Black isn't so Bad After All!

John and DeeDee Wilson were the average couple of their times. Both had been
raised in a white Christian environment and throughout their lives were taught that
black people were not as good as they were.

Times change though, whether you want them to or not.

Both are now in their early 60's, having been married almost 45 years, and as they
grew older the neighborhood around them changed as well. More and more black
families were moving in and more and more white families were moving further out
of the city, into the suburbs. It was only a matter of time before a black f****y
bought the vacant house to the side of theirs, or perhaps the once slightly down, and
across, the street from them.

In order to get a better grip on their lives, as well as the way they had been brought
up, they sought out professional advise, in the form of a psychologist, who had been
recommended by a friend of theirs. They had also used his services and they highly
recommended him.

When John made the appointment he was surprised to learn that the doctor would
want to see them individually the first time, and would then see them together. John
agreed and set up the first appointment for himself, with his wife getting an
appointment for the following day and then the two of them would see him on
Friday of the same week.

When John got to the doctor's office he was kind of surprised to find that he was the
only one in the waiting room, especially for the time of day, which was just after 1
PM. The receptionist gave him forms to fill out then she disappeared into the
doctor's office and shortly after that came out, got her purse and left the office.

About 10 minutes later the doctor, Dr. Richard Gosman, stuck his head into the
outer office and called him inside his office.

"I'll have to apologize for my secretary, but she had an appointment and had to
leave early today. If you'll excuse me for a moment, I want to make sure that the
outer door is locked, since your my last appointment for the day." With that said
the doctor left his office and John could hear him as he opened the door, shut it, and
then secured the lock, returning shortly thereafter to his office and sitting behind his

"Now then, Mr. Wilson, what can I do for you today?"

Dr. Gosman already knew the reason for the visit, since he'd already read the short
files in front of him, but he always felt better if the patient actually told him the
reasons for the visit, instead of having to try and pull it out of him.

"Well," John began, "I guess it's kind of embarrassing. You see, my wife and I are
products of a different generation and we've had a hard time adjusting to the blacks
moving into our neighborhood, particularly afraid that one would move in next to
us. We've heard so many horror stories of black k**s, and how they behave, and
we're not sure we would feel safe even if it were just adults that moved in."

The doctor nodded and appeared to be taking notes, so John continued.

"Both our parents were firm believers that the blacks had a proper place, and that
they should stay with their own kind. But, since the economy has changed so much
and many of them are working different jobs, especially with a lot of them in
management positions, we realize that sooner or later blacks are going to be a part
of our community, and we're just not prepared for that right now."

"And why not?" the doctor asked.

"I guess you could say that prejudice runs deep in our families and we were always
taught that blacks shouldn't mingle with whites."

"And you find that you have a problem with that?"

"Yes. My wife and I do. She's afraid of what might happen, and to tell you the truth,
so am I!"

"Well, you're not here to represent your wife right now. You're here for yourself. I
learn more of your wife's position when I see her tomorrow. I see that she's
scheduled to be here the same time tomorrow and that both of you will be here
around 3 PM on Friday afternoon, right?"


"Ok, why don't you make yourself more comfortable on the sofa over there and I'll
sit in the chair across from you. You can relax a little bit and we'll talk more.

"By the way, would you have any objections to me using hypnosis on you today?"

John was taken back by that particular question. While he didn’t really want to be
under anyone’s ‘control’, especially with hypnosis, he just didn’t know how to
handle it. He still remembered the first time he’d been placed ‘under’, by one of
supposedly good friends, and he still remembered what had happened that day,
some fifty years in the past. It was a part of his past he wished he could forget, but
he wasn’t able to and being put under today, or at any time, would only get him to
relive those memories. They were something he’d never shared with anyone,
especially with his wife and he was a bit leary about sharing them now with this
complete stranger.


"I find that it helps to put the patient more at ease and is able to talk more openly
about his or her problems. I won't do it if you have any objections."

