Deep Crotch Mother Chapter 7 & 8

Mae gazed up at the preacher’s towering prick and at his exposed, hairy balls while
her husband nuzzled her cunt. She got the idea that perhaps he had lost his nerve,
now that he was down in cunt-licking position. Perhaps the rich, womanly scent of
her cunt was giving him pause.
If she had known Thad was going to come over, and that it would lead to a rollicking
session for the three of them, she would have taken an afternoon bath. But her lack
of recent cleansing hadn’t seemed to bother Thad. It never did. In fact, he had once
told her that he liked her to smell like a woman rather than a bar of soap.
She felt the same way about him. Looking up at his splendid penis, standing in full
salute above her, she wanted to take the juicy thing into her mouth and suck on itand
she didn’t care if he hadn’t bathed since that morning or even the day before.
She squirmed, wishing that Len would quit tickling her cunt-hairs with his hot breath
and get down to business.
“Lick me, darlinnnng!” she said with sweet urgency, and bumped her cunt at him.
He licked it. At first Mae felt just the touch of his tongue, applied with trembling
hesitation and quickly withdrawn. But then, as if the initial taste had whetted his
appetite-or at least had gotten him over his funk-he swabbed his tongue right up her
gaping slit.
“OOOOOOH!” she bawled. “That’s IT, Len lover ... ooooh, daaaar-linnnnng!”
She clutched his head, mashing his face against her wet fuck-zone, and he slurped
noisily, gurgling and groaning. He writhed, rubbing his upward-sandwiched hard cock
against the bristly rug.
Thad knelt next to Mae’s head, and she quickly turned toward him, eagerly clutching
his long pecker. She tilted it down to her lips. Thad let her lick him.
Len was so deeply engrossed between his wife’s thighs that he didn’t realize it when
Thad shoved his prick into her mouth, spreading her sweet lips with the bulbous
knob. Her lips locked around his shaft as his cockhead soaked in her warm saliva.
She sucked the juice from his small hole.
Abruptly he pulled back, taking his prick from her mouth. Her lips made a lurid
smacking sound as they left his plum-colored knob, and his cock whipped upward to
bob springily above her face.
She grasped his balls.
He wiggled closer and let his nuts settle against her lips so that she could lick them.
She didn’t even mind the heady tang of his perspiration.
Len was digging into her clam-dip by that time, slurping up its rich flavor. He
breathed hard as he twisted his head between her thighs.
Thad stood up. “Why don’t you let me fuck her now?” he suggested to the other man.
Len lifted his head. His eyes were a little bleary, and his mouth was wet.
“Fuck her between the titties first!” he rasped.
“Yesss ... oooh, yesssss!” Mae hissed hotly. “Fuck my big tits!”
Thad swung astride her middle. She grasped her breasts at their outer sides, lifting
the nipple-studded billows and making a deep, inviting cleft between them.
Thad gathered a ball of spit in his mouth and shot it between her tits.
“Ooooooo!” Mae said, enjoying the cool wetness of his saliva, and she rubbed her
tits together, getting their inner sides well lubricated.
Then Thad lay his cock between them and, while he hunched, she rubbed her
springy, slippery-smooth breasts against his stroking rod.
“Heyyyyy, that’s all right!” her husband said with a grin as he watched.
The purplish-pink knob of Thad’s cock kept rising from between Mae’s titties,
thrusting right at her head, which she tilted forward. Her lips lolled juicily. Her tongue
“YEEEEAAAH!” her husband rasped. “LICK HIS PECKER! Ooooh, SHIT!”
Thad shoved farther forward, and both men watched as Mae’s pink tongue struck at
the gaping slit at his prick’s tip. She managed only some very quick touches, which
were agonizingly frustrating to all concerned, until Thad clutched her around the
head and yanked her farther forward. His bulging, juicy plum sank into her mouth,
and he thought that Len would go ape as he watched his wife suck it.
Her eyes were shut in rapture, her cheeks appealingly flushed, while she
cocksucked the pastor. He crawled farther forward, letting her breasts fall away, and
he poised himself right above her face so that he could plunge his prick straight
downward into her mouth and throat. He fucked her sweet face while he looked at
her husband.
Len’s tongue lolled as he stroked his cock rapidly.
“Easy, man!” Thad advised. “We’ve got along way to go yet!”
