What Happens in Vegas....

I wrote this story for a friend, told from a woman's point of view...or at least what I THINK would be a woman's point of view! Was I successful? Let me know!

The lounge is sure crowded tonight, you muse to yourself, curious where all your fellow patrons have come from and what their plans are for the weekend. It’s seems a mixed crowd full of couples, singles, young and old. You take the first sips of your drink, thankful that you found a table to sit at and luckily, one that gives a perfect vantage point for people-watching. The lounge seemed to be standing room only at first but after finding your spot, most people seem to be content standing where they are, conversing around the bar, watching the games on the screens around the room. “Excuse me, are you waiting for anyone? Would you mind if we join you?” Somewhat startled, you look up to see a gentleman leaned over the table, a friend next to him. “Would you mind if we sit with you? All the other seats are taken”, he asks again. “Oh, sure, have a seat. Sorry, I was distracted”, you reply. Before they take their seats, both men offer their hands and introduce themselves. Both are charming and you begin to find their company welcoming and enjoyable. Both are very handsome so you’re quite thankful that your table had the only open seats around. ”So what brings you to Sin City this weekend?” one of the men asks as both turn back toward you. “Oh, just a weekend away, you know. A girl’s gotta get away every now and again, you know”, you reply. “Did you come for the convention or was that just perfect timing?” the other quips. Your throat clutches. Your mind scans back through a blur of fresh memories, something triggered by his seemingly casual statement.

As luck would have it, your getaway weekend happened to coincide with the Adult Convention coming to town, but not entirely by coincidence. You savored a weekend away from the stress of life and when you noticed the convention on the hotel’s website calendar, the salacious curiosity got the best of you and that became your vacation weekend. As you stroll into the convention center, you can feel a level of strange excitement in the room. Well dressed couples and women, some dressed conservatively, others less so. A myriad of men roaming the convention floor, posing for photos with porn starlets and not too subtly eyeing other women attending. Of course, men’s eyes were not the only one’s roaming. There’s no outright sex taking place but its feel and pull is undeniable. You come to a display where a small and growing crowd has gather to watch a man and woman, both athletic, sculpted and barely clothed, locked together in an erotic, choreographed dance. You’re admiring both of their bodies when a woman next to you remarks, “Wow, wouldn’t you love to get some of that!”. You nod in reply, “Oh, yeah, I wouldn’t mind having him in my room tonight. With or without her!” You watch for a while and as you turn to make your way out the crowd, she replies, “Have fun this weekend. I hope you get some of that!” Touching her arm, you reply, “Hey, you and me both!” You slink through the crowd, brushing past the other riveted onlookers, exchanging pardon-me’s and hello’s as you emerge to roam among the other exhibits.

You glance at your drink for a moment. Your mind gasps, as if it had a voice, as it locks onto a singular image. Sitting there in the lounge with your two companions, it hits you. You didn’t even notice it. The gentleman to your left. When you turned to leave from the erotic dance and exchanged parting words with the other woman. Was it? Yes, it has to be. He was standing behind her. In a sea of various and unknown faces, your mind took note of the watch on his arm. He had reached up to scratch his shoulder when you brushed by him and although you were certain you saw his face, it was his watch that lodged in your memory. The same watch on the man across from you. He had to have overheard your exchange with the other lady and certainly looked at you when you passed by but how is it he ended up sitting at your table now? And what of his friend?
“You might say it was perfect timing”, you finally reply. “It sure beats a boat show or anything else. So how did you guys end up here?” The other man chimes in, “Perfect timing, too”, as all three of you chuckle, though you somewhat nervously. “You know, they had this very erotic dance exhibit today. Did you guys hear about that?”, you offer up, fishing your suspicion. Your gentleman replies, “Well, yes, as a matter of fact. We were up near the front, watching it.” A suggestive smile crosses his face as he continues, “Makes a person want to get some of that, wouldn’t you say?” as he coyly takes another sip from his drink. You swallow hard at his reply, knowing your weekend anonymity just became a little less so. Yes, it was him and he had certainly overheard you in the crowd. But the knowledge of it brings a relief as you relax, knowing that there’s no better time and place to be caught in your sexuality than this city, at this hotel and on this particular weekend. You laugh to yourself, knowing that this conversation is likely not the only one taking place this weekend. As you continue chatting, the conversation, warm and polite, becomes more flirtatious and not just from them. You notice suggestion in some of their remarks and read the sex behind their eyes. The scoop neck dress you had chosen for the evening, tasteful but flirty, gave a hint of the enormous breasts that lie underneath and it certainly wasn’t lost on your companions, judging from the continual stolen glances they thought you wouldn’t notice. Of course, you were stealing your own glances, your mind filling in certain details and wonderings about both of them. “Would you guys excuse me for minute? I’m going to use the ladies room. I’ll be right back”, you say as you rise from the table.

