His Beautiful Bride-Part 2-Touching Him

Alaina stared at the male display before her. How had I come to this? She had spent the weeks since their marriage trying to ignore the growing sexual tension between them. All the little polite touches out in public, the casually dropped kisses on her check. She was determined to keep to her promise never to sl**p with the man she had been f***ed to marry. And now she was here, in his bed instead of the one down the hall. With him laying next to her, a smile on his beautiful lush lips, eyes clothes, and body.... Ready. And herself, she had small pink marks all over her breasts. Marks of his passion. Now he expected her to touch him, ride him? But he looked so tempting. His well muscled body's listening with sweat, spread out before her. The light sprinkling of dark hair. Her had reached out of its own volition to touch him. The hair across his chest was springy yet rough, unlike her own, soft downy hair. Slowly she traced her hand downwards, over his abs, his fla stomach, down to his penis. IT WAS HUGE! How that ever fit in her was unimaginable. Her curious hand tentatively stroked it, the feeling like velvet over steel. His large body shivered slightly, and she became more excited. She stroked him faster, seeing the drops of precut on its head. Her thumb ran around the head as she other hand reached down to flutter his sacks. He groaned low in his throat, but remained still. Invigorated, Alaina lowered her mouth to his penis. She began sucking him, unable to if the whole thing in her mouth. Suddenly he pulled her up.
"enough" Vincenze ground out. Her pulled her onto his lap, situating her pussy over his rigid dick. Slowly he pushed into her, teaching her to ride him. her tits bounced in front of his face, and he took one in a hand. He rolled the sensitive nipple between his fingers and then squeezed lightly. Alaina's head lolled back and she gasped for breath, still riding him wildly. Quickly she came to her climax, shouting out his name. Her pulsing pussy tightened around him, bringing him also to release. She milked him of every drop of cum, before sliding to the side. They turned together, him still sheathed inside her. And there they slept, his arm d****d over her, her cheeks flushed with passion, exhausted from her first night ever. Vincenzo took longer to nod off, but as he did, he replayed the images of the night in his head, knowing there would be several more to come.
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Yes my dear you got that talent for writing short story once again keep up with the good job have a good lecture thank you.