The Cougar and the Bookstore

Since a few years ago, I noticed a few things about me were changing. I didn't feel any older but gravity had certainly begun its betrayal of loyalty to me. I wasn't happy about that but what's a girl to do? The funny thing about hitting my 50's is that while everything seemed to be in a slow decline, my desire for sex was staging a rebellion. As a young woman, my cravings had a hair trigger on them and, more than a few times, the slightest stray thought of flesh or a glimpse of my own naked body in the mirror would send my straight to the bed to feverishly work out that sudden flame of craving. Since my husband passed away seven years ago, I missed the joy of regular sex but I tried not to think about it, busying myself instead both to forget the pain of his loss and to forget the passion that had left my life.

That thought was little comfort against the pulsing between my legs, a pulsing that grew through the evening and was starting to demand release. The bed was calling but that simply wasn't enough. Being honest with myself, it wasn't an orgasm I wanted per se. I wanted attention. I wanted to feel desired and craved. I also couldn't ignore the craving to feel naughty again, to feel my pure, carnal sexuality flowing out. Those sweet memories of when I did somethig I knew I'd regret the next morning! Truth be told, I never regretted a single one of them. My husband knew about my sexual history or at least what I willingly told him. After all, some things are best left unsaid.

Finishing my lipstick, I took a long, self-inspecting look in the bedroom mirror. The little black dress I had chosen was getting far too little. Oh well. I thought I still looked fairly sexy for a woman my age. I wanted to tell myself I was going out for a night on the town, to hopefully meet some dashing, charming man for a romantic evening. The truth of my destination, however, was not quite so honorable. I wasn't thinking of a romantic dinner followed by who knows what. No, the secret desires of my youth were ruling the day and once again, I wanted to find something I'd regret in the morning.

After the short drive into the heart of the city, I walked into the first bookstore of what was known as Bookstore Row, a string of adult stores tucked away in the seedier part of town. Seeing nothing but a few undesirable types, I quickly perused the lingerie and then left for the next one. I was uncertain enough about my own intentions, I hoped that was not all the night left in store for me. I parked in back of the next one and entered through the rear. I began looking indiscriminantly at videos, secretly surveying the men in the store and a couple contemplating sex toys in the corner. My eyes met with a young man reading magazine across from me. He looked like a young college prep type, lean and youthfully handsome. Pretending to browse this and that, I made my way over near him, trying not be too obvious.

As I had passed by him, I could see he was youthfully handsome and lean. His scuptled forearms, slightly prominent chest, tossled blond hair and smooth babyface skin were all feeding my mind. There was an innocence about him that stood in contrast to the dirty magazine he was viewing and that fueled my imagination all the more. What was I thinking? He was young enough to be my son! That mattered little to the dull ache inside my pussy. Not only was he "the catch" in a room full of non-descript men, his combined innocence and dirtiness fed a naughty desire in my heart that I had never fully given sway.

As I stood several feet away from him, I could see him looking at me, trying not to get caught, which put a smile on my face. Was it my sun-kissed legs with calves pushed up by heels he was looking at? Was it my breasts, full and thankfully pushed out by my choice in bra? What dirty thoughts was he thinking while stealing those glances? I just LOVED that this handsome young boy was feeding his need for sex from the sight of my body.

Seeing that no one was watching, it was now or never I thought to myself. I turned to walk past behind him as if leaving but leaned into him, placed my hand near his cock and whispered in his ear, "I think you should meet me in back in the video booths. It'll be worth it, I promise. Don't be too obvious." I walked toward the darkened room of booths, heart pounding, praying that he would follow and not leave me to my own embarassment for being "that old lady that hit on me" he could laugh about with his friends. Once in darkness, I turned back and saw him approaching. It was the deepest breath I've ever let out.

I entered a booth with him hot on my heels and fed some money into the video player while he locked the door. As the sound of porn spilled out of the booth, I pressed up near him and let my breasts spill out as I gave him a long, hushed, sultry, come-get-me version of "Hiiii there." Although he was obviously nervous, he wasted no time in getting his mouth on my puffy nipples, his hands reaching under my dress to cup my ass and feel the wet, warmth of my pussy. I wasn't delaying either, knowing we only had a brief time to indulge this.