Girl, what are thinking?, you say to yourself as you enter the bathroom stall, slide your panties down and sit down. This is crazy. So you’re horny, just deal with it. You don’t even know him. Him? You don’t know THEM! You reach down between your legs to find yourself already moist, wondering if they’re thinking the same things you were. You pull a pen and a slip of paper from your purse. It would be so hot. Would they even do this? What if I’m pushing it too far? Come on, they’re men, of course they’d do it. Oh my god, you’re crazy. You steady yourself with all the reasons why you shouldn’t do it, why you should let the moment pass, bid the men farewell and take care of business on your own, but the growing ache in your vagina argues loudly against your better judgment. You squeeze your thighs together, feeling the delightful throb that echoes back inside you. You remember the glances, the erotic dance, the accidental brush in the convention center, and the lustful looks of the men waiting for your return to the table. Oh, fuck it, stop debating and do it. It’s all over this weekend anyway. You scribble the note and then clean up, straighten and preen yourself in the mirror and exit the bathroom. Returning to the table, you continue the playful, flirty banter as you finish your drink, flirting with them enough to make sure their interest is peaked. “Well, gentlemen, I’m going to call it a night and head up to my room”, you announce at the opportune moment. “So soon? We’d hoped to keep enjoying your company”, the stranger replied. You reassure him, saying, “Oh, don’t worry, you’ll be seeing me again pretty soon”. As you stand to leave, you casually place the slip of paper on the table between them, lingering to make sure they notice it. With a last glance into both of their eyes and a sultry smile, you offer to them in a loud whisper, “I hope you both a wonderful time tonight.”
As you leave the table, you wonder how fast they will dive at the note. You reach the end of the room and before turning to exit, you casually glance back and see the friend looking at you while the handsome stranger from the convention reaches down to the note.
Opening the slip of paper, they read together:

Room 804
11:00 pm sharp
Knock first…and don’t be late!

Inside the folded slip of paper lies a small, rectangular piece of plastic. It’s the spare door card key to your room. Neither guy needs a second thought to know your intentions.

Back in your room, you’re pacing. Your excitement is palpable but so are your nerves and the bottle of wine you brought to the room earlier in the day is helping tame one and inflame the other. You reach under your dress to touch your pussy’s wetness, the third time you’ve done it since returning. It’s 10:46 and you quickly check yourself in the mirror. A last minute thought, you slip off your panties and bra, readjusting your dress to hide the fact. You lower the lighting a little for just the right mood. 10:52. You sit down on the bed and lay back, propped up against the pillows, wine in hand. You shuffle your legs around, trying to find a comfortable position and laugh over catching yourself trying to find the right “sexy” pose. You smooth out the front of your dress, lowering it to cover your thighs, but high enough to give off the suggestion. You pull down on the top and push your breasts inward, knowing that “the girls” will be looking their best tonight. Finally relaxed, you close your eyes, running your fingertip around the smooth rim of the glass, and breathe in deep. Your body is relaxed but your stomach trembles nonetheless. You don’t know what time it is but don’t really care. What happens now will simply happen and if 11:00 comes and passes, you’re no worse off than when you first arrived yesterday. The thought eases both your mind and body.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

You let out a long, slow breath, knowing that sex is all but inevitable. They quietly enter the room and stop when they see you, both men taking in the sight of the woman they flirted with in the lounge now spread out on the bed before them. “I guess you were right. You would be seeing us pretty soon”, one of them remarks. They approach the bed from either side as the stranger with the watch holds up the card key, saying, “You know, you left this on table so we thought we’d return it to you.” Feigning surprise, you reply, “Oh, I must have forgotten it. Well, I’m very glad you brought it back to me”, as your fingers casually trace the curve under the bottom of one of your breasts. As they sit on either side of you, he replies, “Like you said, he and I are going to have a great time tonight”. They reach to your legs, rubbing your calves and the inside of your thighs, their eyes roaming up and down your body. The feel of their hands on your smooth skin is electric. His friend cups his hand under your breast, caressing it and slipping the strap off your shoulder with his fingers, gently tugging down until your nipple is revealed. His finger runs over it gently, stimulating it enough that it grows firm under his touch. Another pair of hands are exploring your thighs, gently pushing their way up under your dress. You watch them as they play with you. The sensation of being explored like this is intoxicating, their every touch inviting even more. They’re both slow, tender and gentlemanly and perhaps too much for what’s starting to race through your mind. No words are spoken and none are needed. You reach down to the front of your dress, pulling upward as you spread open to expose your pussy, throbbing and wet with anticipation. A surge of pure lust, strong and dark, washes over their faces, so evident and powerful that it’s as if the entire mood of the room suddenly changed. Their hands still on your thighs, you gently rotate your hips around, the subtle suggestion of wanting to be fucked. It was all it took.