John thought about it for a while and he almost asked the doctor about not asking
about his past but figured that would only be a ‘red flag’ and his secret would be
gotten out of him. Still if he wanted to get past all this stuff about the black folks
moving into his neighborhood he thought he should go ahead and give his consent
and get it all over with, so he agreed to let the doctor us hypnosis.

"Good. I want you to lay down on the sofa and get comfortable. Once you're ready
let me know and I'll begin. I promise you that it won't hurt on bit and once I have
you under I'll start asking you questions and you'll feel completely at ease
answering them for me. OK?"

"Fine with me," John answered.

"Ready," Dr Gosman asked once John was situated.


"Ok. Now, I want you to listen to my voice and shortly you'll begin to feel sl**py and
you'll close your eyes, but you'll be able to hear every word I say."

In less then 5 minutes John was completely under.

"John? Can you hear me? Can you understand me?"

"Yes," came the dreamy reply.

"OK. Good. Now, I want you to tell me about your feelings towards black men."

There was no hesitation in John's reply.

"To tell the truth, I'm intimidated by them."


John’s subconscious was now battling with him. Even under the hypnosis of the
doctor, he could feel like there was something he wanted to say and tried his best
not to reveal what it was. However, as hard as he tried there was still that feeling
deep inside of him that actually wanted to feel the release of telling someone about
that incident from so long ago.

"Because they seem to act so much better then I am. They have management
positions in my work place and they seem to flaunt that in front of all us older, more
experienced, employees. They always seem like they're much better at doing the
same work I've been doing for over 30 years, while they've only been there less then
5 years, and I resent having those feelings."

Dr. Gosman noticed the slight hesitation from his patient and decided to find out
just why he’d held back for just a moment.

“John,” he asked, “I noticed a slight hesitation just then with your answer. Can you
tell me why you held back for a moment?”

Now came the part he was actually dreading since first sitting down in the office.

“But I don’t really want to tell you,” he thought to himself. “What will he think of me
when he finds out the secrets I’ve been holding all these years and what my true desire
really is? Maybe it would be better to go ahead and tell him. After all, he is a doctor
and he’s not supposed to share any disclosures with anyone unless I give him my
permission, and I surely don’t intend to do that!”

"Do you feel you were slighted by upper management when they placed a black man
over you and your department?"


“Thank goodness he came up with that!” he thought to himself. “Perhaps I won’t
Have to tell him after all.”


"Because they tend to take advantage of their position."

"In what way?"

"They treat the women, especially the white women, better then they do the men.
They always seem to be making passes at them and the women seem to like it that

"Do these women ever complain about this attention?"

"Not that I've heard."

"Do you ever wonder why?"


"Well, I have heard rumors going through the office and warehouse."

"What kind of rumors?"

"That some of the white women are sl**ping with the black managers."

"Does that upset you?"

"Yes, it sure does."


"Because they shouldn't be sl**ping around with their bosses, especially if their boss
is a black man."

"And why do you feel that way?"

"It's just against my nature to even get close to a black man, or a black woman, and
I feel that they are betraying their race by sl**ping with them."

"Could it be that you're jealous of the black men?"


Dr. Gosman could hear the surprise in John's voice as he answered.

"I asked you, 'Are you jealous of the black men?'"

"Why should I be?"

"Because they're getting something that you want."

"And what would they have to offer that I would want?"

"Perhaps you're jealous of their abilities to handle these women and that you wish
you could do as well with them."

"But I'm happily married!"

"So? That doesn't mean you haven't been tempted to try and get into another
woman's panties, does it?"

Silence, again.

"Well?" Dr. Gosman prompted.

"I'm not that way," John insisted.

"And what way would you be?"

The doctor could see the struggle within John and he knew that he was close to
getting an honest answer from him. He'd been in this business long enough to
recognize the symptoms, the hesitations, the sudden bouts of quiet that meant the
patient was genuinely thinking about his or her next answer.

