f**ily sucks a lot

LB-1348 The f****y Sucks A Lot
J. D. Blackwood
Chapter 1
Tess pulled her mouth off her b*****r's pulsing cock.
"Mmmm, God," she grinned. "Is that good!"
"Just hurry up," Jeff panted. He clutched the back of her head and pressed it closer
to his glistening prick. He swiveled his hips upward, trying to f***e his cock back into
her mouth.
Tess swung her head to fling blonde hair out of her face.
"Just hold your horses!" she gasped. "I'm doing the best I can!"
She opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the bulbous prickhead.
Jeff raised his hips still higher, eager to feel her mouth encircle his entire cockshaft.
He pressed a little more firmly on the back of her head at the same time, feeling his
aching cock sink farther into his s****r's mouth.
"Mmmm, yeah!" he whispered. "That's it! Suck as much of my cock in your mouth as
you can!"
He started to buck. His body quivered as he flexed his ass muscles.
Tess moaned and squealed as she felt his huge cockhead press into her throat.
"That's the stuff," Jeff said. "That feels so good! I'm ready to shoot any second!
Pound my cock with your fist! Ooooo, yeah! You'll have my cum any second now!"
He worked his hips in circles, feeling her tongue press against the thick cum-chute
on the underside of his cockshaft, throbbing and ready to blast a load of creamy jism
into her throat.
Tess bobbed her head up and down his cock with increasing vigor. The thought of
his cum splashing into her mouth excited her. Her pussy was already damp, the
deep interior of her cunt itching as it trickled with excitement.
As she tightened her grip around her b*****r's cock with one hand, she reached into
his crotch with the other. She clutched his balls. Her fingers encircled the upper part
of his low-hanging sac and pulled downward. Then she fondled his meaty balls while
her fingernails sc****d over the tender flesh of his inner thigh.
She pulled more of his cock into her mouth. She worked her tongue around the long
prickshaft. Every now and then she lowered her face as close to his crotch as she
could, sniffing the heady aroma of manly cock-hairs, sweaty balls and his cock slick
with her spit.
She bobbed lower. The knob of his cock fucked deeper into her throat. She gagged.
"Easy, Tess," Jeff said between rapid breaths. "Don't bite off more than you can
chew. You're doing just fine the way it is. Just pound my cock harder. Apply more
suction with your mouth." He rotated his hips downward, easing his prick out of her
throat. "Aaah, that's it. You don't have to do that deep-throat stuff the first time. We
can work up to that later. For now, just keep sucking my cock with your tight mouth.
Mmmmmm, yeah!"
He rubbed the back of her head reassuringly, twining his fingers in her long, wavy
blonde hair. His ass was bouncing with increasing fervor as he inched closer to
shooting his wad in her mouth. Though his prick and balls were aching for release,
he didn't want to choke her and ruin her first time at cock-sucking so she would
never want to do it again.
Tess gripped his lower cockshaft tighter and pounded it all the harder. She knew it
would be just like when he pounded his cock himself, and would probably cause his
cum to shoot all the sooner. Her lips raced up and down his prickshaft, her tongue
tickling the tender spot just under the giant cockhead and pressing more firmly
against his prickshaft.
Soon Jeff's legs started to quiver. He arched his back and tried to shove more of his
cock into her mouth. Then just as quickly, when he heard Tess gag again as his
prickhead pressed into her throat, he sank his ass into the mattress. His body jerked
uncontrollably as he felt the impending release of his cock and balls.
"Oh, yeah!" he gasped, squirming and panting.
His neck arched, his head pressing into the bed. He clutched his s****r's head tightly
and held it still. His crotch began slapping up into her face fervently, his cock
stabbing into her mouth as it exploded.
"Unh, unh, unh!" he panted. "Oh, yes, yes, yes! This is it! I'm coming! Suck it, Tess!
Suck my cock hard! Pound it, pound it, pound it!"
Tess bounced and jerked violently as she sucked as hard as she could on her
b*****r's erupting cock. Her one hand massaged his balls with great speed and
dexterity while the other raced up and down on his slick prickshaft. Her eyes bugged
out as she felt his cock pulse in her mouth with every blast of his hot thick cum.
Jeff raised his head and stared through watery eyes at his crotch. He watched with
great joy as his cock disappeared over and over again into his s****r's mouth. His
chest heaved frantically as he pumped a mighty load of his precious warm cum into
her throat.
"Oh, god, yessss!" he wailed. "Suck it, Tess. Suck the cum right up from my toes!"
Tess's cheeks caved in from the pressure she was applying to his exploding cock.
She could feel the mighty spurts of his cum shoot against the back wall of her throat
as she pounded his cock frantically. She tried to swallow as fast as she could,
welcoming with great glee the torrent of his salty, funky spunk.
When she felt the blasts of his cum slow a little, and the great fullness of his cock
stuffed in her mouth shrink, she pulled her head back. His hands relaxed their
pressure on her head and she was able to pull back far enough so only the head of
his great cock was in her mouth. She sucked on his prick-knob as if on a giant soda
straw, eager to vacuum up every drop of his tasty cum.
The great spurts of his cum slowed to a few sprays, then oozed out his cock in a
thick, steady stream for a couple of seconds. She greeted the gobs of cum on her
tongue eagerly, then rolled the rich cream around in her mouth, tasting the great
male flavor. With hums of delight, she swallowed happily, sending the gooey fluid
down to join the rest in her belly.
Jeff's body convulsed a few final times as his cock chucked up the last of its load. He
let his ass fall back to the bed while his s****r sucked and licked his flagging cock
dry. He stroked her pale blonde hair gratefully, his chest heaving as he struggled for
Tess slurped her mouth off his prick, then sucked and kissed his cockhead a few
more times. Her fingers continued to play with his balls, feeling the shriveled leathery
sac grow long again after producing his mighty load. She scratched his thighs and
balls and gave his cockhead a final sucking kiss as she laid his limp prick on his
hairy belly.
Then she raised her head.
"How'd I do?"
"Great," Jeff said between breaths. "Absolutely great. That was one hell of a blowjob!"
"Thanks," she said, grinning. She tucked some loose strands of her bright-yellow hair
behind her ear and started to get up to leave.
Jeff grabbed her wrist. "Hey, where are you going?"
She scowled at him. "Well, that's what you wanted, isn't it? Wasn't that our
He gave her a lusty grin. "Well, yeah, but -"
"But what?"
"Don't you wanna get off, too? I mean, what were you playing with yourself for if you
didn't want to get off?"
She shifted her weight and tried to pull her wrist out of his grasp. "I can take care of
He shrugged. "I can too, but it's better when someone else does it for you."
He released her arm to see what she would do. She pulled it away.
"Suit yourself," he said with a tone of finality in his voice, and pretended to get up.
She stared at him. "Let me get this straight? Are you trying to tell me you want to ..."
He clutched her wrist again and pulled her closer to the bed, this time with very little
resistance. "You just squat over my face and I'll show you just exactly what I'm trying
to tell you."
Tess leered at him. A soft grin wrinkled her lips. She rested one knee on the bed and
swung the other over his well-developed torso. She continued to look down into her
b*****r's handsome face, still not believing what was about to happen.
Fifteen minutes before, when he had caught her playing with their mother's dildo, she
thought the shit was going to hit the fan for sure. Tess had known for quite a while
that their mother kept dildos, vibrators and other sex toys in her nightstand. More
than a few times, when no one was home, she slipped in, borrowed one of the
tantalizing instruments of pleasure and fucked herself silly.
But this time, when Jeff caught her, he threatened to tell. She begged him not to.
She promised him she would do anything - if he promised not to tell.
Although she had only sucked on one guy's cock before in her young life, she had
really gotten off on it. And she never thought she would suck on her own b*****r's
cock. But it was either that or get tattled on. And when she was sucking his prick into
her mouth and feeling his cum shoot down her gullet, she never thought she would
see the day when he would be eating her pussy.
She slowly lowered her damp crotch to his face as he lifted his head off the pillow.
She could see his lips part and his wet pink tongue slide out between his teeth -
inching closer to her aching, pulsing cunt. Slowly, inch by inch, the distance between
his tongue and her cunt narrowed, until finally she felt the flat of his tongue press
right against her moist yellow-fringed pussylips.
She flinched. Her heart thudded wildly. Her throat went suddenly dry. She thought
her pussy was going to explode right then and there.
Her hips jerked back and she yelped. Shivers of excitement raced throughout her
system. But Jeff's head persisted in closing the gap, and in another second the tip of
his tongue was tantalizing her pussy again.
Her ass sank closer to his chest, her pussy closing in on his mouth. Jeff reached up
and clutched both her asscheeks, raising and lowering them as he snaked his
tongue around the surface of her juicy cunt. He scooted a little lower and pulled her
crotch closer to his face.
Jeff brought his hands up under her thighs and into her crotch. With several fingers,
he separated her damp cuntlips and lapped up the entire slick crevice of her pussy.
Her cunt was extremely wet, sweet, and tasty, and he could feel his cock getting
hard just from eating her.
When his tongue traveled higher and flicked into the area between her upper
pussylips, Tess flinched. He had touched that tender little fleshy bubble of her clit.
She shook and shuddered, her insides feeling as though they were on fire.
"Unh, God, Jeff!" she panted. "Jeez, Louise! I can't believe it! That's driving me nuts!
I can't stop shaking!"
Jeff thought he must be hurting her. He feared he was doing something wrong. He
stopped licking her clit and pulled his head away from her crotch.
Tess panicked. She instantly spread her knees to f***e her pussy lower to his face.
"Oh God, no, Jeff! Don't stop! Holy shit! Don't stop now! I'm quivering all over! I've
never been so worked up! Just keep licking my clit and you'll have me shooting off in
no time!"
She wriggled her ass and ground her pussy against his face. Jeff stuck his tongue
out again and this time it sank deep into her cunthole. He darted his tongue in and
out of the fleshy folds of her pussy, tasting more of her sweet juices.
His face was wet already from her free-flowing cuntjuice. His nose nuzzled into the
upper crease of her cunt, jiggling against her clit as he thrust his tongue deeper and
harder into her flaming fuckhole. The flesh on the underside of his tongue began to
hurt and burn, as though it were about to be ripped from its moorings.
But that didn't stop him. His rapidly revitalizing prick flip-flopped on his lower belly as
he devoured his s****r's delicious cunt. His heart was beating frantically, his
breathing speeding up.
Tess clutched her tits and started massaging them as her pussy heated up in
response to Jeff's tongue-bath. Her eyes closed automatically and she was lost
suddenly in a dream world. She floated and drifted, feeling a long, drawn-out orgasm
rising as Jeff continued to lick and suck her cunt.
Her firm tits seemed to be screaming with a desperate hunger. She pressed them
into her chest, trying to relieve the deep aching. Her tits hurt almost as though they
had been bruised, and she needed to knead and massage the pain away.
Then she tweaked and pinched her nipples. Her back arched, her mouth hung open,
and low moans rolled up from her throat as she inched closer to her orgasm.
Jeff could tell she was nearing blasting off by the way her body arched and shook
uncontrollably. He fucked his tongue in and out of her pussy all the more eagerly,
dying to have her climax and shoot her sweet cuntjuice in his mouth and all over his
face. Then, just as quickly as he had shoved his tongue into her cunthole, he pulled
it out and worked it over her clit again as she trembled and convulsed more rapidly.
He kneaded her asscheeks harder, feeling their firmness, their smooth flesh. He
slipped several fingers into the crack of her gorgeous ass and pressed them against
her asshole. Instantly Tess sputtered and winced.
"Oh, God, Jeff!" she panted. "This is it! Christ! I'm coming! I'm coming like never
before! That's it! That's it! Flick your tongue over my clit and I'm gone!"
Jeff's tongue fluttered over her clit. He clutched her hips with a steely grip to hold her
ass steady as she erupted. Her body was an uncontrollable writhing mass of joy.
When he felt her pussyjuice start to drip on his chin, he stopped flicking his tongue
over her clit. He opened his mouth wide and wrapped his lips completely around her
puffy pussylips. His tongue flitted and darted as he drank from the overflowing
fountain of her cunt.
Tess squirmed and clutched her tits all the harder. She shook and whimpered. Her
mind was reeling in the greatest ecstasy she had ever known as her b*****r
continued to fuck her flooding pussy with his long, stiff tongue.
She shook spasmodically and lurched forward. Her pussy came off Jeff's face and
her eyes opened. Jeff reached up and grabbed her, pulling her wet, frantically
heaving and contorting body down next to him.
Chapter 2
Tess lay curled up in a semi-fetal position, her whole body relaxed like never before.
She quivered slightly, feeling warm, her cunt almost liquid. She hummed repeatedly,
and grinned from ear to ear.
"Oh, God, Jeff," she said with a giggle. "That was absolutely wonderful. God, I've
never felt so good in my life. Mmmmmm!"
She uncurled her body and pressed it next to his. His cock, long and stiff and
throbbing against his lower belly, rubbed against her sweaty thighs. She wriggled her
hips to feel more of the steely hardness of his prick press against her.
"Oooh, Jeffy," she said. "Mmm-mm-mm! How wonderful! Look at you!" She reached
between their bodies and snared his cock. "Oh, God! Eating pussy must really get to
"I'll say," Jeff said with a lusty grin.
"Look at how hard your cock is." Giving his cock a gentle squeeze sent shivers up
her spine. "Your prick is just twitching with excitement."
"There's nothing like eating a nice juicy pussy to bring my cock back to life. The
flavor, the fragrance and the hot silky inner flesh of a cunt really turns me on." He
thrust his hips back and forth slightly to pump his cock in and out of his s****r's fist.
"Well, well, well," she said stroking his wildly pulsing prick. "We can't leave you like
this. We're just going to have to take care of it, I guess."
She pressed her tits into him and started rocking back and forth. Soon she had him
on his back, his lengthy prick still in her hand. She straddled his hips, raised her ass,
and with a quivering hand directed the huge knob of his cock right at the gaping
opening to her cunt.
As Tess worked her b*****r's giant cock-knob round in the steamy slit of her pussy,
she hummed and gasped. She had long admired Jeff's athletic build, his handsome
features. She was constantly sneaking peeks at the bulge in the front of his tight
jeans, or the bulge in his skimpy swim trunks, wondering what his cock looked like,
what it would feel like sliding in and out of her pussy. But she never once thought
she would ever actually fuck her own b*****r. The realization that she was about to
made her mouth go dry.
Jeff worked his hips around and up and down, feeling his prickhead getting slicked
up from the abundant amount of fluids in the crevice of his s****r's cunt. He had had
visions of fucking his s****r, but never imagined it would actually happen. Her perfect
figure, her large tits and gorgeous ass, and her pretty face framed by her long
luxurious light blonde hair caused him more than once to slip off and secretly jerk his
prick. She was a red-hot object of desire of all the guys he hung out with.
But now, as his s****r clutched his aching cock and swiped it around and up and
down the length of her pussy, he realized a dream he had had for years was about to
come true. He reached up and clutched her huge firm tits, making broad circles with
the palms of his hands, then started massaging them and played with her nipples.
Tess's breath was becoming more rapid. She still had her eyes locked with her
b*****r's. She grunted and chuckled playfully as she worked his cockhead around in
her dripping pussy.
When she had the knob of his huge prick slicked up with her warm pussyjuice, she
clutched his cockshaft tighter. Raising her ass up off his legs a bit, she wiggled his
cock-knob ever closer to her cunthole. Then she lowered her hips slightly, feeling the
bulbous head of his prick penetrate her tiny pussy opening.
"Aaannnggghhh," she said, a look of awe and delight spreading over her face. "Oh
God! I can't believe it!"
She released her fist from around his cock and pulled her hips up a fraction of an
inch. Then, as if to convince herself she was actually experiencing it and not
dreaming it, she reversed the direction, feeling his gigantic cock-knob fuck into her
narrow pussy once more.
Jeff squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples a few more times, then lowered his
hands to her ass. He clutched one of her firm asscheeks in each of his large hands
and held her absolutely still. Before feeding his cock all the way up her pussy, he
raised and lowered her ass in short, slow movements, feeling the grip her tight cunt
had on his flared cockhead.
The sensation was overpowering. His heart thundered. Flames of passion shot up
his cockshaft. He swallowed hard. He had never felt anything as snug gripping his
cock before in his life. The opening to her pussy was like a rubber band wrapped
around and around his cockhead a dozen times. He thought he would shoot his load
Tess's mouth fell open as Jeff fucked his cockhead in and out her tiny cunthole. She
gasped as she felt the huge knot of his prick slip in and out, stretching the tight
elastic muscles of her pussy. She grunted, her hips shaking in his strong hands,
eager to feel more of his huge cock fuck inside her.
The opening to her cunt was stuffed and stretched with his cock, and it made her feel
wonderful. But she ached deep down inside. The depths of her pussy cried out for
his cock to plunge inside and fill her. She tried to f***e her hips lower to his, but his
strong hands were too much for her.
"Oh God yes, Jeff, yes!" she grunted. "I can't believe it! Your cock feels so good
inside me! But I need more! Shove your cock in me all the way, Jeff, please!"
Jeff held his position, his cockhead just inside her pussy. He ground his ass around,
feeling the warmth and the snug grip her cunt had on his cockhead.
"All in due time," he said, panting. "All in due time. Your pussy feels so good gripping
my cock like this. I could go on like this forever."
He was still bouncing her ass up and down in short, slow little jerks. He could feel the
great flared ridge of his cock being clutched and stroked by her tight cunt every time
he fucked into her or pulled his cock back out.
Tess was turning to jelly in his hands. Her upper body was writhing and twisting.
