mmf fantasy

So the subject one day was disgussed about sexual fantassy's. We have all been there and talked about them and many lucky couples have actually been able to fulfill them and live out there fantasys.

One day me and emma was having just the same conversation about what each others fantasys are. I wasn't shocked when she said her fantasy is to go with another woman, after all for a lot of women this is top of the fantasy list. I think it has something to do with the thought of another womans soft skin and touch. I wouldn't have any problem in emma doing this and have actually seen her snog her female friends very sexily for fun. This in itself was a big turn on and even manging to capture her sexy kissing on camera. The pictures clearly show each of them with there tongues gently caressing each others and there eyes shut with a sexy look on emmas face, the kind of look that shows fun,excitement and enjoyment.
This was just for fun on a night out but it fuelled the talk of fantassys more.
I'm not sure that, if emma did ever get the chance to get it off with another woman she would want me there? I think she would be uncomfortable with me and another woman.
I don't mind her feeling like that.
While other guys would love to be in the sack with 2 women and being able to join in and fuck them both, this is not my fantassy. I would however love to be there to watch and see the enjoyment of another woman caress her body and eat emma's pussy and to see emma play with another woman.
I would propbably get my dick out and let emma toss me off while she is having her clit licked. And then given the chance to fuck her from behind while she repays the favour.

So then what is my fantasy?
Not to different at all.

When I told emma I would like to have a threesome with me and another guy she was quite shocked. And couldn't understand why I would want another guy to fuck her.
My reply was simply that it would be just that. It would be sex and only sex, it not like you will be having a relationship and falling in love.. It would just sex for fun and it not be like cheating as we would both be there.

She was wanting to know more and so began to explain how I would love her to be in bed with me one side and another guy the other side while she lays inbetween us being seduced by the two of us.
stroking her thighs and gently lickimg her pert nipples more and more erect.

While disgussing this fantassy of mine and both being naked in bed at the time I could see emma was getting quite turned on.

I continued to say how it must feel to have a hard cock in each hand and having your nipples kissed and how you would have the most soaking wet pussy through pure excitement being touched by 2 people.
To see the look of enjoyment on her face knowing she has 2 hard cocks just wanting to fuck her and it is her that has made these cocks hard.

While explaining more I was now feeling how wet her pussy was and believe me it was soaking, her nipples was erect like never before and I was gently flicking her clit with my fingers and tongue. The look on her face was of excitement and pleausure and gave me the indication this was turning her on so much and wanted more.

I continued to then saying
imagine laying back with my cock in your hand and having your pussy licked, only it is someone else licking your pussy..
The excitement and feeling of a tongue licking and flickin around your pussy other than my tongue. Then suddenly it feels different it different because now you have another tongue licking your pussy (mine) while I am licking away she can't take any more, the escitement of 2 guys is too much and takes this other guys rock hard cock in her mouth all the way. She licks and sucks like she has never been fed.
I come up and join in with the fun and with two cocks in front of her she licks and sucks from one to the other.
The look on her face would be of pure concentration in wanting to delight both of us. Then the look changes of pure extacy. "wow that feels good" it should do its a strange cock pumping inside her wet wet pussy, she emmidiatly comes and is loving every bit of this cock fucking her pussy.
After all she has only had the feel of my cock inside her and her pussy automatically adjusts to my cock, so having another cock with a different size and shape pumping to a different rythem than normal is orgasmic. Emma can't get enough and is screaming with pleasure wanting more and grinding herself with this other guy, we swap and now her pussy as to adjust again to my cock and she comes again while sucking the juices of the her pussy from our new best mates cock.
It ends where we both fill her pussy up with spunk as she clapses with total full fillment.

