Black isn't so Bad After All!

Chapter 3

DeeDee and John sat in the outter office, waiting for their appointment to begin.

Both had been called earlier in the day and notified that their appointment time had
been changed to later in the afternoon, almost the beginning of the evening. The
receptionist explained that this would be the only time the Doctor would be able to
see them this week and could they please be here.

They both talked it over for a few minutes and agreed. The receptionist thanked
them, confirmed the time, then hung up.

"They'll be here, Doctor," she told Dr. Grosman.

"Thank you."

Returning to his office, Dr. Grosman sat behind his desk and thought about what
was to come later that afternoon. While he'd originally planned to have both of
them work with Eddy today, he'd decided that it was time for something different.
He looked at the door to the rear of his office and the plan started to form in the
back of his mind.

He picked up the phone and dialed a number from memory, speaking to the woman
on the other end of the line as soon as she answered.

"Twilight," was all he said, and the silence at the other end of the line confirmed
that the woman was indeed in her trance.

"Shearon, you will be here at my office this afternoon sometime between 4 and 4:15.
I want you to wear only outter clothing, with nothing on underneath your blouse
and skirt. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Doctor."

"Good. Please make sure that your pussy is well shaved and looking nice for your
appointment." With that he ended the connection and leaned back in the chair,
contemplating what was going to happen later this afternoon.

As DeeDee and John prepared to get their lunches ready, DeeDee had the thought of
seducing her husband instead of eating. Her mind lingered on the events that had
happened in the doctor's office earlier in the week and just the thought of that big
black cock entering her pussy had her already dripping with excitement. Several
times, since the appointment, she'd gone to either the bathroom or to her bed and
masterbated, the thought of that black cock causing her to climax several times.

Little did she realize that John also fantasized about the black cock he'd sucked off
in the doctor's office, too. He would sit on the toilet and jack his own cock, feeling
his skin slide up and down over his sensative head until he was ready to shoot his
load. On several occasions he'd even caught his load in the palm of his other hand
and then licked his hand clean, savoring the taste of his own jizz.

While John stood at the counter, fixing his ham sandwich, he heard a noise behind
him and turned around. He expected to see his wife, but he wasn't expecting to find
her standing there in all her naked glory, slowly fingering her pussy while he
watched her.

"I have something here I think you'd like very much, John. You interested in a
little sex before we eat?"

He felt his cock getting hard as he stared at her. He enjoyed watching her use her
fingers on herself. In fact, they both enjoyed watching each other manipulate
themselves to orgasms.

"Hell yes!"

"Then meet me in the bedroom and we'll get started."

With that said, she turned and left the kitchen, headed towards their bed.

The sandwich was left forgotten on the counter as John followed his wife to their
bedroom, steadily taking off his clothes as he went, and by the time he got there he
was just as naked as she was and his cock was already at attention, wanting some
attention of its own.

As he approached the side of the bed, DeeDee sat up and turned around, sitting on
the edge of the bed, and reached for his stiff cock, encircling her fingers around his
member and, before he could react, engulfed his skin-covered cock head in her
mouth and began to bob up and down. This was the first time she'd ever showed
any interest in using her mouth on him and he wasn't about to complain one bit.
He'd been wanting her to do this to him for some time, but didn't know how to
approach the act without feeling that he was asking her to do something he knew
she didn't really want to do.

As he stood there he felt her tongue slide between his skin and his cock head,
swirling around and around his head, lingering long enough to stab the tip of her
tongue into the piss hole. He shivered with excitement.

he could say. The sensation was driving him to the point of shooting his load.

When he tried to pull her off his cock she looked up, into his eyes, and told him to go
ahead and shoot into her mouth. He immediately did just that. He stood there,
totally amazed, as he watched his wife of 45 years, took every drop of his load, not
letting a single drop escape her mouth. She swallowed it all and then licked his cock
clean, sucking on his head as though she was trying her best to pull more cum from
his balls.

He fell exhausted to the bed and was amazed to feel DeeDee lick his balls, then
spread his legs and lick beneath his balls and swab her tongue on that tender piece
of skin below his sac.

"Where in the hell did she learn to do that?" he wondered to himself.

