Watch who you tell your fantasies to.

Driving home late one night I am stopped at a light.I hear what seems like a knock on my car window. When I look there is no one there. Its nice and cool out and I have my windows down in a not so do good part of town. I decide to put the windows up.

All of a sudden my passenger back door opens and someone is in my car. I grab for my gun that I have hidden between my seat and the center console. Too late whoever it is in the car got to my gun before me. I feel a hand go over my mouth and a whisper in my ear. Its a male voice he says. Do not turn around drive and I will tell you where to go. He orders me to take a right turn. I keep the speed limit hoping to see a police officer. Next is a left turn and then a mile or so down another right. This area is very dark. We come to a fence and someone opens the gate and we drive through. Once the gate is closed a man wearing all black jumps in the passenger front seat. I feel a hand come around to cover my mouth. While I am driving another hand goes between my legs and starts rubbing my clit through my uniform. Very aware of the hand between my legs I continue to drive. The pressure of the hand startes making my pussy throb. Feeling like my bodyis deceiving me I fight the urge to let these people know how turned on I am.

At the end of the road I am ordered to stop and put the car in park. I am picked up out of my chair and lifted on to the lap of this stranger. His partner proceeds to drive my car to the very back of the property. The driver puts the car in park and pushes his seat back. Unzips his pants and tells me :I have been waiting for this a long time. He grabs my head f***es his cock into my mouth,

His partner already has my pants unzipped and down my waist. He proceeds to lick my pussy feeling how wet it is already he tells his partner Buddy she is ready for us. This bitch is so wet and turned on we can take her right now.
I start to protest but the cock in my mouth just gags me. I feel a cock at my entrance and in one swift motion he pushes his way all the way in. I scream in ecstasy knowing this isn't right. I hear a whisper. Brandy its only me enjoy this. You have wanted this for sooo long. Go with it. The cock in pussy pounds harder and harder bringing closer to cumming

I suck the cock in my mouth with all that I am. I feel the cock go rigid and start spilling seed in my mouth. The second indtruder makes me cum hard but refuses to stop his invasion on my pussy. He pulls out turns me around and fucks my mouth like no other man ever has. I taste the precum and ask him why are you doing this. He whispers you told Bobby your fantasy and we are here fullfilling it. Now shut up and give me your mouth. He fucks my mouth until he shoots a hot load in my mouth.

After they were finished with me I was able to get out of the car and focus on what had just happened. Bobby comes out of the dark. Looking at me he says I saved the best for last and bends me over. Loveing the feel of his cock on my ass I push back a little. He prepares my ass and slowly enters it. I am a little more into this and start pushing back harder and faster. We are both screaming each others names the we finally explode.

Bobby leans over and stands me up. He gathers me in his arms and passionately kisses me. He says sweety I never meant to scare you but hopefully you will be more careful next time. Watch who you tell your fantasies too they just might come true. Knowing how I feel about fantasies I jump in his arms and kiss him deeply. My body aroused and begging for more. I allow the three to take me again only this time totally consentual. licking my lips in satisfaction!
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3 years ago
3 years ago
Fantasies within the fantasy ...a very nice touch. i enjoyed playing in your mind for a minute. Thanks for having for me. Come to my place any time. I hope my stories are to you what yours have been for me....
3 years ago