Looks of great joy spread over her face, alternating with looks of agony as she
craved to feel more of his cock shoved inside her screaming pussy. She tried again
to bounce in his strong grip.
"My pussy is itching deep inside!" she panted, desperate. "You're teasing me, Jeff!
Stop it! Shove your cock in me! I need it - now!
Finally Jeff started fucking his cock into her cunt a little deeper with each upward
thrust. His hands let her ass bounce a little closer to his thighs with each of his cockstabs
into her pussy.
She squealed with delight each time she felt another fraction of an inch of his cock
slip inside her hungering pussy. Soon, she knew, she would have her pussy stuffed
full of the delightful hunk of his cock, and she would ride him and fuck him grandly.
Her pussy was aching for the feel of his stiff prick pumping her wildly to ecstasy.
Jeff relaxed his muscular arms a bit to allow her a slightly greater range of motion.
Tess immediately took advantage of the opportunity by bouncing up and down
frantically on as much of his cock as she could swallow up in her cunt. Even then, he
didn't have more than half his lengthy prick fucking inside her. The sensation of his
rock-hard cock inside her was driving her nuts, and all she could think about was
getting more of his cock inside her ravenous pussy.
"Unh, Jeff!" she gasped, her face twisting and her mouth opening and closing.
"Jesus fuck! Ram your cock in me all the way!"
Jeff leered up at her pretty face. His eyes peered past her huge tits bouncing on her
chest. He smiled at the twisted look of agonizing pleasure on her face. And he
relaxed his elbows a bit more, allowing her ass to bounce closer to his crotch.
Tess twisted and bounced wildly. She used every ounce of her energy to try to f***e
her pussy farther down on his invading cock. She used every trick she knew to make
it better for him. She squeezed her ass muscles and her cunt muscles repeatedly to
engulf his cock in a nice tight grip.
Tess squealed with delight each time she felt another fraction of an inch of his cock
fuck inside her pussy. She was bouncing frantically, sweat starting to form on her
brow. Her knees were locked in pain at his sides as she continued to f***e more of
her begging pussy down his long prick.
"I'm going nuts!" she cried out. "My cunt is itching! Now, goddamn it, now! Fuck me
She bounced, finally feeling her blonde and soaked cuntbush tangle with Jeff's
coarser blonde cockhairs. She could feel her pubic bone come in contact with his.
She could feel her clit stimulated and excited as it slammed into him.
And that set her off. She couldn't wait any longer. She had felt herself starting to
come the instant she had plugged Jeff's cock-knob inside her waiting cunthole. And
now, with his crotch stimulating her clit, his cock fucking almost to its full length
inside her, she was trembling and moaning on the very brink of orgasm.
She craved the feeling of his crotch hammering against hers, but she could not hold
back any longer. With wildly frantic a****listic grunts and near-violent bucking, she
started riding his cock with all her might.
She squealed. She grunted. Her body quivered and jerked as she bounced on his
cock. She placed her hands on his broad, hairy chest and bucked like a bronco, his
cock still not fucking her pussy to its fullest depth.
Jeff finally let go of her ass and reached up to grab her tits. Now she had the chance
to feel his cock fuck into her pussy all the way. He flexed his ass muscles and raised
his hips slowly off the bed as she continued to fuck his stiff cock.
Wave after wave of orgasmic bliss flooded her system as she rode his cock. She
couldn't remember squealing and grunting and gasping with such frenzy before. The
bed creaked noisily, as if cheering them on.
Her body convulsed. She gasped. She shook and jerked again. Then she collapsed
like a rag doll to his chest.
Jeff wrapped his arms around her, rocked her sideways and flipped her over.
"Unh, oh God, Jeff!" she moaned, trying to wipe her wet bangs off her forehead.
"Jesus. Jesus fuck! Your cock's still hard! Holy shit! She was surprised beyond belief
when she felt her b*****r's long cock start to pull out of her drenched pussy and slide
back in. Automatically, she spread her legs and raised her ass off the bed to
welcome the next magnificent thrust of his cock into her.
She grunted each time she felt her b*****r's prick slam into her cunt, every time she
felt his crotch crash mightily into hers. She arched her back and slapped her crotch
upward to meet every one of his f***eful stabs.
"Oh, God yes, Jeff!" she wailed. "That's it! More, more, more! Fuck me harder!
Faster, Jeff, please!"
Jeff was pulling his cock all the way out to the very lips of her slavering cunt and
ramming it f***efully all the way back in. Soon he was fucking his mighty cock into
her welcoming cunt at full speed.
He lowered his cheek to her shoulder and reached down to grab both her
asscheeks. At the same time, she wrapped her legs around his ass, changing their
fuck angle just enough to welcome his cock all the deeper into her pussy. She
grunted with increasing fervor as he kneaded her firm asscheeks and hammered his
cock all the more rapidly into her greedy cunt.
She could feel his breath hot and steamy on her shoulder as he puffed for air. His
grunts were half swallowed up by her shoulder, and she could barely understand a
word he said when he spoke, but she knew full well that he was saying that he was
"Unh, unh, unh, oh, Tess!" he grunted. "This is it! I'm cumming!"
They slapped their crotches so furiously against each other that Tess was amazed
they didn't break something. She felt another glorious orgasm splash throughout her
system as her b*****r unleashed a mighty load of his spunk into her. She welcomed
his f***eful cock-stabs into her, and never wanted him to stop.
When he finally came to rest on top of her, breathing like he had just run a marathon,
all she could think was that she was glad now that he had caught her playing with
their mother's dildo, and hoped they would fuck again - soon and often.
Chapter 3
Tess and Jeff fucked every chance they got, which wasn't too often.
One day their mother came home earlier than she had expected and heard a
commotion in Jeff's room. She tiptoed down the hallway and peered past the open
"Jeff!" Dianne screamed when she saw her older son naked on his bed, pounding his
Their eyes met in a frozen stare. Dianne put her hands on her hips and shook her
head. She couldn't help but feel her pussy tingle with delight as she gazed at her
son's magnificent cock.
"Just what the hell ..."
Jeff tried to conceal his nakedness. He wriggled and squirmed in embarrassment.
His voice was high-pitched and shaky.
"Aw, Mom," he said. "What the hell are you -"
"Never mind that," she said. Her cunt quivered with the excitement of what she saw.
She had never felt so turned on before in her life. The sight of her son's gorgeous
body spread out on his bed, his tight firm asscheeks now pointing in her direction,
caused her pussy to heat up and trickle with anxiety and desire. "See me in my room
She turned and stalked out the door, her thighs warm and wet. She quickly
undressed and put on a nightie and sprawled on her bed. In a matter of minutes, her
son entered, clad in a white terry robe that came to his knees.
Dianne's eyes lifted from the slight bulge in the front of his robe to meet his. One leg
slithered down the other as she lay half on her side. Her lips parted sensuously.
"Look at me," she said to her son.
Jeff raised his head.
"Mom, look," he said. "I don't know what you're thinking, but, you know, it's only
natural. You know what I mean. I mean, I'm not a k** anymore. I'm growing up. And I
have certain needs, you know? I mean, things build up. You know, pressure? It gets
to the boiling point, and you have to relieve yourself. All the guys do it. It's not like
we're doing anything wrong, you know?"
Dianne raised her eyebrows and let her top leg slide back, her negligee parting and
revealing her long tan thighs. She pulled her legs back far enough to open up her
crotch to her son, wisps of curly blonde cunthair peeking out from her half-concealed
"Oh?" she asked, her voice shaky and sensuous. "I can't deny that. We all have
needs, Jeffy. Perhaps the only reason all your buddies beat off is because they don't
have any little girlfriends to do it for them, or to suck them off - or to fuck."
She stared at him eagerly, trying to discern the reaction of her words on him. His
face twitched, his cock snapping to fuller attention, tenting magnificently against the
front of his robe. He cupped his hands in front of his crotch to conceal the excited
condition of his pulsing prick.
He cleared his throat and shifted his weight from foot to foot.
"No need to try to hide things from me," she said. "Put your hands at your sides
when I'm talking to you."
"But Mom -"
"Do as I say!"
Jeff lowered his hands, his huge cock pressing into the thick material of the robe and
forcing it to part, his prick-knob coming into Dianne's view.
"Now come here," she said, and reached out a hand toward him. "Come on. Come
Jeff stepped timidly to the bed. Her hand slipped between the flaps of his robe and
snared his rapidly expanding cock.
"So what do you think?" Dianne asked. "Do you think that's why your pals jack off so
often? Because they don't have someone to fuck? What about you, Jeff? Hmh? Do
you have someone to fuck?"
Her robe had opened all the way, her crotch spread enough for Jeff to ogle her
amply fringed pussy mound.
Jeff cleared his throat. He struggled to keep his knees from shaking. "Well, ah,
occasionally. I mean, no. Not really. I mean -"
"What exactly do you mean?" She stroked the length of his cock with a loose fist, her
hand just skimming over the flesh of his prickshaft. "Do you or don't you?"
"No, not regularly." Jeff's eyes flashed back and forth between her eyes and her
pussy. She was rubbing her thighs lightly together and undulating her hips, thrusting
them forward slightly in a very sexy and stimulating way. Jeff thought he could see
the moistness on her pussyhair and smell the aroma of fresh cunt.
"Well, what about me?" Dianne asked, casting away what remained of her
precautionary approach. She squeezed his cock and tugged, pulling him a little
closer to the bed. "Did you ever want to fuck me?"
A great gust of air that had built up in Jeff's lungs suddenly burst free as he sighed
mightily. He tried to laugh, to relieve the tension that had been mounting for the past
several minutes. His cock twitched with fury in her grip.
"Are you k**ding?" he said with a chuckle. "Half my life! I mean, ever since I knew
what - I mean, you're a real foxy lady, Mom, and sometimes I can't help but think
about you when I beat -"
"Well, then, what are you waiting for?" She released his cock and placed both her
hands on the insides of her thighs, spreading them wide. She rotated her hips
upward, thrusting her pussy right toward her son's face.
Jeff removed his robe in a flash, standing before his mother with his cock straight
and hard and magnificent, the throbbing cock-knob glistening with pre-cum.
"Oh, God, Mom!" he panted. "I can't believe it! I can't -"
"Well believe it," she said. As he stepped closer to the bed, she stretched her head
closer to him. Opening her mouth, she sucked the great knob of his prick and half his
cockshaft into her mouth.
She hummed as she sucked, her cheeks caving in from the pressure. Her fingers
drew up the creases between her puffed-up cuntlips and her thighs, then trailed into
the slick waiting crevice of her pussy itself.
As she slipped one finger into her cunt, she grabbed Jeff's balls with the other hand.
She palmed his huge balls, her fingers scr****g and tickling his thighs. She moved
her head back and forth, sticking up the entire shaft of his cock and pulling the
prickhead into the opening to her throat.
She hummed frantically, excitedly as her finger slipped further into her pussyhole,
and her mouth sucked back and forth on her son's gigantic cock. She felt the
floodgates of an early orgasm opening up already. She had been so turned on by
seeing her son pounding his cock, by admiring his lean tanned athletic form, and by
pulling his magnificent cock into her mouth that she knew she would climax any
second. Just a few flicks of her finger over her clit and she would be seeing stars.
Jeff's knees started to shake, his legs growing rubbery. His knees moved forward,
resting against the edge of the bed as his mother pulled more of his engorged cock
into her mouth. He had been so worked up from beating his meat, so close to
blasting off, that he knew he wouldn't last long. His fingers snaked into the tresses of
her blonde hair.
"Unh, God, Ma!" he wailed, pleading for her to finish him off. Her mouth felt so good
wrapped around his excited prickshaft that he never wanted her to stop. His balls
crowded up in his crotch, signaling the impending blast of his jism right down her
throat. "Jesus fuck! I'm about to cum! I can't hold back, Mom! Look out! I'm about to
fire a load of cum right down your throat!"
Dianne worked her finger faster and more furiously into her flooding cunthole and
pressed the palm of her hand around her upper cunt, stimulating her clit. Her insides
shook with the imminent release of her orgasm. She pulled Jeff's cock farther into
her mouth and stroked the lower part of his prickshaft with her tightly gripping thumb
and index finger, while her other fingers continued to fondle his weighty balls.
Grunts of extreme excitement got caught in her throat as she raced toward blasting
off. Her cheeks dimpled as she sucked all the more f***efully in an attempt to get his
cock to fire its load into her waiting mouth. Her ass started to bounce uncontrollably
on the bed, her crotch making slurpy fucking sounds as she fingered her pussy to
the brink of ecstasy.
Jeff bucked, his whole body now trembling as his knees practically chattered against
the side of the bed. His fingers stopped twining in his mother's long golden hair. He
clutched the sides of her head and started fucking her face wildly as his cock
"Oh, God, Ma!" he panted, his voice hoarse and cracking. He coughed and nearly
choked as he tried desperately to spit out the announcement of his orgasm. "Oh
God, oh God, oh God! I'm coming like a fuckin' race horse!"
As his ass tightened and jerked, his pulsing prick unleashed a might torrent of his
creamy cum. He fucked his cock into his mother's eager mouth hard as he fired off
round after round of his funky jism. His eyes closed and sweat formed on his
forehead, his cock aching, feeling like it was exploding as he filled Dianne's mouth
with his precious jism.
Dianne shook and bounced joyfully as his cock erupted his sweet, salty cum into her
mouth. His spunk blasted over her tongue, spraying against the back of her throat.
She swallowed greedily and happily, her own orgasm raging out of control.
A thousand fireworks went off inside her system as she came. Her jaws tightened as
she tried to keep up with the massive spurts of his cum. She pulled her finger from
the depths of her pussy and flicked it rapidly over her clit, tingling in the release of
her own dynamic orgasm.
When she felt the blasts of his cum slow to a trickle and his mighty prick soften in her
mouth, she pulled her head back a little. She sucked in the shrinking knob of his
cock while she squeezed and pulled on the length of his prickshaft, milking out the
remainder of his cum. When she had sucked his balls dry, she pulled his cock out of
her mouth and licked and kissed it lovingly before letting it free to dangle half-bloated
and slick between his thighs.
She rubbed her hand around in her crotch as she lay back on the bed. Her mouth fell
open and her eyes closed dreamily, as though she couldn't believe what had just
happened. Her lips opened and closed, her tongue licking them, savoring the
remnants of her son's tasty jizz. She arched her back and rotated her ass around on
the bed.
Jeff stared hungrily down at his mother's sexy, undulating body - her gorgeous tits
rolling about on her chest, the nipples hard and long and pointing at the ceiling. He
ogled her long shapely limbs, her creamy smooth thighs spread wide and her thick
patch of downy cunthair peeking out from behind the palm of her hand as she
continued to finger her pussy.
When she clasped her thighs with both hands and spread her legs wider, opening up
the delights of her waiting cunt, Jeff knelt between her knees. His head went down to
the wet pink slit of her pussy. He inhaled the heady aroma of cuntjuice and went
Dianne thrust her hips upward at the first contact of his tongue on her waiting pussy.
An uncontrollable moan, like a sudden release of long- held pent-up emotions and
expectations, flowed from her mouth. Her chest heaved grandly, her tits ballooning
as though suddenly filled with air. She freed her hands and put them to work gently
caressing the back of her son's head as his tongue worked into the fleshy folds of
her steamy cunt.
"God, Jeffy!" she gasped. "Oh my God! Take me higher, Jeffy, please! Flick your
tongue over my clit!
Her words crunched to a halt with an a****listic grunt when she felt the immediate
response to her request. The hot tip of her son's tongue swished up over her clit,
leaving her breathless and yearning for more. Her body moved and swayed, rising
and falling like waves on the sea as she worked her pussy over Jeff's tongue.
Jeff teased her clit with soft, feather-light caresses of his tongue. Each delicate flutter
of his tongue on her fleshy clit brought a new moan and a new slithery contortion of
her body.
"Ooooh, Jeffy!" she gasped, her shoulder scrunching up. "Where did you learn to eat
pussy like that? I'm about to come already again. I love it! Your tongue feels so good
on my cunt!"
Jeff reached under her to clutch her ass. He had been secretly drooling over his
mother's gorgeous asscheeks for years, and clutched them half in an attempt to
stabilize her frantic undulations and half to satisfy a deep-seated hunger he had had
to squeeze the firm, ripe flesh. As he lifted her ass off the bed, he wrapped his mouth
around the entire area of her pussy, trapping her sensitive clit between his teeth and
fluttering his tongue over it.
Dianne clasped her tits suddenly and pinched her nipples. They ached deep inside,
and she knew only a good hard tweak on them would ease the pain.
"Unh, unh, unh, oh, Jeffy!" she moaned. "Oh God!"
She burst into magnificent flames as her orgasm consumed her. She wriggled and
sputtered, the mound of her pussy quivering under Jeff's talented tongue. Without
warning, her cuntjuice splashed generously into his mouth.
Dianne squirmed in the throes of her climax for what seemed like hours. She
whimpered and cried, and when she could stand the ticklish teasing of her son's
mouth on her pussy no longer, she clutched the sides of his head and pulled.
Pressing his wet face between her hands, she pulled his mouth to hers. Laughter
bubbling up from her throat, she thrust her tongue in his mouth, then nearly choked
when she felt his cock, long and solid and throbbing desperately, slide between her
slick thighs.
Chapter 4
"Oh God, Jeffy!" Dianne gasped, pulling her mouth off his. "Your cock is hard again."
Instinctively, her thighs parted. She swiveled her hips upward, feeling the huge knob
of his prick drag down the steamy crevice of her pussy. She paused when she felt
his throbbing cockhead contact the yawning opening of her cunt.
Jeff wriggled his hips, feeling his prick-knob move around in her cunthole. He
grinned lewdly, his face still smeared with her pussy- juice. He thrust his hips forward
just a fraction of an inch and felt her gaping pussyhole open up and swallow his
cockhead inside.