“Shit, I know it!” the assistant pastor replied. “But I never saw ... such an exciting
thing ... !”
He let his prick go, and the knob-ended, stubby pole jerked twitchingly. His eyes
were bulging behind his glasses, and he licked his flabby lips.
“She likes it ... she really likes it!” he panted.
“Oooh shit, yes!” Thad replied. “Your wife is one of the best little cocksuckers in
“She ... she never sucked mine!” he said plaintively.
“She will, after tonight.”
“Damn, I sure hope so! Fuck her now! I can’t wait!”
Thad backed off, and Mae writhed voluptuously, tossing her blonde head from side
to side. She sent both hands down between her splayed, tilted thighs and rubbed the
soft, furry edges of her twat.
“Yes, fuck meeee!” she moaned. “Please fuck me! I need your big prick!”
He knelt between Mae’s thighs, grasped his bone-hard rod, and tilted it down so that
it was perfectly aligned with her writhing, wet, open cunt. He moved forward. Len
avidly watched as the other man’s plug sank into his wife’s meaty socket, to be
followed by inch after inch of veined, ridgy shaft until Thad’s balls slapped snugly into
her crotch.
“I didn’t think a woman could take that much!” Len said, now kneeling behind Thad,
with his head very low, intent upon watching all the action.
So as not to obstruct his friend’s line of vision, Thad kept his thighs spread as he
stroked his long, hard cock slowly in and out of Len’s wife. She bumped and twisted.
She moaned.
Her cunt reached for each thrust of Thad’s horny organ, seeming to gulp at it and
pull it deeply into her rippling flesh. He increased the tempo of his strokes.
“Man, that’s fucking!” Len cried, giggling obscenely as he pulled at his own stubby
Thad rammed Len’s wife so fiercely that the jolts made her tits shake like satin sacks
filled with pudding. She moaned and squirmed. She clawed at Thad’s back.
He rocked her to a throbbing, panting orgasm, then pulled his wet prick free. He
hadn’t come yet.
After helping the groggy woman to her feet, he gave her a shove and she pitched
forward across the arm of an upholstered chair. Her big ass stuck into the air,
Thad yanked her buttocks apart and swabbed his wet cockhead up and down the
groove between the lush mounds, across the brown, crinkly indentation of her anus.
“Not there!” Len cried, staring. “You’ll HURT her!”
“Oh shit, no!” Thad replied. “She loves to get her ass screwed! Don’t you, baby?”
“Yes, I love it!” Mae said, her voice partially muffled by the chair-seat. “Stick your
cock up my asshole! NOWWWW!”
Clutching the trunk of his cock with one hand while he held her buttocks apart with
the tips of his other fingers, he let her husband watch while he twisted his wet,
bulging glans against her converging anal puckers.
“Oooooh, God!” Len moaned, as if in religious rapture. “I never hoped to see this!”
He watched his wife’s asshole blossom to the thrust of Thad’s prick. A rim of rosy
inner membrane was exposed, spreading wider and wider, and she moaned loudlywhether
in pain or in lust, the men couldn’t tell; perhaps it was both. Her asshole
seemed to gobble up Thad’s relentlessly penetrating cockhead until, unbelievably to
Len, she had warmly enveloped the entire knob.
Thad bared his teeth and grunted as he pushed deeper into her ass.
“Ooooh, sweet mother of God!” Len groaned, stroking his own pecker wildly as he
watched Thad’s rod sink inch by inch into Mae’s rectum.
After Thad had given her about half his length, he began to stroke. He continued to
hold her buttocks apart as he pumped slowly in and out of her anus, moving only an
inch or so each way. Her rosy ring unfurled each time he withdrew, then rolled
inward with his thrusts.
He let her buttocks slap against his pole, and he spanked their flanks lightly,
chuckling, as he fucked up and down in between her vibrating mounds.
“AAAARRRRGH!” Len rasped, and his prick spurted in the circle of his hand,
sending long arcs of semen looping into the air to splatter down onto the rug.
Thad fucked Mae’s asshole faster. Her bottom bobbed above the chair’s arm as she
writhed and moaned heatedly. Thad reached underneath his stroking rod to fondle
the hard protrusion of her clit.
“OOOOH ... OOOOH ... FUCK MY FILTHY ASS!” she cried, and came.