He kept his eyes closed though and stayed there, enjoying the moment that he
prayed would never end.

He felt the weight on the bed shift about ten minutes later and when he opened his
eyes DeeDee was just beginning to straddle his head and, directly above his eyes, he
could see her dripping pussy begin to descend to his face.

"Eat me," was all she said.


"Eat me."

"Are you sure, DeeDee?"

"EAT ME!" she screamed at him, grinding her pussy down onto his mouth. She
also reached between her legs and pulled herself open, exposing the deep pink inside
her to his eyes, before she settled on his mouth.

All he could do was just what she wanted him to.

Without any hesitation whatsoever, he stuck his tongue into her hole and began to
lick her inner lips. He sucked her juices out of her and then licked her outter lips,
returned to her inner passageways, and then concentrated on her enlarged clitoris.
Once his tongue fell on the sensative organ, DeeDee began to buck on his face,
shouting for him to continue eating her pussy, which he gladly did.

After he's tongued her to four straight orgasms she collapsed on top of him, resting
her head next to his flaccid cock, sticking her tongue out and licking on his head,
which was sticking out from the protective layer of skin.

When they both had recovered they got to the business of fucking.

DeeDee got on her knees and asked John to fuck her from behind, which he gladly

As he thrust his hardness in and out of her wet box she reached between her legs
and manipulated her clit, bring herself to several climaxes, all the while begging her
husband to fuck her as hard as he could.

"Fill me with your load," she told him, and he gladly did just that.

Once they were finished they again collapsed on the bed, this time with DeeDee on
her stomach and John laying on her back, both of them too tired to move for a

When they were finally rested a little bit, John rolled off to his side of the bed and
DeeDee reached for his cock, pumped it several times, and then took it into her
mouth once again and sucked him until he shot another load into her mouth. Again,
she swallowed it all.

"What just happeded," he asked his wife.

"Just something I'd wanted to do for a long time. I guess I finally got up the nerve
to actually do it."

"Hey," he told her, "I'm not complaining one bit. I enjoyed this very much.

"Did this have anything to do with our therapy sessions with Dr. Grosman?" he

"No," she answered.

Inside though, she knew it was Eddy's black cock she'd been thinking about the
whole time John had fucked her.

John had been thinking of Eddy's big black cock, too. He had imagined that it was
Eddy sucking on his cock, instead of his wife.

Shearon appeared at the back door to the doctor's office at exactly 4:10, five
minutes ahead of schedule. She knocked on the office door, as she usually did, and
waited for the doctor to open it for her. He always kept it locked.

"So glad to see you, Shearon."

"Thank you, Dr. Grosman."

"Now, I have an appointment here in my office in the next fifteen minutes and once
they get here you will get out of your clothing and wait right here until I call for you.


"I'll have Eddy join you in just a few minutes, but I want it known that the two of
you are not to do anything with each other. Understood?"


"Eddy will also be naked, but you will each ignore the other, acting as if you're the
only person in the room. Understood?"


"Good. Now I'll go and wait for my appointment. Eddy will be here in just a few
minutes and he already knows what's expected of him, as well."

With the directions clearly outlined to the woman, Dr. Grosman returned to his
office and waited for the Wilsons to arrive.

Eddy entered the room about ten minutes later and, while he paid absolutely no
attention to the attractive black woman sitting on the opposite side of the room, he
completely striped and turned to face the woman, showing his impressive manhood.
When he sat on the opposite side of the room, he made sure that his cock was placed
to where the woman would be sure to see it.

Shearon, while she sad quitely on the other side of the room, was in an inner hell.
She particularly loved huge cocks, especially those with their foreskin still intact,
her instructions were to sit here and act as though she was the only person in the
room. She tried her best but her pussy betrayed her inner feelings, as her pussy
juices began to flow and trickle down her thighs into the fabric of the chair.

"Dr. Grosman, the Wilsons are here."

"Thank you. I'll be out there in just a few minutes."

Before leaving his office though, the doctor made a trip to his back room.

"Shearon, as soon as you hear me call your name you'll come into the room, without
your clothing on. Understood?"


"Thank you. Eddy, I'll call for you about thirty minutes later."

"Thank you."

The doctor entered the outter office and approached his two patients.