While explaining in rough detail what would happen I waste no time pumping my cum into her her wet pussy. She must have cum many times during this talk and can clearly say this is now a fantasy of not just mine but the both of us.
She turns and and says "so who would we have" this confirmed to me that it was a turn on for her. And would like to try it.
I said I don't know, maybe a mate of our's ? But would we be able to trust any of them?
All my mates fancy emma and is easy to see. Craig is always staring at emmas tits and wanting to touch her and have his arm around her while mark also likes to get an eye full of her tits and is obsessed with her eyes?
If I was to ask either of them for a threesome I think craig would be the one more up for it. But I'm not sure if having a mate would be a good or bad thing.
There are clubs you can go to where there just full of like minded people and you can drink get merry and talk to whoever you like knowing that everyone else is there for the same thing.
I could just watch emma get fucked senceless but think this would be to heavy for noobies like us.
Emma then suggesterd a stranger.
I asked her what she meant, and she said she would chat someone up and take it from there.
Emma is one sexy fox who would have no problems in chatting a guy up.
After all this excitement and sexy talk it all came to a hault..
We suddenly remembered emma was pregnant and she said we wouldn't be able to do anything now until after the baby is born (bugger, just our luck)
I suggestered it still not a problem as she not hardly showing but don't think this would be comfortable with this for now anyway.
So I think I know what's on my xmas list this year lol. Or should it be a xmas present from me to emma?

I can just imagine the scene and getting a hard on thinking about it.

So imagine the scene and what could possibly happen!
MMmmm sounds to good,
enough to get my cock going, but is it enough to get emma's pussy wet and

It's saturday and we arrange to go out.
We not been out to get pissed for a long time and emma's tate puds for a
good beer
have returned.
Emma's mum has agreed to have baby for the night so there no rush to get
Emma being Emma asks what she should wear and me being me loves to see her
her nice white skirt.
So it's white skirt and a low cut revealing top with an added bonus of some
fishnet hold up stockings.
7:30 and where on the way to hit the town.
We go into one of our regular haunts where we meet up with freinds.
The drink is cool and is going down nice.
Yes, the lads are getting a good eye full of emma and where all having a
good laugh.
And Emma is enjoying a good drink at last.
In one of the bars we are touchy touchy with each other and this gets us
with each other; she teases me by placing her hand on my cortch feeling my
cock through
my jeans.
We drink up and everyone is merry and we all go to a club.
after an hour our group starts windling away and one by one our friends
start to go home.
Before long there is just myself Emma and one of our friends 'Craig'
(OK, so it could have been anyone in the club)

We sit down with drinks on a couch, my hand is on emma's leg
while we are all talking.
emma turns and give's me a sexy sloppy kiss which starts my heart racing.
and then places her hand on my crotch feeling my semi hard on.