Thad pulled his stained prick from her. It flipped straight up and shot towering spurts
of joy-juice into the air. They dropped wetly onto Mae’s back and onto her blonde
head, while she kept writhing and moaning, rubbing her tingling clit against the arm
of the chair.
Only Thad could see the huddled figure of the Carpenters’ c***d, peeping at the
lascivious scene from the stair landing. It pleased him to think that she had watched
it all. Education of all kinds was good for c***dren, he believed.
“Do you really have to leave town? “ Len asked him later, as they stood with Mae at
the front door.
“Yes, I must. The cause of our church must be advanced, and s****r Marcella has
found a new location for us. I must join her and make the arrangements.”
“You mean, make her, don’t you?” Mae challenged, sounding no longer like the
strait-laced, pious prude she had been when Thad had come to town.
“Mae, you know better than to speak in those terms,” he said stiffly. “We don’t make
one another in this faith.”
Her only reply was a jealous pout.
“Aaw, honey, we can get along just fine now!” her husband opined, nibbling at her
“That’s the idea,” Thad said, and smiled. “I’ll see you at the church tomorrow, Len,
and well put the books and papers in order. But for now, why don’t you and Mae trot
on upstairs and have yourselves a good, old-fashioned fuck?”
“It will be good,” Len promised, “but it won’t be old-fashioned. No, sir. Never again.”
As Thad turned to leave, Mae pressed against him. “Thanks, Thad,” she murmured
into his ear. “And I’m sorry for what I just said.”
He gave her an affectionate pat on the bottom.
He felt proud of himself as he drove home.
Chapter EIGHT
Thad entered his house quietly, hoping not to rouse Edna. He’d had enough fucking
for one day-and he didn’t want to fight, either.
He undressed in the dark living room and crept silently to the bedroom which he and
Edna shared. It was his hope, however, that their bad scene that afternoon had
caused her to move to the guest room-or, better yet, had prompted her to walk out.
But he had no such luck.
He saw the outline of her form in his bed as he approached it. He stood for a few
moments, looking down at her, the moonlight touching her soft cheek and imparting
to her red hair an even more delicate, silken quality than usual. Her eyes were shut
as she lay partially curled on her side. It was evident that she wore nothing under the
Thad circled the bed soundlessly, lay the sheet back with care, and hesitated.
Edna’s titties looked particularly luscious lying one atop the other. The red curls at
the base of her belly were barely visible as she had her knees raised.
Thad took hold of his cock. It was soft as an oyster.
No, he assured himself, I DON’T want to wake her up. We’ve had our last tussle,
Edna and I.
But the bed creaked as he climbed into it, and he had scarcely pulled the sheet up
before she awoke. “So you came home to me ... “ she murmured, and snuggled up
to him.
Why can’t she still be mad? he thought.
Her hand found his penis and curled warmly around the soft shape.
“Damn it, Edna, I’m tired!” he told her.
“From what?” she asked, her tone innocent enough. But he knew what she
suspected, and he decided that was just as well. In fact, he would tell her the truth.
“Okay, so I was with another woman,” he said. “Now, go back to sl**p.”
“The hell I will!” she said, and sat up. “When the day comes that another woman can
take all the starch out of you, and I can’t put it back, I’ll turn in my membership card
as a female!”
“Ooh, for God’s sake, Edna!” he groaned.
Undaunted, she swung astride him and smiled down. Her hair was sexily mussed.
“Who was it this time, baby?” she asked, wiggling her cunt against his flaccid cock
and balls.
“You know I never tell tales.”
“But you fuck tails, don’t you?” she lewdly retorted.
“Damned right!” he snapped, angry now. “And you should have seen me tonight, girl!
I fucked that hot bitch up one side and then the other! I made her come three times!”
“You devil!” Edna obviously was trying hard not to get mad.
“The reason I did it was because you started giving me a bad time. I don’t take that
from any woman. Now get off!”
“I want you, Thad,” she murmured.
“Well, you can feel I’ve got nothing.”
“I know how to work miracles,” she said, and backed up.
“Even your hot mouth won’t do it this time, baby! I’m bushed!”
Sitting astride his legs, Edna bent forward, letting her titties hang in the moonlight.
She bent farther, all the way down, obscuring her breasts from his view. He watched
her lift his soft penis and saw her glistening rosy tongue come out.