A look of awe spread over Dianne's face. She had never suspected the inside of her
pussy would ever feel anything as stimulating as the hard, hot flesh of her own son's
"Oh God, Jeffy, yes!" she panted. Her eyes rolled. "Shove your cock in me!" She
pressed more firmly on his ass. "Stick your cock in me farther."
She lifted her ass off the bed to draw more of his cock into the plush overheated
interior of her pussy. A long low moan of joy rippled up as she felt his cock fuck
effortlessly into her cunt.
Jeff flexed his thigh and ass muscles and continued his slow journey downward,
inward - the solid length of his cock fucking into the depths of his mother's cunt. He
swallowed hard. His eyes bugged out in disbelief as he concentrated on the amazing
sensation of her hot tight pussy walls as they enveloped his cock and slid along his
lengthy prickshaft.
He felt his thick cockhair coming in contact with the fine, damp bush of her pussy. He
felt her cunt muscles flex and tug his cock. He felt his nipples, hard and excited, as
they pressed into the soft but firm mounds of her excited tits.
"Oh, God!" he cried. He clutched her head with the sides of his arms and gobbled up
her mouth, his tongue slashing hers as he ground his cock around in the depths of
her furnace-like pussy.
His prick was ready to burst, and he fought to prevent it. His jaw muscles tightened,
his breath trapped in his expanded lungs. He quivered from head to toe as he felt his
cock throb - swelling and pressing into the snug chamber of her pussy.
He suddenly pulled his mouth off his mother's. He had never been so worked up in
his life. He couldn't control the overpowering sensations raging in his balls and in his
His mouth opened and closed as his ass instantly started rising and falling, his balls
tingling and crowding up in his crotch. He fucked his cock into his mother's cunt
rapidly, f***efully, in time with each of the spurts of thick cum jetting out of the head
of his prick.
Dianne knew what was happening. She welcomed the torrent of his cum by slapping
her hips up to meet his as fast as she could. Her body ached with the release of a
quick turbulent orgasm. But it also ached with the yearning for more, much more.
"Oh, Jesus, Jeffy!" she moaned, her mouth pressed close to his ear, her lips and her
jaw limp with the overriding sensations of orgasm bursting throughout her system.
"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck your mother good! Hard and fast!"
She dug her nails into his ass, the muscles in her long slender arms straining and
bulging in her ravenous desire to feel his cock fucking her cunt as powerfully as it
"Unh, unh, unh, oh God, yes, yes, yes!" she groaned as his cum shot into her pussy
and combined with her own generous outpouring of fuckjuice.
Jeff felt his balls slam painfully into his mother's ass as he continued to fuck his
exploding prick into her. Sweat oozed from his pores and hot flashes charged
through his body. Every muscle was taut, strained, rock-hard and working overtime
as he practically nailed his mother to the bed in his crazed ravaging of her pussy.
He stopped bucking and thrusting almost as rapidly as he had begun. He felt the
rapid spurts from his cockhead slow as the storehouse of his cum emptied into her.
He pulled his cock back to the lips of her pussy as she went weak under him, then
hammered his prick into her a few final times before suddenly relaxing.
His body crashed onto hers, his heaving chest mashing against hers. Their mouths
met and they exchanged tongue probes and hot moist air. His fingers entwined in
her hair while her hands stroked his ass.
"Oh God, Ma," he finally said as he deposited moist kisses all over her face, neck
and tits. "Jesus Christ! What a fuck! I've never been so worked up in my life. I don't
know what got into me. I'm sorry I came so soon. I hope you're not disappointed."
She released his ass and slapped one asscheek playfully.
"Hell no," she said with a chuckle. "I know what to expect. I was young once myself.
And so was your father. You're a chip off the old block, that's for sure."
He stared at her. "Really? I'm sorry. I wanted to make it good for you, too. I didn't
mean to come -"
"Don't worry about it. It was fine for me. It was great. Just may be the best I ever
had. I saw stars aplenty. Besides, it gives us something to work on. It can only get
Jeff grinned at her and chuckled lustily as he ground his cock around inside the
squishy depths of her overflowing pussy.
He raised himself on his elbows so he could bow his head. Wrapping his mouth
alternately around each of her swollen tits, he separated his sticky body from hers.
When he pulled his half-stiff cock out of her cunt, the odors of their combined
fuckjuice wafted up to his nostrils.
He sank his prick back into her again, and repeated the action. Each time he did so,
it felt as though her cunt was gripping his cockshaft a little tighter. He felt renewed
vigor in his balls and in his cock, which was swelling in her talented cunt.
Dianne's neck and back arched, shoving more of her aching swelling tits into her
son's mouth. She moaned uncontrollably as she rotated and slowly thrust her hips up
to meet his, his prickshaft ballooning inside her.
In a matter of minutes, Dianne could feel his cock - thicker and longer and harder -
sliding into the insatiable depths of her pussy once more. With long slow steady
strokes he fed his cock into her, pulling it all the way out sometimes till the huge
cock-knob popped right out of her cunthole. But his cock was so rigid that he
immediately plugged her empty pussy full again.
Jeff gradually built up steam, like a jet roaring down the runway, and was soon
fucking his cock into her about as fast as he had done before. He pounded her cunt
mercilessly. Then, pausing to rest, he ground his groin around hers. The side of his
face rested on her shoulder and he grabbed her asscheeks, slapping her sloppy
crotch on and off his stiff prick as fast as he could.
Dianne shuddered in the throes of another glorious orgasm. She felt herself go
weak, abandoning all control of her fragile body to the strong arms and cock of her
son. All she felt was his cock stabbing her ravenous pussy relentlessly, and that's all
she wanted as the waves of her climax washed over her.
When she felt herself drift back to reality, Jeff was in one of his slower interludes,
grinding his cock around inside her pussy and gnashing his pubic bone against hers
hungrily. Shivers of delight rippled up her spine.
She wrapped her arms and legs tightly around his back and started a slow rocking
motion back and forth. She kissed his lips fervently, slavering the insides of his
mouth with her wildly active tongue. When she rocked him over onto his back, she
pulled her mouth off his.
"Ah, good," she said, grinding her pussy around on his stiff-rigid cock. Her eyes
closed as she savored every inch, every nuance of his cock probing around inside
her. The jack-hammer thrusting had been fine, she thought, but what she needed
every now and then was a long, slow fuck.
Dianne moaned long and low, a smooth velvety sound issuing from her throat as she
ground her pussy around on her son's cock. A dreamy smile of tranquillity and
increasing pleasure brightened her face.
Jeff raised his hands and clasped his mother's torso, his palms pushing her massive
tits outward all the more. He ogled her ballooning tits, his mouth going dry. The large
dark caps surrounding the tiny hard nipples called to him, begging him to satisfy his
hunger, to turn his mother on all the more. His head lifted off the pillow. His mouth
opened and surrounded one of the huge firm nipples.
Instantly Dianne groaned and arched her back. Her tits ached deep inside, and only
the firm pressure of a talented mouth sucking on them could relieve the yearning.
She clutched the back of Jeff's head and pressed her tit farther into her son's mouth
as she twirled her cunt around on his rigid cock.
Jeff trapped the stiff little nipple between his teeth and lightly bit down. He flicked his
tongue over the eraser-like nipple, eliciting moans of delight from his mother's throat.
Matching her grinding motions, he flexed his ass muscles, sending his cock roving
around more f***efully inside her drenched cunt.
As her body started to undulate and rock, Jeff could feel the constrictions of the
tightest parts of her pussy clutch and stroke his prickshaft like a well-trained fist. His
cock felt like a firehose plugged up at the nozzle, swelling, ready to burst. He
agonized in extreme ecstasy with each pump of her tight pussy over the bulging
parts of his cockshaft.
Moans of increasing pleasure rippled from his mouth. His ass continued to rise and
fall in short, slow movements as it tightened and relaxed, his cock inflating and
pulsing and moving around inside her eager pussy. On the upstrokes, he pressed
and gnashed his pelvis around hers, stimulating her super-charged clit to greater
orgasmic release.
Dianne seemed to be losing control of all her senses, except those in her cunt and
tits. Her mind reeled and her bl**d boiled with the impending release of another
nerve-wracking orgasm. She grew more powerless, more willing to relinquish
complete control of her body to Jeff. The more f***efully and rapidly he fucked his
cock into her, the more she wanted him to ravage her completely and mercilessly,
leaving her weak and sated in the wake of another orgasm.
Her muscles relaxed and grew limp. Her body began lowering closer to his. Her
knees trembled and her legs and arms went weak as she ground and thrust her cunt
less and less vigorously on his cock.
Jeff didn't disappoint her. He could feel her body succumbing to the need to be
fucked powerfully. Sharp sighs escaped her throat as he fucked her cunt all the
faster, all the harder.
A piercing wail of desperation escaped from Dianne's throat when Jeff pulled his
cock from her churning cunt. He placed her face-down beside him, then crawled
around back and fucked his throbbing cock up her cunt from behind.
Dianne was powerless and she loved it. Sharp grunts and yelps filled the air with
each thrust of his bludgeoning cock into her. She lay with her cheek on a pillow, spit
drooling out of her open, half-twisted mouth as her son hammered her pussy.
"Unh God, Jeff," she cried, her words obliterated by the pillow. "More, more, more! I
love it! Fuck me as hard as you can! I can't get enough of your cock! I've never come
so much in my life!"
With infinite youthful vigor, Jeff fucked his cock into her insatiable pussy. His biceps
bulged impressively as he clutched his mother's hips and yanked her ass back to
meet every one of his f***eful thrusts into her. His jaw hung open and his chest
heaved rapidly.
"Oh, God, Ma!" he panted. "Oh God, oh God, oh God!"
Tears formed in his eyes as he felt the familiar tingling sensation in his balls that
preceded every orgasm. His knuckles whitened as he dug his fingers into her hips
and slapped her ass back all the more f***efully. His body convulsed as massive
spurts of his cum fired into the flooded chamber of her pussy.
Dianne managed to slip a weak arm under her body, her hand just barely extending
to her cunt. With rapid-fire speed and excellent precision, her fingertip flickered over
her exposed, quivering clit, and she exploded.
Unintelligible words and grunts and shrieks filled the room as they came
Almost as rapidly as it began, it ended. Except for their uncontrollable rapid
breathing, they were motionless. Jeff collapsed on top of his mother, forcing her to
the bed.
"Oh God, Jeffy," Dianne said. "That was magnificent. I've never been fucked so
thoroughly in my life. How was it for you? Was it as good as those little girls you
occasionally get to swing on your cock?"
Jeff sputtered as he laughed. "Are you k**ding? A hundred times better. A thousand
times better!"
"Good. But believe me, it'll get better yet. All we need to do is practice."
And over the next several months, Dianne seized every opportunity she could to fuck
him. Whenever her husband Ron, Tess and her other son, Andy, were gone, she
and Jeff had another opportunity to practice fucking, as she put it.
"I don't want you to disappoint your little fuck partners," she would say. "Besides,
practice is its own reward, and you can never get too much."
They fucked in just about every part of the house and in every position possible. The
days, and some of the nights, were spent in wild fuck sessions.
Jeff suddenly had his hands full trying to fit both his s****r and his mother into his
busy fucking schedule. But he didn't complain.
And neither did Dianne. Now she was getting more than her share, for she and Ron
were still fucking regularly.
Then one day everything changed. Jeff was fucking his mother from behind again, a
position that both of them preferred. They were in the fenced-in back yard. Jeff had
been swimming in the pool when Dianne came home, and she had coaxed him out
of the water and between her legs.
Then, with the sun beating down on them warmly, drying the sweat on their bare
backs as Jeff fucked his cock into her from behind, they were startled to hear the
patio door open. Their hearts thudded in panic as Tess stepped onto the patio in her
bikini bathing suit.
Chapter 5
Dianne and Jeff froze, remaining absolutely still - unable to speak, to disengage
themselves, or anything else - except to wonder, in fear and panic, what might
happen next.
The tension was broken when a broad lusty smile spread across Tess's bright pretty
"Well," she said. "You didn't tell me we were having a party." As she stepped out
onto the patio, she reached behind her and undid her scant bikini top. She dangled
the strap across the flagstones as she approached her mother and b*****r, then let
the top fall into a tiny brightly colored puddle near them.
They looked up along the smooth tanned lines of her shapely legs. Up past the pink
triangle of shiny material covering the mound of her cunt. Up past the curves of her
hips and narrow flanks. Up to the gorgeous set of full melon-like globes of her
exposed tits. And up further to the sensuous smile pasted on her pretty face.
Slipping two fingers under the elastic of her bikini bottom, she wriggled her ass, the
polyester material slithering over her hips and down her legs. She jutted her hips
forward slightly, exposing the delicate fluff of her yellow cunthair.
"Joiners?" she asked, her voice syrupy with sexual heat. "Or is this a private party?"
Dianne cleared her throat and tried to pull her ass forward, yanking her pussy off
Jeff's cock. But his fingertips were buried in the flesh of her hips. She reached up
and nervously flung her sweaty bangs off her forehead.
"This is none of your business! Just get out of here!" Dianne's voice cracked, her
body shaking suddenly, her eyes scanning the patio in desperate search of
something to cover her nakedness.
"Whose business is it, then?" Tess asked, swiveling her hips. She had placed her
hands on her tits and rotated them into her chest, undulating her body as though her
tits itched and ached deep inside where she couldn't scratch. "Daddy's?"
She leered at her mother and ran her tongue sensuously over her upper lip.
"Don't you dare," Dianne said. "Don't you dare say a word about this to anyone, or
you'll live to regret it!"
"Oh, I won't say anything," Tess said in a lilting voice. "As long as you let me join the
Dianne felt Jeff's cock twitch inside her pussy. My god, she thought, it must have
grown to twice its size just at the mention of Tess making it a threesome. She tried to
She looked up again at Tess's beautiful features, her shimmering eyes, her long
yellow hair, her tits cupped under her hands - and the delightful patch of bright-gold
fluff just above her pussy. Her heart suddenly leapt into her throat.
As she hungrily eyed her daughter's gorgeous crotch, Dianne thought she could
detect the fragrant aroma of fresh pussy. It had been a long time - ever since she
was in college, since before she got married - since she had savored the treasures
of a nice tasty cunt.
Her throat went suddenly very dry. She could hear her heart thudding in her ears,
feel her bl**d coursing hotly through her veins. Her pussy contracted and quivered
and became hotter than an oven.
Dianne reached up invitingly toward Tess. Tess lowered one of her hands from her
tits. As their fingers touched, a bolt of electrical excitement shot throughout Dianne's
body. Dianne took her hand and gently pulled Tess down to the blanket.
"Come, my dear," Dianne said, her voice quivering in anticipation of what was about
to happen. "Sit here."
Tess lowered her bare ass to the blanket near her mother's head. Their eyes
remained fixed. Their bodies shook uncontrollably.
"No, no, my sweet," Dianne said, her voice revealing the high-pitched fever of her
excitement. "Swing around this way. Put one leg over ..."
Her words tumbled off into oblivion as she held one of Tess's ankles and swung it so
Tess was sitting in front of her, her legs spread and her crotch exposed.
Jeff swallowed hard. He couldn't believe what was happening. The sight of his
s****r's golden-fringed pussy opening up before him with its bright-pink membranes
glistening in the full light of the afternoon sun, and the thought that he was going to
see his mother actually dive in there and lap at that succulent slick of pussy, was
driving him wild.
His cock pulsed and twitched and suddenly exploded. He felt his body shaking with
the convulsions of an uncontrollable orgasm.
He struggled desperately to conceal the magnitude of his excitement as his body
spasmed and quivered in the throes of a dynamic climax. His mind reeled in ecstasy.
Jeff stared bug-eyed as his mother lowered her head toward the yellow- tufted
swollen lips paralleling that bright, slick crevice of his s****r's pussy. He wanted to
pull his cock out of his mother's glove- tight pussy and move around so he could see
better that magical, unbelievable moment when her tongue actually caressed Tess's
But the grip Dianne's cunt had on his cock prevented him. The gripping, fiery
sensations of her pussy were like nothing he had ever felt before, and he knew he'd
be crazy to give it up for anything in the world. Just knowing that his mother's tongue
was lapping up the length of her tasty pussy, savoring the sweet delight that he had
savored so many times himself, made his balls ache and made his cock stiffer and
more powerful than ever before.
He felt his mother's cunt muscles flex and milk his cock the instant she buried her
face in Tess's crotch. A long low moan of lust and pleasure flowed up from
somewhere deep in her chest. Her body shook with tiny little quivers, and it seemed
as though she was coming and coming and coming.
Dianne nuzzled her nose into the squashy folds of Tess's upper cunt, inhaling deeply
the heady fragrance of excited pussy. She shagged her head, her nose flying over
the sensitive tip of her daughter's half- exposed clit. She was going wild with raging
desire. The scent, the flavor of sweet young cunt made her heart pound faster, her
breathing race out of control, her pussy quiver and clutch Jeff's hard thick prick.
She probed her tongue inside Tess's cunthole a few times. She could feel Tess's
pussy getting wetter by the second. It warmed and moistened Dianne's parched
tongue and mouth as she sucked some of the tasty fluids of excitement from the
depths of Tess's cunt.
Tess was quivering like a candle flame. She felt as though the entire surface of her
body was being tickled by a feather duster. She had never dreamed that her mother
would be into eating pussy!
Her cunt was practically liquid - half from the expert tongue-job she was feeling on
her cunt, and half from the unbelievable knowledge that it was her mother's tongue
that was licking her. She had long been envious of her mother's shapely form, and
considered her father a very lucky man to have the chance to crawl in bed next to
her every night and suck and fuck her gorgeous pussy.
