Deep Crotch Mother Chapter 13 & 14

Marcella acted funny tonight! Thad thought as he drove away from the old house
where she had rented quarters for herself and her c***dren. When I told her about
Barnaby Rhodes, she didn’t seem sure if she would help me with him or not. Well, I
guess she needs some more loving from the master hand of yours truly. Too bad
she has those k**s with her or I would have spent the night there, and the devil with
Dotti! I don’t need her any more.
That cute little Beth! he mused with a glint in his dark, satanic eyes. Now she would
be some fucking! I’ll bet she doesn’t even have hair on her cute cunt yet! She has
hardly any tits-just bee-stings starting to push out. What I’d give to be able to show
her what it’s all about!
He squirmed behind the steering wheel, getting a hard-on just from thinking about
being with Marcella’s twelve-year-old daughter.
He turned into the alley that ran next to the real estate office and parked in the back,
as Dotti had directed. Glancing about, he saw no one. He got out of the car, walked
to Dotti’s back door, and let himself into her apartment.
“Dotti?” he called.
“I’m here in the kitchen!”
Good girl! Thad thought. She’s fixing dinner for us, just as I told her to do!
But when he entered the kitchen, he was surprised-and also stimulated-by the scene
that met his eyes: Wearing just a garter belt and black nylons, Dotti was perched on
the kitchen table, with her legs spread. She smiled warmly at him.
“How about some antipasto?” she invited, opening her cuntal labia with her
Since Thad smelled spaghetti cooking on the stove, he didn’t mind fooling around a
little first. Grinning, he pulled a chair up to the table and bent between Dotti’s thighs.
“Ooooh, you horny preacher, you!” she exclaimed, and wrapped her stocking-clad
legs around his head as he began to eat her cunt.
Thad didn’t slight her just because she had offered herself as a joke, even though he
was hungry for more substantial fare. The tang of cunt whetted his appetite. As an
antipasto, it wasn’t half bad.
His tongue wiggled up one set of Dotti’s cunt-folds and down the other, working in
and out of all the soft, velvety convolutions. Her flavor tickled his tastebuds, and her
steamy scent soon overrode the aroma of the bubbling spaghetti sauce. He worked
his tongue deeper into her warm, tantalizing hors d’oeuvres and slurped up the juice
which was now gushing. He teased the turgid little pebble of her clit, causing her to
bump her bare ass on the table and smear her cunt lavishly against his nose and
open mouth.
Finally he wrenched himself free from her serpentine, silken-sheathed legs and lifted
his head, panting for fresh air. He rose and stood before her, his hand moving to the
zipper on his pants.
“The antipasto was delicious,” he said. “Now how about a breadstick?”
He popped it out, and it stood stiffly quivering.
“Jesus, that’s a whole loaf!” Dotti groaned, and slid forward off the table.
Thad wouldn’t let her kneel yet. “Wouldn’t you like to spread something on it?” he
asked. “How about some cream cheese?”
“Yes ... yes ... !”
She hurried to the refrigerator, and he watched her ass quiver. Bending forward, she
let him peep at her black-haired, saliva-moistened cunt from between the tops of her
pale thighs while she looked into the fridge.
“I don’t have any cream cheese!” she said. “Let’s try this!” She pulled out a jar of
She uncapped it as she carried it to him, and he took it from her. Guiding his prick
with his other hand, he stuck his hotly throbbing shaft deep into the cool, gooshy
substance in the jar. It came out gobbed with the creamy stuff.
“Oooh, you’ve flavored the whole fucking jar for me!” she cried. “I’ll think of you every
time I have a salad or a sandwich!”
“Well, think of me right now, why don’t you?”
She knelt before him and began to lick the thick, rich mayonnaise off his turgid cock.
Her tongue gradually replaced the coolness of the refrigerated dressing with the
warmth of her clear, glistening saliva, and she had cream all around her red mouth
by the time she was finished.
That sight was so erotically stimulating that Thad f***efully grasped her by the head
and speared his prick into her mouth. She glugged, and her eyes widened when she
had her mouth stuffed by his thick, throbbing cock. Nevertheless she began to suck
on it.
The gentle stroking motions of her o-shaped lips across the ridge of his glans and
along his slippery shaft were not good enough to suit Thad, as wild as he felt right
then. He grasped her by the ears and painfully jerked her head forward and back as
he fucked her red mouth rapidly.
She gurgled and groaned in protest, but he didn’t let up. He kept staring at the
mayonnaise that ringed her mouth as his prick pumped in and out through the
slippery, silken circle of her lips. He wanted to add to the cream on her face. He
wanted to give her a lot more.