“Please, Edna, for God’s sake!” he begged.
As if she hadn’t even heard him, she began to lick his cock.
It would have served her right if I hadn’t washed after I got out of Mae, he thought.
The taste of shit would have turned her off.
But maybe not, he mused, recalling the many times she had licked his asshole. He
wondered if she would do it now.
He squirmed, flopping his penis away from her mouth, and rolled onto his belly.
“So you want a little of that-huh, mister?” she purred. “Well, I’m not too proud! You
know that, darling.”
She stretched his buttocks apart and pressed her face between them. As her tongue
began to swab his sensitive anus, trickling saliva into it, Thad became afraid that he
couldn’t hold out.
He shoved his ass upward and wiggled it, grinding his asshole against her hot
tongue. She pushed, breaking through the elastic ring, and her tongue slithered in
and out of his aperture.
His cock began to harden against the bed.
“Jesus Christ!” he groaned. “If you have to lick something, go back to my pecker!”
Edna raised her head. “Your ass tastes so good, I don’t want to leave it! You must
have just shitted, huh?”
“It was several hours ago,” he said. “But,” he added, remembering, “the John was
short of paper.”
“Well, you’re pretty clean now!” Edna announced proudly.
He rolled onto his back and stared up at her.
“Ah-ha!” she said, grasping his cock. “You’ve got lead in your pencil, after all!”
“Edna, we’re through, damn it! Can’t you get that into your fuck-crazy head?”
“We’ll never be through,” she told him. “You just think on that, Thaddeus!”
She bowed her red head and began to suck his bristling cock.
He lay back and tried to enjoy it. He didn’t have to try very hard. Edna’s encircling
lips, which glided silkily up and down on his rod along with her stroking tongue,
reminded him that she was the best cocksucker he had come across in Centerville.
She made an art out of it, which put her a notch above Mae and the others.
She bobbed her head slowly, enveloping his cock until her mouth was very low on
his shaft, then she stroked her encircling lips all the way up across his corona,
reversed directions, and dived again. Steadily, relentlessly, she sucked and tonguestroked
his quivering prick until he couldn’t think about anything except how
wonderful it felt.
Finally she raised her head all the way and smiled at him in the dim light. “Take me
with you, Thad,” she said.
“I can’t!”
“You can if you want to ... and I know you really want to. You’re just fucking
stubborn, that’s all. Well, baby, I can be stubborn, too!”
She bowed her head once again and resumed sucking his cock.
“Edna, cut it out!” he rasped.
She kept slowly pumping her mouth up and down on his rod.
He slapped her.
She raised her head and blinked at him, her cheek turning rosy. “Don’t do that!” she
said, and her eyes flashed.
“Then leave me the hell alone.”
“But you’ve got a goddamned hard-on!”
“So what? It’ll relax when I fall asl**p.”
“sl**p? You could sl**p now?”
“Just try me.”
“Well, shirt” she said.
“SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!” Edna cried.
“Get it out of your system.”
“Oh, how I wish I could!” she told him hatefully. “I wish I could shit all over you!”
She climbed off the bed and went padding through the dark house-looking for a
drink, Thad assumed. He had known her to hit the bottle when things went wrong.
He grasped his hard cock and stroked it a few times, wondering if he should jack off.
But he was too tired. He turned onto his side and tried to relax.
Edna came running back into the room.
“Marcella, huh?” she cried, waving the Mail-gram at him. She had found it in his
pants, which he carelessly had left in the living room.
“Give me that!” he demanded, leaping from the bed.
“Sure!” Edna threw it at him. “I read the name of the town where she is, and the
name of the people she’s staying with! If you go to her, I’ll find you!”
“You fucking bitch!” he snarled. “Don’t you have any pride at all?”
“Not where you’re concerned,” she said, and dropped to her knees before him. “I just
love this big, long cock of yours!” she whined, and grasped it. It was still hard.
She caught the knob in her mouth and began to pump her head forward and back.
What in God’s name am I going to do with her? Thad wondered. If he were a praying
man, he would have prayed right then. But that was for suckers. Not only did he not
believe in prayer, he didn’t believe in God, either. He only believed in good works.
He was sincere about that. But he had worked long enough with Edna.