Thinking these thoughts caused Tess to come instantly. Her body quivered, her ass
bouncing and her tits flapping in the light breeze as Dianne licked away at her supercharged
pussy. She cupped her tits and tried to pinch away the aching, begging
desire that concentrated in her nipples.
Dianne gurgled and sputtered and made slurping sounds as she struggled to lap and
suck up all of the fluids issuing from her daughter's sumptuous cunt. She herself
shook and jerked spasmodically as ripples of orgasm welled up inside her,
threatening to break loose at any second. She was excited like she never had been
before in her life, her guts rumbling uncontrollably. She thought she might pass out
from the high-voltage experience.
All the while, she continued to lurch her ass back to feel Jeff's cock spearing her
pussy from behind. The combined sensations - of Tess's cunt splashing its warm
liquid into her mouth and Jeff's long hard cock fucking her pussy - overwhelmed her.
Her heart raced and sweat literally coated every square inch of her tingling flesh as
her orgasm mounted.
Jeff was fucking her pussy about as fast as he could. His cock scorched along her
steamy cunt walls. His balls ached, hanging low and swinging freely, slapping up into
his mother's crotch.
He swallowed hard, watching the unbelievable scene unfolding before his eyes. He
could tell Tess was exploding like a grenade. The look of awe spread across her
face, the guttural sounds of lust rumbling up from deep inside her somewhere, the
way her body jerked and quivered, glistening in the bright afternoon sun and the way
she clutched and pinched her tits all excited him outrageously. And from the way his
mother's hips and ass were twitching and thrusting, he could tell she was enjoying
the rewards of orgasm herself.
His jaw hung open as he tried to concentrate his attention on every detail of the
marvelous fuck. He didn't want to ever forget it. He wanted it to stay fresh in his
memory - for he thought he would never experience another fuck as exciting, ever
His body was growing weak and tired from exhaustion. He had been fucking his cock
into his mother's drenched and super-charged pussy at high speed for longer than
he had ever fucked before in his life. The tingly sensations that signaled his orgasm
had gripped his balls and spread throughout his body minutes ago, but he still hadn't
He had to shoot, he told himself. He just had to dump his load of hot sticky cum
inside his mother's pussy or he would burst apart at the seams. He felt himself right
on the verge of shooting his load, so he fucked his cock into her faster and harder.
Tess was shrieking with delight as she felt Dianne's nose lurch into her clit with every
one of her b*****r's dynamic thrusts into Dianne's pussy. She let go of her tits and
clutched her mother's head. Holding it steady, she could feel Dianne's hard oral
spear lick the excited walls of her flooding pussy.
"Oh God, Mom!" she wailed. "Oh fuck! I can't stop coming! You're driving me nuts!
You're tickling me! Stop, Mom, please! I can't take any more!"
Dianne slowed her pace. She stopped rubbing her nose over Tess's clit. Wrapping
her lips completely around Tess's flooding cunthole, she sucked up the last of her
fuckjuice before Tess succeeded in pulling her mother's face out of her crotch.
"Unh, unh, unh!" Dianne gasped. "Christ! Jeff! Wait! Wait! Holy shit! I need a
breather! Your cock is fucking my cunt raw!"
She relaxed as Tess tugged on her head and pulled her body up over her own. In an
effort to keep his cock from slipping out of his mother's cunt, he leaned forward,
coming to rest on Dianne's back as Dianne rested on top of Tess. Their chests rose
and fell dramatically as they all gulped air.
After several minutes, Dianne flexed her cunt muscles around Jeff's cock and felt it
still hard and throbbing inside her aching pussy.
"Holy shit!" she exclaimed between breaths. "Your prick is still hard! Didn't you
"Oh, yeah," he panted. "A couple times. Watching you two just got me so worked up
that I got a hard-on that won't quit."
Dianne tightened her pussy around his cockshaft and milked it as best she could, but
she felt weak. Her cheek was resting against Tess's and she felt her daughter's face
stretch in a broad, lusty grin.
"Oh, good," Tess said. "I have just the thing for it."
She ground her sloppy cunt against her mother's.
Dianne lifted her head and looked into her daughter's eyes, searching for an answer.
"You? Fuck your b*****r?"
Tess giggled and scrunched her shoulders teasingly. "Why, Mother! You? Fuck your
son? Tsk tsk! Believe me, this won't be the first time. And don't look so surprised!"
Dianne saw the twinkling lights of mischief in her daughter's eyes.
"Imagine that," Dianne said. "Well, this should prove to be very interesting."
She wriggled and humped her body to indicate that Jeff should get off her.
Jeff got the message and pulled his long cock from the depths of his mother's cunt
and rolled sideways. Dianne rolled off Tess in the other direction. She rested on an
elbow as Jeff rolled back into position, this time on top of Tess.
Without wasting another second, he raised his hips as Tess spread her legs. She
reached between his legs and grabbed his lengthy, sticky cock and pumped it a few
times. She was about to plant it in her waiting pussy when she got another idea.
"Wait a minute. Let me have a taste first." She hoisted him off her and scooted down
the length of his torso until his long hard prick was directly over her face.
She hoped to accomplish two things. She delighted in the feel of his cock in her
mouth, for one thing. Plus, she wanted to convey to her mother that she enjoyed the
taste of pussy as well.
She popped Jeff's cock in her mouth and sucked it in as far as she could, humming
gleefully all the while. Working her tongue around as much of the entire surface as
she could, she lapped and sucked off all the great flavors of her mother's pussy that
remained there. Then she pulled her mouth off Jeff's cock and licked and sucked his
balls and the entire area of his crotch, humming approvingly.
"Mmmmm!" she moaned as she pulled her body back to its original position under
her b*****r's. "There's nothing like a little pussy- juice to get me really turned on!
Now, Jeff, shove your cock in me and fuck me to the moon!"
She still had a hold on his cock, and she poised it at the entrance to her fuckhole.
When she released his cock, he fucked the length of his prickshaft right into the welloiled
tunnel of her soft, warm pussy. They grinned at each other, then turned to
observe the look of delight on their mother's face.
Dianne was half-sitting next to them, her eyes glued on Jeff's cock as it disappeared
into her daughter's cunt. She started to finger her pussy. Although she had been
fucked nearly raw a few minutes earlier, the sight of Jeff's gorgeous prick fucking into
Tess's pussy ignited flames of passion in her cunt.
"Why, Mom," Tess said, "no need to play with your own pussy. Join the party."
Dianne's eyes caught Tess's for only a second. She grinned lewdly, then got up and
straddled her daughter's face. She came instantly as she felt Tess's tongue snake
inside the succulent folds of her ready cunt.
Jeff swung his cock into high gear. He fucked his s****r fast and furiously as he
watched her suck their mother's wet cunt. The sight, the fragrance and the
sensations combined to heighten his sexual thrills.
He hammered his cock into Tess's receptive pussy for minutes on end as he
watched his mother's gorgeous ass hover over Tess's face. Tess and Dianne both
enjoyed several more glorious orgasms before he shot his load deep into Tess's
cunt. Then he collapsed onto his mother's ass, forcing her flooding pussy right into
Tess's face. By the time the festivities ended, Jeff was so fucked out that his cock felt
like a twisted garden hose.
Chapter 6
Tess and Dianne fucked Jeff to the bone that afternoon. Then, for a variety of
reasons, they lapsed into a long dry spell. Finally, Tess could stand the pressure no
longer. She was hot, wet and raring to go. She couldn't stop her pussy from drooling.
She was working herself off with a dildo one day when she heard huffing and puffing
sounds coming from the basement. She recognized the noises her b*****r Andy
made when he lifted weights. She suddenly got an idea. She put on a short negligee
and went downstairs.
"Hi," she said as she approached her b*****r.
He was flat on his back, bench-pressing a barbell over his chest. She ogled the
steely hard muscles in his arms as they bulged and strained, sinewy and sexy under
the deeply tanned skin. She eyed his crotch, also bulging inside his grey fleece
shorts as he exerted pressure to push the weights into the air.
"Hi," he said between thrusts, not wanting to waste words or energy in lengthy
"Mmmmm!" she moaned as she took a place on the mat near him, her gaze glued to
his bulging cock. Tess curled her legs and sat with her ankles under her. Her crotch
opened up, her dripping pussy coming into full view. "Are those all the muscles you
"No, I do all of them," he panted.
"All of them?" She worked her voice in a lusty way, knowing full well her b*****r
would understand her meaning. "Do you lift weights with your - cock?" She laughed.
"Or are there other exercises you do to strengthen your cock muscles?"
Andy just about lost his rhythm and his count. His cock throbbed and tented mightily
in his tight gym shorts.
"Do you exercise your pussy muscles?"
"Sure," she said. "Wanna see?"
A sharp burst of air exploded from his lungs as his head turned sideways. He could
see right up Tess's thighs to the furry damp spot she had intentionally revealed to
him. His eyes bugged out when she spread her legs and lowered a dildo to her
The barbell came crashing down to its cradle. Tess spread her pussylips with several
fingers, gently teased her clit for a few seconds, then worked the head of the dildo
inside the opening to her fuckhole.
Andy's chest rose and fell rapidly. His throat went very dry. His eyes bugged out in
total disbelief as his prick stiffened and strained for release from his shorts.
Tess teased him with lusty eyes as she glanced alternately between her pussy and
his face and cock. She ran her tongue over her upper lip and smirked as she
observed the look of delight on her b*****r's face and the incredible bulge his cock
was making in his shorts.
She raised her eyebrows. "Didn't believe me, did you? Now what about you? Do you
ever exercise your cock?" She let her eyes fall to his throbbing, swelling hard-on.
"Looks to me like your prick could use a good workout."
"Holy shit!" Andy gasped. "I don't believe this!"
He tried to get up.
Tess beat him to it. She slipped the dildo out of her pussy, got up and straddled her
b*****r's legs. Without wasting a second, she immediately pressed her hands over
the bulge of his straining, pulsing cock.
"Mmmmmm!" she moaned. "Boy, I'll say! Your cock is ready for action!"
As he lifted himself to his elbows, Tess slipped her hand up under the leg opening of
his shorts and cupped his cock through the material of his jock. She squeezed and
pressed and clutched and rotated his cock around for a few seconds, then pulled her
hand out.
Leaning forward, she wrapped her mouth over the bulge and blew warm moist air on
his cock. It pulsed and swelled even more, practically filling up her mouth. The thick
material of his jock and shorts made the dimensions of his prick appear all the larger.
She slipped her fingers under the elastic of his waistband and started to tug his
shorts down.
"What the fuck?" Andy still couldn't believe what was going on.
"Just relax, and enjoy," Tess said. "Didn't you ever dream about fucking me? Be
honest. Didn't you ever want me to give you a blow-job?"
Hearing her say the words excited him all the more. His cock throbbed a quick
response. He chuckled. "You gotta be k**ding!"
She pulled his shorts down over the huge bulge of his expanding prick. She watched
as his dark-blond cockhairs came into view, then the thick tube of his prickshaft, and
finally the huge bulbous knob of his cock. When the waistband inched down even
farther, his cock sprang up f***efully, slapping noisily against his lower belly.
"Ooooh, Andy!" Tess cried approvingly. "What a gorgeous hunk of cock!"
She eyed its great size, the giant cockhead thudding wildly against his hairy
bellybutton, the full girth of his prickshaft throbbing with intense excitement.
She pulled the shorts even lower and eyed his massive balls, huge and thick-skinned
and dark and hairy. She hoisted her ass off his legs and pulled his gym shorts and
jock down to his ankles, where he instantly kicked them off. Her hand came back up
to his crotch and cupped his weighty balls.
A look of awe spread over both their faces as she weighed his balls. Her fingers
worked restlessly, stroking, squeezing, stretching and rolling. Then she brought her
hand up a little higher and wrapped her fingers around his cock.
His prick twitched instantly, and as she lovingly squeezed it and lifted it off his belly,
she ogled the clear drop of pre-cum oozing out the winking piss-slit. Her eyes
flashed from his cock to his face. And since he showed no signs of resistance, she
lowered her face to his cock. She stuck out her tongue and lapped off the slick drops
of jizz coating his cockhead.
Andy flinched and shuddered. He thought he would come as soon as he felt her hot
mouth on his cockhead. His heart was beating fast and his mouth was dry. He simply
lay there and watched his s****r's mouth wrap around the head of his cock.
He felt the wetness and heat of her mouth as she sucked his cock. The temperature
in his prick was rising rapidly, and his knees quivered. His guts rumbled with
excitement and he felt his balls tighten up in his crotch as she pulled more of his
crazily throbbing cock into her mouth.
He swallowed hard.
"Oh jeez, Tess," he said, his voice trembly. "Oh, God. I'm gonna shoot. Suck it good,
now, Tess. Suck my cock hard. I can't hold back."
Tess's level of excitement doubled in a second. Her pussy dripped in anticipation of
tasting her b*****r's hot, salty cum as it blasted into her mouth. She wriggled and
squirmed, her tits hanging free from her half-opened nightie and flopping around on
his chest.
She started pounding Andy's cockshaft with a tight fist, eager to have him shoot his
load. Her mouth worked up and down the upper part of his great cock as fast as it
would go, feeling the giant cockhead press into her throat. Her other hand still toyed
with his balls, her nails scr****g his tender thighs and pressing back into his asshole.
When she felt his body tense up and quiver, she knew she was about to receive the
rewards of her efforts. She bounced all the more frantically on his legs, sliding her
ass to one side so her soaked pussy could rub up and down his shin. She clutched
and pumped his throbbing cock all the harder, and prepared to accept his plentiful
spurts of cum.
Andy suddenly clutched the sides of her head and held her in position while he
fucked his cock up into her greedy mouth. He was too strong for her, and she
instantly realized it was more like he was fucking her face than she was giving him a
blowjob. His body started to buck and churn, and he grunted uncontrollably in time
with each blast as his cock suddenly erupted into her throat.
Tess squealed and squirmed with glee, welcoming blast after blast of his tasty
spunk. She wrapped her tongue more tightly around his cockshaft, feeling it pulse as
his cum squirted up from his balls and shot into her mouth. Her own orgasm wracked
her body with delightful quivers as her pussy flooded his shin with abundant
outpourings of her warm cuntjuices.
Andy started to jerk unevenly as his blasts of cum into her mouth started to slow. He
collapsed to the bench with a wet slap as his cock shot the last of its cum. He
released her head, and Tess pulled her mouth up.
She licked and sucked his prick eagerly, greedily trying to suck up as much of the
stimulating fluid as possible. She squeezed his balls, forcing up every last drop of his
tasty cum she could find. Pulling her mouth off his flagging cock with a pop, she
swished the last of his load around in her mouth, humming delightedly before
swallowing it down to join the cum already warming her belly.
She smacked her lips and grinned as their eyes met.
"Aaaahhhhh," she said, beaming.
"Delightful." She flopped his limp, sticky cock back and forth on his thighs. "Well, how
was it?"
"You gotta be k**ding! The best exercise my cock has ever had!" He glanced down
to the spot where she was still rubbing her drenched cunt slowly up and down his
shin. He grabbed her and hoisted her upwards. "Now it's time to give my tongue a
Tess giggled and shook her shoulders. A broad grin of lusty excitement graced her
lips. She nuzzled her damp pussy into Andy's shin to indicate that she had no
Andy pulled her toward his face, but very slowly, and only halfway. Their eyes were
still locked in a deep smoldering stare saturated with lust. Andy's eyes eventually
bobbed downward and caught the sight of her tits coming into view as he hoisted his
s****r upward. He rested her wet crotch on his lower belly, and as he removed his
hands from under her armpits, he swished her sheer nightie to the floor.
Her tits revealed, he very gently cupped his large beefy hands over them. He rotated
them as he squeezed, then pressed them against her ribs. Closing his grip, he
snared the long hard nipples between his knuckles and watched as he pinched and
pulled his s****r's tits. Her nipples were like tiny thumbs, jutting out from the dark,
rose-colored circles of her tits, and they made his eyes widen with delight and his
mouth hunger for a sampling.
Lifting his head to her chest as he removed his hand from her left tit, he opened his
mouth and flicked his tongue lightly over the protruding nipple. He caught it between
his teeth and bit and rotated the erect nipple very lightly. A sharp intake of air filled
Tess's lungs, causing her tits to expand all the more and mashing more of the large,
firm mounds into Andy's face and hand.
Andy opened wide and pulled the gorgeous fleshy mound of tit into his mouth. He
sucked hard, as though he were trying to pull her tit into his throat.
Tess was surprised. She inhaled deeply and excitedly again, feeling renewed
dribbles of excitement trickle out of her cunt.
She shuddered, her shoulders shaking again.
"Oooooh, Andy!" she gasped, her voice shaking slightly. "Oh God, that feels good!
My tits really ache!"
She rotated her shoulders and arched her back in a slow undulating motion, mashing
her one tit into his mouth all the more, while her other tit pressed into his gripping
hand. She clutched the back of his head and pulled him closer.
"Your mouth feels so good on my tit!" she cried. "Mmmmm, yeah! That's really
turning me on! I can't stop shaking! Aaaaah!"
Moans of delight rumbled up from deep inside her as she ground her drenched cunt
over the thick patch of wiry hair carpeting his lower belly. She could tell her pussy
was getting his stomach wet and warm, and that thought excited her all the more.
Tess could feel the flames of her passion rising higher. Her head was swimming. Her
whole body, inside and out, was being elevated to ever higher plateaus of sexual
excitement by the wonderful feeling of Andy's warm mouth wrapped around her tit
and the tip of his stiff tongue flickering ever so gently over her nipples.
