f****y Punishment

My f****y believed in strict punishment, even after a f****y member turned 18, if they were still living at home, all punishments still applied.
It was shortly after my 19th birthday and I had done something wrong, I don't remember what it was, but dad found out, and he was furious. As usual, I came into the living room naked to receive the first round of punishment. Everybody was standing around in a circle and I got in the center, and bent over grabbing my ankles. The first round consisted of each member spanking me bare bottom as many times as they wished, as hard as they wished, and with what they wanted. By the third person I was bawling out tears. When the spankings were over, it was round 2. Here, every male member was to have anal sex with me. Their lubricant was pure liquid glycerin. By the second person I really needed to go, but I knew just how bad it would be if I couldn'ty hold it. Once the sex was over, I would now be figged. With the ginger planted inside me mixing with the glycerin, I screamed. The pain was unbearable.
After 5 minutes of holding the ginger, it was removed. Next came the punishment enema. I don't know what all it consisted of, but it was a thinned out KY jelly mixture which contsined cinnamon and cayenne. I was given a quart of this horrible mixture, and an inflatable butt plug was inserted. After an hour of squirming, the plug was removed an a diaper and plqastic pants were put on me. The final part of the punishment came at last. I was given a large shot in my butt which consisted of a mild sedative, muscle relaxer, and diuretic and I was handcuffed tio the bed. I was to remain like this before mom came in in morning to clean me out.
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What the fuck is wrong with you people