He slapped her again-so hard that he knocked her off his cock and sent her
sprawling onto her back.
“Oooooh, you broke my goddamned jaw!” she moaned.
“Shit!” he said, and stepped over her. He strode to the kitchen where he kept a
He tilted the jug in the darkness and drank down several ounces. He wiped his
mouth as his throat burned.
She knows where I’m going, he thought. That means she can make all kinds of
trouble unless I fix her good!
Murder flashed through his mind.
No, he decided. Too risky. Anyway, I don’t want to kill the bitch!
Buy her off?
In a pig’s ass!
SCARE her.
“Edna?” he called.
After a few moments, she appeared in the kitchen doorway, sniveling. She could rail,
and she could cry. She could run the gamut.
She was like him-determined to get what she wanted.
But he was tougher, he believed.
He took a bread knife from a drawer, and its blade glinted in the pale light coming in
through the window. “How’d you like to have your throat cut?” he asked.
“Thad!” Her eyes widened. “You don’t mean that!”
“Maybe if I were to cut off just one titty ... “ he suggested. The liquor was beginning
to take hold of him strongly, tired as he was, and it showed in his eyes, making him
look wild.
“You’re crazy!” Edna said, backing off as if she really believed it.
He advanced on her, holding the big knife in front of him. “Maybe I am.”
She turned and ran through the house to the front door. Thad followed. She yanked
the door open and, streaked, butt-naked, into the night.
Thad shut the door and locked it. He sat down, with his back to the door, and
Crazy, he wasn’t. But a little d***k, he was. And he thought, in his inebriated
condition, that he had gotten rid of the woman. He returned the knife to the kitchen
and went back to bed.
Edna stood in the street without a stitch of clothes on and wondered what she was
going to do. She didn’t dare return to Thad-not now, at least, while he was so wild.
He might really cut off her tit-or worse, if anything could be worse than for a young,
pretty woman to lose one of her titties.
She looked around. There was no one in sight.
She had friends in town, but they were all on the square side, and she wasn’t sure
they would help her if she were to arrive naked at their door around midnight.
The cops? Forget it, Charley! They would simply throw her into the slammer ... after
they had helped themselves to her goodies, of course.
She wasn’t against the idea of swapping her ass to a stranger for assistance. But
she wasn’t about to give up her sweet ass and her freedom, too.
Headlights appeared down the street, and Edna froze. She breathed hard, her
nerves tense.
Take a chancel she decided. That was what she would have to do. But she would
wait and make sure it wasn’t a cop car.
She scurried in back of some bushes and watched the car approach. As soon as it
got close enough to assure her there was no shape of cop-lights on the roof, she ran
The driver put on his brakes.
“For God’s sake!” a man’s white face said through the window.
He was middle-aged and mousy-looking, with rimless glasses and not much hair.
There was nobody else in the car.
Edna smiled. “I need help,” she said simply.
The man’s eyes flicked up and down her nude form. He didn’t say anything. He
looked scared.
“Well, will you help me or not?” she asked amiably.
“Wh-what’s the matter?”
“My man threw me out.”
“Just like that?”
“You can see, can’t you?”
“Yeah, I can see all right,” he said, and a little gleam came to his eyes.
“Do you like me?” Edna asked, deciding to play her top card.
Fear arose again. “Lady, I’m a married man!”
“Shit, what difference does that make?” she asked.
“G-get in.”
Edna ran around to the other side of the car and slid in beside the mousy fellow.
Right up against him, in fact. She put her hand in his crotch.
His throat made a rattling sound.
“Well, drive!” Edna demanded.
“Yeah. I guess I’d better.” His voice was already getting raspy with lust. And that
wasn’t the only symptom that appeared. His cock was stiffening, also.
Edna unzipped his pants.
“Ooh, God ... don’t!” he bleated. “Not right here ... while we’re ... driiiiiivinnnnng!”
His cock was sticking up nude, and she was stroking it. The car weaved, threatening
to run onto a sidewalk.
Edna took her hand away from him. “Watch where you’re going, for Christ’s sake!”
“Well, then ... don’t ... don’t ... do what you were doing.”
Edna giggled. “You’ve got a pretty sensitive pecker.”
He groaned again, writhing, and she thought he might shoot off. But he didn’t.
“Do you live here in town?” Edna asked.