His balls churned heatedly as he yanked Dotti’s ears harder and faster. The jerky
motions of her body caused her titties to flop. Her eyes were wide and wild. She
groaned ever louder, but the sound was muffled by Thad’s plugging prick.
He felt the heat rise from his nuts, and his shaft quivered between Dotti’s lips.
Suddenly he let go of her ears, and she rocked backward, releasing his twitching,
hard-throbbing cock. He held the shaft, pointing it directly at her, and his blast caught
her full in the face:
Thick, gooey cream struck her nose and cheeks. She shut her eyes just in time to
protect them, and Thad’s second blast hit her eyelids, washing down through her
long dark lashes. He struck her the third time on the mouth, adding immensely to the
creamy ring she’d already had.
By the time he was through spurting, the woman had sperm dribbling from her
eyelids, nose, cheeks and lips. The goo dripped off the point of her chin.
Thad smiled sardonically.
Dotti was furious, sputtering and moaning. She began to paw blindly at her face.
Thad grabbed a napkin from the table and handed it to her.
“You lousy son of a bitch!” she said when she finally rose to her feet, still spitting and
sputtering. “Just for that, I shouldn’t serve you any supper.”
Thad drew her into his arms. “I’ll make up for it later,” he promised.
“You can depend on it.”
Thad was as good as his word, most of the time, and this was no exception. Two
hours later, after a satisfying meal, accompanied by a bottle of wine and enough
cuddling and sweet talk to make Dotti feel appreciated again ... he ended up on top
of her in bed.
His prick was like a locomotive driveshaft, working tirelessly and steadily ... stroking
deeply and f***efully through the slippery, hair-fringed hole between her legs. In and
out, in and out, he fucked her as the minutes passed. Dotti reached height after
Thad kept going, twisting his head from time to time and swooping to seize a
dancing brown nipple which he stretched upward, shaking her tit. He let the nipple go
with a tingling snap and kept stroking ... stroking ... stroking into her man-hungry
Finally, as she begged for mercy, he reached underneath her, squeezed her
asscheeks together, and fucked furiously, giving her the best orgasm of all as he
spurted twitchingly in her hot box ... putting out the flames of her passion for a few
hours, at least.
In the early morning he awoke with her astride him, in her favorite posture, pumping
her voracious cunt on his slick pole as he gazed at her bobbing ass in the moonlight.
And they finished as they had begun.
Chapter f******n
“Oh, I don’t know, Thad,” Marcella said, obviously troubled. ‘The Lord doesn’t seem
to be speaking to me now. When I don’t hear His voice, I don’t know what to do.”
“But I’m telling you what to do,” Thad insisted. “The Lord has told me we must lease
that hall which Barnaby Rhodes owns, and you are the only one who can persuade
Barnaby to lease it to us. You see, he is a Baptist. He has yet to reach an exalted
state of awareness.”
Marcella turned away. “Perhaps I’m no longer in an exalted state myself. I did
something wrong, and I believe the Lord has abandoned me to the devil.”
“s****r Marcella! Such a thing cannot happen. The Lord doesn’t abandon his own.
Uh, just what did you do that was so bad?”
She faced Thad. “I had sex with a woman.”
“Why did you say that?”
Thad f***ed a smile.- “I was merely surprised. I’m sorry. What woman were you withyour
new landlady?”
“No,” Marcella replied matter-of-factly. “It was your housekeeper-Edna.”
“You mean, back in Centerville? Before you left?”
“No, right here. Yesterday. Edna came to Floyd’s ranch, looking for you.”
“Well, it’s not that I’m jealous, Thad. I realize jealousy is a sin.”
He grasped her by the shoulders and shook her. “Why didn’t you tell me that cunt
was in town?”
Marcella stared at him, wide-eyed. “Oooh, please don’t use such filthy language! And
y-you’re hurting me!”
He let her go. “Why didn’t you tell me last night?”
“I was confused and upset. I didn’t want to talk about what happened. But now I
realize I must face it and admit I did wrong.”
“Why in the world did you have sex with Edna?”
“It just sort of happened. She attacked me and threw me onto the ground. She sat on
me and ripped my dress. And then, before I knew it, she was sucking one of my
nipples and ... and ... I liked it! Oooh, Thad, I climaxed with her so strong! But that
wasn’t the power of the Lord that was working. It was the devil that had hold of me.
I’m afraid that the Lord has given me up and that the devil owns me now!”
“Mama, what’s the matter?” young Beth asked as she entered the room. “What are
you yelling about?”
“It’s nothing, dear,” Marcella said, seeking to reassure the c***d. “Now just go back to
your game with Timmy.”
Thad suddenly got an idea, one of the most wicked that his devilish mind had ever
conceived, and he smiled broadly.
“How would you like to go for a ride with me, Beth?” he invited.