I sat down on the bench and quickly undid his belt, forcing his pants down below his ass. His cock was simply beautiful! He wasn't enormous but he was nice and full, a velvety, mushroom-shaped head already swelling with lust. His balls neatly shaved and a light patch of pubic hair. I kissed and licked his stomach as I lighty stroked his cock. His scent was intoxicating. Any hesitance I had about being a "dirty old lady" for dragging this this beautiful boy to a dirty video room quickly disappeared as I tasted him. It had been two years since I'd enjoyed sex and no matter the setting, this young stud wasn't getting away!

I plunged my mouth onto his cock, sucking him deep as I savored its taste. My hands were everywhere, cupping his balls and ass one moment, sliding up his stomach and chest the next. Bending over, he caught my mouth and kissed me as I pulled my dress back so he could feel my pussy, which he was keenly interested in. "Kneel down", I told him as scrunched my dress up behind my ass, leaned over sideways on the small bench and spread my legs open as he moved in to lick and taste my pussy. "Yes, that's it, oh god, eat me", I said, figuring it would urge him on further. I'm sure this was quite a sight...a lusty middle-aged woman trying to ignore her lack of flexibility and a horny young boy, awkwardly hung up in his jeans trying to devour the pussy in front of him. It only made it hotter and I needed to play like this.

Coming back up, he stared at my pussy, rubbing it while stroking his cock, as if he was thinking of asking permission to go further. "Come on", I suggested, "...slide in and fuck me". With a look of defeat, he sheepishly replied, "I'm sorry, I don't have a condom!" I put my hand to his young face and whipsered loudly, "It's okay, sweetie, you don't need one with me. Come on....give me your cock!"

Coming forward, he mashed his mushroom head against my pussy, wetting it and pushing inside. It was hard not to cry out when he sunk fully into me, impaling me with his impossibly hard cock. I wanted it so bad the discomfort of the bench no longer mattered, nor did the semi-squat position to fuck me matter much to him. His face was one part amazement and two parts dirty craving. The feel of fucking him and the secret urgency in doing it was so intoxicating that I quickly came, a small orgasm rippling through my abdomen as my pussy gripped his cock while he continued to plunge in and out of me in the low-lit booth.

He paused, holding still and then slowly withdrawing until only the tip of his cock was in me, only slowly entering me again. He was straining to hold back but this wasnt the time or place for that. "Cum wherever you want, I don't care...on me, in me, anywhere. Go for it", I told him, pulling the front of my dress up to my chest in case this young buck decided to pull out and mark his territory.

He began thrusting, deep, slow and deliberate, staring intensely at the pussy he was fucking, his face starting to scrunch up. "I know you want that hot pussy so bad, don't you? You want to fuck my cunt and cum so bad, huh?", I whispered over the sound of the porn. I was being so naughty, feeding this boy's mind not only so he wouldn't take too long and get us caught, but also to enjoy my power in making him cum as hard as possible. I was being a bit of a slut and loving every moment of it.

His mouth dropped open as his thrusts slowed. "Oh, god yeah honey, cummmmmm!", I urged him on. Almost without a sound, he quietly cried out, "OH, SHIT...SHIT... FUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKK..." as his cum exploded into my waiting pussy. I caught my breath as he buried his throbbing, spurting cock right up to the base, grinding his balls against my ass and splashing all his cum inside me. A strong ripple of pleasure shot up my spine, playing the slut and corrupting this hot, young man with a fucking he wouldn't soon forget.

After straightening up and going our separate ways, I settled into the seat of my car. Reaching between my legs, I felt my pussy, still slick and wet from my little escapade. I had left my young lover's cum inside me, except the little bit that had leaked into my panties. Bearing down, I pushed his juices out into my fingers and brought it to my lips. Pausing to smell his seed, I tasted it from my fingers and got a naughty little jolt over what I had just done.

I smiled, knowing I might regret this is the morning. Perhaps not.

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3 months ago
Hot cougar milf pussy...yummy.
1 year ago
Great post!!! Horny middle aged women get me going the most. Wish this would happen to me
1 year ago
I have to agree!! HOTTTTT!!!!!!
1 year ago
Thanks, it was hot to think it out and write it!
1 year ago