"Thank you both for agreeing to the change of appointment. I've got to be out of
town tomorrow and I wanted to be sure I was able to see both of you before I left.

"John, I'd like to see you in the office first and DeeDee, I'll call for you shortly after
that. There are some things I want to discuss with John first and, when it's your
turn, I'll sit out here and discuss a few things with you as well. Then we'll get this
final session started."

He looked to his secretary and told her that she could leave as soon as he returned to
the outer office, and to be sure to lock the outer door as she left.

"Thank you, doctor."

"You have a nice weekend and I'll see you on Monday."

"Does that mean I have tomorrow off?" came the surprised response.

"Yes, it does. You've been might busy here this week and this is just my way of
showing my appreciation."

"Thank you very much, doctor."

"Trek," was all the doctor said, as he entered the office and shut the door.

John was already on the sofa when he heard the word and immediately sank back,
in a relaxed pose, waiting for the doctor to make the next move.

"John, I want you to take all your clothes off and sit here for a minute."

"Yes, doctor." He stood up and took off his shirt first, then his shoes and pants and
finally his underware. In only a couple of minutes he was naked and once again
sitting on the sofa.

Dr. Grosman took the seat directly in front of the sofa, facing John, and began to
speak to him.

"John, we've come to another session to deal with your aversion to black people. In
just a few minutes an amazingly attractive black woman is going to come through
that door and stand in front of you. Your cock will instantly rise to the occasion and
she will then start to suck you off. Once you cum in her mouth she will then sit next
to you on the sofa and you will begin to play with her pussy, getting her excited and
then you'll get on the floor in front of her, spread her legs, and start to lick and suck
on her bald pussy, continuing to suck and lick on her until she cums several times in
your mouth. During this time your wife will enter the room and begin to watch you
and she'll get turned on as well and join you and Shearon. Shearon will once again
suck your cock and your wife will get between Shearon's legs and suck off a woman
for the first time in her life, which will make you hornier then ever. After that we'll
see what happens and go from there. Am I understood, John?"


"Shearon! You can come out now."

John watched the other door as it opened, revealing a beautiful black woman,
without anything on. She stood in the shadows for just a moment and then she
entered of office and John could see for the first time just how lovely she actually
was. His breath was taken for a couple of seconds, as he took in the shape of the
body standing now in front of him. He couldn't help it as his cock grew to full
erection, with his cock head barely showing from beneath his foreskin, precum
already starting to gather from his piss hole.

He continued to watch as the woman began to kneel in front of him, reaching out to
grab his stiff cock, pumping up and down as soon as her fingers surrounded his
organ, the feeling of his foreskin rubbing over his cock head already starting to get
him excited and ready to fuck this lovely young thing. Next thing he knew she took
his head into her mouth, pushing his skin all the way down his cock pole as she did.
He felt her tongue start to lick his head and, while doing that she massaged his balls
with her other hand.

His eyes never left the sight in front of him, and he watched as she soon had his
whole cock down her throat, something that he'd always wanted to see. The warmth
of her mouth and throat felt good on his cock and he tried, unsuccessfully, to sit still
on the couch while all this happened. He just couldn't do it.

He grabbed on to the back of her head, forcing her to swallow his cock to his balls,
and told her to suck him til she shot his load, which is what she did.

The sensation of this black woman deep throating his cock was almost too much.
First he'd had a black man suck his cock, and now a black woman was doing the
same, but this was different this time. This time he didn't feel ashamed to have his
cock sucked. When Eddy sucked him he felt as though he was gay, and he'd felt
ashamed of that. He wasn't gay, not by any means and, even though he'd liked the
feel of the man's mouth on him, this was definately more his style, having a woman
use his cock felt so much better and he could really sit here and enjoy the feeling to
the max!

Before he could hold himself back he felt his balls tighten and then he shot his load
into her mouth and down her throat. He felt as though he were going to shoot
forever, her mouth felt that good on his cock, but he started to slow down after the
third shot and she slowly drew his cock out of her mouth and began to lick up and
down the entire length, sucking on his excess skin for a while then going down to his
balls and licking and sucking on them for a little while.