“No. My wife and I are visiting her mother. We’re on vacation.”
“Shit, that’s some lousy vacation-visiting your mother-in-law!”
“I know it,” he said.
“Well, let’s see if we can’t liven your vacation up a little.” Edna was beginning to
enjoy the situation. The guy was such a square! It would be fun to play with him and
watch his eyes pop. It would be a good way to get back at Thad, also.
“There’s an all-night store over on Center Street,” Edna said.
“Yeah, that’s where I’m coming from. Mother Frisbee needed some warm milk to put
her to sl**p.”
Edna laughed. “No shit! And you got dressed to go out and get it? I don’t believe
you, Fred!”
“My name is Harvey.”
“I’m Edna. Turn around and go back to that store, will you?”
“Why?” He blinked at her, trying not to look at her bare breasts.
“Because I need some clothes-or hadn’t you noticed? They sell blouses and pants
there. Oh, and get me some panties too, will you? I don’t wear a bra.”
“I ... I can’t walk into a store and ask for girls’ panties!”
“You don’t have to ask for them! Just pick them up. Pink ... blue ... white ... any
color’s okay.” Her eyes twinkled.
“B-but what will the clerk think of me, buying girls’ stuff?”
“Hell think you’re a swinger, Harvey! Now wouldn’t you like that?”
He slowed the car to a crawl. “Where are we going?”
“To the fucking store, Harvey!” she snapped.
“Ooh, I’ve never heard a girl use words like that!” he said, his cock twitching. It
remained super-stiff.
“Say, how long since you’ve had a good piece?” Edna asked.
“I ... well ... my wife and I do it.”
“Is it good?” Edna purred, cuddling him.
“No!” he blurted.
“I’ll give it to you good,” she promised.
“Where?” he begged.
“Get the clothes first.”
Harvey turned the car around.
“My wife and Mother Frisbee are expecting me,” he said, worried.
“Fuck them!” Edna replied.
“The way you talk!”
“Don’t you think you’d better stuff your cock back into your pants?” Edna suggested.
“I’d do it, except I’m afraid it would make you too excited.”
“It ... it’s still stiff!” Harvey moaned, glancing down.
“Why is that? I’m not doing anything to it.”
“Yes, but you’re naked!”
“And naked girls really turn you on, hmmm?”
“I’m afraid so.”
“Well, think pure thoughts, because you’re going to have to get out of the car in a
minute. And park somewhere in back, where it’s dark. But I guess I don’t have to tell
you that.”
He drove to the far side of the store’s parking lot and stopped where a large tree
shielded the car from the only overhead light. No other cars were parked nearby at
that late hour.
Harvey wrestled his penis back into his clothes, though it remained pretty stiff. He
squirmed uncomfortably and said, “This is embarrassing.”
“Don’t take all day in the store,” Edna said. “If a cop car comes around, I’ll get busted
for sure.”
“Okay ... okay.” Harvey started to get out, then stopped. “A blouse, pants and
panties. What sizes?”
Edna told him.
For a second time he started to get out and stopped. “Hey, wait a minute! I’m going
to have to pay for those clothes.”
“Afraid so, Harvey. I don’t have any money on me.”
“Well ... heck! That’s going to be eight or ten dollars, maybe more.”
“I’ll make it worth your while,” Edna promised.
He looked into her green eyes. “Really?” Though he was in his mid-forties, he
seemed as insecure as a high school sophomore.
“Yes! Really! Now get the lead out, will you?”
He got out of the car, took a step away and turned back. Edna had the feeling that
he was worried about leaving her in his car, for fear she might drive off with it. He
had put the keys in his pocket, though.
Maybe, she speculated whimsically, he was afraid to let her out of his sight, for fear
he might wake up and never see her again.
Without saying anything, he turned back toward the store and walked to it. Edna did
some serious thinking while he was gone. By the time he returned, she had a
scheme mapped out.
Slightly red-faced, Harvey handed the store bag to her. “I never want to go through
that again!” he said as he got into the car. “Buying girls’ panties! You should have
seen the way that k** looked at me!”
“Thanks, Harvey.”
“The stuff came to thirteen ninety-five.”
“Thanks, again.” Edna threw the bag onto the back seat.
“Well, aren’t you going to put the clothes on?”
“Not quite yet.” She snuggled up to Harvey.
