old whang like those guys
downstairs have got?”
“What do you know about them?” his s****r asked.
“Don’t worry, I’ve peeked at what goes on down there! Haven’t you?”
Beth giggled. “Sure! Now come here and fuck me!”
Timmy sprang atop his s****r. What he lacked in finesse, he made up for in youthful
enthusiasm. Beth loved it when he speared his little hard-on into her snug cunt.
“Wow!” he exclaimed as he began to fuck her. “You’re sure a lot tighter than Mama!”
“What?” Beth cried, staring up at him. “You’ve fucked Mama!”
He stopped stroking, and looked a bit ashamed. “I guess I shouldn’t have said that,
“Ooooooh shit, Timmy, just screw meeeee!” his 12-year-old s****r moaned, and she
wrapped her arms and legs around his lean form.
He hunched rapidly, driving his little cock up and down in her slippery, small hole.
She flopped her head from side to side.
Oh, yes! she discovered. This IS fun! It feels wonderful!
She pumped rapidly with her twin b*****r, and they made the bed creak. The
floorboards of the house creaked, also, and Edna, who was stretched out on her bed
in the room below,-heard and recognized the sound.
She happened to be alone at the moment and, amazed that there was fucking going
on upstairs, she raced from her room and up the staircase, her robe flapping about
her naked thighs. She burst into the c***dren’s room and caught them going at it.
“Why you little brats!” she exclaimed, shocked.
Timmy turned his head, but he was so caught up in the heat of lust that he couldn’t
stop screwing his s****r. In fact, he drove his cock into her all the faster and harder
until she squealed, cumming ... and he came twitchingly right afterwards, giving her
only a tiny spurt or two of cream, which was all his young balls could muster.
“I don’t believe it!” Edna cried, staring at them. “Why, you’re not old enough!”
“Oh, no?” Timmy challenged cockily as he pulled out of Beth and confronted the
grown woman, his half-hard prick dripping.
“Oooooooooooh, daaaaaaar-ling ... sweetheart ... feoy-beeeeee!” Edna gushed.
“What an adorable little cock!”
She dropped to her knees before Timmy and, as her tits jiggled out of her robe, she
bowed her head and began to lick the tasty juices off the little boy’s cock. He quickly
got hard again. Beth watched goggle-eyed from the bed as Edna began pumping her
warm, sucking mouth on Timmy’s dong.
After watching for a few moments, she hopped from the bed and sank onto her
knees, next to the redhead. Edna saw her from the corner of her eye, and she
backed up to let Beth have a go at her b*****r’s dong.
The young girl followed Edna’s example perfectly, clasping Timmy’s pecker in her
small, loving mouth. She pumped her dark head furiously, causing her b*****r to
He reached out and grasped one of Edna’s titties. She stood and shoved the ripe tit
into his mouth. He sucked the woman’s rigid nipple as Beth sucked his cock.
“Edna, are you up here?” Marcella cried, bursting into the room. ‘There’s a customer
downstairs asking for youuuuuuuu ... ”
“Join the party,” was all the redhead could think of to say.
It was a crucial point in the relationship of the two women, and in the course of their
business, as well. Everything could have been blown sky-high. But, as it happened,
Marcella gave in to the surge of lust that overwhelmed her. Her c***dren hadn’t
exactly been innocent, so how could she blame Edna? And as long as the fun and
games were kept in the f****y, so to speak, what harm was done? Actually, her
discovery of the k**s having fun together, and with Edna, assuaged her own
smoldering guilt for having screwed Timmy.
She hurried over and offered a plump breast to Edna’s lips while Timmy kept on
pleasuring himself with one of the redhead’s boobs. Beth continued to bob her head,
pumping her mouth on her b*****r’s cock.
The foursome gravitated to the bed.
After awhile the floorboards resumed creaking as Marcella drew her young daughter
to a sitting position on her face and Edna plunged between Marcella’s thighs. This
left the redhead’s bottom sticking up in the air-a perfect invitation to Timmy.
The lad was momentarily confused, however. He saw not one hole, but two. The one
with the red, curly hairs around it would be perfect for fucking, he realized-but how
about the tiny, puckered hole between Edna’s buttocks? That might be even better
for a small cock like his.
He sprang upon the grown woman and speared his little cock between her quivery
white ass-cheeks.
“OOOOOOOOH!” she bellowed in surprise and momentary pain as she raised her
face from Marcella’s cunt.
But then the pain turned to pleasure as Timmy’s slender prick began to pump rapidly
in her asshole. She wrigglingly returned to licking her girl friend’s rich-tasting cunt
while Timmy had the time of his young life, stroking his pecker up and down in her
Beth enjoyed herself also, writhing astride her mother’s face while the latter used her
talented tongue to caress the young girl’s hairless cunt and pry sensuously into her
snug snatch. She tasted the cream which Timmy had deposited there and stroked
her daughter’s clit with fluttery, delightful strokes.
Edna slurped greedily into Marcella’s twat, rubbing her cheeks against the brunette’s
Timmy hunched like mad, driving his boyish cock to its full length into Edna’s rippling
The room pulsated with waves of pleasure as Jasper Junction’s first f****y of fun
enjoyed one another and let the business go hang.
Beth came, bouncing atop her mother’s face. Girlish moisture dribbled into
Marcella’s mouth, and she greedily gulped it down. It was only a trickle compared to
the gush of womanly goo that spread over Edna’s tongue as she flogged Marcella’s
cunt to thrilling orgasm.
Edna achieved her climax as Timmy reached a pumping finale in her tight, rippling
asshole. The lad spurted more this time. He was growing up.
If the Plummer f****y suffered from a lack of religion in their lives, they gave no sign
of it. And if the town suffered from their presence, it gave no sign of it, either.
In fact, everyone seemed better off now that they had gotten rid of Pastor Polk and
his Church of Holy and Mysterious Revelation.
Perhaps the Lord’s will had been done after all.
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