In a quick fumble to satisfy their individual lusts, one of them drops between your legs and covers your pussy with his eager mouth, sucking and licking as if trying to swallowing your taste whole. You instinctively reach for the other’s cock as he urgently unzips, sliding his pants down enough to get free before arching over you to put his cock to your lips. You open to allow his beautiful cock to sink in, savoring the warm, salty taste as it pushes through your lips and glides over your tongue. The rooms fills with long moans as if a weekend of restrained sexual tension, a slow burn in your minds and bodies, is suddenly given full expression. The man from the crowd quickly pushes his pants down, his body still on the bed and mouth pushed against your pussy as if reluctant to leave its warm taste. Pushing your knees outward, he desperately buries his cock into you in one deep, achingly slow thrust as you moan against the other cock. Nothing has felt this good before. Their cocks, engorged with bl**d and lust, completely fill your senses. You wrap your fingers around the base of the cock in your mouth as he begins to slide in and out, both cocks thrusting into and fucking you from both ends. You reach down to touch your clit and it sends a jolt through you, your body so electrified with pleasure that any direct pressure feels like it will send you headlong into an unstoppable orgasm, so you focus on the feel and taste of your lovers. You bear down and squeeze the muscles of your vagina against the cock that fills you, returning an electrifying pleasure to your body. Both men continue their thrusts, irregular and measured, as if they’re chasing the pleasure but holding back to prevent the inevitable. The cock filling your mouth is pulsing as you run your tongue against the swollen vein underneath it, as if you could feel every pound of his heart as the bl**d surges through the vein. The other lover in your pussy is moaning, his thrusts so slow and deep you know he’s dying to cum but hold back. It’s so erotic and intense every nerve in your body stands on end. Suddenly, the cock draws back out of your mouth, but you will have none of that. You grip him at the base, urging his cock back to you as you beg him not to stop. He settles on his haunches and re-enters your mouth as you turn your head to the side to happily swallow him in again, wrapping your fingers around him to invite him to continue his delicious oral fucking. The sound of his labored breathing, the smell and taste of his flesh and the slow churning of the cock inside you brings your body to the edge of explosion. Your attention solely focused on the cockhead stabbing against your lips and tongue, his desperate breaths quickly overtake him as a wave of cum erupts into your mouth. Moaning aloud, you close your lips around it and resist the urge to swallow, simply letting him drain himself into your mouth, an enormous flood of pent-up semen. You slowly swallow, the taste and feel of it driving you to the brink. The other lover withdraws from you and buries his cock between your tits as he pushes them together. His friend begins to pull away but you hold his cock tight to the side of your face. The sight of the cock emerging through your breasts is so delicious and you lean forward to catch it with your mouth but only the head comes through enough for you to taste. With every forward thrust, you extend your tongue to feel the underside of his cock push up against. His legs shake against you as he strains to hold on to the last moments of pleasure, your warm lapping tongue stimulating the end of his cock. As you hear him ready to lose it, you squeeze down inside and feel the warm throbbing begin to spread through your lower belly and around your spine. A final labored breath, a strained groan as you reach your tongue under his cock to urge him in, he explodes down the length of your tongue. His cock strains through your breasts as his cum arcs out over your chin and floods into your neck, an equally large pool of semen as the first one, before he slides into your lips. You quickly draw both spent cocks to you, kissing them, tasting them and smelling the remains of the syrupy explosions. Your hips shudder as you finally explode in sweet orgasm, the lover straddling you quickly reaching back to dip his fingers into you, both men amazed that you came from the act of sucking their cum-drenched cocks. Neither man moves. They huddle together and watch as you press their drained cocks against your cheeks, gingerly licking each one and enjoying their scent and feel.

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