Now craig doesn't like being left alone, and craig being craig bluntly says'
in a jokingly way
"If you to are going to be touching each other and kissing then im going"
We laugh and emma reply's "Rrrr you jealous"
"Yes i am" craig replies.
"RRrr Craig not getting any kisses? well your not getting one from me" I
"Wouldnt want one from you" he replies.
"No but I bet you wouldn't say no to Emma" I say laughing.
He looks at emma then me and laughingly replies "MMmmm No i wouldnt say no"
"I give you a kiss to keep you from moaning " emma says.
Craig smiles and just thinks Emma is messing, but then emma leans over and
her lips smack on Craigs, Emma gently sticks her tongue out just to tease
him and for a bit of fun.
but craig gratefuly accepts and they both gently touch tongues for a only a
split second,
Emma leans back and laughs with me at craigs face.
He is all blushed and could tell he wasn't expecting that.
"You got a hard on now craig" I say.
"you will not find out" he replys.
"No but I will" emma places her hand on craigs crotch and has a squeeze.
Craig laughing emma says "Yes he hard" and we all laugh.
"All right so you teased me, it not my fault" craig says.
I said to emma "you do know that you still had your hand on cock as well as craigs dont you, you greedy bugger"
"yeh, so did you get a thrill out of squeezing 2 cocks emma" craig asks.
Out of the blue she justs says "well if you both got them out for me then I would let you know"
With that she got up and went to the toilet leaving us both there thinking of what she just said'
Was this an invitation for a threesome or was she still mucking about?
Craig just looked at me and said you lucky fucker, knowing dam well I was going to fuck emma as soon as we get home.
Emma came back looking quite red in the face, not the embarrassed kind of red in the face but the hot and frustrated look.
She sat down and whispered in my ear she took her knickers off.
It was like someone pressing a button. My cock was an instant hard on.
We noticed the club was starting to kick out and we drank up and made our way out the club. We was was all having a laugh and now we got to all go home.
Craig still fancied a drink and suggestered a curry, we had nearly spent up and so I explained we couldn't.
I said we have some beers at home if that helps.
Emma said " yeh come back we have some beer"
We all suddenly cheered up.
While waiting for a taxi I said to emma if she rearlly did take her knickers off, craig over heard and coffed.
"yes they was wet" was too much information, but emma being emma knows axactly what she was doing to me when she talks like that.
I can't imagine what craig was thinking at the time.
The taxi came
criag then emma and then me was the order we got in.
While on the way I placed my hand on emma's leg and started to gently lift her skirt up to reveal her soft skin, gently stroking and above the knee and slowly working higher.
Craig said quietly as not to allow the driver to here. "don't believe your not wearing knickers"
Emma got his hand placed it on her leg under her skirt and guided it up to her thigh, she was sitting awkwardly and so couldn't guide his hand too far and she let go.
Her skirt by this time was harlf hitched up over her knees and showing her sexy legs.
Craigs hand was still in the same possition emma had left it in.
I said to him" so has she or not"
He thought he would be cheeky and movedhis hand higher up under emmas skirt. he must have got to emmas pussy as he confirmed with the biggest smile
" no she got none on "
There was a sexy grin on emmas face as well, and I just couldn't stop wondering how wet she was.
I slid my hand up and felt with my fingers that she was dripping, I said to craig you made emma all wet ,laughing emma says nothing, the look on the face all.
The taxi arrives to our house and we get in.
Emma sits on the sofa while me and craig get a drink and a few nibbles.
We sit down with emma and our drinks and snacks.
Emma is in the middle again and dips into a bag of cheesy nibbles.
Missing her mouth she drops one down her top.
I offer to help and get it out, gently putting my hand down her top into her cleavidge and having a fumble.
I can't find it I say, I ask craig if he can?
He sits up and places his hand down emmas top and also has good fumble and feel, emmas throws her head back . She is enjoying all this.
I say we can't find it and she going to have to take her bra off.
With no hesitation she slips out of her bra, and slouchers back . I place my hand her top and feel the most pert tits ever. Saying I still can't find it.
Craig joins in and where both carresing emmas tits and feeling her nipples.
Nope it not there.
I lift her top up to reveal the most pertest nipples ever.
Craigs eyes could have popped out.
Her breasts had bits on them fron the cheesy snacks, I lent over and started to lick and nibbles them off.
I said to emma there loads of crumbs all over her. She said I better get then all off then.
I asked craig I need help
We was both licking emmas nipples and gently caressing them.
You could hear the sigh of excitement from emma as she was getting very turned on.
Needless to say my cock was bulging and ready to burst through the zip of my jeans.
Ask for craig he was loving every bit.
Our hands started to glide up emmas skirt strocking her leg,
Oh the sight.
Emmas top up over her tits, her skirt hitched up and us licking her breasts and stroking her thighs.
The excitement gets too much for emma. Her legs gradually part open to allow us to go further towards her pussy.
She lets out a moan of pleasure
It was a finger entering her wet pussy and brushing against her throbbing clit.
But who's was it ?
She has no idea.
Again again and again her clit is rubbed and her pussy entered. By the both of us.
Emma lifts her flushed face up and says she needs to go to the toilet.
She goes upstairs leaving me and craig alone downstairs.
Craig looks at me and says are we ok with all this, I reply and explain its ok with me and if it wasn't ok for emma then she wouldn't allow you to feel her tits and wet pussy.
To be honest craig this is a fantassy of ours, to allow emma to have two men all over her body.
With that emma shoutes down. " so are you 2 just going to talk down there all night or are you coming up"
We look at each other and smile.