He was surprised when she pushed his legs back, exposing the skin beneath his balls,
as well as his ass hole, and he was totally surprised when she began to lick his ass
hole and stick her tongue into him back there. His nipples hardened, something
that had never happened before, and he could feel his cock stir to life once again.
She feasted on his back door for a while and then returned to his balls, then his
cock, sucking his head into her mouth again and sucking him even harder, until she
got him to shoot yet another load into her mouth.

Once he recovered he realized that Shearon was now sitting on the couch beside
him. Without even thinking of what he was doing, he reached over with one hand
and began to stroke her bare pussy, pushing one, then two, fingers inside her. He'd
never had the chance to stroke a pussy that was devoid of its hair, and this one felt
smoother then he thought it would. He half expected to feel some sort of stubble
down there, but surprisingly it felt as soft as felt, and he drilled his two fingers
deeper inside of her. In a few minutes he pulled out of her and stuck his fingers into
his mouth and savored her taste for the first time, making him realize just how
much he really wanted to plant his mouth on her twat and suck her juices directly
from the source, so he got up, knealt down in front of her, pushed her legs as wide as
he could, and practically dived right in.

Until earlier in the day he'd never entertained the thought of using his mouth on a
woman, but DeeDee had made him realize just how much he liked it. And now, to
have this lovely black woman in front of his face, wide open and waiting, made his
mouth water in anticipation of what he was about to do. He didn't even think of
what he was about to do, he just moved into position and started by licking the
outside of her pussy, and the cleft of her thighs, enjoying first the taste of just her
skin, the sweat that lingered there. He used his fingers to open her wider and slowly
licked his way into her, tasting first the inside of her outer lips, then the inner lips,
and finally the deepest recesses he could reach with his tongue.

It was like he'd imagined it would be.

Her juices were sweet and just ran into his mouth like his mouth was actually a part
of her anatomy. He loved to suck on her inner lips and suck off her juices, which in
turn seemed to create even more wetness within.

While John was enjoying the favors of the black woman in the office, Dr. Gosman
went into the outer office.

As he entered the outer office his secretary took notice and got her purse and jacket
together. Once she was ready she looked to the doctor, who nodded in approval,
and she left for the rest of the day, ready to enjoy her three-day weekend.

Once he made sure that the door was locked he went to the seat opposite of DeeDee
and looked at her, speaking only one word.


DeeDee sank back into the soft seat, her eyes glazing over and looked straight ahead.
She listened to the doctor as she spoke to her.

"DeeDee, it's almost time to go into my office for your part of the dual therapy.
Before you go in there though I want you to remove all your clothing and give them
to me. I want you to remember everything that happened in my office the last time
you were here, I want you to witness what is going on in there and you'll participate
in it, as well. You will not be shocked by what you see. In fact, you'll be turned on
by it and wish to take part in the activities, which I heartedly encourage you to do.

"Once things really get started I'll have Eddy join you all and things can really
begin to happen, and I'm sure that both you and John will have an enjoyable time in

"Are you ready?"


DeeDee stood up and began to disrobe. It somewhat surprised the doctor to see that
DeeDee didn't have on any underware, mainly because he had not instructed her to
appear that way, but he was also encouraged by what he saw. This meant that she
still remembered her previous time with Eddy and himself and he was glad to see
that she'd taken the initiative to do something like this on her own.

He couldn't help himself, as he approached the woman and grabbed her ass,
squeezing just a little bit. His cock reacted immediately with an erection, as well as
a bit of leaking of precum, which he felt in his underware.

"Before we go into the office, DeeDee, I want you to do something first."

Without even asking what it was the doctor wanted, DeeDee bent to her knees in
front of him, pulled down his zipper and withdrew his hard cock, his foreskin still
covering his head, and dropped her mouth to the hard organ, taking as much as she
could into her warm mouth. She sucked and licked his excess skin, probing her
tongue beneath the skin and against his tender cock head and began to to bob up
and down, wanting to once again taste the juices that she anticipated spurting into
her mouth and down her throat.

She pulled off his cock once, to lick his entire length and to concentrate on his balls
for a moment, then she returned to his cock and sucked on him until she felt his load
emptying into her mouth, where she eagerly savored the taste. Once she was done
she stood up and faced her doctor.

