The Secret Place

Our glasses are nearly empty as we nurse the last few sips of our drinks. There it is again, one of those awkward pauses. In the midst of the semi-crowded bar, both of us know why we’re there and what we want to do with, and to, the other. It’s an unspoken sexual ether that hangs in the air between us, both of us knowing the other feels it, too. This would usually be the moment when you would excuse yourself to the restroom just to ease the tension and make your decision in private, the decision for or against a sexual encounter. Before you can do so, I place my hand on your thigh under the table and suggest we go for a walk. You make your decision then and there and get up from the table with me.

As we walk approach our cars, I suggest we continue on down the path as we talk. Away from the presence of strangers, we begin to flirt more openly as we walk along. The path brings us to an open area with a grove of trees and bushes, elevated above the road. I reach down and take your hand. “Come one, follow me”, I say as I motion toward the semi-wooded area. You eye the area and your surroundings with caution, knowing full well where my suggestion will lead. “What, are you serious? Here?” you say. Trying to assure you, I reply, “Trust me, no one will know or see. It’s perfectly safe. Why do you think I chose that particular bar?” My sly, mischievous grin betrays my planning. Thoughts of sex, both risky and urgent, enter your mind, tugging at your uncertainty. Oh, what the hell, you think to yourself, I wonder how hard he searched for a spot like this. The thought that I had planned out this encounter, the lust-filled looks you easily caught as my eyes tried to secretly roam your body at the table, probably dying to do something nasty with you afterwards and hoping that you would not refuse, began a tingling in your mind and body. Looking around, you whisper to me that I’d better not let you get caught. I lead you toward the trees and as we come to them, you see that I had done my homework. Nestled in the trees above the road, the spot was truly secluded from prying eyes.

Reaching around your waist, I pull you to me, bringing your lips to mine and reaching my tongue into your mouth to caress yours. The feel of my hands running down your back and coming up under your skirt to caress your ass brings a sigh to your lips. I nestle my face into your neck, kissing and licking your neck, the smell of your perfume driving me crazy. I pull the top of your V-neck sweater top down, exposing all but the nipple of your breast, tucked safely behind your bra, and cover it with my mouth, licking all around. You lift your large breast upward, fully exposing it to my open mouth as I suckle on it, rubbing my face and mouth against its warmth. My hands quickly find their way to the front of your skirt, one pulling the edge of your panties away, the other reaching in and rubbing the center of your moistening pussy. One last glance around, you finally give in to the moment, no more concern for being cautious. As my fingers see-saw back and forth through the fluid of your pussy, you quickly fumble at the front of my pants to get to my cock. I quickly unbutton the lower half of my shirt as you kiss and lick my lower belly, forcing my pants down over my ass and springing my swollen cock out into the cool night air. You’re desperate to get my cock into your mouth but my hands grab the sides of your face before your mouth can reach it. Unsure of why I stopped you, you look up at me. “Slow down, don’t rush it”, I reply. Seeing me standing there, shirt open and pants down, my hips tilted back, you simply gaze at the sight of my cock angled up at full attention. My hands still holding the sides of your head, I lift up and drag the underside of my cock down your over your nose and cheeks. You reach the tip of your tongue out and lightly lick the underside as my swollen cock massages against your face. You lean further in and lick at the shaved, textured skin of my balls, drinking in my masculine scent. As I pull back, the tip of my cock reach your lips and you lick the small pool of pre-cum from the slit, savoring it. Your lips part and invite me in, wrapping half-way over the head to taste it as you gently drag your teeth down over it and away. You feel the jolt in my body and my gasp at the sensation. You look up at me and reach out with your tongue to lick the underside of the head, holding my at the base as you tease me. I shudder as your mouth opens and slowly plunges over the entire length of my cock, swallowing me into your warm mouth and you turn your head side to side, massaging the underside of my shaft with your tongue. Arching forward, I almost lose my balance in some desperate attempt to push my dick further into your honey mouth, if that were possible. You hold the sides of my cock as you as you suck and lick it, almost worshipping the hard male flesh in your hands. Wetting your fingers, you wrap your thumb and forefinger around the shaft and work them in unison with your mouth, quickly picking up speed. “Oh, fuck!” is all I can mutter as I stand there trembling.

My cock suddenly withdraws from your lips as I reach under your arm to lift you. “I want your pussy so fucking bad!” I whisper to you as I quickly turn you around. My hands are all over you, reaching up under your sweater to feel your full, beautiful tits, gliding down your stomach and lifting the front of your skirt. I quickly reach behind and f***e down the zipper, reaching into the back of your panties to slide them and your skip down in one full motion. You step out of them as my hands rub your ass in the cool night air, your pussy gushing over the deliciously dirty pleasure of the moment, knowing you’re about to get fucked in the outdoor night. I bend down and kiss and lick the smooth skin of your ass as you bend over, resting your hands on your knees. Bending you further down, I spread your cheeks open, kissing my way right into the center as I push my tongue deep into the crevice of your ass. You let out a quiet gasp at the feel of my warm tongue probing your asshole, gliding up and down over it as my fingers work into your pussy, twisting, turning and sliding inside. The dirty sensation is almost more than you can stand as my tongue plows up and down over your tight, dark hole. I want to stay there, tasting your ass, but my desire to fuck you grows too desperate.

I quickly place my cock against you, rubbing through your wet pussy. You reach back under your ass and spread yourself open to me. Holding my cock at the base and squeezing, the head swelling up, I put it against your hole and slowly push into your warm cunt, releasing my grip as I slide fully in. I grab your hips as I bury deep into you, slowly fucking you in the moonlight. The feel of my steel-hard cock filling you from behind is nearly intoxicating as it slowly withdraws and pushes upward to smear your juices against your asshole, the tip of my cock teasing it, only to impale your hot cunt again, churning in and out of you. You sense that I’m teetering on the edge, trying my best to hold back for both our sakes. You can feel in my body, my cock and in my breathing. Your hand drifts down to your clit, feverishly rubbing it while you focus on my cock inside you. Suddenly, the fullness in your pussy withdraws as do the hands gripping your hips. You feel me move in front you and my glistening, sticky cock f***es itself up against your lips. You open for it and taste and smell your juices all over it. You quickly kneel down, sucking, pumping, stroking. With the hand that was rubbing your clit, you reach up under my balls, rubbing your slick, sticky fingers deeply against my asshole, covering it with your juices. I’m straining to keep from crying out as your mouth and fingers stroke my cock and asshole in unison. Pushing further, the tip of your finger penetrates my ass as you draw your mouth back to suck my cockhead while stroking the shaft. The feel of your finger probing me and sliding deeper in drives me over the edge and my legs shake uncontrollably as I lose it, my cum shooting into your mouth, one explosive squirt after another. You feel the smooth muscle of my asshole gripping and pulsing on your finger as you lick the head of my cock, tasting each stream of my syrupy cum as it fills your mouth, swirling your tongue around it and enjoying the taste as you clean me with your mouth. I bring you back to your feet and hold you tight against me, plunging my fingers down into your soaking cunt to work it back and forth. I kiss you deeply as you cum against my hand, moaning into my mouth. I bring my hand up between our mouths and we taste each other’s hot explosions in the dark.

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2 years ago
good story