“Oh, yes!” the twelve-year-old cried. “Mama, may I?”
Marcella turned questioning eyes to the pastor.
“I want to take a little tour of the area,” he told her. “I realize that you’re busy, getting
settled in this apartment. Your c***dren and I should get better acquainted, anyway.”
“Yes, of course. Perhaps Timmy would like to go, also.”
“Some other time,” Thad said quickly. “Come on, Beth. I’ll have her home in a couple
of hours,” he added over his shoulder as he ushered the c***d out.
If Marcella won’t help me with old Barnaby, I’ll get her daughter to do so, he was
thinking. A man of Barnaby’s age would probably appreciate some real young stuff.
Too many years of playing God had pushed Thad over the line into madness. He
was able to justify in his own mind anything he wanted to do, however capricious or
outlandish, regardless of whom it hurt.
His penis twitched in his trousers as he guided young Beth to his car. He was
threatening to get a hard-on even before he began with her.
He was so intent upon his perverse plan that he didn’t notice the car parked mid-way
up the block, a man and woman seated inside it. The woman’s red hair would have
attracted his attention if he had glanced that way, and he would have recognized her
The other car pulled away from the curb and followed him as he drove toward the
outskirts of town ...
Marcella felt desolate. She couldn’t shake the notion that she had fallen from grace
with the Lord. If the devil now owned her, she had no guidelines to follow any more.
She strolled listlessly into the next room, where her twelve-year-old son was seated
at a gameboard, waiting for his twin s****r to return.
“Mama, where’s Beth?” he asked, turning his bright, boyish face in his mother’s
“She went out for a ride with Pastor Polk,” Marcella replied. “They’ll be back in
“But we didn’t finish our game!” the lad protested. “And just when I was winning!”
Marcella moved up beside his chair. “Well, maybe I can finish the game for her. How
do you play it, anyway?”
She leaned forward to look at the game-board as her son started to explain the
moves. Inadvertently she allowed a braless breast to rub against the lad’s shoulder.
He turned his head and gazed into the valley between his mother’s tits. The dangling
globes, which were very white and soft, were visible nearly to the rims of her nipples.
“Mama, I don’t feel like playing the game any more,” Timmy said.
“Well, what would you like to do, dear?” Marcella innocently inquired.
“I’d like to suck your titties.”
She had let Timmy do that when they were in bed, never at any other time. And she
had permitted it only because the Lord had told her it was all right. Wasn’t it natural
for a c***d to suckle at his mother’s breasts?
A surge of forbidden excitement coursed through Marcella, because the fact was that
she enjoyed very much the feeling and sight of her son’s mouth tugging at her
nipples. Perhaps it wouldn’t be bad to let him do it right now, she thought.
Why am I even thinking about good and bad any more, she mused, now that the
Lord has abandoned me?
She unbuttoned the top of her dress and let a full, luscious titty pop out. Her son’s
eyes widened with fascination, and he clutched her exposed, quivery breast. Pulling
the pliant mound to his innocent young face, he clamped his lips around her rosy
Marcella shut her eyes in rapture as her son began to suck her tit. She had to remain
leaning forward, her titty dangling somewhat. As she squirmed, the soft flesh shook
liquidly against Timmy’s mouth. He tugged on her nipple harder and made a muffled
moaning sound.
Marcella released her other breast from confinement, so that both her soft white
beauties hung before the c***d’s face. She slowly shook them to and fro, dragging
one stiff nipple from his mouth and shoving the other in. The lurid sound of the lad
suckling at her nipples, and the warm, loving feel of it, thrilled Marcella.
She became very hot.
As was her custom when she and Timmy were in bed together, she reached into the
lad’s lap and freed his young penis from his clothes. Of course, it was very stiff.
Marcella began to stroke her son’s adorable upthrust rod, gliding his foreskin up and
down across the ridge of his glans.
She got hotter and hotter.
The old restraint, which had kept her from going beyond a certain point with Timmy
because the Lord wouldn’t have approved, no longer applied; the Lord didn’t approve
of her anyway. She no longer felt she was one of His chosen people.
Giving free rein to the i****tuous passion that she felt, Marcella clutched her son’s
free hand-the one that wasn’t holding the plump breast he was sucking-and she
directed that hand up underneath her skirt.
Obviously delighted, his little pecker quivering in his mother’s grasp, Timmy wedged
his hand between her warm, satiny thighs and he felt the enticing softness of her
cunt through the sleek nylon that cuddled it.
Marcella’s cunt throbbed. Her knees turned weak. She could no longer remain
standing, bent forward as she was. She would have to lie down ...