Andy pulled off her tit with a series of suction-slurps and switched to the other one.
He repeated his powerful sucking on her right tit, sending shivers of mounting bliss
up his s****r's spine. Her head flip- flopped around as he sucked and tantalized and
clutched her firm fits.
But as wonderful as her tits were to suck on, he had other plans for her gorgeous
body. He could feel the jungle of hair on his belly growing wetter by the minute from
her freely flowing cunt, and he wanted to sample her juicy pussy before it ran dry.
Already the heady fragrance of pungent pussy was wafting up to his nose, sending
his mind reeling with desire and causing his cock to stir under her shapely ass.
He placed his hands under her arms once more and lifted her still higher. She was
like a light ball of fluff in his strong arms. He could have lifted her completely off him
and tossed her aside. He could have - if he had wanted to. But with the aroma of her
ripe and ready pussy stimulating his aroused senses all the more, he needed to
satisfy the hunger deep in his belly for a generous sampling of her succulent cunt.
As he pulled her higher over him, he eyed that delicate patch of fluffy yellow cunthair
- wet and matted - coming into view. He inhaled deeply, relishing the odors that
issued from her crotch as it neared his face. He paused as he held her pussy directly
over his face, and after eyeing the magnificence of her cunt, he nuzzled his nose into
her patch of pussyhair.
Tess could feel his huge chest expand and his hard nipples tickle her ass as he
inhaled deeply. She giggled and wriggled her hips, brushing the smooth flesh of her
gorgeous asscheeks over his stiff nipples. She ground her ass around a little more,
feeling his nose nuzzle between her swollen cuntlips.
Andy's tongue came out of his mouth almost automatically. He lapped eagerly up the
entire crevice of her pussy several times. He was still holding her over him, and
lowered her ass a bit closer to him as his tongue snaked up into the gaping and
drooling opening of her cunthole.
Tess shuddered and leaned forward, her only support the barbell that rested on its
rack. She could feel her pussyjuices flow all the faster and the inside walls of her
pussy itch and tickle as the fluids trickled downward. She caught her breath and felt
herself tremble in near-hysterical early waves of orgasm.
Holding her as tightly as he could, Andy rolled sideways, lowering Tess to the floor,
his face still glued to her pussy. Instantly, her legs went up and wrapped around his
head. He wrapped his lips around her entire pussy opening, stuck his tongue as far
into her cunt as he could and sucked.
Her pussy was already so wet with her tasty fuckjuices that Andy didn't have far to
go for his dessert. He licked and sucked up as much of her pussyjuice as he could.
Then, when he felt her spasms subside, he switched to her clit.
He worked his tongue over, around, and up and down, tickling and lapping at her clit
as she undulated her hips under him. Her ass rose and fell on the mat as his tongue
worked its magic on her pussy. Moans and gurgles of delight poured from her mouth
as she floated higher toward another glorious climax.
"Oh God, Andy!" she cried, clutching his head. "God, that's marvelous! Lick my
pussy good, now! Faster! I'm coming again! I can't stop shaking! I'm coming like a
fuckin' gypsy in heat!"
Andy reached around her legs and grabbed her tits. His biceps bulged into the backs
of her thighs as he pinched and pulled her excited nipples, causing her back to arch
and jerk in mounting delight. He pulled her fleshy clit between his teeth and licked
over it frantically as he felt her quiver and convulse on the brink of another orgasm.
When her thighs slapped against the sides of his head and his chin burrowed into
her flooding cunthole and uncontrollable yips and squeals of excitement exploded
from her throat, he knew she was coming grandly. He pulled his mouth off her clit
and thrust his tongue back into her pussy. He slurped and licked and sucked as
furiously as he could.
Tess was erupting like a fountain as the waves of orgasm washed over her. Her
whole body was drenched with sweat as her pussy gushed the sweet nectar of her
excitement. She yanked Andy's hair absently, causing him to wince.
When she finally stopped shrieking and jerking, her legs weakened and her thighs
loosened their grip on Andy's head. Her legs slapped wetly to the mat, and Tess
pulled Andy's head up out of her crotch. With closed eyes, she kissed and licked up
all the remaining cuntjuice that coated his handsome face - and felt his enormous
cock, hot and hard and throbbing, slide up her thigh and come to rest against her
quivering pussy.
Chapter 7
Tess giggled, her body writhing and squirming, as she swiveled her hips up, ready to
accept the first stab of Andy's red-hot cock into her waiting cunt. She swung her hips
up and down, feeling his throbbing prick slide along the drenched trench of her
pussy. She grabbed his ass and yanked her crotch up toward his.
His cock-knob found the entrance to her fuckhole and slipped in. Instantly Tess' neck
arched, her jaw fell open and a long expectant moan rolled off her tongue. She
pulled firmly on Andy's ass as she lifted her hips up off the mat, and his cock slipped
effortlessly into the warm waiting confines of her pussy.
"Oh, God!" she panted, barely above a whisper, her voice quivering. "Oh fuck, Andy!
More, more, more! Shove your cock in me as far as it will go!"
Andy lowered his hips to hers, fucking his cock farther into the tight oven of her cunt.
He pressed his groin against hers, feeling his cock nuzzle into various parts of her
pussy. Without warning, he pulled his ass upward and sank back down again,
feeding his cock into her all the deeper.
Braced on his elbows, he covered her completely, his body about twice the size of
hers. As his cock explored the hidden treasures of her cunt, he worked his whole
body in a way that excited her all the more. His huge barrel chest pressed into her,
and when he inhaled, her tits squished into her chest. He swayed above her,
tantalizing and exciting her hard, pointed nipples.
Tess pressed her fingers into his ass rhythmically, trying to coax him into working up
a good steady pumping stroke. She ground her ass around, flexing her cunt
muscles, feeling the size of his cock fill up her pussy tunnel all the more. With little
room to maneuver under him, she struggled to press her ass into the mat and thrust
up against him, feeling the length of his engorged prick slide along her well-oiled
cunt walls.
Tiny uncontrollable grunts and squeals escaped Tess' throat as Andy started a slow,
steady pumping motion of his cock in an out of her cunt. Each time he fucked into
her, she gripped and stroked his cock with her talented cunt muscles. They started
out slowly, rising and falling and gradually building up a good head of steam.
Tess scrunched her eyes closed and saw stars every time Andy fucked his cock
f***efully into her gripping cunt. She yanked harder and faster on his ass to get him
to increase his speed. The mounting delights of another grand orgasm were already
making her head spin, her body feel wild, fulfilled and satisfied.
She felt Andy pull the weight of his chest off of her tits. Then she felt the steam of his
breath as he lowered his mouth to her tits and teased her nipples with his tongue.
His mouth opened and swallowed one of her firm tits inside while his hand cupped
and tweaked the other.
She extended her arm and reached around one of his huge muscular thighs, her
hand dripping down the crack of his ass. She stretched farther and felt his balls slap
against her fingertips as he fucked his cock in and out of her pussy. Twisting her
body slightly, she reached even farther and clutched at his balls.
She grabbed one of his balls and pulled, stretching his hairy sac. She worked one
ball around in her hand, then sc****d the sensitive skin with her nails. Reaching
farther, she felt the huge, swollen root of his cock as he pumped into her pussy.
Her nails sc****d over the warm flesh of his thighs and back into the crack of his
ass. She pressed her fingers into that sensitive area between his balls and asshole,
and felt his cock throb as he continued to hammer away at her cunt. Her fingers
trailed a little farther up and pressed against his asshole.
Andy grunted and started driving his cock into her cunt all the faster. Her exploring
hand and fingers were turning him on. Shivers breezed up his spine, and he knew he
was about to come.
The magnificence of her tits, the tight grip of her pussy on his cock and the deft
handiwork of her fingers on his balls and asshole sent his inside churning. He
doubled his efforts, fucking his cock into her pussy all the more energetically. His
mouth came off her tit with a sloppy pop and he panted for air.
"Jesus!" he wailed. "Oh, God! This is it! can't hold back any longer! Come with me,
Tess! I'm going to explode! Unh, unh!"
He pressed his elbows tightly against her body, his hands gripping the sides of her
head. His mouth met hers, nibbling, kissing, sucking, their tongues dueling. Their
bodies and bellies made smacking sounds as they slapped wetly into each other.
Faster and harder he fucked his cock into her, and the room filled with wild,
passionate grunts, groans and smacks.
Tess suddenly felt her body go limp all over. She had been matching his frantic fuck
strokes as best she could, but her hand came out of his crotch, and as her arms
folded around his back, her knees plopped to the mat for the pay off.
Her breathing was rapid and noisy as Andy fucked his erupting cock into her
exploding cunt. She lost touch with everything around her, everything except the
wonders of orgasmic bliss.
Andy's massive chest was expanding and collapsing a mile a minute, his hard hairy
ass a near blur as he fucked his rapidly firing cock into her. As his jism shot up his
bulging and throbbing cock, he could feel his prick swell all the more, filling her to
overflowing with cock and spunk - plus her own abundant pussyjuice.
Finally - sweaty, exhausted, and gulping for air - he stabbed her pussy with a few
super-thrusts of his flagging cock, and relaxed on top of her. He rolled sideways,
pulling her with him.
Her head spun as she rose and fell on his huge chest. She felt dizzy, like she was
going to lose her balance, but it didn't matter. There was no place she could have
Her limp, rubbery body - tiny compared to the massive size of her b*****r's - seemed
to be drawing its life from his. She wriggled her ass, grinding her sloppy pussy
around on his waning cock, and smiled. He opened his eyes and they stared at each
She chuckled, and he burst out laughing. Her body bobbed up and down on his
jiggling chest.
"Well," she said. "How was it? As good as lifting weights?"
He chuckled. "Smart-ass!"
"Do you lift weights with your cock? To make it stronger?"
He slapped her ass. "Do you eat bananas with your pussy - to give it a tighter grip?"
"Too bad there isn't some exercise a guy can do with his cock," she said with a sly
smile. "Or with his tongue. Wouldn't that be something? Lifting weights with your
"This is the only exercise I do with my cock," he said, thrusting his half-hard prick up
into her pussy. "And you've already seen my only tongue exercise. What about you?
Are there any exercises you do with your pussy? Or your mouth?"
"Just what you've seen today." She brushed wet bangs out of her eyes and gripped
his deflated cock with her cunt. "But it never hurts to exercise. If you know what I
"I can dig it. We'll have to do it again sometime."
"You're on!"
It was about a week later when they got another chance to be alone. When she
came down the stairs and saw him doing bench presses again, Tess approached
him, swinging her hips sexily. Without a word, she pulled his shorts down over his
burgeoning cock, removed her shorts and straddled his hips.
As he continued to pump iron, she clutched his cock and worked the bulbous knob
up and down the moist slit of her cunt. When she had his cock and her cunt welllubed,
she lifted her hips, aimed his prickhead right at her pussyhole, and sank down
on it.
She placed her hands on his chest. Leaning forward, she ground her pussy around
on his inflated prick, licking her lips as she looked into his handsome face. She
twisted and gnashed her pussy around, diddling her clit at the same time, until she
exploded in orgasm.
She tightened her cunt around his cock and milked it a few times, finding it still hard
and long and deep inside her ravenous pussy. Leaning back, she clutched his knees
and rode his cock wildly. She could see his face getting red as he continued to grunt
and pump the barbell, his breathing speeding up and becoming noisy.
Andy's body started to shake and he started to thrust his crotch up against hers. He
was bucking and panting furiously, his hips slapping up against her, his engorged
cock fucking into her pussy at high speed. Then, with an explosive gasp, Andy shot
his load.
When she had fucked and milked his cock dry, Tess pulled her cunt off his cock. She
immediately gobbled his cock into her mouth, puffing the softening prick-knob into
her throat and tasting the remnants of his cum and her funky pussyjuice. She licked
his prick clean, pulled his shorts back up to his waist and padded quietly back
One day Andy was standing nude in front of a full-length mirror in his room, having
just finished working out and showering, when he heard hushed and muffled squeals
and grunts of sexual activity coming from his s****r's room. He peeked out into the
hallway, and seeing no one, strutted quickly and quietly to her door, his cock already
growing and slapping against his firm thighs as he moved.
He quietly turned the doorknob and peeked in. He gasped when he discovered Tess
flat on her back on the bed, her eyes closed and her mouth open in ecstasy as she
fucked a huge pink dildo in and out of her dripping cunt. Instantly, Andy's cock
sprang to full attention. His mouth watered as he eyed her gorgeous tits rolling about
on her chest, and especially when he saw her soaked pussyhair and what was
visible of her juicy cunt.
Andy tiptoed to the bed. Leaning over her chest, he stuck out his tongue and licked
her nipples as they jiggled back and forth. He heard a sudden intake of her breath.
He couldn't see if she had opened her eyes to watch him there, but it didn't matter.
Her body was responding favorably. She arched her back and shoved more of her tit
toward his face.
She writhed and moaned and worked the dildo in and out of her pussy all the more
energetically as her hard nipples seemed to grow even longer and harder in his
mouth. His hand roamed over her belly, his fingers tangling in the damp curls of her
blonde pussyhairs, which were darkened by the moisture that issued from her cunt.
He moved his fingers ever lower, and eventually grasped her hand working the dildo.
He slid his face down her torso and belly while his free hand clutched her tit. Pulling
the dildo out of her cunt, he thrust his large thumb up inside her dripping pussy and
lowered his mouth to her clit. She grabbed the back of his head and shrieked.
"Oh, God, Jeff!" she cried. "Oh, Christ, that feels so good! More, Jeff, more!"
At the sound of his b*****r's name, Andy flinched and stopped his fingering and
licking - but only momentarily. Then he started fucking his thumb f***efully in and out
of her sloppy cunt while his fingers pressed against her asshole. All the while, he
nibbled and licked her clit and played with the firm mounds of her tits.
He had Tess writhing and moaning in no time. The triple action of his mouth and
hands on the most sensitive and erotic area of her body all at once had her
convulsing and creaming. Her cunt was practically fluid as the juices seeped out,
soaked his hand and streamed down the crack of her ass. She shuddered all the
more when she felt his middle finger slip inside her asshole.
"Unh, oh God yes!" she moaned. "That feels so good! Finger my asshole! I've never
felt anything so wild before in my life! It's making me come all the more! Oh, yes,
Jeff, yes! More, more, more!"
She was a virtual writhing, twisting, shaking mass of flesh and bones as he fingered
and sucked her to ever greater orgasmic heights. As her body became limp, ever
more of his finger slipped into her asshole. He was soon slapping his hand frantically
and wetly in her crotch, his thumb fucking deeper into her cunt as his middle finger
fucked her ass.
Tess drifted and sailed from orgasm to orgasm, never wanting to stop. Her body was
soaked with sweat, her crotch drenched with the generous outpourings of her
pussyjuice. Her arms and legs flip-flopped around like loose rubber bands, and soon
she was pushing his head out of her crotch because she could stand no more.
Andy got on the bed and slipped his rigid cock into the depths of her sloppy cunt. He
fucked fast and furiously. Tess swung her arms and legs around his back and rode
him every ounce of energy she had left, then finally begged him to pull his cock out
of her pussy because he was fucking her raw.
"Can't take it, eh?" He spoke between rapid breaths. "Fucked you raw, huh? I knew I
could out-fuck you!"
When he spoke, her eyes popped open. "Andy!"
"Thought it was Jeff, eh? What, you been fucking him, too?"
She shrugged her shoulders.
"Can't take it in the cunt, huh? Well, that's too bad. Since you seemed to like that
asshole action so much, and since my cock is screaming for more, what do you say
we flip you over."
Tess didn't object. She couldn't have resisted if she had wanted to. She was like a
toy in his strong grasp, and the next thing she knew, her cheek was on a pillow, her
tits were mashed into the mattress, her ass was high in the air and Andy was fucking
his enormous cock into her tiny asshole.
She shrieked with every advance of his cock into her ass. She thought her flesh was
being ripped to shreds. It felt like he was fucking her with a flaming torch.
But she also felt her nipples stiffen and ache. A yearning sensation deep inside her
guts begged for him to fuck more of his hard prick into her ass. Her clit quivered -
also begging for more.
Andy worked his hips back and forth slowly, shoving his cock into her tiny asshole
inch by inch, feeling the great warmth and the incredible tightness. His mouth hung
open in awe as he watched the great length of his prick disappear inside her. He
clutched her hips tightly and worked her ass slowly back and forth with each of his
invading stabs into her ass.
Before long, he had his cock in her ass to the hilt. His weighty, hairy balls pressed
into the backs of her thighs, and he began a slow and steady pumping motion.
Gradually picking up speed, he soon had her asshole stretched out as he fucked his
bursting cock into her.
Tess reached under her belly and flicked her clit when she could tell Andy started
coming. Together they grunted and jerked to a mind- shattering climax. When he
finally filled her bowels with as much of his cum as he had ever shot, he collapsed
forward, nearly crushing her as his frantically heaving chest pressed against her tiny
Chapter 8
One Friday evening several weeks later, Tess was sitting home feeling blue. Her
b*****rs had gone to a wrestling match, and her mother had gone shopping with
several friends. Her father was in the den watching a basketball game on TV, and
Tess was in her room reading a heavy, inspiring romance. When she got to the part
where the hero swept the heroine off her feet and carried her to his bed, Tess
realized her pussy was damp.
She rubbed her thighs together, feeling the warmth, the wetness, as her crotch came
to life. An itching, tickling sensation emanated from deep inside her pussy and
seemed to spread downward, right to her cuntlips where they brushed against her
panties. She palmed her burning cunt, undulating, her hips. Then she slipped her
hand into her panties and wriggled a finger into her dripping cunthole.