"Is that what you had in mind, doctor?"

"Yes, it most certainly was. Thank you so much for your attention."

"You're welcome."

Dr. Grosman reached for the door knob and opened the door into his office.

When DeeDee entered the first thing she heard was the moan of an unknown person
and, as she looked around the room, she fastened her eyes on her husband, who was
kneeling on the floor, between the wide-spread legs of a black woman, with his
mouth plastered to her pussy. She could see that he was sucking her juices from
within and a strange thought entered her mind.

"I wonder what it would be like to have a woman lick my pussy like John's doing to

Little did she realize that the thoughts had been put there by her doctor and that in
a very few minutes she'd not only be eating out the black woman's pussy, but the
woman would also be engaged in eating her out as well.

She crossed the room and sat on the couch, next to the woman, and caressed her
small breast. After a few minutes of that she tweaked the woman's nipples, which
were already erect about a half inch, and pinched them to an even more sensitive
hardness. Next she leaned over and took one of those hard nipples into her mouth
and started using her tongue to wash around it, nibbling with her teeth on it as well.
The moans of the woman let her know that she was doing the right thing. At least
that's what DeeDee took it to mean. She never entertained the thought that it might
be John's oral manipulation that was causing the reaction. She reveled in the
thought of having this strange, black woman's tit and nipple in her mouth and was
pleasantly pleased to discover that she was enjoying this very much herself.

From the corner of her eye she noticed that her husband had finished with this oral
feast and was sitting on the floor on his haunches, as if waiting for the next round to
She realized the time had come for something else to happen and she immediately
knew what that something was to be. She got up, knealt down on the floor in front
of this black beauty, and pressed her mouth to the gapping hole in front of her face.
She could see the glistening of the combined juices of both the woman and those of
her husband, and this just sent a thrill throughout her body as she realized that she
was about to experience something that her dear John and recently enjoyed, so
without further hesitation she pressed her mouth to the opening of the woman's
pussy and probed her tongue as far into her as she could.

The first taste of a pussy somewhat startled her. She'd never expected it to taste
so......... different! That was the only way she could describe it.


This was much more different then the experience she'd had earlier in the day by
sucking off her husband and, just a few minutes ago, sucking off the doctor as well.
This was something more delicate, more femine and much more pleasing then she'd
realized it could be.

Somehow it was amazing to have a pussy in her mouth and not a hard dick.

The smoothness of the hairless pussy lips also surprised her somewhat. Like her
husband before her, she'd expected to have her tongue meet some sore of stubble on
the outer lips, but she was so surprised that there wasn't any that she began even
more to enjoy the hole in front of her.

With her mouth she sucked on the outer lips, savoring the taste of the black skin,
then went to work on the inner lips and, finally, on the enlarged clitoris.

This woman's clit was much larger then hers was. In fact, it almost resembled a
small penis and she found that she could almost suck on it like she would a small
cock. The only difference, besides the size, was the fact that there was no foreskin to
suck on. True, each clit had it's own hood, but she couldn't find on here and soon
forgot all about it as she concentrated on the chore before her, and felt the gyrations
of the woman as she continued to suck and drink the juices that were presented to
her. She hungrily drank it all in and then, after the latest orgasm, sank to the floor,
dragging the black woman with her and they soon settled into a '69' postion, with
each woman sucking on the others pussy, with her being on top.

The whole time all this was happening John stood there and watched his wife. It
was hard to believe that this was the woman who had, for the first time in their
marriage, had sucked his cock earlier in the day for the first time. Now, here she
was, gyrating around on the floor of the doctor's office, her head burried in a black
woman's pussy, while the same black woman munched on her pussy as well. His
cock was hard and he was pumping away, feeling the loose skin move back and
forth on his cock head, causing an even harder erection. Without realizing it, he'd
reached for the nearest cock to him, which turned out to be Eddy's, and was also
stroking it with the same rythum he used on his own cock.

He'd not seen the doctor motion for Eddy to join the festivities, but he was glad to
have an extra cock in the room. As soon as he realized what he was doing he sank to
his knees and took the hard, uncut cock, into his own mouth and began to suck on it.