It was but a small additional step to take Timmy to bed, and she did that, wrapping
the youth’s slender body in her arms and hugging him against her soft, bare tits. She
wiggled her abundant warm flesh against his face, and his eager mouth chased her
Of his own accord, the lad re-placed his hand between his mother’s legs, and she
squirmed heatedly as he found her cunt once again. She hated the sleek, thinly
stretched nylon that separated his groping fingers from the throbby, fast-moistening
crevice of her cunt, and she wriggled more actively, hoping her son would get the
idea and extend his youthful fingers underneath her panties.
He was hesitant, however. Or else he simply didn’t know what to do. But he was
busy enough, getting his pecker stroked by his mother’s warm, loving hand while he
sucked a titty and pawed the other bobbly globe with one hand, continuing to tease
and tickle her sleek panty-crotch with the other.
Sticky, warm juice began to seep through the nylon, and it dampened the boy’s
fingers. Timmy seemed surprised by that, and he drew his hand back.
Giving a groan, Marcella rolled atop him. Straddling his c***dish form, supporting her
weight on her elbows and knees so as not to crush him, she worked her hips hotly,
grinding her pleasure zone against the youth’s prick, which was sandwiched upward
between their bodies. This activity caused her dangling tits to drag to and fro across
his face, her stiff nipples jumping in and out of his mouth.
“Oooh, my sweet, darling Timmy!” Marcella moaned. “Mama loves you so much!”
“And I love you, Mama!” he groaned in reply. “Gosh, this is great!”
His hands found their way to her wriggling, writhing bottom which was scarcely
covered by her skirt, and the lad boldly flipped her skirt up to the small of her back.
This exposed his mother’s panty-clad curves, and he wrapped his boyish hands
around her vibrating mounds, squeezing them through the filmy nylon.
“Pull Mama’s panties down!” she begged, continuing to grind against him. Her heart
was thumping madly, and her throat was dry.
Down between her legs, however, she had turned into a swamp. As her son dutifully
lowered her underpants, his fingertips touched the gooey-wet inner surface of her
panty crotch. She kicked to help him pull her panties all the way off, then spread her
legs even wider and smacked her sopped cunt against his quivering, bone-hard little
“Ooooh, Mama!” he cried and, acting apparently on instinct alone, because he’d had
no experience along this line, he started bumping his hips, as if to ram his prick up
into his mother’s hair-fringed hole.
There was only one problem: His cock stood against his clothed belly and, while it
tickled her clit ecstatically as he rubbed and bumped against her, his rod wouldn’t go
up her channel.
She got a hand down between them to solve the dilemma, and she raised her hips
sufficiently to let her stand her son’s cock at right angles to his body. With a deft twist
of her lower region, she caught his pecker’s tip between her passion-flared labia,
then voluptuously let her snatch down, enfolding his small prick completely in her
slippery warmth.
The thrill that went through her at that moment was impossible to measure. It was
the greatest burst of excitement she had ever known. Moaning and panting, she
began to rotate her slippery, heated cunt around her son’s little rod.
“Mama, that’s the greatest!” he cried, and resumed bumping, this time stroking his
cock up and down in her pleasure-giving hole.
“Yesss ... yesss ... yesss!” she hissed. “Oooh, Timmmmm-eeeee!”
She fucked him wildly, turning off her thought processes and stifling her conscience
utterly as she concentrated on the wonderful feeling of her son’s little cock, pumping
inside her body. More than compensating for the smallness of his sexual equipment
was the fact that his rod was super-stiff and, by bearing down as she worked,
Marcella was able to achieve delirious friction on the tip of her clitty.
Her tits tossed wantonly against the lad’s face as she screwed like a frenzied mink.
Her son gasped and gurgled, clutching the soft, wobbly cheeks of her ass. His balls
assumed a tightness he had never felt in them before, and he realized that
something new and wonderful was going to happen to him.
His body began shaking, and his penis twitched in the fleshy, wet grasp of his
mother’s cunt. Feeling him climax, Marcella was so thrilled that she finished, also,
and her vibrating contractions around his cock heightened his own bliss which was
almost unbearable as he spurted out his first few drops of immature sperm.
His mother wrapped him warmly in her arms and legs, rocking his youthful body from
side to side beneath her.
“Ooooh, that was wonderful, darling!” she gushed. “Didn’t you just love it?”
“Yeah, Mama!” the lad replied, gasping for breath. “Wowww! I never ... felt anything
... like that before!”
“You’re going to feel it a lot from now on.”
“Does the Lord say that’s all right?”
“Hush!” Marcella exclaimed, feeling a sharp pang. “You just do what your Mama
says and never mind anything else!”
If Marcella had felt she was in bad standing with the Lord before, she was certain of
it now. But she felt so good, after the frenzied lovemaking with her son, that she
didn’t care.
It was possible to live without the Lord, after all. Look at all the sinners who got away
with it!
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