Caroline Knickers (True Story)

I first saw Caroline, when she moved in locally, and for some years enjoyed access to her until she moved away. A small woman, only 5 foot tall but huge 36 DD tits, as seen on her bra labels, and her arse was not wide but stuck out at the back, as in photographs I have, and thick fat shapely legs with big thighs that I adore, as seen in photographs I have.
I thought long and hard about the knickers that she would wear and settled on the idea that they would be some fine lace and some satin as well as cotton everyday knickers to wear for work. I proved to be right over a number of months as I gained access to the house, having a spare key to do jobs in the house. The wash basket became my first call, on each visit..
It complicates matters if I discuss other knickers in the wash basket, but will answer questions if contacted.
Her work knickers were ripe and soiled, from a full day wearing them on her feet all day as her job was a standing job. They were Very mucky is the only way they can be described, and you could smell those easily if left on the pillow beside you, there was no need to wear them on your face, but her lace knickers and satin, would have small marks in, betraying the two exit positions between her legs, and smelled very sweet. I would unload in these and put them back into the wash basket.
I imagined her cunt too and could only imagine it being pretty, with suck a big arse and fine thighs framing that area.
I tried to imagine if she would have a straight cut tidy cunt that was pink, or an aggressive lippy brown cunt with lips protruding like a mouth full of luncheon meat. As it turned out, she has a pink cunt with a tiny tung protruding, which is very pretty, with fine hair, not a huge bush. (This is all absolutely true)
69% (6/2)
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