"Well," John continued to hesitate, but soon that hesitation gave way and he
answered the doctor's question. "I'm not trying to get into any woman's panties,
doctor. I want to get into my bosses pants and see what kind of equipment he has
down there. I've always had a tendency to be bisexual, but my wife doesn't know
that, and I've always wondered if it's true about black men and their cocks. Are
they really bigger and better?"

Dr. Gosman was slightly taken aback. He hadn't expected that answer. Every now
and then a patient would surprise him, and this was certainly one of those moments.

"Have you been with other men in the past?" he asked.

"Yes, many times, but my wife doesn't know about it. And there was an incident
when I was younger where I was f***ed to do things to a black man that I didn’t
want to do.”

“And what was that?”

“When I was 13 I was playing with some of my friends when an old black man
walked up to us and asked for some directions. Well, at first no one wanted to
tell him anything and after a while I thought it would be the right thing to do, so
I decided to help him. My parents had taught me to be nice to people, especially
someone older then me. When my friends saw I was going to help him they all
ran away and shouted how I was a “Nigger Lover” and just laughed at me. I
started to cry from the embarrassment but the man told me to just ignore my
friends and then he thanked me for helping him.

“After a while he asked me if I could show him how to get to the address he had
asked for and I agreed. We walked for about 10 minutes when he told me that he
had to go to the bathroom real bad, to pee. Well there wasn’t any place around
for him to go so he suggested that we go into the trees along the road and he’d
relieve himself right there, where no one from the road could see him. I don’t know
why I did it, but I went with him and as soon as we were out of sight of the road, he
grabbed me by the arm and told me he had something he wanted to show me. At
first I didn’t want to go with him, but he insisted, so I followed him deeper into the

“At first nothing happened, he just turned away from me and I could hear him
unzip his pants and after a few minutes I could hear him peeing against the tree.
When he finished he turned back around and his ‘thing’ was still in his hand.

“’Come on over here, boy, and see what I got for ya’,’” he told me.

“And what happened next,” Dr. Gosman asked.

“I did as he asked me and went over to him, never taking my eyes off that thing in
hand. It was a lot bigger then I was back then, but still it fascinated me and I really
wanted to find out if it was like mine or not.”

“And was it?”

“The only difference was his was black and mine wasn’t. Back then I didn’t know
that what I had was an uncircumcised cock. All I knew was that I still had skin
covering my dick head, and so did most of the boys I grew up with. Back then it’s
not like it is now, with the doctors cutting all that off the new born boys these days.
Anyway, like I said, except for the color both of our cocks looked the same, only his
was way bigger then I was. Hell, at 13 any dick was bigger then mine back then,
with the exception of ole Jimmy Jackson, who even then had a dick almost as big as
that man did that day.”

“Ok, John, so tell me what happened after that.”

“Well, he pulled me closer and took my arm, then my hand and placed it on his

“’You ever felt anything like that before, boy?’” he asked me.

“I had to admit that I’d never even felt another dick, other then mine.”

“’Well, boy, that’s gonna change right now, cause I’m gonna teach you how to
suck a cock, boy. Yessir, I’m gonna get you to wrap those white lips around my
black cock, boy, and you’s gonna suck me till I tell you to stop, ain’t you boy?’”

“Well, I’d heard of cock sucking from my friends, when we’d hang out in ole
Jimmy’s tree house. We’d even take out our dicks and show them to each other, but
we never handled each other back then. We only looked and compared sizes, soft
and hard and how long our extra skins were, but we never sucked each other off.”

“How did you feel about doing that to the black man, John?”

“I have to admit that it was scary back then, but I was also curious about it at
the same time. I really wanted to know what it would feel like to have that dick in
my mouth.”

“Had you ever heard of cock sucking before then, John?”