Before long the book was tossed aside and she was flat on her back, her eyes tightly
closed and her fingers teasing her cunt to a delicious orgasm. She came quickly and
quietly, half-muffled whimpers and grunts rolling from her mouth as she flooded her
hand with her pussy-juice. Her hips slapped up into her hand madly as she
exploded, her finger fucking deeply into her hungering cunt.
When she sailed back to the earth, she rested, rotating her ass slightly on the bed.
She pulled her finger out of her cunt and brought it to her nose. She sniffed and
smiled, then licked the slick pussyjuice off her finger.
She jumped when she heard a quick victorious yelp of joy come from the den. A
warm smile graced her lips.
Tess slipped into a sexy sheer nightie and shuffled to the den.
"Hi, Daddy," she said.
"Hi, hon. How's it going? You staying in tonight?"
"Yeah." She sat next to him. She pulled her feet up under her, exposing her damp
pussy to the cooling air, granting him a full view. She deliberately leaned against
him. "Mind if I join you?"
"It's just a game." He gestured toward the TV.
She rubbed her head up and down his shoulder. "Kinda boring, isn't it?"
He shrugged. "All depends on what interests you."
"You interest me. Can I ask you something?"
He looked at her. "Sure."
"Did you ever think - I mean, do you think I'm pretty?"
"Sure, hon. Very."
"Do you think I'm sexy?"
He looked at her. "Well, yes. Absolutely."
"How come you never made a pass at me?"
"Well, that's just not the thing a father does. I mean, I wouldn't want you to hate me
for it. I wouldn't want you to reject me."
"But what if I wanted you to? Or what if I made a pass at you? What would you do?"
He tried to chuckle, but stopped instantly when Tess threw her arms around his neck
and pressed her lips to his. She kissed him passionately, fervently.
She pulled her lips off his and their eyes locked. He reached up and grabbed her
"Honey," he said, his voice quaking. "That was more than just a daughterly peck on
the cheek. Are you thinking - what I'm thinking?"
Tess smiled and nodded. She took one of his hands and placed it on her tit, then let
her hand drop to his crotch. She felt his cock, hard and throbbing, growing larger and
begging to be released.
She kissed him lightly, then sucked his tongue into her mouth. Their passions
ignited. Their hands were everywhere. He squeezed her tits and felt her crotch. She
continued to stroke and squeeze the huge bulge of his cock through his trousers.
"Come, Daddy!" she whispered hotly. "Please! I want you! I want you to fuck me!"
Her lips were close to his ear, her breath warm and moist. She could feel his weight
as she pulled him over her. Her hands went to his belt and zipper, and in a matter of
seconds, she removed his pants, while he took off his shirt.
As he spread out on top of her again, both her hands went down to his crotch. She
wanted to see his cock - a cock she had longed to see and feel and taste for years.
She clutched his engorged prick in both her hands, rotated it back and forth and
made long slow pumping strokes.
She groaned as she clutched and fondled his cock. His head moved down to her tits.
She arched her back as he pulled one of her firm tits into his mouth. He sucked and
nibbled on her nipples as she squeezed and clutched his cock.
"Oh, God, Tess!" he whispered between breaths fraught with tension and
excitement. "This is too, too good! I can't believe it! Your tits are the most exciting
thing I've ever seen in my life! I can't believe this! Your tits are gorgeous! I just can't
believe it!"
Tess's body was a fluid twisting writhing mass of flesh under him. She arched her
back all the more, forcing more of her tit into his mouth. She dragged the huge slick
knob of his cock up and down her pussyslit, getting it well-lubed while she turned
herself on to greater degrees of passion.
When she could stand it no longer - as much as she wanted to see and taste his
gorgeous cock - she released his throbbing prick. She reached around him and
grabbed his ass while she directed his cockhead to her gaping pussy. She was hot,
turned on and ready for a fast and furious fuck.
A long low moan of pleasure, anticipation, and release of the tension that had been
mounting steadily in her rolled up from somewhere deep inside her. She thrust her
hips upward as she released his cock and yanked on his firm, hairy ass. Slowly, with
intense excitement and great feelings of fulfillment, she felt the great spear of his
cock slip effortlessly inside her.
Ron moaned loudly, every muscle in his body tensing. It was as though he was
trying to remember every exciting second of the unbelievable fuck that was rising to
a fever pitch. He was concentrating on every inch of his cock as it fucked into the
hot, tight confines of his daughter's succulent cunt.
His chest rose and fell dramatically as his body was hunched over hers. He was still
tonguing and kissing her luscious tits as she guided his cock into her pussy. He let
her pull his hips toward hers, letting her take charge of the mind-boggling fuck that
he still couldn't believe was really happening.
When his belly pressed against hers and when he felt his coarse wiry cockhairs
tangle with the soft downy tufts of her blonde bush an incredible sigh of victory
rushed from his lungs. He instantly pulled his mouth off her tits. His face went to
hers, their lips meeting, their tongues clashing, his hands clutching her head and
fingering her soft golden hair.
"Oh, God, Tess!" he panted between fervent, wet kisses. "I can't believe this! I can't -
oh God! Oh my God!"
His mouth twisted on hers as his crotch ground against hers. The unparalleled
excitement of the situation added to the flames of passion raging inside him, inflating
his cock to unequaled length and hardness, and he could tell he was about to shoot
his load.
Visions flicked through his mind as he plunged his tongue into her hot mouth, tasting
the sweetness of her saliva and feeling the youthful firmness of her hot tongue. He
recalled the many times he had thought about fucking her.
There were times he would sneak an extra peek at her when she was in her bathing
suit - especially when she was wearing that hot pink bikini. There were times when
he wondered what he would see if her shortie nightie was just an inch shorter. He
wondered if she was still a virgin - or if she had let any of her young high school
boyfriends fuck her.
He had dreamed of the sweet taste of her ripe young pussy. He had wondered about
the feel, the tightness, of her cunt. How lucky any guy would be able to slip his hard
hunk of cockmeat into the snug confines of her tight pussy.
Ron's prick was inflamed and swollen larger than he could recall it ever being. His
cockshaft traveled at a steady pace in and out of the warm, slick and gripping interior
of her fuckhole. His mind focused on every detail, every contour of the hot succulent
walls of her pussy. He drew his hips back as far as he could, feeling the giant
straining knob of his huge cock come to the very opening of her cunt. Then, with a
sigh and a lurch, he reversed his direction, fucking his cock deep into her cunt.
He paused. His prick felt at home there. Though his cock had never slipped inside
her pussy before, it felt wonderfully at home.
Gripping her tightly with his arms, he ground his cock around inside her moist cunt.
He pushed his crotch against hers, feeling his coarse hair tangle with her damp
yellow pussybush. His cockhead probed and pressed deeply and firmly, nudging
right up against the end of her pussy.
Tess rotated her hips up to feel more of her father's cock. Her breathing was ragged
and raspy. She thought she would lose her mind as she wound her pussy around his
invading cock.
Although she had fucked younger and stronger men - including her b*****rs - there
was something about this fuck that made it special. There was something about
having her father's cock buried inside her pussy that made the fuck much more
Ron fucked his cock into her ready cunt as far as he could, and mashed his loins
against hers.
"Unh, unh, God, Daddy!" She practically choked as his cock seemed to pierce the
wall of her stomach. "Oh, God!"
She wrapped her legs around his back and clutched his ass to feel his cock
penetrate even deeper.
"Oh, Christ! Your cock feels so good inside me! I can't stop shaking! You've got me
so worked up!"
She yanked and pressed her hips up against his all the tighter, as though trying to
get all of him inside her greedy pussy. Great moans and whimpers of joy rippled up
from her throat as early quivers of orgasm wracked her body.
"Oh, Daddy!" she moaned in his ear as he started to fuck his cock into her faster. "I
love the feel of your cock inside me, Daddy! Your prick feels so good! Ram it into my
pussy harder, now, Daddy, please! Fuck me faster! I'm coming already!"
Ron's chin went to her shoulder, his hands to her ass. As he started to pump his
cock into her pussy faster, he gripped her asscheeks tightly and started slapping her
belly up against his. Their bodies slapped together with loud wet sounds as they
soared toward climax.
Feeling his balls tingle and a rush of orgasmic thrills race up his spine to the base of
his brain, Ron started fucking her pussy with everything he had. He grunted wildly,
beads of sweat popping out on his forehead. His ass tensed.
"Unh, oh, oh, oh yes, Daddy!" Tess gasped in time with the rapid thrusts of his cock
into her erupting pussy. "That's it! That's it! You're driving me crazy!"
Just before everything went black, Tess raised her head and sank her teeth into her
father's shoulder. She squealed and gurgled as though she were being skewered
Ron exploded like a torpedo as he sent his hot creamy cum shooting into her waiting
pussy. Tess thought her whole body was breaking up and drifting away. She
scrunched her eyes closed as tightly as she could and saw multicolored stars as she
The next thing she remembered, her father was stroking her shiny yellow hair and
whispering softly in her ear.
"Hon? Tess? You okay?"
She opened her eyes. His handsome face appeared blearily over hers. She returned
his smile.
"Aaaaahhhhh, God, Daddy!" She wriggled her body, flexed her ass muscles and
gripped his cock with her cunt. She could feel his prick still planted deep in her
pussy. She pecked him lightly on the lips and wiggled her shoulders. "That was
wonderful. Let's do it again."
He smiled lustily at her. Pulling his ass back slightly, he dragged his half-limp cock
from her pussy with a slurpy pop.
"Maybe some other time," he said, still panting. "No - definitely some other time. But
we really shouldn't take chances like this."
He drew his body back, coming to rest on his knees between her legs.
"Wait!" she cried as he started to get off the couch. She swiftly sat up and leaned
into his crotch. Grabbing his semi-stiff cock, she pulled it into her mouth and licked
and sucked all the juices of their wonderful fuck from his shrinking prick.
She hummed and looked up into his smiling eyes. "Thanks, Daddy. That was
He placed his hands on her shoulders and gently pushed her back down. Diving into
her sopping crotch, he licked the entire surface of her cunt clean, then fucked his
tongue as deeply into her pussy as he could, lapping and sucking her cunt dry.
When he finished, he kissed and licked the traces of her cum off her gorgeous
smooth thighs, clutching her asscheeks and spreading her legs wide.
"No, no, honey," he said when he finally pulled his wet face out of her crotch. "Thank
Chapter 9
Spring flowed on in happy splendor, for everyone in the household - everyone finding
whatever excuse they could and whatever chance they could to get together secretly
and fuck their brains out with each other. And all assumed no one else knew
anything about it.
One weekend when Ron packed up his gear and took his two sons trout fishing,
Dianne seized the opportunity she had been waiting for. She had announced to Tess
a few days earlier that they would have a wonderful chance to get to know each
other real well.
She prepared a special dinner. They talked and giggled, their eyes caressing each
other the whole while, each knowing full well what the other had in mind. They
languished kisses and gentle strokes each time they passed each other, hugging
and brushing their tits together as they cleaned up afterwards.
"And now," Dianne said as they finished the last of the dishes, "for the special treat."
She kissed her daughter lightly on the mouth, parting her daughter's lips with her
own and letting her fingertips gently trace over the curve of Tess's tits. "Come with
She took Tess's hand and led her to her room. She slowly undressed her daughter,
paying careful attention to each new curve that came into view, each new square
inch of excited warm flesh, each wisp of body hair and each perky nipple. Dianne
cupped one hand under Tess's left tit and lifted it, the nipple already pointing to the
ceiling. She lowered her face to the girl's tit and gently flicked her tongue over the
erect nipple.
Shivers of ecstasy rippled up Tess's spine. Her head arched back and her jaw
flopped open. She softly stroked her mother's radiant blonde hair.
"Oh God, Mom!" she whispered, her voice fraught with electric tension, anxiety and
anticipation of what was about to follow. "You've got me shivering already! My pussy
is aching for your touch and for your mouth!"
Dianne took Tess's hand and led her to the bed. She pushed Tess down and rested
on top of her. Her hand immediately went to Tess's crotch. She palmed the downy
mound of her daughter's pussy, letting one finger slip between her cunt lips. Tess's
cunt was warm, soft and undulating under her cupped hand.
Tess swiveled her hips, rotating them upward and pressing more of her pussy into
her mother's searching hand. She moaned and wriggled her ass, eager for her
mother's finger to probe up inside her pussy and scratch where she itched. Her head
went to Dianne's chest, and while she sucked on one of her mother's firm ripe tits,
she fondled and clutched the other.
Dianne's back arched, forcing more of her tit into her daughter's mouth. Her
breathing was becoming more rapid and her heart thudded excitedly. She rolled and
flexed her ass, feeling her thighs rub against each other and stimulate her protruding
"Unnnhhhh, God, Tess!" she whispered, her breath hot and moist on the top of
Tess's golden head. "God, you're so hot! You're making me wild already! I can feel
myself heat up! You're really turning me on! I want to feel your pussy heat up and
turn to liquid and flood my hand with its juice!"
She wriggled her fingers on Tess's pussy to emphasize her point. Tess responded
willingly, eagerly. She slowly slid her one foot up the smooth length of her tanned
shapely leg, her pussy opening up to Dianne's fingers in the process. When her toes
had trailed nearly to her crotch, she twisted her body and let her cocked leg fall to
the bed.
Instantly, her cuntlips parted, her pussyhole gaping hungrily for her mother's fingers.
She lifted her ass off the bed slightly, so that her yellow-tufted pussy pressed more
firmly into her mother's cupping hand. She felt Dianne's middle finger slip into her
Tess sighed and shuddered. Her body was wracked with convulsing quivers. Her
legs flinched and a grunt escaped her throat but was stopped short by the mound of
her mother's tit.
Slowly, her mother's finger slipped inside Tess's waiting pussy. It felt rough and
scratchy against the only slightly wet cunt walls. But it felt good, and it filled up her
empty cunt just right.
She wriggled her ass, rotating her pussy around her mother's finger. Dianne twirled
her finger around in Tess's cunt, feeling the soft contours of the hot pink flesh. She
started fucking her finger in and out slowly, feeling the interior of her daughter's cunt
turn to liquid as she did so.
When she had her finger inserted as far into Tess's pussyhole as it would go, the
palm of her hand pressed against the upper part of her swollen cuntlips. She
pressed and rotated her hand, feeling the tiny bud of Tess's clit poke into her hand.
She massaged her daughter's clit tenderly, then drew the heel of her hand away and
flicked over Tess's clit with her thumb.
Tess flinched and moaned. She was getting hotter. Her pussy was getting wetter.
And that was just what her mother was after. She sucked harder on Dianne's tit,
rotating her ass and pressing her pussy into Dianne's hand, feeling her mother's long
slender finger scratching and scr****g her tender cunt walls.
As she started a pumping, fucking motion with her ass, Dianne started a pumping,
fucking action with her hand. The inside of her daughter's pussy was turning to liquid
- hot, steamy and ready to be fucked. Together they worked faster and more
furiously, until Tess's body twisted and shook violently. Her mouth pulled off her
mother's tit and she rolled onto her back, a sharp intake of air indicating she was
coming grandly.
"Oh, God yes, Mom, yes!" she groaned, her voice just above a whisper. She was
coming. It was not a dynamic, explosive, mind-shattering orgasm, but it was still
What her climax lacked in intensity it more than made up for in duration. She couldn't
stop shaking. She couldn't stop her pussy from gushing its sweet juices. She couldn't
stop her clit from quivering.
Dianne knew what was happening. She could feel the inside of her daughter's cunt
turn to hot liquid. She could feel her finger slip and slide in and out of Tess's pussy
all the easier. She could feel the boiling juices of Tess's pussy splash against her
hand, and she suddenly felt the need to drink from that overflowing fountain.
Dianne pulled her finger out of Tess's pussy and dove into her daughter's crotch.
She wrapped her lips around Tess's flooding pussy and sucked. Her tongue darted
out and plunged into the steamy depths of Tess's cunthole. Hums and gurgles of
excitement and approval - and encouragement - rippled up from her throat as she
licked and sucked her daughter's flooding cunt.
She straddled one of Tess's legs and worked her own drenched pussy up and down
her daughter's shin. Dianne buried her nose in the wet folds of Tess's pussy and
nuzzled her daughter's clit while they both came. Her hands went under Tess's ass,
where she clenched and gripped and kneaded her daughter's lovely firm asscheeks.
Dianne closed her eyes and continued to suck on the delicacy between her
daughter's firm smooth thighs. Her tongue fucked into Tess's flooding cunthole as
fast as it could, alternating with great slurpy sucks as she sucked up all the
pussyjuice she could. Dianne's own pussy was a super-heated liquid mass as it
roamed up and down and around in tiny circles on her daughter's shin.
Tess shuddered and whimpered as her orgasm continued. It was as if her climax
never really peaked, just rose and fell and swelled more along a pleasant plateau of
mist and clouds and soft music and soothing lights. And when she came to the end
of the grand experience, her body drifted over the edge and floated back to the earth
like a feather on a gentle breeze.
Her body stopped shaking. Her ass sank into the mattress. Her eyes opened and
she craned her head and looked past the huge mounds of her tits to see the top of
her mother's head moving slowly up and down as Dianne lapped up the last of the
sweet pussyjuice Tess had to offer.
Dianne kissed the downy swollen spongy mounds of her daughter's cuntlips
repeatedly. Then she lifted her head. Her eyes met Tess's, and they smiled.
"Wonderful," Dianne said. "That was so wonderful. Your pussy is so young and so
ripe and so tasty. I love it!"
She pulled herself up over Tess, her drenched cunt leaving a wet trail up her
daughter's leg. When their faces met, their mouths pressed together, their lips
parting. Each clutched at the other's face gently as their tongues wrestled. Dianne
ground her dripping cunt against her daughter's upper thigh, and Tess responded by
massaging and stimulating her mother's pussy with her leg.