“Heyyyy ... “ he protested huskily. But he didn’t push her away.
“You were afraid about not getting your money’s worth,” she said. “Do you figure a
blow job is worth thirteen dollars? “
“A b-blow job?” he echoed stupidly, as if he didn’t know what she meant.
Could he be that dumb? Yes, he could be, Edna decided.
“I’m offering to suck your cock,” she whispered in his ear.
“Okay!” he responded eagerly. “But we can’t do it here! You said yourself that the
cops might come around.”
“You can keep watch for them while my head is down,” Edna replied, and she
unzipped his trousers once more.
She found his organ semi-hard when she hauled it out and a few quick strokes of her
hand completed the process. He watched her titties tremble.
“Ooh, God!” he husked, squirming. “My wife never did that, even when we were first
“What? Give you a blow job?”
“No! Play with me the way you’re doing.”
“But she does give you blow jobs, huh?” Edna’s eyes sparkled in the dim light.
“Are you k**ding? I n-never had my ... cock ... sucked by anyone!”
“Oooooh, poor baby ... !” Edna cooed, and wriggled sensuously as she bowed her
head to his lap.
“Aaaaah!” he exhaled sharply when her tongue touched his prick.
She chuckled softly and licked all over the quivering pinkish bulb of his pecker.
“Keep watching for the cops now, Harvey,” she warned, her lips brushing his slippery
He didn’t say anything. He was holding his breath.
When Edna clasped the knob of his penis in her warm, wet mouth, he audibly
exhaled again. One of his hands went into her tousled red hair and the other reached
underneath her bent body to grasp a soft, springy-firm breast. She began to suck
him while slowly bobbing her head.
“Aaaaw ... gosh!” he exclaimed, again acting like a sixteen-year-old.
Edna pumped her sucking mouth more rapidly on his dong, not wishing to prolong
the act. He writhed excitedly and began bouncing on the car-seat.
Edna’s head bumped the steering wheel, but she kept going. She sucked his cock as
heatedly as she could and was not surprised that in less than ten seconds his firm
tube quivered between her lips.
“AAAWWWGH!” he rasped pleasurably, and his spasming glans jetted man-cream
along her tongue and into her throat.
She gulped and gurgled, continuing to suck him, and he spurted again and again.
One of his hands continued to clutch her head, the other her titty. Her nipple was firm
against his palm.
As soon as she was sure he was through shooting, she swallowed the last of his
jism, raised her head a little, and licked his penis clean. Then she sat up and smiled.
Harvey leaned back against the car seat, his mouth open and his eyes shut. He was
breathing hard.
“Was that good?” she asked unnecessarily.
“Wowww!” he said.
“All right. Now let’s drive.”
Edna reached over the seat for the bag of clothes, her tits trembling.
“Wh-where do you want me to drive you?” Harvey asked, still in a blissful stupor.
“Ever heard of a town called Jasper Junction? It’s across the state line.”
“What?” Harvey came back to life, sitting straight up and staring at her.
“If you don’t know where it is, well stop at a gas station and ask the way.” She shook
the pink panties he had purchased and stuck her feet into them.
“But I can’t drive you to the next state!”
“Sure you can!” Edna pulled the panties up, twisting on the seat. Her tits jiggled.
“But my wife ... !”
Edna leaned and kissed him on the mouth, her moist tongue slithering between his
lips. She licked sensuously in and out of his mouth while squirming against him,
letting him feel her active, stiff-nippled breasts.
When she took her lips from his, she murmured, “Harvey, we’ll have a great time!
Well fuck and fuck! Don’t you want to fuck me?”
“God, yes!” he exclaimed.
“Then drive me to Jasper Junction.”
Harvey was caught on the horns of the greatest dilemma that had faced him in a
long time. If he had been a little younger, or possibly a little older, he would have
resolved it by tossing Edna out of the car and returning to his wife and her mother.
But he was at the “dangerous” age, conscious of all he had missed and aware that
time was fleeting. And he could still feel the vacuum of Edna’s warm, clasping lips
around the head of his cock, giving him a kind of pleasure he had never known
before. He wanted to experience it again ... and more besides.
While she squirmed into her new pants and blouse, he started the car and drove to
the exit of the parking lot.
“I think there’s a gas station just down the street,” he said.
Edna smiled.
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