“Yeah! All us boys had heard of it, but we’d been too scared to actually try it,
since we all feared that someone would tell the other boys and we’d be called a
‘cock sucker’ in front of our other friends, and we definitely didn’t want that to
happen, especially in front of all the girls. Then we’d all get called ‘queers’ and
that was something you didn’t live down back then.”

“Ok, so what did you do then?”

“I did as the old man told me to do. He told me to take his dick in my hand and
rub it up and down until he got hard and then to stick his cock head into my mouth
and suck on it like it was a lolly-pop.”

“Did you? Suck it like a lolly-pop?” Dr. Gosman asked.

“Well, it was what I had intended to do at the time.”

“But something happened, didn’t it?”

“Yes, it did.”

“And what was that?”

“My friends came back and started calling my name. I guess it kinda spooked the
old man, because he stuffed his cock back into his pants and ran deeper into the

“What happened after that?”

“It wasn’t long before I ran back to the road and rejoined my friends. When they
Asked what happened to the old black man I told them he went into the woods
further back down the road and that I’d had to take a leak and I’d not seen him
since then.”

“Did they believe you?”

“I guess they did, cause they never asked about him again.”

"And how have you managed to hide it from here all these years?"

“I’ve never told anyone about this, not even my wife. I felt it was personal and
didn’t want anyone else to know about it.”

“But something happened to you that day, didn’t it, John?”

“Yes. I guess it did. Ever since that encounter I had dreams of what it would be
like to suck a cock, and I made sure that once I got older I found out, and I was
surprised at how much I enjoyed doing it, too!”

“So you’ve done this for a while then?”

"I only act on my feelings for a cock when I'm out of town on business, and never
here at home. Too many people around town know me and I don't want it to get
back to DeeDee that I'm sucking some strange man's cock. I don't know if she'd be
able to handle it."

"Have you ever sucked a black cock, John?"



"Because I was afraid and, after DeeDee and I got married, I learned that she had
been brought up to hate black people. Her daddy was a real racist back then.”

"Yes, you have. But, I'm wondering if you don't have a secret fantasy to suck a
black cock every now and then."

Now John's face blushed a bright red.

"So! I'm right! You have fantasized about sucking a black cock?"


"Tell me why?"

"Whenever the women get to talking at work about how well-endowed the boss is I
find my mind wondering. I catch myself actually staring at his crotch when he walks
past my desk, wondering if it's really as big as they claim it is. I wonder, is it cut or
covered with foreskin. I fantasize about putting my hands around it and then taking
it into my mouth and sucking on it until he shoots his load into my mouth and down
my throat."

As John was talking, the doctor noticed that his breathing had increased and that
there was now a prominent bulge in his pants, as his cock got harder while he
spoke. Hell, Dr. Gosman was even getting a hard on listening to this man's



"I'm going to put you into a deeper trance and then I'm going to give you a key
word that only I will use when we're together in our appointments. You'll remember
that word and instantly go into a deep trance and will only hear my voice and you'll
listen to only me and do anything that I tell you to do. Do you understand?"


"Ok, your key word is going to be 'trek' and once I say it again, you'll go deeper
into your trance and stay that way until I tell you what you have to do. Do you


"Ok. Trek."

John leaned back against the sofa, appearing to go into a deeper sl**p.

Dr. Gosman got up from the chair and went to his desk, where he picked up his
phone, dialed an extension, and said only one word into the instrument. About 5
minutes later there was a knock on the inner office door, from the other side of the
room. This was not the reception room door, but the one leading to the back of the

When he opened the door the janitor stood there, in a trance of his own. He, the
janitor, entered the room and stood there while the doctor closed and locked the

"Ok, Eddy. I told you that I'd call you again sometime. Now is that time. Do you
remember what I told you we'd do, when I did finally call you?"

"Yes sir," Eddy answered.

"And just what are your instructions?"

"I'm to come to your office, where you'll let me in. Once I'm in the room I am to get
undressed and do whatever you tell me to do."

"Good. Now get undressed and wait here until I call you again."