Tess tasted the remnants of her own sweet pussyjuice on her mother's tongue, and
she was inspired. She felt her heart racing once more. She felt a yearning rumble in
her belly.
That flavor of pussy was only enough to whet her appetite. It was not nearly enough
to satisfy that hunger deep down inside her.
She pushed her mother sideways. Then slowly - very slowly and very sensuously -
she slid down the length of her mother's torso, caressing and stimulating her
mother's body with her own by writhing and undulating. She paused briefly at her
mother's tits, sucking on the huge nipples. Then she drifted down to the puffy thickmatted
bush of her mother's cunt.
After sniffing and nibbling Dianne's cunthair, Tess pulled her face back about a foot.
She placed the flat of her hands on the insides of her mother's thighs and pressed
sideways. Her heart swelled and thudded as she watched the slick pink folds of
Dianne's cunt come into view. Dianne's pussy was dripping with excitement, and
Tess wasted no time thrusting her tongue into the depths of her mother's delectable
"Mmmmmm!" she moaned dreamily. Her mind reeled as she tasted the sweet flavor
of her mother's cunt.
Tess felt her own pussy twinge and trickle with excitement. She sucked and licked
her mother's cunthole, drinking up the generous flow of pussyjuice.
She reached under her mother's hips, clutched her ass and lifted. She snorted and
giggled as her nose slipped into the moist crevice of Dianne's cunt and stimulated
her clit. She tongue-fucked her mother eagerly while her nose stimulated Dianne to a
grand orgasm.
All the while Dianne was squeezing and rotating her own tits, pinching and tweaking
the hard nipples, each time sending a jolt of electric excitement to various parts of
her body. Her temperature was rising, her breathing was racing, her body was
convulsing uncontrollably.
She grunted and whined. Her back arched and fell, her legs flexed and relaxed. But
Tess continued to lap happily away at her tasty cunt.
Then barely perceptible little quivers started wracking Dianne's body. The tiny
quivers grew and grew. Her whole body was suddenly shaking like a house in an
earthquake. And she exploded.
"Oh, God yes, Tess, yes!" she wailed, her voice barely recognizable. It was deep
and raspy and laden with the sounds of an a****l in heat. "Oh, Christ, eat my pussy
good! I love it! I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming! Yes, yes, yes!"
She practically broke Tess's nose as she slapped her cunt up against her daughter's
face. Her cunt was a virtual river of sweet pussyjuice. Tess yipped and bounced with
delight as she received the bountiful harvest of her mother's cunt. She sucked and
slurped and licked as fast as she could, her face wet as the cuntjuice erupted from
her mother's pussy.
Dianne's back arched and her pussy shoved up tight into her daughter's face as her
orgasm crested. She clutched the sides of Tess's head and held on for dear life. Her
knees jerked spasmodically as she tried to extend her climax. She yelped and, as
her orgasm subsided, laughed.
Then they rested. They hugged and gently caressed each other, their tits rising and
falling. Their hard nipples sc****d while they tried to regain their senses. Dianne
stroked her daughter's soft yellow hair.
"God, that was magnificent," she said. "You really know how to eat pussy. I never
would have believed it."
"Oh?" Tess sounded surprised. "What about you? Can you imagine my surprise - my
own mother?"
"Why is it every generation thinks they invented sex? And why is it k**s can't believe
their parents fuck?"
Tess considered it for a moment.
"Do you and daddy still fuck?"
"Mmmmm, yessss," Dianne said dreamily. "Not as often as we used to, of course.
We specialize in quality now, rather than quantity."
"He's good, then?"
"The best!"
"Mother, tell me - be honest. What would you think, or do, if daddy and I - I mean,
would you mind if ..."
Tess could feel her mother's smile against her cheek. "Why you little shit! Are you
getting ideas?"
"Well, mother," she said cautiously. "A girl has to learn somewhere. Or would you
rather I learned out on the street?"
Dianne considered it. "Why, darling, I have to admit it, you do have a point. I think it's
a great idea. He could show you so much."
Tess kissed her mother. "Oh, thank you, Mom. I was hoping you would say yes."
Their lips parted and their tongues clashed. Slowly their bodies started to undulate
and writhe. They worked each other to a fever pitch again, and it was Dianne's idea
to invert their positions so they could suck on each other's pussy.
They tongued each other's pussy several more times that evening and fell asl**p in
each other's arms. The next day Dianne introduced her daughter to a small collection
of fuck toys she had. And before the three men returned home late the next
afternoon, mother and daughter had sucked and fucked each other several more
Chapter 10
Dianne came home from shopping early one afternoon and was walking down the
hallway to her room when Andy's bedroom door opened. He had just finished lifting
weights and was heading for the shower stark naked except for a towel d****d
around his neck.
"Ah!" he grunted in surprise.
Dianne scanned his athletic nude body. She deliberately let her eyes drop to his
crotch, where his cock jerked and twitched with excitement. She looked back into
Andy's startled face.
"Well," she said, her voice dripping with sex. "What a pleasant surprise."
"What are you doing here?" Andy asked, his voice trembling. He whipped the towel
down from his shoulders and tried to wrap it around his loins.
"I live here," she said in a teasing voice. "Remember?" She chuckled as she watched
him try to cover his pulsing cock. "My, my. No need to be so modest. You have
nothing to hide."
"What do you mean, I have nothing to hide?" Andy asked boldly. "I think I have quite
a bit to hide."
Dianne continued toward her room, swatting him playfully on the ass as she passed
him. "Men! They're all alike. They all think theirs is the best."
She paused, raised her eyebrows, and decided to try certain words on him, just to
see if she could get a rise out of him - especially out of his cock.
"They all think theirs is the longest. The hardest. Are you like that too? Hmh, Andy?"
She stroked his bare shoulder. "Do you think your cock is God's gift to all your little
girlfriends? Do you think you're the greatest fuck there ever was?"
Andy's jaw hung open. His heart started thumping as his cock tented against the
towel. "Ah, well actually, I've been told I'm pretty good." He shifted his position, trying
to conceal his throbbing cock in the folds of the towel. "Some even say I'm the best."
Dianne clutched his wrist. "Well, why don't you let me be the judge of that."
He stared at her. "You mean you wanna watch me?"
Dianne pursed her lips and tugged on his arm as she walked to her room. "No, dear,
not watch."
She dragged him to her room and led him to her bed. She pushed on his chest so he
would sit on the edge of the bed, the towel no longer able to conceal the hard pulsing
stiffness of his cock. Dianne removed her blouse and skirt. Then she reached up to
remove her bra.
"Here," she said turning her back. "Do me."
Andy finally stopped clutching his towel desperately and reached up. He fumbled
with her bra, and finally watched it slip down her long arms.
"You have to do better than that," Dianne said, "if you want to get in a girl's pants in a
hurry. How are you at removing panties? Any better?"
She turned to face him. Her tits were about on a level with his face. She stepped
closer, pressing one large firm tit right toward his mouth.
Andy's mouth watered. His eyes were as large as basketballs. He glanced up from
the magnificent sight of his mother's large round tits. He caught her lusty smile, the
fires of passion smoldering in her eyes. He was about to say something, but was
stopped short.
Dianne placed her hand on the back of his head and pulled his face closer to her tits.
Her right tit inched toward Andy's mouth, which opened instinctively and wrapped
around her pointed nipple. She tossed her head back and sighed.
"Mmmmmm, Andy, yes!" she whispered, her breath shaky and as thick as syrup.
"That's it! That's good! Don't be shy, now! Suck my tits good! That's exactly what I
want you to do. Aaaahhh, yesssss!"
She pulled his face closer, forcing more of her aching tit into his eager mouth as she
leaned closer to him. She stroked and parted his fine blond hair encouragingly, low
moans of increasing delight rippling up from deep inside her.
Her legs started to quiver and goosebumps sprinkled her flesh. A fire consumed her
deep inside, and seemed to be emanating from her crotch, licking her pussy with
long flames. She flexed her cunt muscles and pressed her thighs together, feeling
the dampness of her pussy.
"Oh, God yes, Andy, yes!" she gasped. "That feels so good! More, Andy, more! Suck
my other tit now! That's it! Chew the nipple! Mmmmmm, yesssss! What about my
panties now? How are you at removing panties?"
Andy slowly started working his hands over her body, caressing her excited flesh
with light feathery strokes.
Then he kneaded, clutched and stroked her firm round asscheeks. One hand moved
around to the front. He pressed the palm of his hand against the upper mound of her
pussy while his fingers pressed into the crevice between her swollen cuntlips.
Instantly his cock jerked, parting the towel and protruding through the opening. His
body was quivering with excitement. He couldn't believe what was happening.
His mother's body was so hot, so exciting. He could feel the heat emanating from her
pussy as he pressed his fingers into the crease between her cuntlips. He pressed
into the thin material deeper, feeling the wet squishy folds of hot flesh between her
puffy cuntlips.
Andy stopped clutching her asscheeks and fingering her pussy and brought both
hands up to the elastic band of her panties. Slipping several fingers under the band,
he f***ed her panties over her hips and down to her knees. Dianne wriggled her ass
and rubbed her knees together, shaking the delicate garment to her ankles.
With no hesitation, Andy's hands pressed against her inner thighs. His mouth
popped off her tit and he dove for her pussy. Spreading her thighs, he eyed her
gorgeous cunt for a brief moment, then inserted his tongue between her slick
Dianne shuddered instantly and rewarded him with a generous outpouring of
pussyjuice. Her knees buckled and her legs trembled. Moans of mounting pleasure
rolled off her tongue.
"Oh, God, Andy!" she moaned. "That feels so good! My legs are turning to rubber! I
can't stand it any longer!"
Andy clutched her waist, and as he rocked backwards on the bed, he pulled his
mother on top of him, his mouth still glued to her pussy. She knelt over his head,
feeling his tongue snake up inside her flooding pussy. She whimpered and shook
uncontrollably and splashed his face with abundant cuntjuice as she came.
Dianne writhed and moaned in ecstasy, getting his entire face wet with her
pussyjuice. He refused to let her remove her cunt from his mouth, darting his tongue
inside her fuckhole frantically while he licked and sucked up as much of her juice as
he could.
"Oh God, Andy!" she wailed. "That feels so good! Stop it now, Andy! Stop! You're
tickling me!"
She laughed and shook and twisted her body, and finally wrenched it from his strong
grasp. As he struggled to fuck his tongue back in her gushing cunt, she wriggled her
body down his. He lifted her high above him and planted her gaping cunt right over
his throbbing cock.
Dianne wriggled her ass on his thighs, feeling the great length and hardness of his
hot cock work around in her crotch. As he held her poised over him, she reached
down to his crotch and snared his wildly throbbing cock. She squeezed and pumped
his massive prick a few times, delighting in the way it filled up her hand. Raising her
ass off his hips and lifting his huge cock off his belly, she aimed his prick-knob at her
eager cunthole and sank down.
"Oh, jeez, Andy!" she cried. Her mouth fell open. She laughed and shuddered.
"Christ, does that feel good! Mmmm-mmm! More, Andy, more! Shove your cock up
in me as far as you can! My pussy itches way deep inside! Fuck me, Andy, fuck me
With frantic gyrations, Dianne tried to do everything at once. She bent forward and
planted wet kisses on his lips. She bobbed her ass up and down, feeling more of the
great length of her son's cock fuck inside her ready pussy.
Moans of delight issued from her throat. Her body twisted and gyrated, her tits
flopping about on her chest. She was about to come again as Andy started fucking
his cock in and out of her insatiable cunt.
"Unh, yes!" she groaned, pulling her mouth off his. She was gasping for breath, air
rushing in and out of her lungs rapidly, noisily. She tossed her head back and placed
her hands on his broad chest to get better leverage as she started moving her cunt
up and down his invading cock. "Oh, Christ yes, Andy, yes! This is so good! Fuck
me, fuck me, fuck me! I'm seeing stars already!"
She continued to grunt and groan. Her eyes were closed, her mouth open, an
expression of delicious frenzy radiating from her face. She squeezed her knees
against her son's sides, her pussy clutching and milking his big cock as it fucked in
and out of her welcoming pussy.
Her insides rumbled. She felt as though his cock was piercing the rear wall of her
pussy and thrusting right up into her belly. Her cunt walls stretched, pulsed, itched,
burned and drooled as the magnificence of Andy's cock fucked in and out faster and
Andy picked up his pace, sensing that she was about to come. He slapped his ass
up off the bed, sending his cock stabbing into her hot tight cunt more f***efully.
A moan and shudder gripped his mother as he squeezed her big tits. Trapping her
nipples between his knuckles, he closed his fingers, pinching the hard little rosy tips.
Dianne moaned and placed her hands over his, pressing her tits more firmly. She
squeezed his hands, squeezing her own tits all the harder. Ragged grunts and
squeals of pleasure popped up from her throat, and the look of utter ecstasy
smeared over her face intensified.
Together they pinched her reddened nipples. Tiny tweaks of concentrated pain shot
throughout her system. She rode his cock more wildly, more desperately. Her body
spasmed uncontrollably as the rages of a dynamic orgasm mounted inside her.
She felt as though her whole body was being pricked with a thousand needles. She
whimpered and cried as she bounced more energetically on her son's hard cock.
Electric sparks shot up from her pussy, sending her mind reeling. She felt flushed
and overheated, like a radiator about to boil over. Her pussy pulsed, causing her to
fuck more frantically.
The pressure mounted inside her like a balloon being blown too full of air. Andy's
cock was searing the inner walls of her pussy, the huge prick-knob fucking right into
the deepest reaches of her ravenous cunt. She felt lighthearted.
Her tits enveloped his face as she clutched him tightly with her arms and legs. Her
whole body convulsed. Her pussy gushed quarts of boiling liquid, scorching Andy's
mightily thrusting cock, splashing out over his loins, his thighs, and down into the
crack of his ass.
Andy gurgled and sputtered, his head twisting to one side and his mouth wrapping
around one of her huge tits. He sucked as much of the firm, hot tit into his mouth as
he could, nibbling and biting the nipple. His hands went down to clutch his mother's
ass. He held her tightly as he slapped his crotch up against hers, his cock erupting
great gobs of his white spunk.
They fucked on and on, coming like they had never come before. The room was
filled with the sounds of heavy breathing and grunting. Dianne panted and wailed,
shrieked and coughed, finally becoming weak in his hands, her warm body limp on
top of his.
She huffed and puffed for minutes afterwards, stroking her son's blond hair and the
hard muscles in his massive arms. She wriggled her ass from time to time and flexed
her pussy muscles, gripping her son's cock. She hummed delightedly, her cheek
resting next to his.
She pulled her pussy off his cock and slithered down his broad hairy chest. When
her face came to his hard lower belly, she licked the sticky underside of his cock with
long swipes of her tongue.
She lapped repeatedly up the entire length of his magnificent cock, from his swollen
balls to the sensitive spot just below his prick-knob. She lovingly lifted his prick off his
belly, opened her mouth and sucked the huge cockhead into her throat.
She worked over his cock slowly. She licked and nibbled his prickshaft, wrapping her
long tongue around the entire thick tube of his swelling cock. She tickled, licked and
sucked his balls while fingering his thighs and asshole. Lifting his gorgeous ass high
off the bed, she plunged her tongue into his asshole.
Andy's cock had started to respond immediately, but when he felt his mother's
tongue dart in and out of his asshole, his prick stretched, stiffened and pulsed. She
stroked his expanding cock with her fist, squeezing the swelling prickshaft and
swishing her hand up and down the sticky flesh with a loose grip. She teased the rim
of the bulbous cock- knob, and started pounding his prick faster as it grew harder in
response to her tongue-tickling of his asshole.
When he clutched her head and stroked her soft hair, Dianne knew he was getting
close to coming. His hips started humping and swiveling, his breathing becoming
more rapid. She squeezed his cock harder, pumped faster and tongue-fucked his
asshole all the more eagerly.
"Oh, God, Mom!" he finally cried out. "This is it! I'm coming! I'm commmiiinnngggg!"
His body stiffened. He let go of her head and clutched the sides of the bed. His back
arched, only his shoulders and heels in contact with the mattress as he came.
Dianne instantly pulled her tongue out of his asshole, wrapped her mouth around his
exploding cock and sucked.
Blast after blast of his cum squirted into her mouth. She straddled one of his legs
and worked her inflamed pussy quickly up and down as his cock filled her mouth to
overflowing with great quantities of jism.
Thick white rivulets of Andy's warm cum oozed out his cockslit and down over his
mother's knuckles as his body relaxed and crashed back to the bed. Dianne
frantically slid her cunt up and down his leg until her own orgasm subsided. When it
did, she squeezed his cock, watching the last dribbles of his creamy cum ooze out.
Then she sucked his cock dry and licked up all the gobs of spunk that dotted his
crotch, coated his balls and streamed over her knuckles.
Chapter 11
Tess bounded in the back door. She grabbed an apple from the fridge, called out
hello, and when no one answered, concluded she was home alone.
Feeling in a particularly horny mood, she thought she would borrow some of her
mother's sex toys, pull out some of those fuck books she kept hidden under her
mattress and diddle her pussy till she was satisfied.
She bounded to her room. When she flung open the door to her room, she got the
surprise of her life.
Andy was on the bed, naked, a hard-on as huge as a baseball bat dancing in front of
his crotch. He was half on his side, propping his head up with his hand.
"Hi, Tess!
After Tess recovered from her shock, she focused on his throbbing cock and smiled.