DeeDee noticed that Eddy had joined the group and had watched as her husband
took his cock into his hands and began to pump it. She was somewhat surprised
though when she saw John get on his knees and take the huge, black cock into his
mouth. While she continued to use her mouth and tongue on the black woman over
her, she occasionally glanced towards her husband, whom she loved very much, and
watched him suck on a cock, a black cock no less.

"I guess we've both gotten over our aversions to black people," she thought as she
watched her husband.

John wanted to suck Eddy until the black man shot his load into his mouth, but the
man pulled out and moved in the direction of his wife and the other woman, still
eating out each others pussies. He watched as he knealt behind his wife, straddling
the black woman's head, directing his hard cock towards his wife's pussy. He knew
what he was about to witness and he could only smile. He was about to watch his
wife get fucked by a huge, uncut black cock. Somehow he felt that this would not be
the first time she'd experienced this man's cock.

DeeDee felt the first penetration of Eddy's cock into her extremely wet pussy, and
she was glad to finally have Eddy fucking her again. She moaned loudly as she felt
his cock head penetrate her again, and his width soon filled her pussy as she
remembered it had earlier. Now not only did she have Eddy's cock in her pussy
again, but she had the black woman sucking on her clit as well. Now she knew what
heaven really felt like, and she never wanted to leave.

The doctor went to the threesome and politely tapped Shearon on her shoulder. She
knew what to do next and reached out and grabbed John by his ankle. As he got
closer to them he had to kneel on the floor. In fact, he had to lay on his side, to
enable the woman to suck on his rigid cock, which he gladly let her do. He felt the
need for another release and was only happy to let this beautiful black woman use
her talented mouth for that release. In only a few minutes she had sucked his entire
length down her throat and was busy devouring it for her pleasure, as well as his.

All this time the doctor sat in front of his desk, his cock in his hand, jacking off to
the sight before him. Yes, he wanted to participate in this office orgy, but he also
knew that this was the time for John and DeeDee to come to terms with what was
happening to them, so he relented and satisified himself with only his hand. He
knew that as soon as this 'appointment' was over that he'd enjoy himself with both
Shearon and Eddy, so it was easy for him to just sit, observe, and wait.

Eddy came deep into DeeDee's pussy and pulled out, his juices running out of her
stretched hole and into the face of Shearon, who pulled John's cock out of her
mouth, dripping with the man's own cum, and began lick up the cum from Eddy
and then plastered her mouth once again to DeeDee's pussy and sucked out all the
cum from inside her.

When they had all finished they sat on the floor and just relaxed, catching their
breaths, enjoying the feeling they all had, of being well fucked and sucked.

Without being missed, Dr. Grosman went to the outer office and turned on his

"When the Wilsons first came to me I didn't realize just how much time and investment
lay ahead of me. I'd always wanted to use my hypnosis to help someone overcome their
'fears' and 'dreads', but I never imagined that it would come to such a successful
conclusion. What I've witnessed over the span of the past week has really amazed me.
I never thought I could help someone overcome their prejudices, especially one that
involved black and white issues, but I think this has worked out quite well.

"What happens now is up to DeeDee and John. Will their lives be any better? I
cannot say. I can only hope that things will improve for them in the long run. Will
they ever be able to look at a black man or woman and not think of their past fears of
them? Again, it's too soon to know.

"What I've introduced to this couple is something I'd never have imagined doing only
a year or two ago, but I do not regret doing this at all. As a member of the human
race, I realize we all have our prejudices, but I feel that those prejudices are something
we call all overcome.

"I don't necessarily condone the use of sex to cope with these differences, but I can
honestly admit that I tried to introduce something into a couple of lives that would've
never entered their minds. Perhaps they can use this to get along with their neighbors.
Perhaps they'll get into something they never dreamed of in the past. I don't know.

"I want the Wilsons to realize that they have to live in the world as it is now, blacks
living next to whites and vice versa. We all have to get along with each other if this
world is to be a better place. If they can do that by using sex as an end to the means,
then who am I to say any different?

"Perhaps they'll get more sexually involved with someone of the black race, or perhaps
they'll be more tolerent of the black race. Again, I cannot say. I can only hope that by
introducing them to this different lifestyle that they will learn to lead a more tolerent
life and live with what they have and make the most of that as well.