Dr. Gosman watched as Eddy began to take his clothes off. First his shoes, then his
shirt, followed by his pants, socks and finally his shorts. The man that stood in front
of him was a well built man of 79, well, almost 80. He took care of his body and
there was hardly any fat to be seen anywhere on his black frame. Between his legs
hung perhaps the largest example of black cock the doctor had ever seen. He knew
from past experience that Eddy's cock was now at 8 inches, soft. When he got hard
it measured to almost 12 inches and was very uncut, with a lot of excess skin
hanging off the tip of his cock head. He had used Eddy in the past with his patients
and he had been well rewarded by what he'd seen in the past. His patients had
enjoyed their interaction with Eddy and no one had complained one bit.

Why would they? They could vividly remember everything that had happened but
due to his hypnotic suggestions, they were unable to openly talk about it to anyone.
They could remember every lurid detail of what had happened to them, both male
and female, but once they tried to voice their thoughts about what had happened
their minds would instantly go blank and they'd act as if they'd lost their train of
thought. In all actuality though, they couldn't forget what had happened, they just
couldn't discuss it with anyone but himself.

The doctor went to the sofa, sat next to John, and explained to him what would
happen. Then he planted the suggestion that, while he'd remember everything that
happened in this office, he would be unable to talk to anyone about it. If he tried to
tell his thoughts to anyone, he would instantly forget what he was going to say,
though the images would be clearly in his mind for the rest of his life.

"Do you understand all of that, John?"

"Yes," came the only reply that was available to the man.

"Good. Now, I want you to get up and get undressed, fold your clothes and place
them on the chair to your right and then sit back on the sofa."

He watched as John got up and began to disrobe. He watched from his seat as John
took off his shirt, then his shoes, pants and finally his shorts. He was amazed to see
that John was well endowed with a large cock. Though not as large as Eddy, it was
still impressive and he gauged that it was at least 9 to 10 inches when hard. He also
noticed that his cock was also uncut, with an excess of skin covering the cock head.

John sat again on the sofa and the doctor called Eddy into the room.

"John? Do you see the black man standing at the other end of the room?"

"Yes, I do."

"Tell me what you see."

"You have an older black man here in your office. He's just standing there, without
anything on. His cock seems to be quite large and I can see that he's uncut, like me."

"Good. Now then, John, tell me what you'd like to do next."

"I want to put my hands on that cock and suck on it until he shoots his load into my

"Are you sure that's what you really want to do?"


The tone of John's voice left little to the imagination that he was telling the doctor
his true feelings. John really wanted to suck that black cock and feel it shooting into
his mouth and down his throat."

"Ok, John. I'm going to tell him to come over and then you can do whatever you
want to."

Dr. Gosman called Eddy over and instructed him to stand in front of John and to
enjoy what was to happen. After all, the doctor wanted all his patients to enjoy
themselves, and if it meant that someone wanted to fuck or suck in his office, then
who was he to deny them? Besides, he enjoyed a good show when he watched one,
and he knew he was about to witness a good show between John and Eddy.

Eddy moved across the room until he stood in front of John, his cock getting harder
as he got closer to the white man. He'd had plenty of white people suck his cock,
both men and women, and he never got tired of having people pay attention to his
endowment. He loved the attention and he know, that at almost 80 years old, he'd
never get too many chances to enjoy something like this again.

John had never seen a man so black before. This man was charcoal black, including
his cock, and his white hand stood out in stark contrast against that black skin. He
reached out and grabbed the semi-hard cock in front of him, pulling the foreskin
down, exposing the pinkish cock head, which glistened with the juices his skin
produced, which accounted for the ability to jerk the skin back and forth so easily.
He should know, since he was also uncut and had jerked off many times without any
use of lubricant.