"My, what a surprise," she said with a smile. She walked across the room, swinging
her hips and licking her lips as she ogled the marvelous prick stretching up toward
her b*****r's belly. "What are you doing in here - as if I couldn't guess?"
"I have a surprise for you," he said. "We have a surprise for you!"
Andy glanced behind his s****r, nodded and grinned. "We."
Tess turned around. Jeff, who had been behind the door, stood before her stark
For a brief moment, Tess was taken aback. She brought her hand to her chest as
her head twisted back and forth, taking in the sight of the two handsome young
studs, their cocks inflated and ready for action. She felt an uncontrollable quiver of
delight deep in her pussy.
"Jeff!" she gasped. "Andy! What's going on? What's the meaning of all this?"
"Meaning?" Andy said smugly. "It means it's party time. That last time we were
fucking, when you accidentally let it slip that you had been fucking Jeff, I got me an
idea. How would you like to have the two of us fuck you at the same time? You
seemed to get off on -"
"Wow!" Tess's face suddenly lit up. Her cunt quivered and drooled.
Jeff had closed the distance between them, and she reached down and snared his
wildly throbbing cock. She pumped it a few times, looking first into his lusty eyes, and
then into Andy's as he watched her stroke Jeff's stiff prick.
Jeff reached up and unbuttoned her blouse, while Andy got off the bed, dropped to
his knees and removed her shorts. While she stroked Jeff's cock, her two b*****rs
undressed her. When she had her chest and sucked on her tits, and Andy buried his
face in her damp crotch, snaking his tongue up between the downy folds of her
Tess spread her legs and rotated her hips forward. She felt more of Andy's tongue
work into the soft squishy folds of her itching cunt. She arched her back and shoved
more of her tit into Jeff's mouth. Then the boys placed her flat on her back on the
As Andy knelt between her thighs and tongued her wet cunt, Jeff knelt at her side,
licking and sucking on her tits.
Tess was writhing and moaning in ecstasy - arching, quivering, her body weaving
and undulating restlessly - as they continued sucking her tits and cunt. She moaned
and sighed, hot whispers of words rippling off her tongue.
"Ooooh, God! I can't believe it! More! Oh, God, yes, yes, yes! More!"
She spread her legs wide and shoved her pussy up tighter against Andy's mouth.
She alternated between clutching Jeff's head and pressing her tits into his mouth and
clutching Andy's head and working it around in her moist crotch. Goosebumps
danced over her hot flesh, and she felt waves of orgasmic bliss splashing throughout
her system.
When she stopped bouncing, Jeff quickly pulled his mouth off her tits, pushed his
b*****r aside, and buried his face in her soaked crotch. He moved his head
frantically, his tongue fucking in and out of her flooding pussyhole. When he had
sucked her dry, Tess pulled his head out of her crotch.
"God, that was magnificent," she said, her voice weak and shaking. "That was
absolutely out of this world. But you know what I need now?" Her eyes teased theirs,
knowing full well that she didn't have to spell it out for them. She patted the bed on
both sides of her. "Come. Lie down."
The two b*****rs stretched out next to her, their huge cocks pulsating and twitching
wildly. She got to her knees and motioned for them to slide as close to each other as
possible. Grabbing a cock in each hand, she ogled the magnificent specimens.
She leaned first toward Jeff's crotch and lapped the oily early fuckfluid off the
bulbous head of his cock. She made a stiff point with the tip of her tongue and poked
it in the oozing prickslit. Then as she slowly squeezed and stroked his cock, she
leaned over the other way and repeated the same thing on Andy's big prick.
She alternated from one cock to the other, licking, sucking and nibbling one while
she squeezed, fondled and pounded the other. She got them to roll sideways, and
she licked and sucked both of the magnificent pricks at the same time. When she felt
Andy about to come, she pulled his cock into her mouth as far as she could, the
great cockhead plunging into her throat, and she sucked him off as he bucked and
When she had sucked him dry, she concentrated her attention on Jeff's cock. She
thrust her hands under his ass and clutched his balls and asscheeks as she pumped
and sucked his cock until he too shot a bucket of cum into her mouth. She relished
the torrent of cum as it fired down her throat. She had never had so much come at
one time in her life, but she swallowed it happily, getting more turned on by the
As she knelt between Jeff's thighs and mouthed his prick, Andy scooted under her
and lapped her pussy until she came. His cock was hard and hot and ready again for
action in a matter of minutes.
Then Andy pulled out from beneath her and turned around. As she continued to play
with Jeff's cock, he fucked his rock-hard prick up her cunt from behind. She gasped
and swallowed hard, pulling the huge knob of Jeff's gigantic prick into her throat.
Tess coughed and sputtered, squeezing Jeff's cockshaft hard with her hand as she
pulled her mouth back off his pulsing cock. By now, she had swallowed about all the
spunk his glands were going to chuck up at the moment, and his cock had started to
soften in her mouth. She squealed and whimpered, clutching his balls to work up
more of his spunk.
As Andy fucked his stiff prick in and out of her pussy, she slurped Jeff's cock, hoping
to get it hard again. She pulled her mouth off his cockhead so she could play with his
half-limp prick.
"God, you guys!" she panted. "This is terrific! I have never had so much cock at one
time in my life!" She paused to wrap her lips around Jeff's bulbous cockhead, and
then slurp up and down the entire length of his stiffening prick a few times.
"Mmmmm, this is great! I could go on like this forever! Your cock feels so good
fucking in and out of my cunt, Andy, I can't believe it! And having another cock to
suck on at the same time is beyond my wildest dreams!"
"How would you like to have one cock in your pussy and another in your ass at the
same time? Hmh? Sound good?" Jeff asked.
Tess slurped off his cock, licking the glistening prick-knob. "Mmmmm, yeah! That
sounds great! Fuck me in the ass, Andy, while Jeff fucks my pussy!"
Andy pulled his cock out of her cunt and nosed the prick-knob around in the area of
her asshole for a few seconds. Tess spit in her hand and reached down to finger her
ass, slipping several fingers inside to lube and stretch her asshole. She grunted and
squirmed the whole time, her mouth twisting and contorting and her eyes rolling as
she geared up for the fuck of her life.
Andy was eager to help her and replaced her finger with his own, wriggling it around
and stretching the opening of her ass all the more to accommodate his huge cock.
When he figured he had her asshole stretched enough, he grabbed the thick shaft of
his cock, directed the prickhead against her asshole and fucked forward.
Tess instantly convulsed, her asshole contracting shut for a second.
"Easy, Tess," Andy said, his voice soft and encouraging. "Just take it easy. Relax."
He watched with eager eyes as his cockhead pressed against the tiny opening of her
ass. "Sink back. That's it."
He spread her asscheeks with his strong fingers. Her asshole yawned and his
prickhead fucked inside.
Tess groaned. The tight outer ring of her asshole clutched his cock- knob with a viselike
grip, but the more she relaxed and sank backwards, the more of his cock
disappeared inside her.
They began a slow rocking motion, Andy's cock reappearing and then sinking a little
deeper inside her ass with each rhythmic movement.
Before long, Andy had most of his cock buried inside her ass. He was clutching her
hips and yanking her back and forth very gently.
"Unh, oh God yes!" Tess cried. "That feels so good! I'm practically coming already!
My pussy is just itching deep inside! I need your cock in me, too, Jeff! Slide under
here and fuck my cunt with your cock."
She had been licking and slurping Jeff's cock to keep him interested in the activities,
and she now pulled him down under her. As she and Andy spread their knees to
make room for his legs, she aimed the great head of his prick right at her dripping
pussy. She lowered herself to him, pulling Andy along with her, while Jeff thrust
upward, his cock fucking effortlessly into the depths of her receptive cunt.
Tess hissed as she felt the two cocks fill her up. "Shove your cocks in me till I see
stars! This is great! I've never been so turned on in my life! I've never been so full of
cock before! Do it, do it, do it! Make me come again and again and again!"
She moaned and gyrated, her back arching and her hips rising and falling, one cock
fucking into her as the other slid out. Her hips moved in circles as she delighted in
the sheer rapture of being stuffed to capacity with two cocks.
She looked at Jeff as he fucked away furiously at her pussy. She felt him thrusting
his hips upward in time with his b*****r's mighty thrusts, filling her pussy with a
generous amount of his cum.
Tess convulsed violently as she climaxed one more time. Then everything went
Chapter 12
Tess languished in the afterglow of her blissful double-fuck for days. All her thoughts
were filled with the remembrance of the two gorgeous cocks stuffing her insides full.
She smiled almost constantly, a warm feeling radiating from her body, especially her
pussy. She rubbed her thighs together often, feeling her sore pussy and asshole.
When Tess came home from school about three days later, she could stand the
waiting no longer. She had been thinking all day about having a good fuck. She was
doing all she could to keep her pussy from drooling right down to her ankles. She
looked in the rec room. No Andy. She looked in Jeff's room. No one was there either.
She decided she might just as well service herself. She couldn't wait for hard cock to
satisfy her. She went to her room and stripped in front of a full-length mirror.
She cupped her tits and tweaked the hardening nipples. One hand went down to her
soaked cunt. Her fingers twirled in the wispy golden hair, dipped farther, and pressed
against the puffed-up lips of her waiting cunt.
She drew her fingers along the entire length of her dripping pussy, then raised her
fingers to her face. She inhaled the delightful fragrance of her sweet cuntjuice, then
licked the honey off her fingertips.
Going to the bed, she pulled out a couple magazines from under her mattress. She
lay on her bed, her thighs spread, one hand working into her drenched pussy while
she flipped through the magazines.
Then she got an idea. If she couldn't have a cock, she could borrow some of her
mother's fuck toys. Without bothering to put anything on, she pranced to her
mother's room, quietly opened the door and stood in stunned silence.
Her mother was kneeling on the bed, sucking Andy's cock while Jeff was fucking her
pussy from the rear!
Tess gasped. She brought her hand to her mouth. Her whole body quivered with
orgasmic bliss. She could feel her pussy ache and pulse, begging for cock. Her
asshole clenched.
Her legs shaking, she stood and watched for a minute. She wondered how they
could have been so quiet that she hadn't heard them.
Creamy cuntjuice streamed down Tess's tanned thighs as she watched Jeff's cock
fuck in and out of Dianne's cunt. She ogled the muscles in Andy's upper arms as he
clutched Dianne's head, watching his own solid hunk of cock disappear over and
over into his mother's mouth as she bobbed up and down on his glistening cock.
Dianne's tits hung firm and inviting under her as she sucked greedily on Andy's cock.
Andy was the first to notice Tess by the door. He glanced up from the magnificent
sight of his cock sliding into his mother's mouth. For a moment, he was startled.
Then he nodded his head, motioning for Tess to join them.
Tess smiled and tiptoed to the bed. She slipped a hand under her mother's chest
and clutched one of her tits. At first, Dianne was surprised. She couldn't figure out
where the hand was coming from. She frowned. Her eyes opened as she clutched
Andy's cock with one hand. Her other hand was in her crotch, fingering her clit as
Jeff fucked her pussy from behind.
Her head turned sideways, her mouth still swallowing as much of Andy's cock as she
could. She grunted and gurgled, her words muffled by the huge prickshaft filling her
Tess laughed.
"Well, this is great! Having a party and you didn't invite me! I should be upset! In fact,
I am quite upset! I think you deserve a good lickin'!"
She walked around the bed and hopped on, thrusting her head under her mother's
belly. As the boys made room to accommodate her, she lifted her head to the
crowded area of her mother's pussy and started tonguing her clit.
Dianne flinched, squeals of delight leaping up from her throat. She had wanted to
pull her mouth off Andy's cock - but the strong grip he had on the sides of her head
prevented it.
She tried to spread her thighs even more to make Tess's job easier. But she didn't
want Jeff's cock to slip out of her pussy.
Jeff grinned broadly. He gave his mother's cunt a few extra hard thrusts of his cock.
He could feel Dianne's cunt twinge and clutch his invading prick, inspired by the
tongue-lashing she was receiving from her daughter.
The sight of his gorgeous s****r lapping pussy drove Andy wild. His cock twitched
and pulsed and swelled in his mother's mouth. He thought he would drown her with
his spunk when he came.
As much as Tess seemed to love cock, Andy never dreamed she would also be into
pussy-licking. But that didn't stop him from making the best of the situation. Watching
her tits flop on her chest as she wriggled her ass on the bed made his mouth water.
And seeing her golden-tufted pussy slap up in the air, as though seeking a cock,
inspired him all the more.
Spurred on by the sight and scent of fresh pussy, he knew what he had to do. He
slowly twisted his strong body, being very careful not to pull his cock from Dianne's
mouth. He grabbed Tess's hips, pulled her in his direction and leaned over to suck
her pussy while she ate their mother's cunt.
He stuck his tongue out and lapped along the glistening pink crevice of her cunt.
Tess wriggled her ass around and reached down with one hand to spread her cunt
open wider, shoving her moist slit up into his face. With her other hand, she parted
her mother's pussylips so she could have easier access to the quivering little bud of
Dianne's clit.
She watched with great delight at the sight of Jeff's cock fucking in and out of
Dianne's stretched pussyhole. Seeing his cock was getting her hornier by the
second. Her heart beat rapidly and she started slapping her squishy cunt up into
Andy's face all the faster.
Jeff's cock pulsed as he fucked his mother's pussy. The sights, sounds, and smells
of all the hot fucking and sucking were getting his juices boiling like never before. His
balls ached for release. His cock felt so hard he feared it might break in two.
He started fucking his mother's cunt faster. Sweat formed on his forehead and in the
small of his back. He clutched Dianne's hips tighter and leaned back so he could
watch his stiff cock fuck in and out of her pussy.
Dianne whimpered and groaned as she neared a climax. She was aware of the
increased pace of the activity since Tess had joined the gathering. Andy's cock
seemed to swell and pulse in her mouth as he licked and sucked Tess's pussy. His
talented tongue-work excited Tess all the more.
She gobbled Andy's cock all the more frantically, eager to have a generous amount
of his cum shoot in her throat. She wriggled her ass in Jeff's hands, but was
hampered in her efforts to thrust back and forth by the presence of her daughter's
mouth on her clit.
She reached into Andy's crotch and played with his huge hairy balls. Pulling her
mouth off his cock for a few seconds, she hoisted him up, with his eager help, and
tongued his asshole while she pounded his rigid cock with her fist.
Andy raised his ass high off the bed, his muscular body twisting and contorting as he
tried to press his ass into his mother's face. The tingly sensation that preceded every
orgasm began emanating from his crotch and rippling up his spine. He mouthed
Tess's pussy more rapidly, switching from flickering over her clit to delving deep into
her tight cunthole.
"Mmmmmm!" he moaned between tongue-flicks on his s****r's pussy. "Annggghhhh,
yeah! That's it, Mom! Pound it harder! Unh, unh, unh, I'm coming!"
Dianne pulled her tongue out of his asshole and wrapped her mouth around his
cock. She sucked his long prickshaft as far into her throat as she could just as he
started firing great gobs of his jism down her gullet.
Her cheeks caved in from the pressure as she sucked his cum. She twined her
tongue stiffly around his pulsing prick, and increasing her pumping strokes on his
long cockshaft as his cum splashed into her mouth.
Dianne squirmed and bounced and squealed with great delight. There were few
things she liked better than sucking cock. The feel of a nice hard cock in her mouth
excited her, thrilled her and made her delirious with glee. Feeling a cock explode and
pulse as it fired blast after blast of warm creamy cum made her body shake with
ecstasy. Tasting a great load of warm spunk, rolling it around on her tongue and
swallowing it down to her stomach made her pussy quiver with orgasmic delights.
Her pussy erupted like a fountain. Tess could see the generous amounts of fluid
streaming out of her mother's pussy, coating Jeff's cock and streaming down her
thighs. She stopped flickering her tongue over her mother's clit for a second and tried
to push Jeff back.
"Let me," she said. "Let me suck her pussy."
She pushed harder on Jeff's thighs. She wasn't strong enough to overpower him, but
Jeff was willing. He pulled his cock out of his mother's flooding pussy, and Tess
wrapped her lips around the flooding opening. She grabbed Jeff's cock and jerked it
while her tongue darted up inside Dianne's erupting cunt. She licked and slurped and
sucked all the cuntjuice Dianne had to offer.
"Oh God!" Jeff cried. "Look out! Look out! I'm gonna shoot a load all over your ass!
All over your back! Unh, unh, unh, yeah! Here it comes!"
He started bucking and thrusting, his cock sliding in and out of Tess's tight fist. But
Tess wasn't about to let him waste a load of his tasty cum. She sucked Dianne's
pussy a few final times, moved her head further back and pulled Jeff's cock into her
mouth just as it erupted.
She was overwhelmed by the generous amount of cum he shot into her mouth. Tess
squealed and gurgled as her b*****r's cock fired round after round of his spunk into
her mouth. She swallowed, practically drowning in the massive amount of jism. Then
she pulled his cock out of her throat and let him fire the remainder of his fuckjuice
into her open mouth as she squeezed and jerked his cock for more.
Dianne pulled her mouth off his flagging cock and dove for her daughter's flooding
pussy. She wrapped her lips around the entire fuckhole and drank from the depths of
Tess's erupting cunt.
The fuckjuice flowed freely, until everyone was drained. Then they lay in each other's
arms. It was minutes before they all regained their strength.
Dianne was the first to speak.
"Let's get these cocks hard again," she said to Tess. "I want to have one fuck me in
the ass and the other in my pussy before your father gets home."
"Too late," came a voice from the doorway.
Four startled faces turned toward the door.
Ron was taking off his pants as he entered, his cock huge and hard and throbbing.
He grinned as he approached the bed.
"Now you'll have a cock for your mouth," he said.
The End
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I should have split in chapters, anyway, love it myself :)