"As I've already said, I cannot profess to have actually changed the lives of DeeDee
and John, but I hope they've learned something. What that might be, I have no idea.
If it's only tolerence, then I've accompolished something."

The doctor turned off his recorder and re-entered his office.

As he entered his office he found that all the participants were now seated on either
the sofa, as were John and DeeDee, or on other pieces of furniture, as were Eddy
and Shearon.

"I want to thank you all for working with me today. I only have a few more things
to say and we'll conclude this therapy session."

One by one he said all the key words for the people in his office, and all four of them
went into a deeper trance then they were already in.

"I will now call out a name and only that person will remember what I'm about to
tell them.


The black man raised his head and faced the doctor.

"Eddy, you came to me wanting to get over your hangups of having a huge cock,
which you thought no woman would ever accept. You've found out how wrong you
were. I hope you enjoy your life after you leave here and will be more at peace with


Shearon also raised her head and faced the doctor.

"Shearon, you came to me with your false sense of failure. You thought your body
was something to be ashamed of and just today you've found out that that is not the
case. There are indeed others who appreciate your body, your appearance, and
your sense of self worth. Thank you for allowing me to help you."

"John and DeeDee."

The couple looked at him, attentive.

"The two of you came to me to overcome your fear of black people. While this is
not the standard proceedure for something like that, I felt that this was a good place
to start, and I belive it also helped you to over your objections to sex with each other
as well. You both let me know how you thought you sex live with your mate should
be and wondered why it wasn't. I want you to know that you were not being selfish.
You love each other and the times have changed and you both realized that you had
to change with those times. I honor your encouragement and commitment to go
through with this.

"While you were unable to talk to each other directly about what happened in our
sessions, I now encourage you to talk to each other and let your feelings be known.
If you'd like to continue with this lifestyle, let your partner know. I'm sure that
after these sessions you both have a lot to think about and talk over, so I encourage
you both to do just that.

"There are no longer any restrictions on either of you, so feel free to talk about
what's happened in the past sessions, as well as what happened here today and I do
hope you'll learn that you're not alone with your prejudices and that you can
change them for the better."

He looked at all four of the people seated around his office and was pleased to see
that they were all nodding in acceptance of his words.

"I want you all to retrieve your clothing, get dressed and then return to your homes.
I've finished this therapy with you and I hope you'll put it all to good use.

"Thank you for your trust and I hope you'll all be happy with the results."

All four got dressed and prepared to leave the office, stopping only to shake hand
with the doctor before departing and heading to their respective homes.

Eddy and Shearon met with the Wilsons in the lobby of the building.

"Mr. and Mrs. Wilson," began Eddy, "I hope you don't think that I did this for
personal reasons only. I honestly had no idea that Dr. Grosman would do this to
any of us, and I want to apologize to you both if you felt offended with any of this."

"I want to agree with Eddy on this one," Shearon said to the couple. "I had no idea
this would happen. But I also want you both to know that I did enjoy tonight."

"The same goes for me," Eddy told them.

John and DeeDee looked at each other and then to the two people in front of them.
DeeDee nodded to her husband and he was the one who responed for the two of

"I harbor no ill feelings to either of you, and I'm sure DeeDee doesn't, either. We
came here trying to better ourselves and I think we accomplished just that. To
deny what happened would only mean that we've not learned anything that
happened here the past week. If it means that we have to truly look at ourselves and
what we've done here, then I welcome that.
"I, for one, think the two of us learned something valuable here and I hope we can
continue with that. I think that both DeeDee and myself would be happier."

Eddy and Shearon looked at each other and nodded in agreement.

"Thank you, Mr. Wilson," Shearon told them.

"Please, it's John and DeeDee," he told them.

Now it was DeeDee's turn to speak, "Would the two of you like to join us at our
home and continue with what we've learned tonight?"

"Are you serious?" Eddy asked.

"Yes, I am," DeeDee answered, as she reached out and squeezed Eddy's soft cock
through his pants. "I think John and I would love to continue this relationship, if
you two have no objections, that is."

They all shook hands, hugged each other, and set up a time for the next day for
them to meet again and to continue with what had happened in Dr. Gosman's office.

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