We make our way up and see emma laying there in her sexy langarie.
She looked fucking great.
She must certainly have lost her hinabitions with the drink, as she said " so what you standing there for "
Me and craig frantically took our cloths off we both had hard ons bigger than possibly thought and emma clearly got an eye full. We layed either side of emma.
Emma wasted no time and wrapped her hand on craigs cock, it was slightly smaller than mine but much thicker.
Emma then got her other han and grabbed hold of my dick. There she was with 2 cocks in her hand and frantically wanking and playing with the both of us.
Craig leaned over and started feeing emmas tit, he wasted no time and slipped it out of her top, he placed his lips around her hard pert nipple and started to lick, I got the other brest and started to lick the pert nipple proudly on show. Emma was groaning with excitement while still playing with both our cocks.
I moved my hand from emmas tit and started to feel her wet pussy, that feeling I will never forget, it was so wet. I said to craig just feel how wet we have made emma.
He brings his hand down and joins mine, he rubs his fingers over her pussy and can feel emmas wetness.
He glides his finger inside as emma starts to figit and wriggle with the pleasure of the 2 of us playing with her pussy.
I head down and start to gently lick emmas huge clit popping out, she was so turned on that she must have come several times already.
I felt some movement up top and took a look at what emma was doing.
She was sucking on craigs cock and you could see craig must have thought it was his birthday, and emma... Well emma was in another world.
I said are you enjoying that emma and she replied with a Mmmmm oh yeh.
She stopped sucking craig and asked for mine, I gladly gave my cock and she started to lick and suck all the way down.
She let out a sigh and a moan.
Craig was tasting emmas pussy and lapping up all her juices.
The wildest thoughts had come true. There was emma being licked out by another guy and sucking on my cock.
Emma couldn't take much more and to be honest I'm surprised I had not come already.
Emma asked craig to fuck her.
" I want your cock inside me"
Craig got up and gladly wanted to fuck the hell out of this sexy body we was suducing.
He parted emmas legs a little more and plunged his thick cock inside of emma.
She yelped with pure extasy as he entered her. The feeling of a another guy fucking deep inside of her was amazing, she had stopped licking my cock as it was too much for her to take a another mans cock and suck at the same time.
Craig couldn't believe the feeling of emmas pussy wrapped around his cock.
I sat there just watching the both of them fuck like there was no tomorrow.
Emma was screaming with the pleasure craig was giving her.
I started to lick and caress emmas tits and looked at emmas face, she was cumming, her mouth open and gasping.
Craig could see the enjoyment on emmas face. He pulled out and we swaped, as I entered my rock hard cock inside emmas pussy I could feel her mussels spasum as her pussy adjusted to the shape of my cock, she felt big and so wet it was fucking amazing.
She started wanking craigs dick as I was pumping my cock deep into emma.
Craigs hands was all over emma.
Emmas hands all over craig and my cock deep inside.
I pulled emma up and turned her over, I started to fuck her from behind and she took craig in her mouth, emma was getting fucked all right. She was moaning like a cat.
I pulled out and we swapped ends.
To my surprise craig didn't ram emma with his cock, he layed down and started to lick emmas pussy, he must have liked the taste of her, he just couldn't get enough, but I couldn't blame him, he is doing what many guys would love to do to emma.
How much more could emma take? She must have screamed with so much pleasure and cum so much.
Craig stopped eating her pussy and got his cock and slowly entered into emmas puss while she spread on all fours.
As he gently pushed in emma was gasping for more.
Craig started pumping harder and harder his balls sapping against emmas arse. This was it,
Emma was cumming thrashing arms hands and head against the pillow has he was fucking harder and deeper into her.
Craig getting so turned on that he was making emma orgasam he was starting to cum himself. He yelled out " oh god I'm cumming. Emma I'm cumming, where do you want it"
Emma could hardly speak still cumming herself, but she managed to say " I want you inside me" " pump all your cum in me" craig couldn't take it, and yelled AAGGHH has he spilled his warm cum inside of emmas pussy.
He withdrew his cock and it was all over. Emma had fucked another guy and orgasamed and made another guy cum inside of her.
It wasn't over though cause I was needing to relieve myself now after watching them fuck.
My cock was bursting, I turned emma over on her back lifted her legs up, and entered my throbbing cock into her spunked filled pussy, oh god, I have never felt anything so wet and pussy so fucking big, I cum almost instantly and my sperm oozed into emmas pussy, ther was laying exhausted with a mix of spunk dripping from her throbbing pussy.
She shocked me as she smiled and wanted more. Now that is telling me she loved every fucking bit of it just as much as I did.
Amazingly we clapsed all with reliefe and fell to sl**p.
We woke up andcraig had gone.
I kissed emma good morning and asked if she ok, she said she was fine, I asked if she can remember last night with a smile on my face, and if she had any regrets, she said yes she can remember and there no regrets.
We then had the most amazing sex,
I txt craig later in the day amd told him we trust him to keep last night to him selve.
We have nothing to worry about he said.
So our fantasy was fullfilled.
But when will we be able to try it again? Something so amazing has got to be tried again. Maybe with craig again or maybe with a stranger that emma chats up in a bar?
Who knows, but it could certainly be a monthly experience for the 2 of us.
100% (11/0)
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well done.
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superb story
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very good
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Wow one very hot story.