He watched as the pinkish head appeared and disappeared, as the skin covered and
uncovered it. It had been almost 2 years since he'd enjoyed a cock to play with and
to suck on, and he was going to enjoy this one. The thrill of this being a black cock
only excited him more. He'd never even thought to actually touching a black cock,
much less actually getting to suck on one, but right here, right now, he was getting
his fantasy to come true. He held the cock in his hands, like he'd always wanted to
do, and as he held on to it, he lowered his head and placed his lips on that black
piece of uncut meat, tasting his first black cock. The taste reminded him of why he
liked to suck cock. It was the true taste of a man that he longed for, and sucking a
cock was the only way to get it. He marveled at the texture of the black skin. The
cock was extremely hard, but yet his cock skin felt like velvet to him. The
smoothness startled him and he just soaked up the feeling, never wanting to let it go.

Lowering his head, and opening his mouth at the same time, he engulfed the cock
head and took it deep into his mouth, feeling it strike the back of his throat. He'd
never had a cock this big in his mouth before, but he wanted to get as much into his
mouth as he could. He'd sucked cocks for well over 20 years now, and had learned a
lot of methods that would allow him to take a cock into his throat. He employed one
such method now. He held his breath, pulled his head back, stretching his throat to
a straighter line, and pushed forward. Slowly he felt the huge cock go further into
his throat and once his nose bumped into the bristly hair at the base, he knew he's
accomplished what he wanted. He had the entire length of the black cock embedded
in his throat and once that happened he started pumping his head back and forth,
building up the friction within with his mouth, knowing that he'd be able to feel the
cum as it shot down his throat and into his stomach. He knew that he'd not get a
taste of it this first time, but somehow he realized that there would be other chances
to get the taste of this black man's cum. First though, he wanted to suck this
wonderful cock and to be satisfied with knowing that he'd gotten him to shoot his
load by only using his mouth and tongue.

The two men were so engaged with each other that they never noticed that Dr.
Gosman had disrobed and was now just a naked as they were. His 6 inch, uncut
cock, was standing at attention while he jerked off to the sight in front of him. Then
he got on his knees and crawled between the two men and took John's cock into his

Like the two men in the room with him, his desires were for cock, as well as pussy,
and he never failed to take advantage of a situation such as this. He loved sucking a
cock as much as watching another man, or woman, suck a cock. He didn't consider
himself either straight or bi, just overly sexed and always wanting more, regardless
of the sex of the patient.

The doctor sucked John's uncut cock until he emptied his load and then he pulled
off, sucking the excess skin and licking all the cum off it. Then he lowered to the
patient's balls and licked on them for a while, getting what little bit of cum had
missed his mouth the first time. Once he was done he got up, dressed again, and
continued to watch the spectacle in front of him.

Eddy enjoyed having someone suck on his cock. He always had, too. Since he'd
never been married he'd had to take whatever he could get, whenever he could get
it. His arrangement with Dr. Gosman had been a welcome one. While he didn't
really like the thought of being hypnotized, he didn't object too much one the doctor
had told him what would be happening. He even insisted that the doctor implant in
his memory the same one he used on his patients, that he distinctly remember
everything that happened. Hell, not that he'd ever discuss it with anyone, but that
way he could always jack off to the many memories, knowing that he'd never be
able to tell anyone what he was thinking. Perhaps, to him, that was the best part. He
could clearly remember every encounter of the past 5 years, and they were

John was beginning to like the feel of the black cock deep in his throat and he used
those muscles to get a grip on the piece of meat and work them as much as he could,
trying his best to get the old man to shoot his load.

Meanwhile, as he stood there, his cock embedded in that white mouth, Eddy relived
some of his prior experiences with Dr. Gosman's other patients, both black and
white, male and female. He clearly remembered his first piece of white pussy.

The woman had been widowed for almost 10 years and found it difficult to
accomplish an orgasm, even though she masturbated regularly. She'd never taken
another man to her bed, ashamed that she would dishonor the memory of her
husband. She'd come to the doctor to try hypnosis, hoping that she'd be able to get
over her hang ups, but in the end had been unable to. The memories of her husband
were just too much for her and even the hypnosis that Dr. Gosman used was unable
to over come her fears. In the end he'd gotten Eddy to fuck her while she was still
under and had given her the same instructions, that she'd always remember what
had happened. He felt that she used those visions like he did, while she fingered her
pussy and came by herself. He'd never seen the woman again after that.

Before he had time to think about other encounters, he found himself ready to
unload his cum. Try as the could though, he was unable to stop himself and his load
felt like it was coming from the tips of his toes, as he had the most powerful shooting
experience he'd had in a long time. He just knew that the man's head would jerk
back, so powerful was that shot, but John impressed Eddy by keeping his cock in his
throat while he continued to work on it.

The first blast took John by surprise. Over the years he'd gotten to know when a
man was going to unload on him, but this time he was caught by surprise. The first
indication he had was when he actually felt the first blast erupt into his throat, and
what a blast it was, too! One of the most powerful he'd felt in ages and each eruption
after that was less and less powerful until, finally it stopped and he was able to pull
the huge cock out of his mouth and lick and suck on the man's balls until he was
sure the older man was finished. Then he took the excess skin into his mouth and
stabbed his tongue between that skin and the cock head, laving his tongue all
around the inside, licking up what juices lingered, until he was sure there was no
more to be had.

He pulled the spent cock out of his mouth, still gripping it with both hands, jerking
it, hoping for more juices. When he realized that no more was forth coming he
released the cock and leaned back into the soft, satisfied with what he'd done. He
leaned back into the sofa, closed his eyes, and relived the event in his mind.

He was taken completely by surprised when he felt a mouth on his own cock,
opening his eyes to see that the black man had knelt down and now had his cock in
his mouth. The warmth of that mouth felt good and he wanted to keep his cock
there forever. He watched as the black man took his complete length into his mouth,
and could feel his teeth working on his foreskin, then felt the man's tongue slip
between his cock head and the loose skin. He knew that in a minute or two his cock
would be at rock hard attention and that he's be unable to keep from blowing his
load into that mouth.

Eddy loved to suck cock, almost as much as he loved having his cock sucked and,
while the white man wasn't quite as large as he was, the cock felt good in his mouth
and he used ever technique he knew to get the man to unload his cum. He didn't
know that the good doctor had already gotten John to empty his balls already, but
that didn't stop him from trying.

He bobbed his head up and down, taking the full length into his mouth on each
down stroke, feeling it sc**** against his throat with each lunge. He could feel the
skin retract with each down stroke, as well, and he enjoyed the feeling that the skin
made on the back of his throat with each up stroke.

After about 10 minutes of sucking he was rewarded with a small amount of cum, not
as much as he'd expected, but it was enough to satisfy him, so he concentrated on
getting every drop and then licked the cock clean. Once he was done he got up and
crossed the room, retrieved his clothing, got dressed, and then left the way he'd
entered, through the back door.

"Once Eddy was finished with John he got dressed and left, as he'd been instructed
to do. I knew that he'd be back tomorrow though, because I'd already told him that
I had an appointment with the man's wife at the same time, so I knew he'd be
expecting my call. John represents a change to get a couple to compete with each
other over one man's cock. While I have no doubt that John still has some strong
feelings about being around blacks, I feel that his memories will temper those
feelings. I know he'll have a hard time reconciling his feelings for the flashbacks and
memories he'll carry when he leaves the office, but in the end I think he'll be a
better person for it all. I can hardly wait to get his wife in here tomorrow and see
what happens then. After that, my meeting with both of them at the same time,
should produce some startling revelations for both of them."

Dr. Gosman finished his entry and leaned back in his chair. John had been gone for
almost an hour and the feeling of what had transpired was still fresh in his mind, as
well as the taste of his cock on his taste buds.

"Yes," he said out loud, "tomorrow is going to be something else."

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